So You Think You Can Dance, Season 14: Top 10 Perform, Part 1

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The time has come. The moment we have been waiting for. Okay not necessarily waiting for, but anticipating. It’s performance time! The Top 10 will be revealed. We’ll find out if Gabby picked Evan or Lex.  We will see performances from the All-Stars. I. Cant. Wait.

Now as usual, I blog about this as I watch. So all my reactions are based on the moment, I have no idea what’s coming until it’s all over. I know I’ve been on and off with my recaps but let’s be honest, those auditions took FOREVER! My recaps won’t be day of because, guys, I have to watch American Ninja Warrior on Mondays, I just do. So be patient! Recap. Will. Come.

Let’s get to it!


So You Think You Can Dance, Season 14

Top 10 Perform, Part 1


SYTYCD Season 14


We open up with a group number from The All-Stars. It’s flowy dresses and shirtless guys, with choreography set to the old-school song “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” by Raign which SCREAMS Mandy Moore. Robert is really the stand out in this. And when it’s over I find out I was right. This beautiful piece was courtesy of Mandy Moore.

Random Thoughts

  • Cat is flawless as usual. Is her dress sequened? Is it leather? I can’t tell. Maybe it’s both
  • Allison hurt her shoulder in rehearsal. She won’t be performing tonight with her partner. That’s so depressing.
  • The incredible Wade Robson is back with a new piece. Can’t. Wait.
  • What the hell is Mary Murphy working? It’s very Fairy-Godmother-esque.


The Top 10 is going to be revealed one by one, so here we go. First up…



Who He Picks: His choice is between Kyle and Dassy. And no offense to Kyle, (I didn’t really get to know him at all. Probably wouldn’t have mattered), but my vote has always been for Dassy. Please, please let it be her. She’s a great dancer, she wants it soooo bad and her style is: Always. On. Point. Anyway, it’s as if Fik-Shun has heard me and he picks DASSY!  Yessssss….
Song: “Shake Your Pants” by Cameo / Choreographer: Poppin’ Pete
Performance Thoughts: Love this as a first performance for Dassy. She looks so daper, even if her outfit looks like it belongs on Wyle E. Coyote or someone out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This performance was so energetic and it allowed Dassy to show her dazzling personality. There was one mistake in the middle there after their legs linked, but whatever, it was the first performance, and it was fun. So that’s all that matters for today.
Performance Grade: Solid B


Who She Picks:  So it’s between Zachary and Logan. Zachary is an amazing dancer, but there’s something about Logan. I think Allison could bring out the extraordinary in him. So for me the edge goes to Logan. And it’s LOGAN, for the win! Yay!
Song: “Protocol” by Leon Else / Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Performance Thoughts: Let me start off by saying, Tyce has choreographed some great pieces over the years, but sometimes he can come off as — what’s the nice word for it — pretentious. Over the years it’s caused me to NOT like him. I think him being a judge all those years ago is what turned me off to him. That being said this piece he choreographed was on point. From that opening move when Logan turns Audrey upside down, to the music that accentuated every movement these guys made, this piece captivated me. I thought Logan did a great job for his first performance, but he needs to have more authority, more command. He didn’t really have a presence.  He just needs to build more confidence and show more emotion and I think he could be great. (One another note, sorry Audrey but I don’t remember you and Allison would have killed this routine. This is the stuff Allison is made of and she would have out danced Logan right off the stage. So maybe it’s better she didn’t dance with him for this first performance? Or maybe she could have brought that fierceness he so desperately needed out of him.)
Performance Grade: B


Who She Picks: This is a hard one. Kiki’s Academy routine with Jenna was hot hot hot and it was so difficult. But Koncrete, the way he makes routines his own and puts his own personality into things, is just fantastic. And he had his breakdown moment, you know I love it when a show can break someone down. I’d love to see him on the show. So who does Jenna pick? KIKI…ugh I’m so disappointed. Sorry. I really am.
Song: “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes / Choreographer: Dimitry Chaplin
Performance Thoughts: Jenna looks super hot, but  my disappointment with her pick definitely clouds this routine. It’s hard to judge male ballroom dancing because honestly their job is to make the girl look good. I mean he looked good. He looked like he knew what he was doing. Though he could have had a bit more personality, he was really there for her so that’s something. I just want more heat and chemistry. Maybe that’s what it is. I’ve also never really been a fan of Dimitry’s choreography, I wish there was a lift or something in there. But whatever, I’m probably just upset about Koncrete…
Performance Grade: C+


