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Sooo this recap is a little late (seeing as how the next episodes premieres in a few hours, whoops!)…but absence makes the heart grow fonder…or whatever. Someone goes home this episode and my prediction is Kaylee or Sydney. To see if I’m right lets press play…



Season 14

Top 10 Perform, Part 2

We start the show with Crazy Cat hair. Cat’s hair is crazy, you guys! Waaay over teased. Don’t like! The Top 10 and the All Stars perform a disco routine and it’s so 70’s. The costumes, the dancing, the music – It’s sooooo 70’s it makes me want to watch That 70’s show.  (Song: “You Should Be Dancing” by Bee Gees / Choreographers: Mandy Moore and Val Chmerkovskiy)

Random Before Performance Thoughts

  • I’m still not quite sure what Cat is wearing. It’s like it’s trying to go for the youthful vibe, but there’s too much going on! It’s the hair, it’s gotta be the hair, right? I guess it’s for the 70’s or whatever. But still.: Don’t Like.
  • Sooo the judges are sending someone home? Not America? America votes on the Top 3 and Judges send them home? Is that what she’s saying? I don’t know how I feel about this…
  • Vanessa’s top is really cute, but only she could pull something off like that. It also makes me wonder what she paired with it. A skirt? Pants? Shorts?

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song:  “Hater” by Various Production
Performance Thoughts: I never really liked Comfort when she was on the show, but every year she’s been an all-star she’s grown and grown and grown on me. Comfort looked super hot with her bare legs and pointed toes. She killed this routine. She and Mark hit every note and movement hard. I wished there was just a little bit more push and pull. I think it could have been even hotter. But I loved the sexual tension throughout and I thought Mark did a great job. I also love his breaker moves in it. Mark does have a lot of goofball energy so it was nice to see him channel it into something more serious and intense. Performance Grade: B


Song: “Home” by Oliver Tank
Performance Thoughts: While I wasn’t sure what kind of performance she was giving emotion wise – girl is like Black Widow in her movement. Her flexibility is just incredible and I love this almost breakdance like move she did where she slid across the floor with her back arched and her legs up in the air. Performance Grade: B+


Song: “The Radical Self” by AGF feat. Kubra Khademi
Performance Thoughts: Logan’s performance was incredible. See he had the right emotion, something Koine was missing. He just captivated you from the beginning. Love the windmill kicks, love love love him sliding on the floor with his head. He killed it in his solo. Performance Grade: A

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 lex and gaby argentine tango


Style: Argentine Tango / Choreographers: Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo
Song: “Red & Black (Rojo y Negro)” by Ryota Komatsu
Performance Thoughts: They definitely struggled through that routine, but man that was a difficult routine. But if even I could tell it was difficult choreography, it probably doesn’t bode well for the couple. Dancing should look effortless, even if we know it’s not. Lex pretty much had the same expression throughout the whole routine and I felt like they could have had more chemistry. Lex needs to work on his acting and connecting to the piece. I think they were just thinking about the moves too much.  Mary recognizes that that choreography was intense and she wishes there was a bit more passion and heat. Performance Grade: B-/C+


Song: “Tragedy (Austin Cello Version)” by Brandi Carlile
Performance Thoughts: Pretty solo, but nothing special, IMO.  Performance Grade: B


Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Caroline” by Amine
Performance Thoughts: Luther Brown’s choreography is so fantastic. This routine paired with the song was the definition of swag. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kiki pulled it off. Jenna looked fabulous, she was hitting it hard, combined with the make-up and costume she had a little bit of Harley Quinn going on, and Kiki definitely had some good moments, but he was a little awkward, and stiff. He just needed to hit it harder. And then the last 1/3 of the routine I don’t even think he danced at all, he just kinda moved around the stage and threw money at Jenna. I think it could have been a bit more electric. That being said he was out of his style, so I give him props for that. However, I didn’t like it as much as the judges do. Performance Grade: B-


Song: “Dragon” by LVNDVN
Performance Thoughts: I love it when Kaylee dances in her own style. It’s not contemporary, it’s more like Jazz — something Sonya Tayeh would choreograph. She just hits everything so hard and with so much passion. But what’s with that “sssh” finger thing she does? Performance Grade: A

