It’s the finale episode dancers! So many things happened watching the final 4 perform (I know, I missed that recap!). There were great duets (Taylor and Koine! Taylor and Lex!) and new revelations (Taylor and Lex are a couple?) and the dread that soon enough SYTYCD will be over. But it’s not over yet, at least not for me because even though the episode aired almost a week ago, I’m just now pressing play…



Season 14

The Finale! Winner Revealed!

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Random Stream of Consciousness Thoughts
  • The opening number is one of those performances that would have been really cool to see live. The Top 10 are back, there are light-up stars that are promoting Macy’s and it’s definitely a hype-the-crowd kind of performance. My guess is Christopher Scott choreographed that routine. He likes those hoppy dance steps. But I’m wrong, it’s Mandy Moore’s handy work. (Song: “Dancing on the Ceiling” by Nick Wells).
  • I’m going to miss how much all the dancers worship Cat when she comes out on stage.
  • I love Cat’s ring that encompasses almost her entire middle finger.
  • Vanessa’s wearing tule around her neck. Yup.
  • I love Mary’s outfit. That neckline is gorgeous.
  • I liked how they tried to pretend that the 70’s intro wasn’t pre-recorded. How could Kiki and Koine really change that fast? Nice trick in having those audience members behind you waving those lights but I’m NOT fooled Cat. Not fooled.
  • So glad Nigel picked the bird routine as his favorite! Every time that music swells it gets me EVERY! TIME! So good. And this time he gets the girl in the end because Lex and Taylor are a couple. So adorable. So swoon worthy. Can they just make a Broadway play with these two please?
  • I don’t care that “Mother!” by Ru Paul was the original performance. I love this routine. Glad Nigel is branching out and being the one promoting it. Glad to see it again. It’s probably in my Top 5 performances of all time on SYTYCD.
  • All right – I like Vanessa’s neck tule when I see the whole dress together.
  • “Nobody can be a better you than you.” – Mia Michaels
  • Damn, Mia Michaels can pull some crazy crazy things out of her dancers. This routine was filled with just so much power and emotion that I actually got teary eyed. Seriously this routine was brilliant. It was so intense and powerful and life-changing. I love hearing the raw and visceral screams from the dancers. (Song: “Hyper-Ballad (Paky Di Maio Remix)” by Paola Canestrelli) It might even beat out “Mother!”
  • Travis Wall and Lex are like a power couple. Another great routine. Love the concept. Love the theatrics of it all, Lex and Travis did some crazy moves in there. Such great acting too from Lex. This was hauntingly beautiful. (Song: “Tear, Part 1” by Son Lux).
  • The closet routine, another one of my favorites, was a lot smoother this time around. But I think it lost a little bit of its innocence as well. But Marko and Koine sobbing at the end of the routine made it all better. Especially when Marko admits Koine gave him a card beforehand.
  • I love the way Gaby throws herself at Lex.
  • Last week I would have said Taylor would win the show, but for some weird reason tonight feels like Lex’s night. I think the final two will be Lex and Taylor with Lex taking home the gold.
  • I actually kind of adored watching Vanessa dance with Robert. It was a little awkward, but also adorable. So really just like her.
  • Love hearing Nigel talking about Diversity. Love seeing the Maya Angelou piece again, even if they did make a mistake at the end there…
  • Love Cat chasing the dancers off the stage…
  • …But then she calls the back on stage? Odd.
  • WHAT? Taylor is in 3rd place? Wow. But I’m okay with it only because Lex is going to win.
  • You can see it on Koine’s face, she knows it’s Lex. Right? Just say it’s Lex, Cat…
  • IT’S LEX!!!
  • “Lex you deserve this more than anybody else.” God, Koine you are the best.
  • I can’t believe Koine doesn’t get a good-bye package.


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Yay Lex Wins!

Final Thoughts: Lex definitely deserves to win. He performed death defying moves, showed off his personality and sass, and he is just an overall humble good guy. I’m glad he won, and I hope he and Taylor’s love blossoms.

Thanks for sticking with me readers. My recaps aren’t always on time, but….okay there’s no but. That’s it. Thanks for the love, laughter and dance SYTYCD see you next year *hopefully*.  Until then dancers…


Double Elimination Time is here. Realllly FOX you couldn’t have squeezed out one more episode with these incredible dancers? Tonight’s episode will reveal the final four, because six minus two equals four. That’s just a little math there for you guys. Lets press play!


Season 14

Top 6 Perform

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The opening routine was seriously high concept. It was modern contemporary dancing and also, the legos of dancing. There were spinning blocks, moving blocks, building blocks. It was all really stunning. I love the preciseness of the movements and the way that everything just went together: colors, costumes, lighting. It all had to be on point and it all worked. (Song: “Prism” by Nathan Lanier /  Choreographer: Christopher Scott)

Opening Random Thoughts:

  • Of course that opening routine was done by Christopher Scott, it all makes sense now!
  • Mary Murphy! Too much pink!
  • I don’t know how I feel about Vanessa’s hair.


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Duet #1: Lex & All Star Gaby

Style: Samba / Choreography: Sasha Farber
Song: “Chillando Goma” by Fulanito
Performance: First we need to talk about the into. 1) I love that Gaby called Lex, Sexy Lexy, 2) I loved that it was the man who was asked to go topless, 3) I love that Gaby actually took off Lex’s shirt for him. And I’m done. Now about that performance…Guys, Samba is weird. I mean there were just such a mixtures of dance styles here. A little Bollywood, a little African Jazz. It was all here. And I get that Lex was supposed to be sexy here, but I imagine it’s hard to be sexy wearing what he’s wearing, and you know, using Gaby’s butt as drums…and then playing them. But whatevs, lets just talk about the actual dancing. I guess, me not knowing what Samba is, it was very samba-y. They seemed to dance it well, they looked like they were having fun, and it was very high energy. However I was very confused by the choreography and whole concept of the routine which bumps the whole thing down for me. Grade: B

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Duet #2: Koine & All Star Marko

Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Mandy Korpinen & Elizabeth Petrin
Song: “You’re The Last Thing On My Mind” by Aron Wright
Performance: The Minute I saw the hanger and the doors and the rod, I was super concerned. Sometimes high-concept routines with super props can be distracting. However this was not the case. Koine really brought the emotion to it all with her face and the hanger provided some really beautiful moments, like them spinning around and around just loving each other. It was a sweet and sad routine and I really loved it. Grade: A

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Duet #3: Kiki & All-Star Jenna

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner
Performance: This was a high-energy crazy Jazz performance that almost didn’t seem very jazzy. Jenna as always was fantastic, but Kiki was a little awkward in the beginning, then he got into it, but I think at the end he started to get tired. Luckily for him Jenna was the shiny object to distract us. The routine was OK, but I think it could have been better. Grade: B-

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Duet #4: Kaylee & All-Star Cyrus

Style: Hip-Hop/ Choreography: Phillip Chbeeb
Song: “Die Trying” by Michl
Performance: Wow, this performance was super cool. The second you hear this is from Phillip Chbeeb you know it’s going to be super unique and that’s what it was. The prop of the ladder box was not even distracting in fact it added to the performance. There were so many cool moments like when Cyrus held her level to the ground and spun her, or when she was standing in his arms and he flipped her around like a windmill, or one of those sign guys. I really lived the choreography and just the uniqueness itself and I thought that Cryus and Kaylee did a great job. Grade: B+

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Duet #5: Taylor & All-Star Robert

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Mari Madrid & Kepne Madrid
Song: “Numb & Getting Colder” by Flume feat. Kucka
Performance: I loved this. It was super sick. It was weird and cool and just captivating. Taylor’s isolations were spot on. I loved when she and Robert were just shaking ever so slightly in unison. And it was great to see another side of Taylor. This piece was more about the awesomeness of the moves and the dancing more than it was about character which I appreciated. Grade: A

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Duet #6: Logan & All-Star Allison

Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Song: “The Other Side” by Ruelle
Performance: I don’t know what I think about this routine. I think in this routine I saw Logan more as a man than a boy which was good. Allison looked sexy as hell and there were times when the piece really worked, especially at the end when the music picked up and they were so connected.  But that rose stem or whatever was weird and distracting. And It was also kind of hard to see their movements with the black on black on black. Logan was incredible though. His moves are so big and he puts everything into them. I think maybe I didn’t connect with the choreography. Performance: B+

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Duet #7: Koine & Lex

Style: Disco / Choreographer: Doriana Sanchez
Song: “Knock On Wood” by Amii Stewart
Performance: Wow this routine was crazy! I think I say that all the time, but it was just not stop spin life spin lift! Spin! Lift! Moving so fast. I thought they danced it so well, though Lex could have been a little sexier about it. But can we talk about that ending? There was a little wobble at the end there and I seriously think Lex hurt himself. They were both hobbling to the end and holding each other up.  He’s literally shaking while the judges are talking to him. They both seem off when this routine is over. Nigel and Cat finally call him out on it. Thank god. But you can totally tell he’s not OK. Performance: B+

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Duet #8: Taylor & Logan

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Mark Kanemura
Song: “Gypsy” by Lady Gaga
Performance: Mark crying at the end of this routine is also everything! This routine was so happy. I mean lit was just free and light and happy and magical. It was super sweet and had all this lovely emotion with it. It really was a beautiful piece. And I actually thought Logan out danced Taylor, he lost himself in this piece in a good way. Grade: A

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Duet #8: Kaylee & Kiki

Style: Bollywood/ Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Gallan Goodiyaan” by Dil Dhadakne Do (Soundtrack)
Performance: I usually love Bollywood and I liked this, but it wasn’t as fast as it usually is. I liked that it had a story to it, I like that lift section but I also feel like there was nothing really special about their dancing. Grade: C+


Top 4 Revealed: Lex, Koine, Kiki, & Taylor

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My Thoughts: I gotta say, I’m super upset about Logan. Super upset. Come on America. I know Kiki looks good with his shirt off up Logan has the skills! Okay Kiki has skills too but still.


