So You Think You Can Dance Season 11: Top 10 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Posted: August 7, 2014 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV


Season 11
Top 10 Perform, 2 Eliminated


Top 10 Performance
Song: “Bang Bang”/Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
Choreographer: Jamal Sims
Okay, so while the costumes, and the song were totally distracting. The routine was actually really fun. I felt a little of sensation overload at times, but focusing on individual people Jessica and Bridget really stood out. And Ricky did this amazing spin near the end of the performance what was almost off camera. Also, what in the world was Valerie wearing? Poor girl. While it looked like a lot of fun, I feel like less offensively bright costumes would have made for a much better performance. I mean, seriously. Where are my sunglasses?


It’s All Stars ya’ll — and I can’t tell you how excited I am for it. But before we dive in I have to tell I’m a little nervous about the votes being entirely in America’s hands. I wish there were a judges save somewhere in there. Cat introduces Tara Lipinski as the guest judge and I’m interested in seeing what she says about the dancers. I have to say I love it when judges give technical feedback like Misty does, and hopefully she does the same. (Is it terrible I thought for a moment she was Oksana Baiul? Her hair’s so big.)

Cat also announces individually she will be announcing who is in the bottom 4 and who is safe. I don’t know how I feel about this decision. I guess for the dancers it’s a little less pressure off them for their performance. And they can’t dance for their life or solo knowing ahead of time what position they are in. I just feel like it’s going to make for some awkward moments. But I guess it wouldn’t be SYTYCD without it’s awkward moments.


Couple #1: Bridget and All-Star Brandon
Choreographer/Style: Nakul Dev Mahajan/Bollywood Disco
Song:Disco Khisko”/Dil Bol Hadippa (Soundtrack)
Performance: I have to say, that performance was so high energy! It’s weird meshing two styles but it actually works really well together. There were some cool lifts in there, and I love the dismount Bridget did after she sat on Brandon’s shoulders. It was crazy ending on a no-hand backflip, unfortunately Brandon botched his. Bridget however did a great job, I thought this style fit her well and she didn’t lose any energy with the tough routine.
Judging: Tara loved how crisp it was. Mary thought they had a lot of spirit and it took so much stamina. Nigel things whatever Bridget does she does with her whole heart. Grade: B+
Bridget’s Status: She’s in the bottom two.


Couple #2: Tanisha and All-Star Ryan
Choreographer/Style: Leonardo and Miriam/Argentine Tango
Song: “The Gaucho’s Pain”/Tango Jointz
Performance: I have to say, from the beginning this routine had me entranced. Tanisha was definitely in her element. The routine was sultry, sexy, and other “s” adjectives. The lifts looked effortless and seemed to just blend into the next movement. And they had such great chemistry together. I have to say I really really enjoyed Tanisha’s performance. Girls got skills. And I loved the way her legs would wrap around Ryan almost like she was gumby.
Judging: Mary said she made everything looked effortless. Nigel loved the footwork and feels like she never put a foot wrong. Tara was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Grade: A-
Tanisha’s Status: She is safe.


Couple #3: Emilio and All-Star Jasmine
Choreographer/Style: Tabitha and Napoleon/Hip Hop
Song: “Get Low”/Dillon Francis and DJ Snake
Performance: NappyTabs are at their best when they fuse styles different styles and incorporate the dancers strengths into the dance. With this routine they used the concept to give us clever and fun moments, but also gave a chance for the dancers to shine. And they knew to make Emilio the star. Jasmine has a definite presence on stage, but this was Emilio’s routine. It was high energy with a cool blend of styles. And I really love the tutting sections. The intricate stuff is what really gets me because I can’t even clap my hands on the beat. So…there’s that.
Judging: Nigel says Emilio has gotten so much better in the past few weeks. He loved the tutting section. Tara loved the snake action sitting in the chair. Mary thought he was on top of his game today. Grade: B+
Emilio’s Status: He is in the bottom two.