SYTYCD Season 14


Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Jaci Royal
Song: “Letting Go” by Melissa Etheridge
Performance Thoughts: Maybe I’m just getting more and more cynical in my old age, but guys, I don’t know if I liked this routine or not. It’s like it was trying TOO hard to make me feel something. I feel like there were SOO many things wrong with this, first of all song choice, it just did not go with the vibe of the piece. Maybe it was the piano? I dunno. And then for a good 10 seconds at the beginning there was no dancing, then another 10 seconds at the end no dancing. It’s almost like they barely did any dancing at all. Something was just off. Maybe it was chemistry, maybe it was the routine itself, or the fact that I didn’t connect with the song, or maybe I’m just a cold-hearted b*tch. The judges like it, They call it sweet and emotional. I dunno, whatever. Performance Grade: C+/B-


Song: “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Performance Thoughts: If you ever wondered what Busta Rhymes songs looked like, it would be this solo from Robert. And that’s a good thing. The routine is weird, and funny, and fun and just makes me smile. It has soooo much energy and ends with a stand-out back bend. Performance Grade: B+


Song: “Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown LA,” by edit
Performance Thoughts: Only Dassy could make a white shirt, blue leggings, and white sneakers look so chic. Her solo is sassy.  Performance Grade: B

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 allison and logan


Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Brian Friedman
Song: “In The Morning” by Jaded
Performance Thoughts:  Okay, see this is the routine I was waiting for. Something that made me excited! Something that made me think WHOA that was so cool. And there were so many cool things that Logan did in this routine. This crouching spin while holding his leg up, moving forward while in the splits almost alien like, flipping Allison over by just the legs, almost like a joined somersault. It was just cool. Allison has a way of out dancing her partners but I think she actually made him look good. He was able to shine and do these fantastic out of the box moves. The routine was funky and weird and a breath of fresh air. I loved it. Performance Grade: A-


Song: “Rollin’” by Shakka Feat. Frisco
Performance Thoughts: His solo has a mixture of other styles in it and it’s pretty cool, but dude needs a haircut, I’m sorry. And he needs to get rid of that mustache. It’s distracting. That being said, his solo showed strength, technique, and musicality. Loved it. Performance Grade: B+/A-


Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “I’m Better” by Missy Elliott feat. Lamb
Performance Thoughts: This performance had me at Missy Elliott. See this feels more like Kaylee’s style. Maybe it’s the hair. She just looked SOOOOO much more comfortable. She was hitting it hard, showed a lot of personality, and I loved that move where she balanced herself on Cyrus’ back. This should have been her introduction performance.  Nigel agrees with me and felt like she was able to express herself better with this routine. Performance Grade: B+/A-

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 taylor and robert


Style: Broadway / Choreographer: Al Blackstone
Song: “The Man That Got Away” by Judy Garland
Performance Thoughts: Every time I hear this song I think of Gilmore Girls. This is the song Luke and Lorelai reunite with after the events that happened at Lorelai’s parents vowel renewal. So already this song has a lot of meaning attached to it. That being said it was a lovely routine. The first thing I noticed was Taylor’s shoes, the second thing I noticed was the connection between Robert and Taylor. It was just like they were in their own little world. The spotlight was on them. There wasn’t really a lot to critique about this routine. It was sweet and romantic, elegant and classy and overall just a beautiful routine.  Performance Grade: A-


Style: African Jazz / Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: “Speaking in Tongues II” by Sheila Chandra
Performance Thoughts:  So my DVR cut out the intro package, but I’m almost glad it did. I had no idea what I was getting into with this routine and for that I loved it. First of all let me say this was a hard routine. It was so physical and the music doesn’t have measures, just freestyle beats – a woman making different noises with her mouth. But with this choreography, it was like I understood the music. I understood what this woman was saying. I loved that Koine and Marko always stayed connected. I loved how they intertwined their bodies and used each other as support. This was a fantastic, crazy, unique, breath-of-fresh-air routine. Performance Grade: A