Top 3 Performances:
  • Koine and Marko – Contemporary
  • Taylor and Robert – Hip Hop
  • Taylor and Logan – Jazz
Random Thoughts
  • “You have to ask permission to play a girls butt bongos.” – Cat
  • So Nigel told Lex he needed classes, Mary says that some of his technical moves in the Samba weren’t great, but according to Vanessa, he doesn’t need classes, he’s stupendous. Sure, take it from her, Lex. Take it from her. (Man, I feel real mean right now?)
  • Watching Cat Deely do the Tina Turner moves is everything.
  • Miiiiiaaaaa Miiiiiiichaels!!!!
  • When Koine and Lex’s critique is over. they’re both ready to leave the stage and Cat stalls them. Lex gives this little look with his eyes. He’s definitely not OK.
  • He’s literally limping off that stage and he nearly collapses into Gaby’s arms, guys I’m so scared for him.
  • I’m very surprised that Kiki has made it! What about Logan & Koine? They both have to make it too. Are they just kidding and there’s really a top 5?
  • I’m sooo happy to see Lex standing up out there, but Taylor is definitely holding him up. When Taylor moves away there he’s definitely limping on that foot. I’m worried about that kid.


Creepy Nigel Comment Of The Show: “I love the idea hanging a piece of lingerie in my closet tonight and seeing it filled by a beautiful woman later on.”  – That look on Mary’s face. Priceless.


Final Thoughts: I really hope Lex didn’t get hurt too bad and I hope either he or Taylor take home the gold. Though more Taylor! It’s been a crazy ride and we’re almost to the end kids! Until then….




The sting of Dassy’s elimination still fresh on my mind, we begin another episode of still my favorite dance show. Let’s hope the judges get it right this time.





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Just when I was thinking, okay, this is a nice Broadway routine — nothing special, descent routine – they bust out with that awesome tap number in the middle and I wonder is there anything Robert can’t do? Then Jenna comes out in this ridiculous outfit and wow, way to end a number. I’m loving the big extravagant group routines. It really adds so much to the show. (Song“Overture” by Merrily We Roll Along (2012 New York Cast) / Choreographer:  Warren Carlyle)

Random Opening Thoughts:

  • Cat is wearing an outfit that looks too young for her. Or is it just the braided pigtails that makes it feel that way.
  • Also…damn those shoes…she must be like 9 feet tall in those!
  • Cat says next week is a double elimination. What the hell?
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Duet #1: Lex and All-Star Gaby

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar
Performance Thoughts: First of all, what is going on with Gaby’s hair? Second of all, this routine was super fly. What? That words not cool anymore? Dope? Not that one either? Whatever, you could tell these two guys were just having sooooo much fun. It’s like they were breathing these moves. They weren’t thinking about it, they were just dancing and having fun and this kind of dancing was the only way they could express themselves. It just made me smile. I loved it. Standing O well deserved. Performance Grade: A

Solo #1: Taylor

Song: “Open Hands” by Ingrid Michaelson feat. Trent Dabbs
Performance Thoughts:  She really shows off her control and flexibility (and writhing) skills here.  Grade: B

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Duet #2: Logan and All-Star Allison

Style: African Jazz / Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: “Kabila” by Lord Kraven
Performance Thoughts:  It’s very animalistic, so quick moving, and there are these crazy intense moves that Logan pulls off flipping and turning Allison every which way. There was a set of leg spins that Logan did that were so beautiful and then when Allison did the upside down splits and Logan spun her around it was pretty amazing. I loved it. Nigel hits it on the nose when he calls the choreography both difficult and impressive. Performance Thoughts: A

Solo #2: Mark

Song: “Funky Town” by Lipps, Inc
Performance Thoughts: I’m sure I’ve said it before but I love seeing him dancing in his own style. He just has so much flair and style and personality. Performance: B

Duet #3: Kaylee and All-Star Cyrus

Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: “DLKA” by Troye Sivan feat. Tkay Maidza
Performance: I love that the piece is weird and funky and Kaylee gets to do weird jerky movements as opposed to the light delicate contemporary. However, I’m not sure how I feel about this piece. Something is missing. Passion, or believability. I feel like Kaylee needs to reach a little more, stretch out a little more, she still feels a little bit muted. I’d really love to see her let go. This piece wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t as into it as I could have been. Performance: B-

Solo #3: Koine

Song: “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone
Performance: I’m a little perplexed as to what she’s wearing, but her solo is full of life which I adore.  Performance Grade: A-

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Duet #4: Kiki and All-Star Jenna

Style: Broadway / Style: Warren Carlyle
Song: “Dancing Fool” by Barry Manilow
Performance Thoughts: Okay, soooooo I loved it. Who do you think as more pressure on them? The cane catcher or the cane thrower? This was just a really fun routine and Kiki showed off so much charisma. The props added an awesome level of intensity but the dancing was just a lot of fun. They were in sync, they looked like they were having fun, and they caught every cane. Performance Thoughts: B+/A-

Solo #4: Logan

Song: “Intro” by M83
Performance Thoughts: Love the head spinning, but could have done with more dancing, only because I love watching him dance. Performance Thought: B-

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Duet #5: Koine and All-Star Marko

Style: Jive / Choreographer: Dimitry Chaplin
Song: “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets
Performance Thoughts: Watching this really made me want to go swing dancing. It had a lot of energy, and Koine looks so cute out there. I loved how all the lifts and twirls were so effortless. It really looked like they were having fun out there.  Performance Thoughts: B+

Solo #5: Kaylee

Song: “Bad Blood” by NAO
Performance Thoughts: I’ve always loved Kaylee’s solo. This is where she really lets go I think, I wish she could bring some of that into her duet performances. Grade: B+

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Group Performance – All Stars

This routine is SOOOOO Brian Friedman, with the weird French Mimes. Okay, they’re not Mimes, they’re just super French. But it’s very stylistic. LOOOOOVVVEEE the use of the lamps as please and the fact that the men are dancing on it not the women. (Song: “Derniere Danse” by Indila / Choreographer: Brian Friedman)

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Duet #6: Taylor and All-Star Robert

Style: Contemporary  / Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “To Make You Feel My Love,” by Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan
Performance Thoughts: Soooo beautiful. I mean the song realllly helped it along, and that dress is beautiful, but I just love how connected they are. They were just in their own little world together and it was romantic and sweet. It actually reminded me a lot of another yellow dress routine from Season 11 ”Like Real People Do” with Jessica and Casey (and I may have liked that routine better). But this routine was super dreamy. And Taylors look at the end. Melts my heart. Performance Grade: A-

Solo#6: Lex

Song: “Sleep Talk” by Skye Chai
Performance Thoughts: I feel like in every one of Lex’s solos I see something I’ve never seen before and I love that. I love the little back roll he did and the spin in the air move was incredible. Grade: A

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Duet #7: Mark and All-Star Comfort

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Misha Gabriel
Song: “No Twerk” by Apashe & Panther x Odalisk
Performance Thoughts: Unnecessary gong noise aside, this routine was actually pretty cool. I loved the tutting, the strong and slick moves, and the jagged edges of the routine. I loved the part where they threw each other back and back and back. It was pretty cool.  Performance Grade: Bish

Solo #7: Kiki

Song: “Land of 1000 Dances” by Wilson Pickett
Performance: Lots of energy. Fancy footwork. The ladies loved it. Grade: B-

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Group Routine #3: Lex, Kaylee, & Logan

Performance Thoughts: First of all, great sound choice. This definitely was an anthem song and anthem routine. It took them a bit to find their groove together, they weren’t always in sync. But it felt powerful and it felt strong.  Lex did this crazy spin ending in an arabesque. Beautiful. Performance Grade: B+ (Song: “Strange” by LP, Choreographers: Dwight Roden and Desmond Richardson)

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Group Routine #4: Mark, Taylor, Koine, Kiki

Performance Thoughts: Before this piece even started, when I saw the name of the “song” I screamed, Yes! Sean Cheesman has been KILLING it this season with his song choices. From just the beat boxing mouth noises, to this piece with the spoken word, it’s just been so amazing. This piece was so powerful. I almost wish that there was no audience noise. They all showed off their amazing strength, never straying too far from each other always somehow connected always in their little cluster. This piece involved a lot of trust, and a lot of heart, and a lot of strength both mentally and physically. It really was extraordinary.(Song: “Still I Rise (Maya Angelou)” by Alexis Henry / Choreographer: Sean Cheesman) Performance Grade: A


Cat Announces the Bottom Three: Kaylee, Mark, Kiki

My Thoughts: I love how Mark laughs about being in the bottom three. It just shows his joy for life. That being said, I am not mad at this three. I think it’s time for Kaylee to go home, but I feel like the judges are going to send Mark home. It was something Nigel said. DON’T DO IT NIGEL!

The Person Going Home IsMark. Nigel says it was America’s decision but was it Nigel? Was it? I may have actually gotten a little misty-eyed at Mark’s goodbye package, though I think that has to do a lot with the IZ song. So sad he’s going home!

