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This is it, guys. This is where everyone’s game steps up. This is where stars start to emerge from the pack. This is Top 10, ya’ll, with ALL STARS and I can’t wait to see some fantastic and memorable routines.

Top 10 Perform

This has Sonja written all over it, it’s weird, it’s funky, it’s creepy, it’s rhythmic. The men are dress in weird skirt things which she loves. The song as a great beat, but I felt like the dancers could have definitely hit it harder. There’s room for improvement here folks. WOW ME Top 10! (Song: “Earth Intruder” by Bjork)

Cat tells us Team Street won today 51% to 49%. That was probably all my fault, the majority of my votes went to Ja Ja and Neptune. JJ is missing from the introductions because she hurt her ribs automatically putting her in the bottom. That’s a bummer. I like her. But she hasn’t been doing well so this doesn’t bode well for her.

All the solos tonight are danced to the songs from Empire. I’ve only seen the pilot to this series, but I haven’t watched the entire series. I know, I know I’m missing out, but there is So. Much. Good. TV to watch! Anyway, I’m very excited about the solos. I love seeing the dancers dance in their street styles. I’m especially excited to see the Street Dancers dance.


Who: Virgil – Team Street
Song: Conqueror” by Empire Cast feat. Estelle & Jussie Smollett
Performance: It’s very b-boy-esque but there is actually a lot of substance to it. He shows a lot of range in his moves and it’s not just the same trick over and over again. It’s leaps and jumps and spins and floor work. It’s pretty fly. Rating: 7/10


Who: Hailee (Team Stage) and Brandon (All-Star)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Warren Carlyle
Song: “It Don’t Mean A Thing” by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Performance: First of all, Brandon looks so trim! He looks like he lost a lot of meat on those bones. Not that he fat or anything, he was just a meaty guy. He looks slim here. Must be that Britney Spears Tour Diet!  Second, these two were so in sync and so in step with each other it was just crazy! They both had the same energy level, same movements, they just worked so well together. And Hailee really stood out and it’s not just because of the shiny dress and shoes. She was really giving it her all in this piece. I enjoyed it. Plus if you can make your choreographer jump up and down then you know you’ve done good. Grade: A-
Judges: Hailee is great! I don’t remember what else they said, but it probably wasn’t important.

Who: Neptune – Team Street
Song:Power Of The Empire” by Empire Cast feat. Yazz
Performance: I love the emotion Neptune gives on his face. And I love how he does his “bone-breaking” stuff. This routine has a lot of impact, style and personality. Rating: 7/10

_W5A8709_hires1ROUTINE #2
Who: Derek (Team Stage) and Kayla (All-Star)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: RJ Durell & Nick Florez
Song: “Got It” by Marion Hill
Performance: There was some killer killer choreography in this piece. I mean I loved everything that happened in it. There were intricate tricks and moves and Kayla was giving us smoldering looks and fierce hair whips. Derek, however, felt more like a prop, a way for Kayla to get from A to B. I’m not saying the steps he did weren’t right. I just didn’t feel any passion or emotion or sex appeal…ANYTHING from him. I didn’t really feel like he was into this routine at all. Derek is a great dancer, but he doesn’t connect, and this routine was his chance to do that because it had everything going for it. Grade: B
Judges: Paula his technique is flawless but he needs to convey passion. He was a different man today, and Kayla had a lot to do with that, but he needs to show more passion and performance.

Who: Gaby – Team Stage
Song:Can’t Truss ‘Em” by Empire Cast feat. Yazz
Performance: I like how she uses different parts of her shows and different way in creating the beat. It’s a weird song to tap to like she admitted in the beginning of the show, but she did it well and showed off her personality. Rating: 7/10

