8 Movies I’m Looking Forward To This Spring

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yesterday (March 20) was the official first day of Spring. And while for some people Spring may be a season of love, for others Spring is a season for movies (just like Summer, Fall, and Winter – they are also seasons for movies.) I mean lets face it, anyone can catch a ball, or run a marathon, or go on a hike out doors, but what takes real dedication, real stamina, and massive brainpower is watching a ton of movies all day every day, or binge watching TV. That is for true every day heroes.

Here are the Top 8 Movies I’m Looking Forward to This Spring (March-May).

First, let me name the movies that ALMOST made the cut, that would be Alien Covenant (to be released on May 19) and LIFE (March 24). I’m excited about these movies, but lets be honest, if I don’t see them it’s not the end of the world.

These other movies however…

#8 – THE CIRCLE (Release May 5)


Reasons: Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega. How can you go wrong? This high-concept, technological, futuristic thriller looks like just the movie for me. Also it’s pretty much a given I will watch any movie with Tom Hanks in it.

#7 – EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING (Release May 19)


Reasons: This movie may “technically” be too young for me, but I have the viewing (and reading) habits of a 12-year old girl. This weepy, YA, romance movie is one of those movies you love to hate. It is escapism at it’s best: pretty young teens with life and death problems. Count me in!

#6 – CHIPS (Release March 24)


Reasons: I was just a little too young to fully watch the Chips TV series, though I remember the short shorts and Eric Estrada from when my mother used to watch it. However, I’m totally excited for this action comedy. Michael Pena is hilarious and this looks like a good movie to have fun at.

#5 – THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (Release April 14)


Reasons: There’s no way Dom is bad right? There’s something bigger at work, he would never turn his back on his family. That being said, it’s a movie about car chases. Each action sequence more ridiculous than the rest, and I can’t wait to watch it (even if it is without Paul Walker, RIP.)

#4 – SNATCHED (Release May 12)


Reasons: So I may be a bit biased, and I know not everyone is a big fan of Amy Schumer, but come on, you have to admit, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in an kick ass action-comedy, that’s just a recipe for hilarity. The movie could be completely terrible and still it’s something new and refreshing.

#3 – BAYWATCH (Release May 19)


Reasons: Do you really need a reason? I mean honestly? You know? I know you know you I know why I want to watch this movie.

#2 – POWER RANGERS (Release March 24)


Reasons: I grew up on Power Rangers, in elementary school my friends and I would play Power Rangers all the time. I was the blue ranger because, come on, Blue is awesome. I’m excited to see this re-imagined as a movie. While it’s probably not going to be as gritty as that 9 minute short movie that was released a few years ago, it’s not made by Michael Bay, so it already has that going for it.

#1 – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (Release May 5)


Reasons: Two words: Baby Groot



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