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So…I’ve been away…I’ve been busy…I’ve been slacking…I…have NO EXCUSES. But I’ll back everyone! (And that’s not a threat) I’m happy to announce that….

More Posts….are coming!!

(I imagine that being said like “Winter…is coming” from Game of Thrones so I’ll just wait here while you repeat that line again only in a raspy, ominous-sounding deep voice.)

Stay Tuned!


In the meantime, enjoy this video of this monkey laughing at a magic trick.


Gilmore Girls will always be one of my favorite shows, quite even possibly my favorite ever. It’s the show I turn on when there’s nothing else on TV. It’s the show I was on ABC Family when it plays every day in syndication. It’s the show I remember, quote, and think of when other shows remind me of it. Gilmore Girls is like a dear friend, always there for you.

Well, in case you haven’t heard, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. Starting today, October 1st. And, I’m pretty sure this is the best thing EVER. This means on those days I’m not working, I no longer have to pop in DVD after DVD, I can just turn on Netflix and bounce around to my favorite episodes. While, of course, still watching re-runs on ABC Family. I can go linear and NON-Linear.


So I ask you?...Is It Weird…how obessed I am with Gilmore Girls?



Side Note:  What does this post say about me? That…

A) I’m Awesome

B) I’m very single and possibly an animal hoarder.

C) I’m super cool (but you’re only saying that because you are afraid I’ll cyber stalk you, hunt you down, and possibly kill you.)

D) I just really love Gilmore Girls.




The newest full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie premiered on Monday and I have to tell you, while it wasn’t as spectacular as some of the other trailers for the previous installments of the movie, it still made me very very excited. Here are…



8 Things I LOVED About The Trailer.


1. This shot of Effie. Even without the elaborate costume and fanciful make-up and hair, Effie still looks fabulous. Kudos to those eyebrows.




2. Katniss’ Mockingjay Suit. It’s stellar! While it has been compared to Batman’s suit (which I find a good thing), I absolutely love the hardcore style. Can you imagine a Ready to Wear version of this sold in stores, Like a jacket maybe? (I watch a lot of Project Runway, someone make this happen).

2_Katniss Outfit


3. This defiant look on Katniss’ face when she says…”Or find another Mockingjay.” This just proves we will be getting another fantastic and heartbreaking performance from Jennifer Lawrence. I also LOVE the fact that her hair is down and not in her signature braid.

3_This look


4. This look from Finnick. No Explanation necessary.

4_And This look



5. This amazing shot. The camera work in this trailer is truly fantastic. There are some great “money shots” in the trailer, and this still is powerful even on it’s own. So. Much. Emotion.

5_This Goregous Shot


6. The shot of Messalla or Pollux’s camera “insect shell.” Spot on intepretation from the books.

6_The Shells of the Cameramen


7. Haymitch’s hug. The way he and Katniss grasp each other makes me think I will probably be crying when I see this scene in the movie. You can really see how much Haymitch cares for her.

7_This Hug



8. The amazing final shot in the trailer. When Katniss and Gale shoot down one of the hovercrafts. So intense (and great camerawork to boot!)

8_Amazing Shot



Why is November so far away? What did you think of the trailer?


We hope this day wouldn’t come, but it has. The finale of So You Think You Can Dance is tomorrow (Wednesday). Tomorrow we will be getting a recap of some of the judges favorite performances of the season. I’ve complied a list of my 12 favorites and I hope I get to see some (if not all) of them tomorrow.


My Top 12 Performances of Season 11 – So You Think You Can Dance 
(Because I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10)


#12 –  Jessica and Casey (Top 6 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Doriana Sanchez/Disco
Song“Dim All The Lights”/Donna Summer
My Original Review: “I gotta say, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Disco routine that’s been this good. Usually it’s a lot of glitz and glamor and flips and spins and lifts and frantic chaos. And while this routine had the first 5 things, there was this cool sense of ease about it. Like they didn’t have a care in the world. It was so much fun. It started out with Casey spinning Jessica around super-fast – I mean seriously faster than normal and it was just uphill from there. I loved seeing the cool disco moves with them dancing side by side. The lifts felt easy and simple (even though they were not) and it looked like they were having a lot of fun out there. I also loved the seemingly abrupt ending. It was just a super fun routine.