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Top 4 Performances
  1. Mark, Taylor, Kiki, Koine – Group Routine
  2. Lex and All-Star Gaby – Hip Hop
  3. Logan and All-Star Allison – African Jazz
  4. Taylor and All-Star Robert – Contemporary
The Dancers Ranked
  1. Lex
  2. Taylor
  3. Logan
  4. Koine
  5. KiKi
  6. Kaylee
  • Cat: “I love it when Mary gets street!”
  • I’m entranced by Vanessa’s yellow eyeshadow. I want to wear my eye shadow like that.
  • Mary Murphy: “Lord have Murphy.” – That’s genius.
  • Koine is so adorable. I mean really.
  • Looking up the “Like Real People Do” video on You Tube sent me down a SYTYCD Best Routines wormhole. Can’t Stop Watching.
  • Cat after she makes a corny joke: “Shall I jump?” Meaning off the railing, to her doom.
  • Vanessa’s perkiness and the fact that she just loves everything is now grating.
  • I love it when Nigel uses dance terms.


Next week 2 Dancers are Eliminated….And by Next week I mean tomorrow because I am SOOOO behind on this recap. Until tomorrow…(but I probably wont post my recap till next weekend…) my friends!

Tonight the dancers are dancing together. That should be fun! I’m excited for it. Lets get on with the show and press play…





It might be wrong how much I loved the opening number performed by all the All-Stars and our Top 8. While part of me wonders what Nigel thinks of this performance (come on, you know why) the other part of me – the larger part of me – loves that a piece like this is allowed to exist. From Robert’s opening solo, to Jasmine being dragged across the floor on a stained glass piece of fabric while Allison throws purple petals behind her, I loved everything about this piece. This is a piece that can rival Ramalama Bang Bang. This is a routine to get excited about! This is a routine to remember. Werk. (Song: “Call Me Mother” by Ru Paul / Choreographer: Mark Kanemura)

Image result for so you think you can dance taylor and robert hip hop 

Opening Random Thoughts

  • I didn’t think I could love the opening number any MORE, until I found out it was choreographed by Mark Kanemura. Perfection. Absolute perfection.
  • I’m excited that the dancers are dancing together this episode.
  • Vanessa is blonde. I can’t tell if it’s a wig or not. She’s got the black roots, but it has absolutely no movement to it. It’s so stiff. Too much hairspray perhaps?
  • Mary looks fabulous today.


Image result for koine and marko so you think you can dance

Duet Performance #1: Koine and All-Star Marko

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “HandClap” by Fitz & The Tantrums
Performance Thoughts: I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the styling, I think I like it? I’m not sure if I like it? The heels with the bare legs is interesting for this number. She’s wearing shorts, but then a long vest that moves like a dress. And what is Marko wearing? But anyway, this number is fun and easy breezy and they just look like they are having a good time dancing. Koine’s facial expressions are a little cheesy and I don’t think we really get to know her at all this piece. But it was a fun routine. The dancing was great, they were in sync and connected. I love that Mary acknowledges Koine’s spirit. The days have been long and hard for them and she made it look easy, which is true. Performance Grade: B

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Duet Performance #2: Taylor and All-Star Robert

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B
Performance Thoughts: Honestly, and I love him so much, but I totally forgot Robert was even in this piece and that’s a good thing. At first I was totally distracted by her hair. It was everywhere, in her face, in Robert’s face, in Robert’s costume, just everywhere, but girl didn’t let it phase it. It was like it was PART. OF. HER. Honestly, she crushed this routine. She was feeling it in her body and her bones. And she was hot hot hot. When Robert takes off her jacket? Whew! I almost didn’t even recognize her. Luther Brown always has these super cool vibes that are evident in all his routines and she embodied it to a T. Fantastic performance. Performance Grade: A-

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Duet Performance #3: Lex and All-Star Gaby

Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “Work Song” by Luke Wade
Performance Thoughts: I did not want this performance to end. You could totally tell this was completely and utterly in Lex’s wheelhouse. He was so confident and strong. Every single movement he made was pure strength. There was this move in the middle of the routine where Gaby picked him up by one arm off his back, limbs in the air, it was really fantastic. Or where he balanced on one hand then brown his body down like a broken doll. The routine was fantastic and Gaby really showed her strength as a dancer at one time supporting his body weight with her legs. So beautiful. Performance Grade: A

Duet Performance #4: Kaylee and All-Star Cyrus

Style: Cha Cha / Choreographer: Val Chmerkovskiy
Song: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin
Performance Thoughts:  I have to say, when I heard she get the Cha Cha, I was like man, this girl cannot cut a break with good routines, but I have to say she pulled it off. This was not your conventional ballroom routine. It had a story, modern clothes, modern song. Kaylee was moving her hips and really attacking the ballroom steps well at least in my limited knowledge of ballroom. I thought she did a great job and sold it in her performance and this hips! The routine gets the seal of approval from Mary the Ballroom queen! I’m glad she loved it. Performance Grade: B

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Duet Performance #5: Mark and All-Star Comfort

Style: Broadway / Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song“Criminal” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmoder Jukebox, feat. Ariana Savalas
Performance Thoughts: I feel like some of Mark’s personality was flattened with his hair. It was a fun routine but something was a bit off in their chemistry this week. That being said Mark danced it really well, he definitely brought the Broadway out, but there was something missing from his performance. He didn’t bring is own uniqueness into it. Performance Grade: B-

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Duet Performance #6: Kiki and All- Star Jenna

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Pop Hd” by AtomTM
Performance Thoughts: I’m not sure how I felt about this routine. It was choreographed really well, I mean come on Travis Wall, the production design, styling, hair and make up, it all worked. It just did. But there was something off, something missing. Travis always has a lot of partnering work and while I thought Jenna did a great job. She can do weird really well, it reminds me of her other futuristic performance. But  I’m just not sure about Kiki. I think he was trying to be weird but instead he was kinda stiff and awkward. He actually reminded of Ross from Friends.  He needed to be a little weirder. Performance Grade: B-

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Duet Performance #7: Dassy and All-Star Fik-Shun

Style: Contemporary  / Choreography: Jaci Royal
Song: “Breathe” by Son Lux
Performance Thoughts: The moment I saw Dassy in that all-red costume I thought of American Horror Story. I thought Dassy killed it in this routine, she was so flexible and mesmerizing. In fact that whole routine was enchanting, I was almost holding my breath just trying to take in everything that was happening. When Fik-shun lifts her up like she’s completely weightless and she curves her body back, when she curls around him, that cool lift they did that’s reminiscent of the ice skating move from Cutting Edge…I really loved this routine, it was different, it was quiet, but what they did out there was HARD and they did it effortlessly and brilliantly. Also Dassy’s lipstick is mesmerizing. I think it’s the dark corners to the lipstick. Performance Grade: A-

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Duet #8: Logan and All-Star Allison

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Say You Wont Let Go” by Boyce Avenue
Performance Thoughts: It was a really sweet routine. It’s so cool to see Allison doing hip hop, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. She had some killer moves out there (Thanks Twitch). But Logan was also doing some amazing B-Boy moves. This routine definitely had me smiling at the end, did I buy them as a married couple, maybe not till the end. Logan still looks like a kid but there’s nothing you can do about that. But it was a sweet routine with little touches that left me feeling warm and fuzzy, and their chemistry was incredible here, so I’ll take it! Performance Grade: A-

Image result for so you think you can dance taylor and robert hip hop

Group Performance #2 – All Stars

Thoughts: This routine was super cool, them dancing with the plexi glass. Whenever there’s a sense of danger added to a routine I think it makes the performance more intoxicating. I loved how the dancers used the moments to create unique shapes, have cool movements across the floor and do some insane lifts. (Song: “Truth” by Balmorhea  / Choreographer: Jaci Royal) Performance Grade: A-

Image result for so you think you can dance kiki and koine

Duet #9: Lex and Taylor

Style: Classical Jazz / Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “An American In Paris” by James Levin & Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Performance Thoughts: Man these dancers are killing in tonight. That was another sweet routine. I mean really it was just stunning. I know it was classical jazz, but it felt more like Broadway. And then near the end when they are about to part but the music swells and he lifts her up in the AIRRRR! Seriously major swooning happening there. I think with a little more time their chemistry could have been on fire, but I did get chills when the music swelled and I had another round of warm fuzzies. Taylor looked absolutely stunning and Lex did some amazing bird aerials. Performance Grade: A-

Image result for so you think you can dance kiki and koine

Duet Performance #10: Kiki and Koine

Style: Salsa / Choreographer: Val Chmerkovskiy
Song: “Danca Molengo” by Bonde do Role feat Rizzle Kicks
Performance Thoughts: First, can I just say how adorable Koine and Kiki are in their intro package. It’s like she brought out his goofy geeky side. He’s usually so serious. I love it. They’re adorbs.  Second, I love how this awesome lift that ends with Koine’s arms around his neck is accentuated with the singer saying “Yes.” That is just fabulous. Second, wow, this routine was pretty hot. While I could have done with a few more sultry looks and a little less smile smile, I thought it was a sassy, fun, routine with a major spark at the end. That girl wanted her kiss! Performance Grade: B+/A-

Image result for so you think you can dance mark and dassy

Duet Performance #11: Logan and Kaylee

Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Shadows” by Woodkid
Performance Thoughts: Whoa, this piece was really intense! I loved the concept of the shadow and I really think they pulled it off, it was a fantastic effect and Kaylee being all covered and in dark make-up just made it all the more sinister. Logan’s moves are sooo amazing I just love how he moves, but Kaylee had the weirder, funkier, almost squished versions of his moves that was so cool. I really loved this piece. So intense. Performance  Grade: A-

Image result for so you think you can dance mark and dassy umbrella

Duet Performance #12: Mark and Dassy

Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Tilted” by Christine and The Queens
Performance Thoughts: Someone out there was yelling “Hey” every time they did something cool with the umbrella and didn’t drop it. Was that Christopher Scott? I mean the didn’t drop the umbrella at all, but they did some super trick moves with it. This routine was light and fun and I think Dassy really brought out her personality. She was definitely more of a stand-out than Mark was. It was just a fun, cute routine. Performance Grade: B

Cat Announces the Bottom Three: ( I’m not ready for this…)  Kaylee, Dassy, Koine

My Thoughts on This: WHAT? How is Koine in the bottom three? I mean seriously. She’s fantastic! Okay so maybe her piece last week wasn’t the BEST, but still. If I had to vote for a bottom three merely by preference,  It would be Kaylee, Mark and Kiki, with Kaylee going home.  I won’t want to see anyone else go home today but Kaylee. Even thought she had a great day today I just love Dassy and Koine more than her.