Couple #4: Valerie and All-Star Ade
Choreographer/Style: Tyce DiOrio/Jazz
Song: “Hearts A Mess”/Gotye
Performance: Ugh, Tyce. You make me angry. You didn’t stand for your dancers? What? What? Are you saying you didn’t like their performance? Even if she fell on her face, a choreographer has to  show support to his dancers. Come on man. Moving on…I have to say Valerie really impresses me. Okay, yeah so she could have been a little angrier, a little sharper, and a little darker in this piece, but her dancing has so much improved. I mean she’s a tapper for crying out loud and she looked like a contemporary dancer out there. She worked really well with Ade and it was a different side of her. Could it have been better? Yes it could have, but I still liked it.
Judging: Tara thought the dancing was good, but the performance wasn’t there. Mary thought she’s elevated herself this week, but that she could push herself even more. Nigel thought Ade outshined her. He felt she needed to up her performance. Grade: B
Valerie’s Status: SAFE!


Couple #5: Rudy and All-Star Jenna
Choreographer/Style: Louie Van Amstel/Cha Cha
Song: “Maps”/Maroon 5
Performance: You know he looked like he was having a lot of fun out there. He’s performance was better than his dancing, but Jenna ate him alive out there. It looked like she was leading him more than he was leading her. I intentionally tried to focus on him and has dancing and he did have his moments out there. But Jenna definitely outshined him. She just had this effervescence on the stage that couldn’t be denied. Performance great, dancing was just meh.
Judging:  Mary thought they were hot and that Rudy had a lot of power. Nigel loves how full of life Rudy is but warns him to not be over the top. Tara loves Rudy’s joy and passion and calls him infectious. Which he totally is. He leaves his heart out there.  Grade: B-
Rudy’s Status: He’s safe. Which kinda surprises me.


Couple #6: Jacque and All-Star Chehon
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary-Ballet
Song: “Adagio for TRON”/Daft Punk
Performance: Okay first, LOVE the idea of meshing Contemporary and Ballet together. I just think there’s something so sexy about point shoes. Second, LOVE the concept for the lighting (for the most part, see below) and how you could see the dancer’s shadows against the wall. This piece was so gorgeous and so thoughtful and careful. I found myself holding my breath for a lot of the piece. Chehon is so strong and such an amazing dancer out there, I loved seeing him back again. What I didn’t like? The fact that the feet weren’t lit! Isn’t the whole point to the dance to be able to see the foot work? I wish there was just a little more light on the feet so I could see those point shoes in action. Let the dancers dance people.
Judging: Nigel loved the choreography and the lighting and he thinks Jacque brought it to another level this week. Tara thought the performance was flawless. Mary thought Jacque was exquisite.  Grade: B+/A-
Jacque’s Status: She is in the danger zone.
Couple #7: Ricky and All-Star Lauren
Choreographer/Style: Mandy Moore/Jazz
Song: “Bossa Nova Baby (Viva Mix)”/Elvis Presley
Performance: That routine was a lot of fun. And Ricky always just brings a smile to my face. He reminds me so much of one of my friends. This style suited him well, it also felt very Broadway. It felt like a very difficult routine because the song was fast, but they were moving a bit slower than the usual beat. At times they fell out of sync, but overall I really enjoyed it and thought that Ricky shined. I loved the moment he and Lauren shared at the end when she put her hand on his chest and he grabbed it. It was so sweet. Ricky just has this life about him when he dances; it makes you want to watch him forever. And that move at the end with them rolling on the ground intertwining their legs was SO adorable.
Judging: Nigel thinks Ricky keeps getting better and better. Tara thinks Ricky is perfect. Mary says Ricky has the skills and can do anything. Grade: A-
Ricky’s Status: Of course he’s safe. If he wasn’t I may have broken my TV.