#11 –  Casey and All-Star Kathryn (From the Top 10 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Spencer Liff/Broadway
Song“Maybe This Time”/Liza Minnelli
My Original Review: “The thing I love about Casey is that I feel like he’s just here to dance. It seems like whenever he talks to the camera or is too much in the spotlight he feels a bit uncomfortable, but when he dances that’s when his personality comes out. And man on man, his personality came out in this routine. The routine started out sweet and simple-like, and Casey was pulling out some great moves. Then there was this breakout moment, where Casey just seemed to shed all the restraint he usually shows and he just let it all out. It was sassy and really just spectacular. Seeing a dancer have that breakout moment always makes me excited. I thought Casey was outstanding and he’s quickly moving up to be one of my favorites.”


#10 –  Jessica and All-Star Twitch (From the Top 10 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Nappy Tabs/Hip Hop
Song: “U Got Me Up (Underground Goodie Mix ’93)”/Cajmere feat. Dajae
Performance: This routine was so much fun and I have to say Jessica tore it up. I saw a whole different side to her usually sweet personality. She had sass and an attitude and sex appeal. As Nigel would say she danced like a woman. It was a really cute routine and Twitch as always is a great performer. I could watch him dance all day long.



#9- Valerie and Zack (From the Top 20 Introduction Performance Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Anthony Morigerato/Tapping
Song: “Sing”/Ed Sheeran
My Original Review: “I’ll be honest guys, I can barely walk up (or down) a set of stairs without falling. Maybe it’s an inner ear thing, but I digress. What these kids did is so awe-inspiring. Nothing only were they tapping up and down, backwards and forwards, one leg and two legs, but they were keeping an intricate delicate rhythm. And they were in sync. It was quite thrilling. Plus they’re ADORABLE. Valerie has this Ashley Williams kind of thing about her and I‘m pretty sure I could fit Zack in my pocket (even if he is as tall as Cat). The routine was extremely difficult, but they made it look easy and fun.”


#8 – Emily and Teddy (Top 18 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Tyce DiOreo/Contemporary
Song:  “Ne Me Quitte Pas”/Nina Simone
My Original Review: “Can I just say, I was totally into this piece, until I HEAR Tyce yell “YES” in a quiet moment and I suddenly become distracted. COME ON TYCE. Let the dancers just dance. Okay, moving on. The piece was actually really powerful. It wasn’t conventional. It was dirty and frustrating, and took me to another place. Everything was right about this piece. The song was perfect because it took me to another place. Like a French couple fighting in the streets trying to figure if they should stay together or not. Teddy was killing it. He just gets it and his movement is so beautiful. As for Emily, there were moments I didn’t think she was very strong, but then she pulled out some brilliant move or emotion that made me think twice. That ending was brutally gorgeous. I really liked this piece.”


#7 – Ricky and Zack (From the Top 4 Performance Episode
Choreographer/Style: Phoenix and Pharside/Hip Hop
Song: “The Antidote”/District 78
My Original Review: “There’s nothing I like better, then watching two-whiter-than-white white guys doing hip hop. (See Benji and Travis’ hip hop Season 2). This routine was KILLER! I probably haven’t been this excited about a hip hop routine since Twitch and Alex Wong’s routine (though Comfort and Jasmine’s routine came close.) There were so many cool tricks I can’t even name them all. When Zack picked up Ricky by his arms and lifted him as Ricky still had his feet out. When Ricky jumped up, and Zack caught him up by his shoulders and bent back so Ricky could catch him by the head, when Zack pulled Ricky and he jumped up on his stomach, Ricky’s sexy Channing Tatum worm move on the ground, Zack swinging Ricky around by the ankles…SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO WATCH! It was just so well-choreographed, so well danced (they were hitting it HARD), and if a routine can make me write in ALL CAPS, then you know it’s greater than good!”

#6 –  Rudy and All-Star Allison (From The Top 8 Performance Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Ray Leeper/Jazz
Song“Dirty Diana”/Michael Jackson
My Original Review: “Rudy, I love ya kid, but put you next to Allison and she will eat you ALIVE and she does. Allison just had a completely different energy than Rudy did. She left it all on the floor. Her being my favorite dancer it’s impossible for me not to look at her. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. And while Rudy danced great and showed a lot of strength, I feel like he could have done more. He didn’t grab me or fight for my attention. And with such a dramatic song and routine like this he really needed to do that. Instead he let Allison overshadow him. He had an outstanding partner, a bad ass choreographer, and a great routine, he just didn’t live up to its demands. I wonder what the judges think since I know they love him.” (My current thoughts – I like this performance so much more upon repeat viewings, and thats thanks to Allison)