Who’s Going Home:


My Thoughts: Ugh, I can’t believe they sent home Dassy. No….just No.



My Other Thoughts: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? HOW? HOOOOOWWWWWW! NO! Did they not see her amazing contemporary routine? I mean COME ON! Ugh! How was this decision unanimous? Ugh. I hate you all judges!

Image result for so you think you can dance top 7

  • Cat (in response to Taylor’s Hip Hop Routine with Robert): “I think everyone needs this facet of their personality to come out once in a while.” Preach!
  • Vanessa used the creepy word “lit” correctly and it wasn’t weird. Is that what that word is supposed to sound like?
  • Cat to Robert: “I also admire your six-pack work.” God, I love that woman.
  • Hey is that JaJa behind Jaci Royal?
  • There are a lot of kisses happening on this show today.
  • Kaylee to Logan: “So Travis Wall.” Logan: “Let me just melt real quick.” LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  • All of the routines were so great today.
  • Nigel: Mary you need never worry about anyone hearing you, darling.
  • Marko hugging Fik-shun when Koine is safe is everything. And then he grabs her and hugs her? His face. OMG.


Top 5 Performances (Because there were so many good ones)
  1. “Call Me Mother” Opening Group Number
  2. Lex and Allison – Contemporary
  3. Robert and Taylor – Hip Hop
  4. Dassy and Fik-Shun – Contemoirary
  5. Lex and Taylor – Jazz
My Ranking of the Dancers (50% Preference 50% Performance)
  1. Taylor
  2. Lex
  3. Koine
  4. Logan
  5. Mark
  6. Kiki
  7. Kaylee

(NOTE: If Dassy were still here she would be #5.)

Image result for so you think you can dance rupaul group routine


Final Thoughts: Nigel…I am soooooo mad at you. While this episode was filled with great routine after great routine and my heart still swells for that bird routine, all this is dulled by the sending home of Dassy. I just can’t believe it!


Until next episode my friends….

It’s a new day, new episode. I can forgive the judges voting Robert off last episode, but I won’t forget it. They better not vote off someone I adore again! Then again I don’t really have that many contestants I’m not a big fan of: Sydney, Kaylee, Kiki…okay I guess three is a lot. That’s 1/3 of the pack now. One of those guys *cough* Sydney *cough* can go home this week. But to find out who goes home, I have to press play, so here we go!





I think one of my favorite things about the show this season is the Hair Make-Up and Wardrobe. See the opening number as evidence. We get an awesome opening number and right away Lex stands out with his volcano hair. But back to that opening number choreographed by the always good, never failing Luther Brown, it was just fantastic and animalistic with hip-hop vibes as well as African jazz vibes. It was really cool. (Song: “YaYa” by Jonte)

Cat comes out with a cool outfit covered in gold grommets. I like it! She looks normal, like herself.  Vanessa, as usual look absolutely perfect.  I don’t know how she does it. Okay, I do, it’s called a Stylist. I gotta get me one of those.

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 logan and allison


Style: Jive / Choreographers: Emma Slater and Sasha Farber
Song: “5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days” by Louis Prima
Performance Thoughts: Wow they sure hammed it up during this one, but I guess that’s what you do for this style? That’s an actual question, someone answer me. That being said this routine was all about energy and character. They definitely had the energy and Allison was sure in character, but I think they were lacking some chemistry today. However performed the routine really well, there was maybe one or two awkward moments in there, but overall it was a fun, energetic, light routine. Performance Grade: B-

Solo #1: Kaylee

Song: “Wait For You” by Elliott Yamin
Solo Thoughts: She looks so great in her body con body suit and I love how her hair looks turquoise today. Her routine shows off her musicality, but I want to see more from her. Solo Grade: C+

Solo #2: Sydney

Song: Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha” by Petty Booka
Solo Thoughts:  Her routine is typical ballroom solo, but she’s slinky and manages to show off so sass and personality so I’ll give her that. Still don’t forgive her for being there over Robert, but I guess that’s not her fault. Solo Grade: B-


Style: Hip Hop/ Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace feat G-Eazy
Performance Thoughts: Koine really got into this piece and while I wish she didn’t stay in that intense face the whole time, her dancing more than made up for this. She was in sync when she needed to be, hard when she needed to be and I love those moments where the camera got up close and intimate with her. It’s almost like she didn’t need Marko, but that part is a bad thing. It was supposed to be a duet and I didn’t really feel like they were partnering. If it’s about the dancing, Koine hit it and hit it hard, but the performance for the both of them could have been better. On another note, Dave Scott is back, y’all! Love him. Performance Grade: B-

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 dassy and fik-shun


Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Bring the Funk Back,” by Big Gigantic
Performance Thoughts: Dassy and Fik-Shun definitely had chemistry this routine. It was fun, sexy, and high energy and also felt a bit 70’s. I found myself smiling and just enjoying this routine. How she dances in those heels though I don’t know.  Performance Grade: B

Solo #3: Kiki

Song: “Love Potion #9” by The Coasters
Solo Thoughts: The solo was nothing spectacular, but I love the confidence he exudes here. He needs to do that more in his duet performances. Solo Grade: B-


Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Talia Favia
Song: “Ending” by Isak Danielson
Performance Thoughts:  This was a very different kind of contemporary and I have to say that ending shot with Mark rolling away like he was a piece of paper blowing in the wind took my breath away. I love how this contemporary piece had sharper movements as opposed to the flowy or delicate movements most contemporary routines have. And honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Comfort, she was amazing in this. I love the pose of Comfort like a dolphin with on his back supporting her with his feet, I love the move where Comfort twisted Mark around by the foot. I really liked the choreography of this piece and again, that ending. WOW. Mary said the piece was so raw there were moments when she actually thought they were going to hurt each other and I totally felt that, especially when they were hitting each other  in the middle there, the way Comfort pushed him away you could almost HEAR it. Performance Grade: B+/A-

Solo #4: Taylor

Song: “Escalate” by Tsar B
Solo Thoughts: This solo was fantastic. Anne Hathaway Taylor showed control, poise, and she really used every beat of the music to make some incredible shapes and poses. I really liked it. Solo Grade: A


Choreographer: Travis Wall / Song: “Strange Fruit” by Nina Simone
Performance Thoughts: First of all, I love that Jasmine got to be a part of this. Next the lighting and staging was on point as the dancers always used the base of the tree as the focal point and dance in and out as if they were the branches of the tree. That’s some smart, sharp choreography thinking from Travis there. I love how intense it was without being intense. I think a lot of that has to do with Nina Simone and a lot of that has to do with the look on these dancers faces they are all really fantastic actors. When the camera gets close on Allison’s almost upside down head, seriously chills. And for a moment I didn’t know what was going on when their clothes changed, but that’s the perks of having a pre-recorded routine. As for the routine itself it was mesmerizing and chilling at the same time. Love that ending image of the hands. It was just a smart and chilling routine. (Update: I had no idea this routine was about Charlottesville, maybe that’s why I responded so much to that final image of the clasping hands) Performance Grade: A-

Image result for so you think you can dance logan and allison jive


Style: Broadway / Choreographer: Warren Carlyle
Song: “Miss Otis Regrets” by Bette Midler
Performance Thoughts: You can always tell how incredible a routine is by the reaction from the choreographer. Warren Carlyle said at the end of the clip he wasn’t sure if they were going to make it over the finish line, CUT TO Carlyle shaking his head in amazed disbelief as to just how good these two were. And they were GOOD. GREAT. INCREDIBLE. This routine and performance made me so happy. I loved where their feet were dancing as their faces were hidden behind the menus, I loved how Lex swished Gaby around that dance floor almost like she were a bag under his arm. I loved the expressions on Gaby’s face. And the tricks were definitely incredible. Then when they danced those classic broadway moves we know and love together, in sync it was just so much fun. And they looked like they were having fun. That’s important. I know we’re only half way through, but I have a feeling this might be my favorite performance of that night. Performance Grade: A

Solo #5: Logan

Song: “Otherside”, by Perfume Genius
Solo Thoughts: His solo was very circular, like a windmill or waves, it was very mesmerizing and the leg swipe thing he did was pretty cool. Solo Grade: A


Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Really? Yeah!” by Kyle
Performance Thoughts: I really tried super hard not to like her in this piece, but I think the styling helped Sydney a lot. First of all, I love that neon color block bra-top she was wearing. I want that now. Where can I get it someone one tell me now! In the beginning she had the right attitude, the chill swag, the dirty grove that is so synonymous with Luther Browns style and choreography. But then just when I was starting to like her, she kept that silly grin on her face. The look on her face is just how I imagine I would look if I was trying to look cool. It’s this super tight smile as if someone was annoying you, but you were trying to be polite to placate them. I wish she varied her facial expressions a bit more. Overall, the dancing wasn’t terrible, the vibe wasn’t terrible, but the routine was nothing to wright home about. Vanessa hits it on the nose when she says  Sydney kept it cutesy. Performance Grade: C