Who He Picks: These two are also both great. Havoc does super cool animation that would go great with Cyrus. Kaylee has the personality though. She’s weird and quirky and she has that blue hair, you know? HE picks KAYLEE! Yay!
Song: “Clown” by Emeli Sande / Choreographer: Tessandra Chavez
Performance Thoughts: Okay, here’s what I don’t understand. 1) Why are they doing a contemporary routine? Why can’t they do a routine in their style? Especially a style that Cyrus himself isn’t strong at. 2) Why why why is she wearing a dress that looks weird and totally doesn’t fit her personality. I wish she were wearing something else because it’s totally distracting and honestly doesn’t fit the story. As for the dancing I love that some of her style was incorporated into the dancing. I think Kaylee could be a little lighter on her feet it was a little herky jerky and less flowy.I love her little arch back leap away from Cyrus. And I love the hand over the mouth animation when they were “arguing.” I’d love to see the choreographer and the costumer work with her awesome style though, it would do wonders for the dancing. (Nigel calls Kaylee a contemporary dancer and HOLD ON I have to google. She’s a contemporary dancer? Her audition piece was kinda contemporary, but it was also animation. Soooo, what? I’m confused.)
Performance Grade: C+/C


Who She Picks: This one was the other really hard one. It’s between Evan and Lex. Lex was the front runner from the beginning. He had me with his range of movement and new moves I haven’t seen before, but Evan won me over that last week of the Academy. He totally put his heart out in Sonya’s routine. It such a hard decision. I think I want to see Evan as the winner. Yeah…Right? And Gaby picks…LEXXXXX!!! YAY! And Aww. YAWWW! I’m both happy and sad. Like Gaby said Lex has room to grow. Maybe needs a good old Mia Michaels breakdown too. Right? Let’s do this.  (I would have, of course, been just as happy with Evan, aww Evan.)
Song: “More”,  by Bobby Darin / Choreographer: Anthony Morigerato
Performance Thoughts: So many thoughts you guys!! Okay first, Lex looks soooo good in that suit! So smooth, so Cary Grant combined with Fred Astaire…I love it! And that smiling. He’s smiling guys AND he looks like he’s having fun. Though at times his smile does look a little forced or plastered on. Also, sorry Gaby, love you girl but I’m totally watching him more than you (As I should be right?). He moves with such ease and that triple splits thing he did was so cool, even if he leaned back a little too far at the end there. I’ve always loved Anthony Morigerato’s choreography and I loved this routine.
Judges: Standing O from the judges. Nigel calls Lex one of the best dancers he’s ever seen. Vanessa loved it and saw his personality. Mary puts him on the hot tamale train.
Performance Grade: A-

Image result for gabby and lex so you think you can dance


Who She Picks: It’s between Mark and Deja. I would love to see two girls kill it. Like Comfort and Jasmine did those years ago with that “Who Run The World (Girls)” song. However, she picks MARK.
Song: “REDMERCEDES”, by Amine / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Performance Thoughts: Comfort’s style is on! point! for this routine. I love everything about it: her hair, her earrings, her costume, her make up. I love it all. I’m not sure what Mark is wearing, but that doesn’t matter because he was adorable in this. Okay, adorable isn’t the right word, but his performance made me smile. He had such swag, such confidence. He reminds of a cute, less douchey Cory from MTV: The Real World and The Challenge, and his personality is like Fik-Shun’s. He just looks cool, even in that weird costume. The routine was so chill, just like Luther Brown in general. I loved it.
Performance Grade: A-/B+


Who Did he Pick?: His choices are between Koine and Sophia. I love Sophia’s look, but I want Koine to win. I do. And she does. It’s KOINE! (Asians are killing it this season.)
Song: “Memories” by Alex Somers / Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Performance Thoughts: Oh my gosh it was SOOOOO beautiful. This routine had the light and flowy movement  that Cyrus and Kaylee’s piece was missing. When they both reached for each other? Chills! And then when Koine held his face? And then at the end when he was just a memory? Tear! Okay so I didn’t cry, but I could have. It was such a gorgeous routine and Koine danced it so well. They have great chemistry together. Love love love.
Performance Grade: A-