#5 – Jessica and Ricky (From the Top 20 Introduction Performance Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Sonya Tayeh/Contemporary
Song“Vow”/Meredith Monk
My Original Review: “Ricky and Jessica connected in more ways than one during rehearsal. Their heads, literally connected. Could they connect in this piece? The answer is yes. This performance was the definition of breathtaking. The music was so quiet, just a woman, singing acapella, a song that sounds similar to the Star Trek Theme, but it was so mesmerizing. It captivated you. It made the piece less noise, serene, subtle. Your focus was soley on the dancers and it was so captivating you couldn’t help but hold your breath. I frankly couldn’t take my eyes off of these two, they’re probably the shortest in the competition but Ricky with his beard had such strength and control, and Jessica’s legs are just crazy special. I do wish this couple was an actual pair because I agree with Nigel, they would have fun away with the competition.”


#4 –  Bridget and Emilio (From the Top 16 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Song“The Leaving Song”/Chris Garneau
My Original Review: “I’m pretty sure I could have watched a full 2 hours of this routine. In fact, I felt as if the story was just getting started, and I wanted to learn more. There were SO MANY wonderful things about this routine. And if Bridget goes home after this performance it will be a TRAVIS-TEY (see what I did there? Couldn’t resist). Her movements were so stunning, and visually striking. She fully got into character and her sweet demeanor just disappeared. I almost forgot Emilio was a hip hop dancing until Travis incorporated some of his movement into the choreography. The only thing I wish was that there was more light so I could see what was going on. Love the pose when Emilio lifted her up and she spread her arms and legs. Love her dipping down, chest out leg up as he caught her. That took a lot of trust. Love her grabbing onto his leg with her legs and holding onto the bars for support. Really I wish this routine would have continued for 2 more minutes, I felt like it was 30 seconds long. Emilio’s face is so full of emotion when the routine is over.

#3 – Jessica and All-Star Robert (From the Top 4 Perform Episode)
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Song: “When I Go”/Over The Rine
Performance: Travis, you son of a b*tch. You’ve done it again. I don’t even know how a guy like Travis exists. He’s just too creative for his own good. And he knows how to punch you in your heart. This routine is one of the greats. This one will go down in SYTYCD history as being one to remember. I love everything about this it. I love how one movement blended into the next and into the next so there was no stopping no disjoint. Then end of one breath was the beginning of another it was fantastic. I love how they were ripping and pulling and pushing each other. I love when they were climbing on each other. It was raw, and beautiful, and disturbing, and heartbreaking, and breathtaking. I could not take my eyes off of Jessica. I love when she grabbed his face, I love when Robert lifted her feet with his. I love when she fell to the ground, he picked her up by the head to rest it on his leg, and she did a back somersault off his leg over his back. I love when he kicked her leg down and she fell to the ground and he twisted over her and she in turn used her legs to twist over his head. It was all connected. Just outstanding, Travis. (Current thoughts: I like this piece mostly because of the choreography, if you couldn’t tell. Travis is a genius.)


#2 –  Brooklyn, Casey, Emily, Emilio, Tanisha, Serge, Valerie, Zack  (Group Routine from the Top 16 Perform Episode)
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song“So Broken (Live)”/ Bjork
My Original Review: “I really really REALLY liked this piece. It was so brutal, and ugly, yet beautifully haunting at the same time. I felt like they were dancing as the group, they weren’t trying to be showy. I loved the move where they all fell over at the same time. It was really a WOW moment. This piece was subtle and not subtle at the same time. And I LOVE the closing shot on their faces just breathing and being in the moment. This piece left me tense, staring at it through clenched eyes. Cat said it right, it was gorgeous.”






# 1 – Jessica and Casey’s Routine (From the Top 14 Perform Episode)
Choreography/Style: Travis Wall/Choreography
Song“Like Real People Do”/Hozier
My Original Review: “Travis Wall has done it again people. He took me to another place. I felt like I was watching a romantic indie movie montage where the couple is running through a field of daisies all happy and in love. There were so many great moments in this piece that sent shots of warm fuzzies to my heart when they happened. The jolt Jessica felt all throughout her body when they first kissed. When she went spread eagle into the air as the music crescendo. When Casey swung her around from side to side like. This Jessica was the Jessica that we saw at the beginning of the show. She had this light inside of her that we saw during the Top 20 performance. And that light was also in Casey. He was definitely swoon worthy with this performance. He was so careful, and gentle, but masculine at the same time in the way that he took care of her during this piece. Plus there was one moment in the piece where he had a genuine loving smile on his face. I loved it. It was SO SO gorgeous. Now excuse me while I download this song and rewind the performance to watch it again, with the same goofy little, smitten smile on my face.” (Current thoughts: I rate this as the highest performance due to my emotional response and the way it made me feel. Other routines may have been technically better with bigger WOW moments, but this one hit me like a shot to the heart.)