Solo #6: Koine

Song: “Confidently Lost” by  Sabrina Claudio
Solo Thoughts: Her solo is sexy, which is a different side of her. She also does this cool crab pose where all her limbs make jagged edges. Solo Grade: B+

Related image


Song: “Hey Pachuco!” by Royal Crown Revue / Choreographer: Chris Baldock
Performance Thoughts: It’s cool routine and different than other group routines. Less chaotic somehow. When the Top 9 Dancers dance together, it’s easy to see the weakness in some of the dancers, where they don’t make the same shapes as their fellow contestants. Love the neon patches on the uniform suits. Performance Grade: B

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 dassy and fik-shun


Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “Less Talk, More Art” by Vito Fun & Koil
Performance Thoughts: Kaylee definitely out danced Cyrus in this routine. Styles like this where she can be weird and funky are definitely where she excels. She looked so fantastic, her moves were slick, her attitude was just right and she looked relaxed like she was having fun. Cyrus looked more uncomfortable and they fell out of sync a few times but I think that was Cyrus’ fault. As a whole the routine was good, not great, but Kaylee knocked it out of the park. Spencer Liff’s expression when the camera cut to him was that of confusion – almost like he didn’t know how to react. Performance Thoughts: B (Though for Kaylee herself she gets a B+).

Solo #7: Mark

Song: “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran
Solo Thoughts: I love that Mark puts his solo to songs with smoother beats. I love seeing him in his break dance style. Serious and brooding definitely sits well on Mark. Solo Grade: B+

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 logan and allison jive


Style: Samba / Choreographer: Jean Marc Genereux
Song: “Bun Up the Dance” by Dillon Francis & Skrillex
Performance Thoughts: This routine was actually a lot of fun. It seemed almost like a mixture of dance styles and really challenged Taylor with technique, there wasn’t really a place for her to hide in this routine. I thought she danced it well, and her and Robert had great chemistry, but I was missing the fire Jean Marc was talking about. She had the same Sydney-like cutesy smile on her face throughout, almost like that smile was helping her concentrate on the steps. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes I wanted to see more heat and passion. Like the caress of Robert’s chest, or a sultry look. That ending look was definitely a look she needed more throughout the routine. Good, solid performance, but she could do better. Performance Grade: B

Solo #8: Dassy

Song: “Soundclash” by Flosstradamus & TroyBoi
Solo Thoughts: I loved this solo. I love this side of Dassy in her element. Her animation skills are so cool. Solo Grade: A

Solo #9: Lex

Song: “Trndsttr (Lucian Remix)” by Black Coast feat. M. Maggie
Solo Thoughts: This show has definitely broken Lex out of his shell. Paired with the song, his solo was smooth, and controlled and super cool, funky, and full of personality. This is Lex at his BEST! Solo Grade: A

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14  kiki and jenna


Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by George Michael
Performance Thoughts: Though Kiki definitely showed his shades of ballroom, I actually liked it. Jenna did this cool in the air somersault through Kiki’s arms which was super cool. He was definitely a good, supportive partner for her. I wish Mandy had thrown him a little more tricks. That being said their chemistry was off the charts. I loved the way Jenna melted him, or a side smile Kiki would give her at just the right moment. It was super romantic and hot even though the song was mellow and the costuming was delicate. Also, guys Kiki looks good. I think he got a haircut right? He’s definitely moving up on the radar for me. Performance Grade: A-


  • Dassy
  • Sydney
  • Mark

My Thoughts on the Bottom Three: Currently my bottom three are Sydney, Kaylee and well it would have been Kiki only he was so good in that last routine it knocked him off and I don’t know who I’d replace him with. That being said, of these 3, I hope it’s Sydney that goes home. It’s her time judges, come on! Plus I honestly feel that Dassy’s solo and Marks performance TODAY saves them from going home.

Who’s Going Home: Sydney

My Thoughts: Nigel reveals that it was Mary and Vanessa who voted to keep Sydney in last week, which is interesting, very interesting. That being said the judges made the right call today in sending Sydney home. It was her time and she wasn’t growing fast enough. I am very happy that Dassy and Mark are safe!


  1. Lex and Gaby – Broadway
  2. Mark and Comfort – Contemporary
  3. Kiki and Jenna – Contemporary


  • Sometimes Vanessa’s awareness of her “cuteness” is annoying.
  • Love, Cat asking Fik-Shun to “blow on her.” Breath check guys, breath check.
  • Mary needs to stop it with the “hip” lingo. Related: So does Nigel.
  • I want/need/desire Kaylee’s electric blue lipstick.
  • Love Travis’ face when they cut to him/Mandy Moore after asking if Jenna and Kiki kissed.  His face was like “whoops!”


Nigel Creepy Comment of the Show: “It was slightly naughty.”


My Ranking of the Contestants After This Episode

  1. Lex
  2. Logan
  3. Taylor
  4. Koine
  5. Mark
  6. Dassy
  7. Kiki
  8. Kaylee


Overall the performances were lackluster today. The only one I really really like and remember is Lex and Gaby but even that doesn’t compare to Taylor and Robert’s performance from 3 episodes. I want more stand-out moments! Bring it on.

Until next week…

Sooo this recap is a little late (seeing as how the next episodes premieres in a few hours, whoops!)…but absence makes the heart grow fonder…or whatever. Someone goes home this episode and my prediction is Kaylee or Sydney. To see if I’m right lets press play…



Season 14

Top 10 Perform, Part 2

We start the show with Crazy Cat hair. Cat’s hair is crazy, you guys! Waaay over teased. Don’t like! The Top 10 and the All Stars perform a disco routine and it’s so 70’s. The costumes, the dancing, the music – It’s sooooo 70’s it makes me want to watch That 70’s show.  (Song: “You Should Be Dancing” by Bee Gees / Choreographers: Mandy Moore and Val Chmerkovskiy)

Random Before Performance Thoughts

  • I’m still not quite sure what Cat is wearing. It’s like it’s trying to go for the youthful vibe, but there’s too much going on! It’s the hair, it’s gotta be the hair, right? I guess it’s for the 70’s or whatever. But still.: Don’t Like.
  • Sooo the judges are sending someone home? Not America? America votes on the Top 3 and Judges send them home? Is that what she’s saying? I don’t know how I feel about this…
  • Vanessa’s top is really cute, but only she could pull something off like that. It also makes me wonder what she paired with it. A skirt? Pants? Shorts?

Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song:  “Hater” by Various Production
Performance Thoughts: I never really liked Comfort when she was on the show, but every year she’s been an all-star she’s grown and grown and grown on me. Comfort looked super hot with her bare legs and pointed toes. She killed this routine. She and Mark hit every note and movement hard. I wished there was just a little bit more push and pull. I think it could have been even hotter. But I loved the sexual tension throughout and I thought Mark did a great job. I also love his breaker moves in it. Mark does have a lot of goofball energy so it was nice to see him channel it into something more serious and intense. Performance Grade: B


Song: “Home” by Oliver Tank
Performance Thoughts: While I wasn’t sure what kind of performance she was giving emotion wise – girl is like Black Widow in her movement. Her flexibility is just incredible and I love this almost breakdance like move she did where she slid across the floor with her back arched and her legs up in the air. Performance Grade: B+


Song: “The Radical Self” by AGF feat. Kubra Khademi
Performance Thoughts: Logan’s performance was incredible. See he had the right emotion, something Koine was missing. He just captivated you from the beginning. Love the windmill kicks, love love love him sliding on the floor with his head. He killed it in his solo. Performance Grade: A

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 lex and gaby argentine tango


Style: Argentine Tango / Choreographers: Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo
Song: “Red & Black (Rojo y Negro)” by Ryota Komatsu
Performance Thoughts: They definitely struggled through that routine, but man that was a difficult routine. But if even I could tell it was difficult choreography, it probably doesn’t bode well for the couple. Dancing should look effortless, even if we know it’s not. Lex pretty much had the same expression throughout the whole routine and I felt like they could have had more chemistry. Lex needs to work on his acting and connecting to the piece. I think they were just thinking about the moves too much.  Mary recognizes that that choreography was intense and she wishes there was a bit more passion and heat. Performance Grade: B-/C+


Song: “Tragedy (Austin Cello Version)” by Brandi Carlile
Performance Thoughts: Pretty solo, but nothing special, IMO.  Performance Grade: B


Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Caroline” by Amine
Performance Thoughts: Luther Brown’s choreography is so fantastic. This routine paired with the song was the definition of swag. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kiki pulled it off. Jenna looked fabulous, she was hitting it hard, combined with the make-up and costume she had a little bit of Harley Quinn going on, and Kiki definitely had some good moments, but he was a little awkward, and stiff. He just needed to hit it harder. And then the last 1/3 of the routine I don’t even think he danced at all, he just kinda moved around the stage and threw money at Jenna. I think it could have been a bit more electric. That being said he was out of his style, so I give him props for that. However, I didn’t like it as much as the judges do. Performance Grade: B-


Song: “Dragon” by LVNDVN
Performance Thoughts: I love it when Kaylee dances in her own style. It’s not contemporary, it’s more like Jazz — something Sonya Tayeh would choreograph. She just hits everything so hard and with so much passion. But what’s with that “sssh” finger thing she does? Performance Grade: A