Couple #8: Casey and All-Star Kathryn
Choreographer/Style: Spencer Liff/Broadway
Song: “Maybe This Time”/Liza Minnelli
Performance: The thing I love about Casey is that I feel like he’s just here to dance. It seems like whenever he talks to the camera or is too much in the spotlight he feels a bit uncomfortable, but when he dances that’s when his personality comes out. And man on man, his personality came out in this routine. The routine started out sweet and simple-like, and Casey was pulling out some great moves. Then there was this breakout moment, where Casey just seemed to shed all the restraint he usually shows and he just let it all out. It was sassy and really just spectacular. Seeing a dancer have that breakout moment always makes me excited. I thought Casey was outstanding and he’s quickly moving up to be one of my favorites.
Judging: Mary thinks Casey is becoming a star. Nigel thinks Spencer found a style that really fits Casey. Tara calls Casey a gentleman and says she felt the chemistry. Grade: A
Casey’s Status: SAFE


Couple #9: Jessica and All-Star Twitch
Choreographer/Style: Nappy Tabs/Hip Hop
Song: “U Got Me Up (Underground Goodie Mix ’93)”/Cajmere feat. Dajae
Performance: This routine was so much fun and I have to say Jessica tore it up. I saw a whole different side to her usually sweet personality. She had sass and an attitude and sex appeal. As Nigel would say she danced like a woman. It was a really cute routine and Twitch as always is a great performer. I could watch him dance all day long.
Judging: Tara calls the performance unreal. Mary calls her performance off the charts and her movements were so spot on. Nigel says Jessica is living up to her potential. Grade: A+
Jessica’s Status: Duh, Safe.


Couple #10: Zack and All-Star Amy
Choreographer/Style: Sonya Tayeh/Contemporary
Song: “Europe, After The Rain”/Max Richter
Performance: I have to say I could have done without the rain noises. In fact I could have done without any music at all. This piece had such strength to it. I felt as if the dancers were using every single muscle in their body. It was so powerful and haunting at the same time. Even though it was really beautiful I can’t call it there. I can’t really place the word that I want to call it. But it was so moving. There were some definitely WOW moments and I always love it when dancers wrap themselves around each other.
Judging: Nigel thought Zack was stunning. Mary said Zack made her feel something and brought Sonya’s story to life. Grade: A
Status: Zack’s in the bottom. And his tears make me want to hug him. How is he in danger America? He’s so great!


Bottom Four
Jacque, Bridget, Emilio, Zack

My Thoughts
How is ZACK in the BOTTOM? Over Rudy? Okay Rudy has the heart, but Zack has the heart AND THE SKILLS. He is an incredible dancer and he gives it his all every time. My vote for who should go home, Jacque and Emilio. But I feel like Emilio is a fave and that my fave will be going home…Don’t Go Zack!

If it means Zack being safe, I guess I’ll take Jacque. I really really really wish both Zack and Bridget could have been safe. She’s such a great performer but maybe people relate to Jacque more. Plus her performance today was pretty great. That being said, as much as I like Emilio, Zack deserves to stay and I’m going to vote vote vote for him tonight! Bridget and Emilio are going home…

Top 5 Favorite Routines

  1. Jessica and Twitch – Hip Hop
  2. Casey and Kathryn – Broadway
  3. Ricky and Lauren – Jazz
  4. Zack and Amy – Contemporary
  5. Tanisha and Ryan – Cha Cha


Next Week All Stars Pairing

  • Tanisha is with All-Star Nick (Season 1)
  • Valerie is with All-Star Ryan (Season 6)
  • Rudy is with All-Star Allison (Season 3)
  • Jacque is with All-Star Twitch (Season 4)
  • Ricky is with All-Star Jaimie (Season 3)
  • Casey is with All-Star Comfort (Season 4)
  • Jessica is with All-Star Will (Season 4)
  • Zack is with All-Star Makenzie (Season 10)



Final Thoughts
The night was filled with some really strong performances, but the standouts of the night were definitely Jessica and Casey. Casey is quickly moving up in my book to being one of my favorites. I love that his personality is finally coming out. I’m extremely sad to see Bridget go, but Jacque performed really well tonight. That ballet routine was tough. Also, is it mean to say I think Allison will be totally wasted on Rudy? Yeah probaboly. Here’s how I voted tonight: Jessica – 4, Ricky – 4, Zack – 6, Casey – 6. Ricky is still my favorite, but I figure he’s everyone’s favorite so I put more support behind the other under dogs. Is it next week yet?






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