Turns out a lot of the performances I liked were from Jessica…go figure. What were some of your favorite performances of this season? Are you ready for the finale tomorrow?

Fall movies are a time when some franchise YA movies release their next movie, when darker indie films emerge, and Oscar hopefuls reign supreme. The following is a compilation of the movies I’m most excited about through the end of the year.


(in no particular order)


The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
Release Date: Sept 12
Premise: The story revolves around a crumbling marriage between Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) and Conor (James McAvoy). But they each lived a different version to their own story.
My Thoughts: The hook is exciting, the trailer is exciting, and I am intrigued by seeing two sides to the same story.  I would love to see the both versions of the story in its entirety, but I don’t know if I can sit through a 200 minute movie (that version is released in October). The version released this September should suffice.

Maze Runner
Release Date: September 19
Premise: They make their own food, set their own rules, and live each day not knowing what’s going to happen next. Sounds great right? Unfortunately their make-shift world is surrounded by a Maze that doesn’t seem to have a way out during the day, and traps them in at night. If are trapped inside the Maze after dark they die. Thomas presence seems to change the game, especially when the next person dropped into the Maze is a girl.
My Thoughts: I loved the James Dashner book and I am excited to see this movie come to life. Though adaptations of young adult movies can be sketchy, I love the casting of Dylan O’Brien as Thomas and I hope that director Wes Ball can bring the rest of the movie to life. On the plus side, the trailer makes the movie look gritty, which is how these post-apocalyptic movies should be. Less pretty, more gritty.


Gone Girl
Release Date: October 3
Premise: On the outside, Nick and Amy seem like a loving couple, but when Amy disappears and Nick’s life is thrown into the spotlight. Under the scrutiny of the media and the community, Nicks involvement in his wife’s disappearance may not be completely innocent.
My Thoughts: I’m in the process of reading the book right now and with the duel narratives, I hope director David Fincher manages to bring this movie together in a cohesive way. The trailers look perfectly creepy and while I don’t really like Ben Affleck as an actor (love him as a director) this role seems perfect for him. I also love Rosamund Pike.


Release Date: October 10
Premise: Miles Teller stars as Andrew Neiman as a drumming prodigy who has been accepted into the country’s most elite music conservatory. Haunted by the failures of his father Andrew is taken under the wing of a passionate teacher at the school. Slowly Andrew’s drive to excel and succeed turns into an obsession as his mentor morphs into a domineering tyrant who will push him to his limits no matter what the cost.
My Thoughts: I’ve already hear great things about this film and I’m a big fan of J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller. Plus it’s just indie enough to be absolutely fantastic.


Release Date: October 17
Premise: A washed up, former A-list actor who used to play the famous super hero Birdman, decides to write a play in order to reclaim some of his former glory. In the process, he suffers a complete mental breakdown.
My Thoughts: The trailer looks dark and hilarious and it has a great cast.


St. Vincent
Release Date: October 24
Premise: A cranky, washed up, alcholoic man unexpectedly bonds with his new neighbors, single mother Maggie and her 12 year old son, Oliver.
My Thoughts: Is it weird that my main reason for wanting to see this is not Bill Murry, the bittersweet and funny trailer, but the fact that for the first time since Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy is playing a role that’s not just a bunch of fat jokes, or her acting crazy, or people laughing at her? (Ok, maybe she did that in Mike and Molly as well, but I didn’t watch that.)


Release Date: November 7
Premise: If you’re a movie fanatic, lover, watcher, then most likely you’re going to be watching Christopher Nolan’s new movie. Earth is becoming uninhabitable. Cooper, a widowed father and engineer is tasked with being sent into space, along with a group of scientists, to search for an alternate, habitable planet in order for mankind to survive.
My Thoughts: The trailers for this movie are very existential, in fact, it reminds me a lot of Terrence Malick’s, TheTree of Life. That being said, it’s a great cast, the premise is fantastic, and Christopher Nolan always delivers. I’m excited for this movie, I really am. I just hope it explores the actual plot and isn’t just a lot of existential bullcrap.