SYTYCD Season 14


Style: Contemporary / Choreographer: Jaci Royal
Song: “Letting Go” by Melissa Etheridge
Performance Thoughts: Maybe I’m just getting more and more cynical in my old age, but guys, I don’t know if I liked this routine or not. It’s like it was trying TOO hard to make me feel something. I feel like there were SOO many things wrong with this, first of all song choice, it just did not go with the vibe of the piece. Maybe it was the piano? I dunno. And then for a good 10 seconds at the beginning there was no dancing, then another 10 seconds at the end no dancing. It’s almost like they barely did any dancing at all. Something was just off. Maybe it was chemistry, maybe it was the routine itself, or the fact that I didn’t connect with the song, or maybe I’m just a cold-hearted b*tch. The judges like it, They call it sweet and emotional. I dunno, whatever. Performance Grade: C+/B-


Song: “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Performance Thoughts: If you ever wondered what Busta Rhymes songs looked like, it would be this solo from Robert. And that’s a good thing. The routine is weird, and funny, and fun and just makes me smile. It has soooo much energy and ends with a stand-out back bend. Performance Grade: B+


Song: “Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown LA,” by edit
Performance Thoughts: Only Dassy could make a white shirt, blue leggings, and white sneakers look so chic. Her solo is sassy.  Performance Grade: B

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 allison and logan


Style: Jazz / Choreographer: Brian Friedman
Song: “In The Morning” by Jaded
Performance Thoughts:  Okay, see this is the routine I was waiting for. Something that made me excited! Something that made me think WHOA that was so cool. And there were so many cool things that Logan did in this routine. This crouching spin while holding his leg up, moving forward while in the splits almost alien like, flipping Allison over by just the legs, almost like a joined somersault. It was just cool. Allison has a way of out dancing her partners but I think she actually made him look good. He was able to shine and do these fantastic out of the box moves. The routine was funky and weird and a breath of fresh air. I loved it. Performance Grade: A-


Song: “Rollin’” by Shakka Feat. Frisco
Performance Thoughts: His solo has a mixture of other styles in it and it’s pretty cool, but dude needs a haircut, I’m sorry. And he needs to get rid of that mustache. It’s distracting. That being said, his solo showed strength, technique, and musicality. Loved it. Performance Grade: B+/A-


Style: Hip Hop / Choreographer: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “I’m Better” by Missy Elliott feat. Lamb
Performance Thoughts: This performance had me at Missy Elliott. See this feels more like Kaylee’s style. Maybe it’s the hair. She just looked SOOOOO much more comfortable. She was hitting it hard, showed a lot of personality, and I loved that move where she balanced herself on Cyrus’ back. This should have been her introduction performance.  Nigel agrees with me and felt like she was able to express herself better with this routine. Performance Grade: B+/A-

Image result for so you think you can dance season 14 taylor and robert


Style: Broadway / Choreographer: Al Blackstone
Song: “The Man That Got Away” by Judy Garland
Performance Thoughts: Every time I hear this song I think of Gilmore Girls. This is the song Luke and Lorelai reunite with after the events that happened at Lorelai’s parents vowel renewal. So already this song has a lot of meaning attached to it. That being said it was a lovely routine. The first thing I noticed was Taylor’s shoes, the second thing I noticed was the connection between Robert and Taylor. It was just like they were in their own little world. The spotlight was on them. There wasn’t really a lot to critique about this routine. It was sweet and romantic, elegant and classy and overall just a beautiful routine.  Performance Grade: A-


Style: African Jazz / Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: “Speaking in Tongues II” by Sheila Chandra
Performance Thoughts:  So my DVR cut out the intro package, but I’m almost glad it did. I had no idea what I was getting into with this routine and for that I loved it. First of all let me say this was a hard routine. It was so physical and the music doesn’t have measures, just freestyle beats – a woman making different noises with her mouth. But with this choreography, it was like I understood the music. I understood what this woman was saying. I loved that Koine and Marko always stayed connected. I loved how they intertwined their bodies and used each other as support. This was a fantastic, crazy, unique, breath-of-fresh-air routine. Performance Grade: A


Song: “Is it A Crime” by Sade
Performance Thoughts: Such an odd song choice but it makes his dancing and his style look smooth and sleek. That ending pose was fierce. Performance Grade: B


Style: Contemporary/ Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Otherside” by Perfume Genius
Performance Thoughts: While Robert’s dancing wasn’t as strong as it could have been,I really felt the emotion in this piece, and the fantastic song helped a lot. I felt the story, I felt the sadness and the longing and the need for healing. I think Robert was able to tell the story, and to tell it well. I loved the move where Robert spun on his one foot his hands out and his head back. Performance Grade: B-/C+


Song: “The Drummer” by Alessandro Olivato Orchestra
Performance Thoughts: It’s pretty much your standard male ballroom solo. However it’s nice to see him with confidence and swagger. It’s reminiscent of the Kiki during his fine performance before he was chosen for the Top 10. I like this Kiki. Performance Grade: B


Style: Bollywood / Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Radha Nachegi” by Tevar (Soundtrack)
Performance Thoughts: First of all Dassy looks great. Second of all, Dassy was going at it harder than Fik-Shun was. She is such a pro. She had so much energy, technically she was fantastic and she put on a great performance. She made it look really easy, like it was something that she did all the time.I feel so bad that she fell, you can see it in her face when the performance is over, but she recovered like a pro and stumbles be damned — she was great! Performance Grade: B+


Well the performances are over and the time has come to send someone home.

  • Logan (WHATTTT?)
  • Sydney (Yeah, I figured)
  • Robert (WHATTTT?)

My Thoughts On This: Um seriously, it boggles the mind that Logan and Robert are in the bottom 3. Okay, then again Logan’s performance last week was just so-so, but this weeks more than made up for it. And Robert has been consistently fantastic. Honestly I’m super shocked Kaylee isn’t in the bottom. My vote to go home out of these three is Sydney. Her performance last week wasn’t great and in my opinion her performance in this episode isn’t enough to save her over the other two. But it’s up to the judges and they seem to love her.

Judges Vote to Go Home: And the judges send home ROBERT!?!?! WHAT? WHAT!?!?!?

My Thoughts On This: To quote the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, “WHAT THE DAMN HELL!” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE JUDGES. BAD MOVE! WRONG CHOICE! I am soooo shocked. And upset. I can’t believe they sent him home. He has personality! He’s unique! His performance in last weeks episode was better than both of Sydney’s performances combined. Plus he KILLED it in his solo. I honestly can’t believe it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE JUDGES! ?Also it wasn’t unanimous. Who wanted to keep him? I bet it was Mary. Ugh, Sydney you better kill it next week girl.


Related image

  • How adorable was it when Nigel asked Jenna if there was anything she wasn’t good at and Kiki said “No”? So adorable.
  • Is it weird that I find Kiki so much hotter without his glasses and with that heavy heavy eye make-up? What does that say about me?
  • Sydney looks soooooo much better without all that stage make-up.
  • I said last week that my vote was for Sydney and I don’t think my mind was changed by her performance.
  • The fact that Vanessa likes everything is starting to annoy me a little.
  • Allison knocking on her hard bra – awesome.
  • That Steppin’ routine with the Lethal Ladies of Baltimore and the All Stars was pretty awesome.
  • I really like that Nigel does his research beforehand. He obviously researched the music artist Sheila Chandra for the African Jazz routine. It’s very professional.
  • Sometimes Vanessa is TOO happy and peppy. Girl, tone it down.
  • I’m CRAAAAZY about Sydney’s eye make up.


Nigel’s Creepy Comment of the Episode:
“Would you like to teach me the tango, Mary?”


  • Koine and All-Star Marko / African Jazz
  • Logan and All-Star Allison / Jazz
  • Taylor and Robert / Broadway


Overall Thoughts: I still can’t believe Robert is the one going home. Look at all that personality he showed at the end there. It’s so aggravating! How were he and Logan in the bottom three? Ugh.  Sydney better step it up next week that’s all I have to say. Seriously. Ugh, I can’t even talk anymore. Bye.

Until next week….

The time has come. The moment we have been waiting for. Okay not necessarily waiting for, but anticipating. It’s performance time! The Top 10 will be revealed. We’ll find out if Gabby picked Evan or Lex.  We will see performances from the All-Stars. I. Cant. Wait.

Now as usual, I blog about this as I watch. So all my reactions are based on the moment, I have no idea what’s coming until it’s all over. I know I’ve been on and off with my recaps but let’s be honest, those auditions took FOREVER! My recaps won’t be day of because, guys, I have to watch American Ninja Warrior on Mondays, I just do. So be patient! Recap. Will. Come.

Let’s get to it!


So You Think You Can Dance, Season 14

Top 10 Perform, Part 1


SYTYCD Season 14


We open up with a group number from The All-Stars. It’s flowy dresses and shirtless guys, with choreography set to the old-school song “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” by Raign which SCREAMS Mandy Moore. Robert is really the stand out in this. And when it’s over I find out I was right. This beautiful piece was courtesy of Mandy Moore.

Random Thoughts

  • Cat is flawless as usual. Is her dress sequened? Is it leather? I can’t tell. Maybe it’s both
  • Allison hurt her shoulder in rehearsal. She won’t be performing tonight with her partner. That’s so depressing.
  • The incredible Wade Robson is back with a new piece. Can’t. Wait.
  • What the hell is Mary Murphy working? It’s very Fairy-Godmother-esque.