Song: “Is it A Crime” by Sade
Performance Thoughts: Such an odd song choice but it makes his dancing and his style look smooth and sleek. That ending pose was fierce. Performance Grade: B


Style: Contemporary/ Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Otherside” by Perfume Genius
Performance Thoughts: While Robert’s dancing wasn’t as strong as it could have been,I really felt the emotion in this piece, and the fantastic song helped a lot. I felt the story, I felt the sadness and the longing and the need for healing. I think Robert was able to tell the story, and to tell it well. I loved the move where Robert spun on his one foot his hands out and his head back. Performance Grade: B-/C+


Song: “The Drummer” by Alessandro Olivato Orchestra
Performance Thoughts: It’s pretty much your standard male ballroom solo. However it’s nice to see him with confidence and swagger. It’s reminiscent of the Kiki during his fine performance before he was chosen for the Top 10. I like this Kiki. Performance Grade: B


Style: Bollywood / Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Radha Nachegi” by Tevar (Soundtrack)
Performance Thoughts: First of all Dassy looks great. Second of all, Dassy was going at it harder than Fik-Shun was. She is such a pro. She had so much energy, technically she was fantastic and she put on a great performance. She made it look really easy, like it was something that she did all the time.I feel so bad that she fell, you can see it in her face when the performance is over, but she recovered like a pro and stumbles be damned — she was great! Performance Grade: B+


Well the performances are over and the time has come to send someone home.

  • Logan (WHATTTT?)
  • Sydney (Yeah, I figured)
  • Robert (WHATTTT?)

My Thoughts On This: Um seriously, it boggles the mind that Logan and Robert are in the bottom 3. Okay, then again Logan’s performance last week was just so-so, but this weeks more than made up for it. And Robert has been consistently fantastic. Honestly I’m super shocked Kaylee isn’t in the bottom. My vote to go home out of these three is Sydney. Her performance last week wasn’t great and in my opinion her performance in this episode isn’t enough to save her over the other two. But it’s up to the judges and they seem to love her.

Judges Vote to Go Home: And the judges send home ROBERT!?!?! WHAT? WHAT!?!?!?

My Thoughts On This: To quote the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, “WHAT THE DAMN HELL!” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE JUDGES. BAD MOVE! WRONG CHOICE! I am soooo shocked. And upset. I can’t believe they sent him home. He has personality! He’s unique! His performance in last weeks episode was better than both of Sydney’s performances combined. Plus he KILLED it in his solo. I honestly can’t believe it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE JUDGES! ?Also it wasn’t unanimous. Who wanted to keep him? I bet it was Mary. Ugh, Sydney you better kill it next week girl.


Related image

  • How adorable was it when Nigel asked Jenna if there was anything she wasn’t good at and Kiki said “No”? So adorable.
  • Is it weird that I find Kiki so much hotter without his glasses and with that heavy heavy eye make-up? What does that say about me?
  • Sydney looks soooooo much better without all that stage make-up.
  • I said last week that my vote was for Sydney and I don’t think my mind was changed by her performance.
  • The fact that Vanessa likes everything is starting to annoy me a little.
  • Allison knocking on her hard bra – awesome.
  • That Steppin’ routine with the Lethal Ladies of Baltimore and the All Stars was pretty awesome.
  • I really like that Nigel does his research beforehand. He obviously researched the music artist Sheila Chandra for the African Jazz routine. It’s very professional.
  • Sometimes Vanessa is TOO happy and peppy. Girl, tone it down.
  • I’m CRAAAAZY about Sydney’s eye make up.


Nigel’s Creepy Comment of the Episode:
“Would you like to teach me the tango, Mary?”


  • Koine and All-Star Marko / African Jazz
  • Logan and All-Star Allison / Jazz
  • Taylor and Robert / Broadway


Overall Thoughts: I still can’t believe Robert is the one going home. Look at all that personality he showed at the end there. It’s so aggravating! How were he and Logan in the bottom three? Ugh.  Sydney better step it up next week that’s all I have to say. Seriously. Ugh, I can’t even talk anymore. Bye.

Until next week….


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