Hero Big 6
Release Date: November 7
Premise: When a masked villain attacks the city of San Fransokyo, Hiro, a robotics prodigy,  tries to find a way to turn his robot, which is designed to heal into a warrior that can save the city.
My Thoughts: Just watch this trailer, and then tell me you don’t want to see it.


Dumb and Dumber To
Release Date: November 14
Premise: To best friends Lloyd and Harry are reunited and set out on a search to find Harry’s long lost daughter. Oh, and someone needs a kidney.
My Thoughts: The first Dumb and Dumber can definitely go on the list as one of the greatest comedies of all time, yeah, I said it. And after waiting so long to do a sequel, a REAL sequel, I am excited to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniel’s back together again. I look forward to turning off my brain and having a laugh.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Release Date: November 21
Premise: With Peeta captured by the capitol, and Katniss now relegated to District 13. Haymitch and Plutarch devise a plan to use Katniss status as a beacon of hope and turn her into “The Mockingjay” in hopes the other districts will rebel against the capitol and overthrow Snow and his vicious reign of terror.
My Thoughts: Catching Fire was a big step up from the first installment of The Hunger Games. Keeping true to the book while adapting the movie in ways that made it even better, I have high high hopes for Mockingjay. Quite possibly the darkest and most violent of all the books, I hope that the movie can stick to being dark and gritty, while hopefully changing the depressing ending to the original book.


Release Date: December 5
Premise: After the death of her mother, rebellious, drug addicted, sexually promiscuous, Cheryl Strayed sets out on a solo trek across the America Northwest.
My Thoughts: Reese Witherspoon. The Wild. One ticket please, thanks.


Night At The Museum: The Secret Of The Tomb
Release Date: December 19
Premise: Museum security guard, Larry, takes his son with him to London in order to repair the broken stone tablet in London’s British Museum that’s been bring the exhibits to life.
My Thoughts: I was a fan of the first Night At The Museum and now with the death of Robin Williams I somehow want to see this movie even more. It’s just a good holiday movie with a fun premise


Into The Woods
Release Date: December 25
Premise: Into the Woods weaves the darker sides of the fairy tale stories such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and Little Red Riding Hood.
My Thoughts: When I first saw the original Broadway production of Into the Woods (on video, not live unfortunately) I thought it was the best thing ever. Bernadette Peters was deliciously evil and sympathetic as an evil witch and the stories of the classic fairytales I loved were twisted, dark, gory, and just plain bizarre. The music was incredible; “Giants in the Sky” is probably my favorite Broadway Musical song ever. Despite the fantastic cast, I’m still skeptical that Disney will…well Disney it up, make it more family friendly. We’ve seen family friendly versions of fairytales, we know them well. Into the Woods offers a different take, but the studio can’t really market a gory, gritty, fairytale movie as a family holiday flick. (Note: If anyone could bring justice to the amazing performance Bernadette Peters gave in her role of the witch, it’s Meryl Streep.)


What movies are you looking forward to for the end of this year?





Is it weird, that I’m…let’s say older than the average MTV viewer and I am still totally obsessed with MTV’s The Challenge. I mean I was watching it when it was still called Road Rules. Then it changed to Real World/Road Rules as they morphed the two shows together. And finally it’s The Challenge. Now even though I’ve (mostly) stopped watching Real World, and The Challenge has become oversaturated with new kids (or rookies) that I don’t know…is it weird that I still love it? I hate watching stupid juvenile TV drama, but when that drama stems off of incredible, death defying, stunts/challenges I can’t stop watching it’s like a train wreck. Now this season is a bit of a letdown as most of my favorites (Emily, Sarah, Evan, Evelyn, crazy Paula, Kenny, Adam, Darrell, and Jenn) are gone and replaced by people who don’t even seem to like challenges or have any athleticism at all…But I can’t stop (won’t stop) watching. It’s good you guys.


I mean where else can you see one grown man wear another grown man like a backpack?

So. Good.





Summer is Upon Us (That’s my version of Winter Is Coming) and you know what that means…sun, BBQ’s, and summer blockbusters. Here are the Top 10 movies I’m looking forward to this Summer (May-August).