The Top 10 is going to be revealed one by one, so here we go. First up…



Who He Picks: His choice is between Kyle and Dassy. And no offense to Kyle, (I didn’t really get to know him at all. Probably wouldn’t have mattered), but my vote has always been for Dassy. Please, please let it be her. She’s a great dancer, she wants it soooo bad and her style is: Always. On. Point. Anyway, it’s as if Fik-Shun has heard me and he picks DASSY!  Yessssss….
Song: “Shake Your Pants” by Cameo / Choreographer: Poppin’ Pete
Performance Thoughts: Love this as a first performance for Dassy. She looks so daper, even if her outfit looks like it belongs on Wyle E. Coyote or someone out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This performance was so energetic and it allowed Dassy to show her dazzling personality. There was one mistake in the middle there after their legs linked, but whatever, it was the first performance, and it was fun. So that’s all that matters for today.
Performance Grade: Solid B


Who She Picks:  So it’s between Zachary and Logan. Zachary is an amazing dancer, but there’s something about Logan. I think Allison could bring out the extraordinary in him. So for me the edge goes to Logan. And it’s LOGAN, for the win! Yay!
Song: “Protocol” by Leon Else / Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Performance Thoughts: Let me start off by saying, Tyce has choreographed some great pieces over the years, but sometimes he can come off as — what’s the nice word for it — pretentious. Over the years it’s caused me to NOT like him. I think him being a judge all those years ago is what turned me off to him. That being said this piece he choreographed was on point. From that opening move when Logan turns Audrey upside down, to the music that accentuated every movement these guys made, this piece captivated me. I thought Logan did a great job for his first performance, but he needs to have more authority, more command. He didn’t really have a presence.  He just needs to build more confidence and show more emotion and I think he could be great. (One another note, sorry Audrey but I don’t remember you and Allison would have killed this routine. This is the stuff Allison is made of and she would have out danced Logan right off the stage. So maybe it’s better she didn’t dance with him for this first performance? Or maybe she could have brought that fierceness he so desperately needed out of him.)
Performance Grade: B


Who She Picks: This is a hard one. Kiki’s Academy routine with Jenna was hot hot hot and it was so difficult. But Koncrete, the way he makes routines his own and puts his own personality into things, is just fantastic. And he had his breakdown moment, you know I love it when a show can break someone down. I’d love to see him on the show. So who does Jenna pick? KIKI…ugh I’m so disappointed. Sorry. I really am.
Song: “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes / Choreographer: Dimitry Chaplin
Performance Thoughts: Jenna looks super hot, but  my disappointment with her pick definitely clouds this routine. It’s hard to judge male ballroom dancing because honestly their job is to make the girl look good. I mean he looked good. He looked like he knew what he was doing. Though he could have had a bit more personality, he was really there for her so that’s something. I just want more heat and chemistry. Maybe that’s what it is. I’ve also never really been a fan of Dimitry’s choreography, I wish there was a lift or something in there. But whatever, I’m probably just upset about Koncrete…
Performance Grade: C+


Who He Picks: These two are also both great. Havoc does super cool animation that would go great with Cyrus. Kaylee has the personality though. She’s weird and quirky and she has that blue hair, you know? HE picks KAYLEE! Yay!
Song: “Clown” by Emeli Sande / Choreographer: Tessandra Chavez
Performance Thoughts: Okay, here’s what I don’t understand. 1) Why are they doing a contemporary routine? Why can’t they do a routine in their style? Especially a style that Cyrus himself isn’t strong at. 2) Why why why is she wearing a dress that looks weird and totally doesn’t fit her personality. I wish she were wearing something else because it’s totally distracting and honestly doesn’t fit the story. As for the dancing I love that some of her style was incorporated into the dancing. I think Kaylee could be a little lighter on her feet it was a little herky jerky and less flowy.I love her little arch back leap away from Cyrus. And I love the hand over the mouth animation when they were “arguing.” I’d love to see the choreographer and the costumer work with her awesome style though, it would do wonders for the dancing. (Nigel calls Kaylee a contemporary dancer and HOLD ON I have to google. She’s a contemporary dancer? Her audition piece was kinda contemporary, but it was also animation. Soooo, what? I’m confused.)
Performance Grade: C+/C


Who She Picks: This one was the other really hard one. It’s between Evan and Lex. Lex was the front runner from the beginning. He had me with his range of movement and new moves I haven’t seen before, but Evan won me over that last week of the Academy. He totally put his heart out in Sonya’s routine. It such a hard decision. I think I want to see Evan as the winner. Yeah…Right? And Gaby picks…LEXXXXX!!! YAY! And Aww. YAWWW! I’m both happy and sad. Like Gaby said Lex has room to grow. Maybe needs a good old Mia Michaels breakdown too. Right? Let’s do this.  (I would have, of course, been just as happy with Evan, aww Evan.)
Song: “More”,  by Bobby Darin / Choreographer: Anthony Morigerato
Performance Thoughts: So many thoughts you guys!! Okay first, Lex looks soooo good in that suit! So smooth, so Cary Grant combined with Fred Astaire…I love it! And that smiling. He’s smiling guys AND he looks like he’s having fun. Though at times his smile does look a little forced or plastered on. Also, sorry Gaby, love you girl but I’m totally watching him more than you (As I should be right?). He moves with such ease and that triple splits thing he did was so cool, even if he leaned back a little too far at the end there. I’ve always loved Anthony Morigerato’s choreography and I loved this routine.
Judges: Standing O from the judges. Nigel calls Lex one of the best dancers he’s ever seen. Vanessa loved it and saw his personality. Mary puts him on the hot tamale train.
Performance Grade: A-

Image result for gabby and lex so you think you can dance


Who She Picks: It’s between Mark and Deja. I would love to see two girls kill it. Like Comfort and Jasmine did those years ago with that “Who Run The World (Girls)” song. However, she picks MARK.
Song: “REDMERCEDES”, by Amine / Choreographer: Luther Brown
Performance Thoughts: Comfort’s style is on! point! for this routine. I love everything about it: her hair, her earrings, her costume, her make up. I love it all. I’m not sure what Mark is wearing, but that doesn’t matter because he was adorable in this. Okay, adorable isn’t the right word, but his performance made me smile. He had such swag, such confidence. He reminds of a cute, less douchey Cory from MTV: The Real World and The Challenge, and his personality is like Fik-Shun’s. He just looks cool, even in that weird costume. The routine was so chill, just like Luther Brown in general. I loved it.
Performance Grade: A-/B+


Who Did he Pick?: His choices are between Koine and Sophia. I love Sophia’s look, but I want Koine to win. I do. And she does. It’s KOINE! (Asians are killing it this season.)
Song: “Memories” by Alex Somers / Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Performance Thoughts: Oh my gosh it was SOOOOO beautiful. This routine had the light and flowy movement  that Cyrus and Kaylee’s piece was missing. When they both reached for each other? Chills! And then when Koine held his face? And then at the end when he was just a memory? Tear! Okay so I didn’t cry, but I could have. It was such a gorgeous routine and Koine danced it so well. They have great chemistry together. Love love love.
Performance Grade: A-

Image result for marko and koine so you think you can dance


Who Did He Pick?: He must decide between Kristina and Sydney. Is it weird I’m not very invested in these two girls? I don’t remember much about them so it doesn’t really matter to me who wins. It’s SYDNEY by the way. Hopefully once I get to know her better she can win me over.
Song: “All Stars” by Martin Solveig feat Alma / Choreographer: Val Chmerkovskiy
Performance Thoughts: Dammmmnn girl’s got legs for daaayyyzzz. Seriously Sydney’s legs are so long! And with heels she’s taller than Paul. Okay, this is going to sound mean, but it’s not mean because girl is gorgeous and I’m here sitting on my couch eating ice cream while they just worked their butts off, but she’s too big for Paul. Not big like fat or big like big boned, she’s just too big. Or let’s say Paul is too small. Yeah, that sounds better. But you know what I mean. As for dancing, I think they need to work on their chemistry. They have the moves, but the routine felt like work and they didn’t connect. They were also much too smiley. I blame it on the music choice.
Performance Grade: C


Who Did He Pick?: It’s between Jonathan and Taylor. I think my vote for Taylor. She reminds me of Raina for America’s Next Top Model. Those eyebrows! And he picks her! TAYLOR is the winner.
Song: “Change is Everything (A Capella Version)” by Son Lux / Choreographer: Travis Wall
Performance Thoughts: DAMN. I don’t even know what to say. Guys, I hated it. Just kidding. I LOVED IT. Honestly, this routine had me at the name Travis Wall. That kid is a frickin genius. That move where Robert picks Taylor up by one arm and onto the toes of one foot I actually said WOW out loud. This routine was pretty close to perfect. I mean Travis really showcased everything Taylor could do. She folded, turned, locked her legs around Robert. He picked her up and she curved around him like a snake. From the first ankle breaker fall, to that last look she gave the camera before she fell forward. Everything was breathtaking. Everything worked. The pale skin, the dark hair, the dark eyebrows. Taylor looks a lot like Anne Hathaway, and sorry, but that’s all I have to say because I have to rewind.
Performance Grade: A+

Image result for robert and taylor so you think you can dance


Who Did She Pick?: Howard or Robert? I don’t know much about Howard, so I’m leaning toward Robert. Jasmine picks ROBERT and I feel so bad for Howard because he was crying.
Song: “Perm” by Bruno Mars / Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Performance Thoughts: Everything was just right about this routine. And it made me so happy. The theme. The set. The costumes. The attitude. The hairspray. It was all on point. (I say that a lot, but this show got soooo much right today.) There was so much for these dancers to think about and they killed it. Robert is awesome. He has such personality. He really got into character. They were in sync, sassy, and it was just a fun routine to behold. Also, I love Jasmine. She’s just cool. Too cool to be my friend, but we won’t dwell on that right now.
Performance Grade: A-


The show ends with an All-Star/Top 10 performance choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson and Tony Tesla. Now I know Cat was pushing it as being on par with Ramalama Bang Bang, and while it was quite good. Nothing is as good as Ramalama Bang Bang. However, I will say, Wade has the best theatrics and I really miss his weird, dramatic style of choreography. Sonya Tayeh comes close but there’s just something about Wade, he can make the weird beautiful. Like those lights in the mouth? Chilling and haunting.


