The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer: My 8 Favorite Things

Posted: September 16, 2014 in hunger games, just because I can, movies
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The newest full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie premiered on Monday and I have to tell you, while it wasn’t as spectacular as some of the other trailers for the previous installments of the movie, it still made me very very excited. Here are…



8 Things I LOVED About The Trailer.


1. This shot of Effie. Even without the elaborate costume and fanciful make-up and hair, Effie still looks fabulous. Kudos to those eyebrows.




2. Katniss’ Mockingjay Suit. It’s stellar! While it has been compared to Batman’s suit (which I find a good thing), I absolutely love the hardcore style. Can you imagine a Ready to Wear version of this sold in stores, Like a jacket maybe? (I watch a lot of Project Runway, someone make this happen).

2_Katniss Outfit


3. This defiant look on Katniss’ face when she says…”Or find another Mockingjay.” This just proves we will be getting another fantastic and heartbreaking performance from Jennifer Lawrence. I also LOVE the fact that her hair is down and not in her signature braid.

3_This look


4. This look from Finnick. No Explanation necessary.

4_And This look



5. This amazing shot. The camera work in this trailer is truly fantastic. There are some great “money shots” in the trailer, and this still is powerful even on it’s own. So. Much. Emotion.

5_This Goregous Shot


6. The shot of Messalla or Pollux’s camera “insect shell.” Spot on intepretation from the books.

6_The Shells of the Cameramen


7. Haymitch’s hug. The way he and Katniss grasp each other makes me think I will probably be crying when I see this scene in the movie. You can really see how much Haymitch cares for her.

7_This Hug



8. The amazing final shot in the trailer. When Katniss and Gale shoot down one of the hovercrafts. So intense (and great camerawork to boot!)

8_Amazing Shot



Why is November so far away? What did you think of the trailer?



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