10 Movies I’m Looking Forward to This Summer


Runners up: Chef, The Neighbors, and Maleficent


10. If I Stay

Based off of a book by Gayle Forman, this movie has a lot of potential. I’m interested to see how they tackle the tricky concept without it seeming hokey. The book was great, it is very dramatic and Mia is complicated and not always likeable. I’m interested to see if Chloe Grace Moetz can pull her off, especially because I pictured Mia looking older.


9. Jupiter Ascending

I have no idea what this movie is about. Channing Tatum with terrible blonde eye brows has to save Mila Kunis who’s name is Jupiter. That’s all I got. HOWEVER…the movie looks intriguing, weird, exciting, and sci fi. It has a Fifth Element vibe which could be a good thing…


8. Edge of Tomorrow

I’m a Tom Cruise fan, okay? He just does action SO WELL even if he is crazy. The concept reminds me of a much grander scale / more sci-fi version of Ground Hog Day and Source Code, which isn’t a bad thing as I loved them both.


7. A Million Ways to Die in the West

I don’t know what it is about Seth McFarlane, but I can’t resist him. This movie just looks like fun and that’s what I like in a movie. You don’t need to take it seriously, you just see a movie like this for some good and dirty fun.


6. The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Forget the fact that the trailer looks amazing, forget the fact that the first movie was fantastic, this movie is going to be GOOD. The stakes are higher in this movie. It’s not aliens attacking, it’s not monsters, it’s not Transformers, it’s Apes, trying to take over the world. I love it.


5. The Fault In Our Stars

This book may be in one of my Top 5 Books of all time (Also on that list: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and It by Stephen King). The casting choices and the first trailer made me skeptical, but with this new trailer I think I’m sold. This is a movie you watch by yourself, in an ultra dark theater, so you can sob in peace. It’s going to be BRUTAL and I can’t wait.


4. X-Men: Days of Future Past

How I feel about this movie would probably be similar to how I’d feel about an Avengers and Spiderman Vs. X-Men Movie. (Okay, that’s a lie, I’d be speechless if this actually happened with the current cast.) That being said, Bryan Singers plan to meld the “past” X-Men with the “present” or I guess “future” X-Men is PURE genius. Only because the original cast is so fantastic. As great as James McAvoy is…Patrick Stewart is Professor X. I mean really. (I just hope James Marsden somehow makes an appearance in this, though it’s not likely.)


3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is the movie where Andrew Garfield gets to break out of Tobey Maguire’s shadow. The first movie was too similar to the first/original Spiderman. So in this movie we get some new characters, some new plots, and some new action scenes (minus the whole Harry Osborne thing.) I’m excited to see Jamie Foxx as a villain and I’m excited to see more depth in our characters. Plus, I love Emma Stone.


2. The Guardians of the Galaxy


One of the things I’ve always loved about Marvel Movies (vs. DC movies) is that they take a lighter approach when telling their stories. Sure the characters can be dark, and have dark paths, and make dark choices, but there are also comical even hilarious moments to lighten the mood and make it fun instead of well…dark. The first trailer to TGOTG demonstrates this. It’s frickin’ hilarious. I can’t wait to see how they incorporate strange characters into the MCU.


1. Godzilla

Godzilla 2014 Teaser Trailer Poster New Godzilla Poster: Welcome to Monster City

Ok, so I know this is a strange choice for #1, but as I’ve said before I am a SUCKER for alien/monster/disaster movies. Cloverfield, Pacific Rim, Independence Day, War Of The Words, Battle: Los Angeles…I eat this stuff up. And I don’t know if it’s the marketing or the way they laid out the trailer but it looks terrifying. And I love it. Words cannot express excited I am to see this film and I hope they do it right.



What films are you looking forward to this summer?



I watch a lot of TV. I admit that. And while I own a lot of DVD’s I find myself guilty of watching movies live on TV. The other day E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was on and I had to watch it from top to finish. Even though I’ve seen it a million times, even though I OWN it. I had to watch it right there on TV, commercials and all. This made me start to think:  Is It Weird…that there are some movies out there I HAVE to watch every time they are on TV, even when I own the DVD, that’s most likely still in its shrink-wrap packaging?