Random Thoughts:

  • Anyone else think it was awkward Allison touching Tyce’s shoulder when Nigel praised his choreography? It looked really awkward.
  • Audrey looks like Alexa Vega.
  • Jenna’s eye make up is on point. I mean she looks fabulous.
  • Sometimes Nigel can come off as a douche, especially when he calls out Lex on his pre-show package regarding his personality. Love that Mary hits him. Love that Vanessa calls him on it.
  • LEX. HAS. PERSONALITY. You guys.
  • Vanessa comparing Mark to Rufio is awkward. She is such a dork, but I like her more than Jason Derulo. I just hope she starts finding other things to say.
  • Why is Nigel trying to make Marko and Koine a couple? Because they’re both Asian? Its quite awkward for the first episode, Nigel, come on.
  • I love the yells from the crowd during Travis Routines. I love it when it’s more than just female screams but dudes yelling out. Some dude loved it so much they yelled Yeah.
  • Love what Cat says about Robert. “This man will never let you fall.”
  • Love that Asians are representing on this season of the show: Dassy, Mark, Lex


Image result for gabby and lex so you think you can dance


Top 3 Performances:

  • Taylor and Robert
  • Robert and Jasmine
  • Koine and Marko


Nigel’s Most Creepy Old Man Comment:
(About Sydney’s dress) “There’s enough pizazz there for me.”

Top Favorite Contestants:
Taylor, Dassy and Lex (with an honorable mention to Robert)

My Vote to Go Home

What was your favorite routine? Who do you think is going home? Did you vote? who did you vote for? I’m ending this post with the “Ramalama” Dance Routine by Wade Robeson, because it is LEGENDARY. Until next week my friends. Dance on. Dance on.



It’s Academy Week in So You Think You Can Dance and while it’s cool that they gave it a name and all, anyone miss calling it Vegas Week? Can I still call it Vegas week even though they’re aren’t in Vegas? Of course I can, this is my blog and I can do what I want.




Season 14

Academy Week 1

Image result for so you think you can dance season season 14 lex


Anyway, Vegas Week opens with an awesome opening number. Maybe it was a tad bit over produced or maybe it was just trying to live up to this number and couldn’t, but I loved seeing different styles blend together. And while the show has some obvious stand-out favorites, that’s okay because some of them are my favorites too and I hope that means they make it to the live show.

Speaking of which, the format is sticking to the same format as it did with the kids, which I totally don’t like. I wish they would have a Top 20 so more dancers can make it. I don’t like the All-Stars being all catty or showboaty. Sometimes I can’t tell if they’re just acting for the sake of drama or if that’s how they really are. That being said, I love the addition of Jasmine to the fold. She brings a certain amount of humility to the whole thing. She’s basically what Alicia Keys is to The Voice(at least how she was her very first time on the show) while Allison, Robert, Fik-shun and Comfort are more like Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera. (I am in no way comparing Allison to Christina because Allison is awesome and basically she can do and say whatever she wants because she has the awesome dancing to back it up.)

Anyway, back to the format, I hate the teams, I hate there being only 10 contestants making it to the live shows. It’s not enough time to get to know them. I like seeing the dancers dance with other contestants before they move on to the All-Stars.

Image result for so you think you can dance season season 14 lex

My favorites are pretty much all the dancers they showcased:  Logan Hernandez, Dassy (InYoung Lee), Lex Ishimoto (who I am surprised picked Gabby the tapper, but I’m glad because Allison already scooped up Logan so if Lex were on her team then she would only be able to pick one of these guys, hopefully that means both Logan and Lex will make it.) I’m rooting for those guys, hope they make it.

I am somewhat sad the contestants didn’t like Ryan. Sure he’s weird, but he had obvious technique, obvious training, and he was a contemporary dancer who did tutting. I mean, he was just doing what he felt, and what he loved in his own weird way. I felt like that should have been respected. I mean if someone can come on the show and practically dislocate their shoulder while dancing (also called “bone crushing”) then his weird dance style should also be respected.

Day 1 has come and gone and the dancers already picked some people for their team, but I’m confused and interested to see how things progress as things move on. Do the dancers that have been picked still get to dance the other styles? Do they still participate in the team dance where the contestants make up their own routine? I’m confused and intrigued.

Image result for so you think you can dance season  inyoung dassy lee

Can we just get to the live shows already?




So You Think You Can Dance is BAAAAACCCCKKKK!

And I couldn’t be happier. The show I love is back and better. Even better, it’s back to its teenage/young adult contestants. And even betterer (yes, I said betterer), Mary Murphy is back. So You Think You Can Dance is not SYTYCD without Mary Murphy. I’m ready for dancing, for Cat Deely’s amazing outfits, for Mary Murphy’s screams, for Nigel’s inappropriate comments, for the kind of dancing that makes you sob, for the kind of dancing that makes you press rewind over and over and over.

I’m ready, guys? Are you ready?


Season 14

Los Angeles Auditions


Top 3 Favorite Performances

Darius Hickman
Everyone has a story, good, bad, we all have one. And while SYTYCD gave us Darius’ story, we almost didn’t need it. You could see it and feel it in his dancing. His moves had life; he wasn’t just going through the motions. It was powerful and breathtaking.

Mark Villaver
Break Dancer/Contemporary
I love the mix between styles. This kid was full of personality and his performance was original. It was also emotional, dynamic, and a lot of fun to watch.

Robert Green
You can always tell when a dancer loves what he is doing and Robert loves what he’s doing. He is funny, he is exciting, and he is overall just a delight to watch. He reminds me a lot of Fik-Shun and I really hope he can go all the way.


Runner Up:

Kristina & Vasily
I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of ballroom dancing, most of the time I think it’s kind of boring, but that’s probably because I just don’t understand the story. This routine had a story and the dancers had the chemistry to sell it. Kristina is a phenomenal dancer, emoting throughout her entire body. It was literally impossible not to watch her.


Random Thoughts

  • I love Vanessa Hudgens eye make-up.
  • Can Vanessa Hudgens say anything else but Yassss?
  • I can’t believe there were only like 8 performances, I know the show is only an hour long, but can we get more dancing and less montages?



Next week more dancing, but let’s be honest – we’re really just holding on until Vegas Week, which is now called “The Academy” for some reason.



Yesterday (March 20) was the official first day of Spring. And while for some people Spring may be a season of love, for others Spring is a season for movies (just like Summer, Fall, and Winter – they are also seasons for movies.) I mean lets face it, anyone can catch a ball, or run a marathon, or go on a hike out doors, but what takes real dedication, real stamina, and massive brainpower is watching a ton of movies all day every day, or binge watching TV. That is for true every day heroes.

Here are the Top 8 Movies I’m Looking Forward to This Spring (March-May).

First, let me name the movies that ALMOST made the cut, that would be Alien Covenant (to be released on May 19) and LIFE (March 24). I’m excited about these movies, but lets be honest, if I don’t see them it’s not the end of the world.

These other movies however…

#8 – THE CIRCLE (Release May 5)


Reasons: Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega. How can you go wrong? This high-concept, technological, futuristic thriller looks like just the movie for me. Also it’s pretty much a given I will watch any movie with Tom Hanks in it.

#7 – EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING (Release May 19)


Reasons: This movie may “technically” be too young for me, but I have the viewing (and reading) habits of a 12-year old girl. This weepy, YA, romance movie is one of those movies you love to hate. It is escapism at it’s best: pretty young teens with life and death problems. Count me in!

#6 – CHIPS (Release March 24)


Reasons: I was just a little too young to fully watch the Chips TV series, though I remember the short shorts and Eric Estrada from when my mother used to watch it. However, I’m totally excited for this action comedy. Michael Pena is hilarious and this looks like a good movie to have fun at.

#5 – THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (Release April 14)


Reasons: There’s no way Dom is bad right? There’s something bigger at work, he would never turn his back on his family. That being said, it’s a movie about car chases. Each action sequence more ridiculous than the rest, and I can’t wait to watch it (even if it is without Paul Walker, RIP.)

#4 – SNATCHED (Release May 12)


Reasons: So I may be a bit biased, and I know not everyone is a big fan of Amy Schumer, but come on, you have to admit, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in an kick ass action-comedy, that’s just a recipe for hilarity. The movie could be completely terrible and still it’s something new and refreshing.

#3 – BAYWATCH (Release May 19)


Reasons: Do you really need a reason? I mean honestly? You know? I know you know you I know why I want to watch this movie.

#2 – POWER RANGERS (Release March 24)


Reasons: I grew up on Power Rangers, in elementary school my friends and I would play Power Rangers all the time. I was the blue ranger because, come on, Blue is awesome. I’m excited to see this re-imagined as a movie. While it’s probably not going to be as gritty as that 9 minute short movie that was released a few years ago, it’s not made by Michael Bay, so it already has that going for it.

#1 – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (Release May 5)


Reasons: Two words: Baby Groot