Image result for marko and koine so you think you can dance


Who Did He Pick?: He must decide between Kristina and Sydney. Is it weird I’m not very invested in these two girls? I don’t remember much about them so it doesn’t really matter to me who wins. It’s SYDNEY by the way. Hopefully once I get to know her better she can win me over.
Song: “All Stars” by Martin Solveig feat Alma / Choreographer: Val Chmerkovskiy
Performance Thoughts: Dammmmnn girl’s got legs for daaayyyzzz. Seriously Sydney’s legs are so long! And with heels she’s taller than Paul. Okay, this is going to sound mean, but it’s not mean because girl is gorgeous and I’m here sitting on my couch eating ice cream while they just worked their butts off, but she’s too big for Paul. Not big like fat or big like big boned, she’s just too big. Or let’s say Paul is too small. Yeah, that sounds better. But you know what I mean. As for dancing, I think they need to work on their chemistry. They have the moves, but the routine felt like work and they didn’t connect. They were also much too smiley. I blame it on the music choice.
Performance Grade: C


Who Did He Pick?: It’s between Jonathan and Taylor. I think my vote for Taylor. She reminds me of Raina for America’s Next Top Model. Those eyebrows! And he picks her! TAYLOR is the winner.
Song: “Change is Everything (A Capella Version)” by Son Lux / Choreographer: Travis Wall
Performance Thoughts: DAMN. I don’t even know what to say. Guys, I hated it. Just kidding. I LOVED IT. Honestly, this routine had me at the name Travis Wall. That kid is a frickin genius. That move where Robert picks Taylor up by one arm and onto the toes of one foot I actually said WOW out loud. This routine was pretty close to perfect. I mean Travis really showcased everything Taylor could do. She folded, turned, locked her legs around Robert. He picked her up and she curved around him like a snake. From the first ankle breaker fall, to that last look she gave the camera before she fell forward. Everything was breathtaking. Everything worked. The pale skin, the dark hair, the dark eyebrows. Taylor looks a lot like Anne Hathaway, and sorry, but that’s all I have to say because I have to rewind.
Performance Grade: A+

Image result for robert and taylor so you think you can dance


Who Did She Pick?: Howard or Robert? I don’t know much about Howard, so I’m leaning toward Robert. Jasmine picks ROBERT and I feel so bad for Howard because he was crying.
Song: “Perm” by Bruno Mars / Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Performance Thoughts: Everything was just right about this routine. And it made me so happy. The theme. The set. The costumes. The attitude. The hairspray. It was all on point. (I say that a lot, but this show got soooo much right today.) There was so much for these dancers to think about and they killed it. Robert is awesome. He has such personality. He really got into character. They were in sync, sassy, and it was just a fun routine to behold. Also, I love Jasmine. She’s just cool. Too cool to be my friend, but we won’t dwell on that right now.
Performance Grade: A-


The show ends with an All-Star/Top 10 performance choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson and Tony Tesla. Now I know Cat was pushing it as being on par with Ramalama Bang Bang, and while it was quite good. Nothing is as good as Ramalama Bang Bang. However, I will say, Wade has the best theatrics and I really miss his weird, dramatic style of choreography. Sonya Tayeh comes close but there’s just something about Wade, he can make the weird beautiful. Like those lights in the mouth? Chilling and haunting.


Random Thoughts:

  • Anyone else think it was awkward Allison touching Tyce’s shoulder when Nigel praised his choreography? It looked really awkward.
  • Audrey looks like Alexa Vega.
  • Jenna’s eye make up is on point. I mean she looks fabulous.
  • Sometimes Nigel can come off as a douche, especially when he calls out Lex on his pre-show package regarding his personality. Love that Mary hits him. Love that Vanessa calls him on it.
  • LEX. HAS. PERSONALITY. You guys.
  • Vanessa comparing Mark to Rufio is awkward. She is such a dork, but I like her more than Jason Derulo. I just hope she starts finding other things to say.
  • Why is Nigel trying to make Marko and Koine a couple? Because they’re both Asian? Its quite awkward for the first episode, Nigel, come on.
  • I love the yells from the crowd during Travis Routines. I love it when it’s more than just female screams but dudes yelling out. Some dude loved it so much they yelled Yeah.
  • Love what Cat says about Robert. “This man will never let you fall.”
  • Love that Asians are representing on this season of the show: Dassy, Mark, Lex


Image result for gabby and lex so you think you can dance


Top 3 Performances:

  • Taylor and Robert
  • Robert and Jasmine
  • Koine and Marko


Nigel’s Most Creepy Old Man Comment:
(About Sydney’s dress) “There’s enough pizazz there for me.”

Top Favorite Contestants:
Taylor, Dassy and Lex (with an honorable mention to Robert)

My Vote to Go Home

What was your favorite routine? Who do you think is going home? Did you vote? who did you vote for? I’m ending this post with the “Ramalama” Dance Routine by Wade Robeson, because it is LEGENDARY. Until next week my friends. Dance on. Dance on.




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