The Movies I HAVE to WATCH


Pitch-PerfectPitch Perfect
A couple months ago HBO played Pitch Perfect every day, and every time I saw that it was on, I watched it. I really did. No matter where it was in the show. I watch it until the end, I really do. I’m such a sucker for some sarcastic Anna Kendrick, and that damn Cups song.



sugar and spiceSugar & Spice
This show comes on maybe once or twice a year, but whenever it does, I watch it. Four years ago, I finally bought it. And since then it’s remained in its packaging. But when I see that it’s playing on TV, I have to watch it. Come on, bank robbing cheerleaders who use cheerleading stunts to commit crimes? So good. AND James Marsden? Yes, please.



The-SandlotThe Sandlot
“You’re killing me, Smalls!” This show brings back memories, and it will always be one of my favorites no matter how old I get. My kids will watch this movie and fall in love with it. ABC Family has those summer weeks where they show Sandlot practically every day. And I watch it. Every. Single. Time. I will watch this show for-EV-er, for-EV-er…even if I can recite it line for line.



shawshank3The Shawshank Redemption
This is my favorite movie of all time and TNT loves to play it. Every ‘time I watch it I somehow miss the beginning, but let’s face it, the movie doesn’t get good until Andy and Red meet. This movie is a classic and in my opinion one of the best, and that is why it remains in its pristine packaging while I watch it every time it plays on TV.



Sweet-Home-AlabamaSweet Home Alabama
This is my second favorite romantic comedy, only behind While You Were Sleeping, which let’s be honest, is the best. I loved the fact that in this love triangle there was no bad guy, just a guy that wasn’t right for her. I hate those rom-com’s when the first guy she’s with is obviously the wrong guy, it’s like well, why is she with him then? I also love Reese Witherspoon, this is a good Saturday afternoon movie…or you know, whenever it’s on TV. Sometimes all it takes is 1 minute and I’m sucked in.



Jurassic-ParkJurassic Park
Admit it, this is one of your favorite movies too. And if not, you’re crazy. Favorite scene ever? When Lex is eating jello and notices the velociraptors behind her grandfather. That jello jiggling on the spoon is a classic visual. When this movie plays sometimes I just watch it to see my favorite parts. Dr. Grant listening to the triceratops breathing, the goat, the first time the gang sees the dinosaurs…such a great movie. (Tangent: How does my spell check not know the word velociraptor?)



prettywomanPretty Woman
Another classic, right? How can anyone resist Julia Roberts in this movie? (notice I said in this movie.) TBS plays this movie waaaay to many times and I watch it waaaay too many times. I recently decided I needed to own the movie, but it’s never actually made it to the DVD player. Favorite can’t miss scene? Here’s a hint, fast forward thought it would be a big mistake. BIG MISTAKE.



So am I just weird? Or do you have movies you can’t stop watching when they’re on TV?



Well Oscar season has come and gone. And this year’s Oscars seemed particularly long. I mean was it just me or did it seem really LONG? While there were no outright shockers there were as always, some great moments, some awkward moments, some bad moments, and some moments you’ll never forget.

Here’s the Best and Worst of the 2014 Academy Awards:


Best (and by Best I mean Funniest) Ellen Joke: (To Jonah Hill) “You showed us something in that film I have not seen for a very, very long time.”
The best thing about the joke? No awkward elaboration in order to let other people who may have not seen the movie understand it. She just let it be, and it was hilarious. It was one of those jokes that takes a minute to get, but when you do, it’s hilarious.

Worst Ellen Joke: “Possibility number one: 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture. Possibility number two: You’re all racists. And now please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway.” 
Seriously, awkward, and completely cringe-worthy. I mean I couldn’t even write this quote without cringing. Just terrible.

Best Presenters: Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Watson
Ok, so they didn’t really do anything too special, but they are just an adorable couple. I mean, come on. The people I were watching the Oscars with want them to be a couple so bad. Plus this:

Worst Presenters:  Matthew McConaughey & Kim Novak
Can you saw AWKWARD? I mean Matthew McConaughey was trying to do this adlibbing thing but it just came out as awkward and Kim Novak? I don’t even know what was going on with her. She just wasn’t present at all. It’s sad to see her too because she was SO beautiful when she was younger.

Best Speech, Lupita Nyong’o, with Runner Up: Jared Leto
Couple or not, these two had the best speech of the night. Jared’s speech was so well-composed and thoughtful. His speech giving has really evolved from his Golden Globes speech. It was sincere, eloquent, and well-spoken. But Lupita’s was the best of the night. She was just so humble and gracious and my eyes may have welled up a moment or two, especially when she said “You’re dreams are valid”. I thought J-Law was going to take it, but I’m so so glad Lupita won. And she looked gorgeous.

Worst Speech: Matthew McConaughey
Okay, okay, so he won an Oscar, he can pretty much say what he wants. If I ever won an Oscar I’m sure I’d be a babbling mess of a woman, but when Matthew McConaughey went on a tangent about being his own hero, or never being his own hero. No matter how much I tried to focus on his words I just couldn’t understand him. Like my brain was refusing to allow his words to infiltrate it. What the hell was he trying to say?

Best Musical Performance:  “Happy” by Pharrell, Runner Up: “The Moon Song” by Karen O and Ezra Koenig
Okay, so I’ve heard “Happy” so many times, but while a lot of the other performances were solo performers standing in place, this group dance party was a breath of fresh air. He got high caliber actors out of their seats and covered the stage in energetic dancers and performances. I liked it! Also, I could listen to Karen O. forever.

Worst Musical Performance: Idina Menzel
Okay this may seem too harsh, especially when she gets her name mispronounced by Travolta, but this was not the Idina Menzel we know and love. She was shaky, nervous, off key, and pitchy. This is definitely my favorite song from Frozen so it was disappointing to see her botch this song. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t her. She can do better. (Side Note: Dear Mr. Travolta, teleprompters are there for a reason. Adele Dazeem is nowhere near Idina Menzel.)

Best Dressed: Lupita Nyong’ O, Runner Up: Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams
I thought for sure Lupita’s dress was white, but it is actually pale blue. It compliments her skin perfectly. The only thing that didn’t work was the headband. No. Just no. Sandy looked simple, elegant and classy. I loved that she kept it simple and didn’t try to over-bling anything and that deep color was absolutely gorgeous.

Worst Dressed: Pharrell Williams
No explanation necessary.


Hands Down Best Moment from the Oscars (Best meaning Favorite):

tv show gifs

Other Random Thoughts and Tidbits
  • I know Anne Hathaway got away from the limelight for a while because of all the haters…but sorry her presenter delivery for best supporting actor did not help…(And I generally like Anne.)
  • I really felt bad about Ellen talking about Jennifer’s fall and everyone harping on her again about her fall on the red carpet. Poor girl. However it lead to the great line, “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.”
  • What do you think Sandra Bullock and Leonardo Dicaprio talked about?
  • Am I the only one who didn’t know Catherine Martin was Baz Lurmann’s wife?
  • Was the pizza delivery guy real? Because seriously he had the Best. Night. Ever. (Update: Here is the answer.)
  • Where did the money go Ellen collected? Was it real money? (Update: Here is the answer.)
  • Love Bill Murray giving a shout out to Harold Ramis.
  • Nicholas Hoult looks so cute
  • Love Jamie Foxx’s line flub. “Great stories can change your life, great stories with great scores will blow….(awkward pause)…your mind.
  • Love the supercool handshake between Alfonso Cuaron and Sidney Poitier. Love the way Cuaron says “Bullock.”
  • How did Will Smith get to announce Best Picture?
  • Love seeing Paul Dano!
  • Steve McQueen seems like such a serious guy so I loved seeing him so incredibly happy. I would totally jump up and down too if I won an Oscar. Congrats!
Random Thoughts…With Pictures!
  • Love Lupita’s brother Junior sneaking his way into the best picture ever.

tv show gifs


  • Amy Adams gots some dance moves:


  • I don’t know how I feel about Anna Kendrick’s dress. Do I like it? Do I hate it? Her second dress however is adorbs!




  • Love the Academy recognizing Sarah Jones, a camera assistant killed on the set of Midnight Rider. If you don’t know (click here and here and also here). Now you know. Unless you work in the industry you can’t even understand what seeing her name on the telecast means to us. It means safety, it means valuing “below the line crew members”, it means a lot! I am glad the Oscars and ABC made it happen.

sarah jones.

For a full list of the winners, click here. What were some of your favorite moments of the ceremony?



Is it weird…for me to say that I am in love with this trailer? I never knew it was possible. But it is. Come on, you have to admit it too. Since the trailer premiered last week, I can’t stop thinking about it. It is nerdy, funny, weird, eccentric, and frakkin’ hilarious. Groot ducking so he’s in frame, the use of “Hooked On A Feeling,” the “What the hell am I watching?” vibe all throughout the trailer and of course this:



I love it so much…is that weird?