Who: Virgil (Team Street) and Comfort (All Star)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Just My Imagination” by The Temptations
Performance: This performance reminded me a lot of “Misty Blue” with Sasha and Twitch a few seasons back. It has a story, the song has a good grove, and so on. The dancing was great, Virgil has such personality and he was able to bring out a side of Comfort I’ve never seen before. I’ll say it again, I like Comfort so much better now than I did when she was on the show. I think they could have been a little sexier (there were a few parts that really showed off their chemistry) because at times it felt almost TOO CHEESY. But the dancing was incredible, I don’t know how Virgil was able to be on his knees so long and I just loved the way they used the stage and the props. Fun routine. Grade: B+/A-
Judges: Judges give it a standing O. Jason says the routine wasn’t over the top and Virgil is the one to beat. Nigel says though it appeared to be simple there were a lot of difficult intricacies. Paula talks a little crazy, so we will just move on now…

Who: Ja Ja – Team Street
Song: Keep It Movin’” Empire Cast feat. Serayah McNeill & Yazz
Performance: That backwards hat is out people, you know what that means. Ja Ja came to kill it. And she does. Her performance is powerful, hard hitting, with some flirty looks in between. She’s fierce and I love seeing her dance in her style. Rating: 9/10

_W5A8938_hires1ROUTINE #4
Who: Megz (Team Street) and Marko (All Star)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai
Performance: Megz was so into this routine man. It was a really cool routine. It had a lot of energy and it was just fun to watch. You could tell Megz was having a BLAST. I love it when dancers just throw their all into a routine and that’s what she did. Those synchronized flips at the end were CRAZY! I just love the whole vibe of the routine. They had such a great vibe about them. Grade: A-
Judges: Nigel says Megz sticks out, Paula says she made her want to get up there and dance with her, Jason says she’s catapulted herself into being a true contender.

Who: Jim – Team Stage
Song:You’re So Beautiful” by Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett & Yazz
Performance: Jim has crazy legs. I just love the way he dances, he has such amazing feet and technique. The song is a happy song, which is perfect for him. Rating: 7/10

_W5A9086_hires1ROUTINE #5
Who: Edson (Team Stage) and Jaimie (All-Star)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Your Day Will Come” by Son Lux
Performance: Ugh, Travis Wall, you are just the worst. And I mean that in the best way possible. I can’t even with you. You are so frickin’ talented. I’m pretty sure I was holding my breath this entire piece. Everything about this piece was breathtaking, the lighting, the camerawork, the song, and the dancers just fell into the role completely connecting with each other and letting the rest of the world slip away. There was only one moment where they weren’t touching each other, but every other moment they were linked, flowing in and out of different body shapes. Edson was strong. There were a lot of crazy things happening in this piece and he never wavered. And that SCREAM man, it was like something just woke up in Edson. He appeared. He won me over in this piece. And Jaimie is just beautiful. Those legs man. The dancers really threw themselves into this piece adding electricity into every moment, even when they weren’t moving. Love love loved it. Grade: A
Judges: Nigel thought it was powerful and the best Edson has every performed. Paula loved his transitions and lifts and loved how he was there for Jaimie. She calls them magical. Jason calls it a breakout performance.

Who: Hailee – Team Stage
Song:  “Nothing To Lose” by Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett
Performance: This routine was just explosive with energy and she even threw in a couple of hip hop moves. Rating: 8/10

_W5A9204_hires1ROUTINE #6
Who: Neptune (Team Street) and Jasmine (All-Star)
Style: Hip Hop w/ krump
Choreographer: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “Milk Was A Bad Choice” by Yultron
Performance: This was actually a pretty crazy routine. I don’t know if it was the costumes or not but it didn’t feel clean. The movements were kind of a mess. That being said some cool things did happen in the routine despite it not being the sharpest or the cleanest. I loved the back crawl, I loved the tutting with the arms, I loved the krumping section and I loved just the overall theme and how much Neptune got into character. It could have been better, but it was fun. Grade: B
Judges: Jason thought the routine was crazy. Nigel loved the theatricality of the routine. He thought Neptune was “dope.” Paula thought he and Jasmine were a great couple.

Who: Derek – Team Stage
Song:Drip Drop” by Empire Cast feat. Yazz & Serayah McNeill
Performance: He did a lot of tricks that had a lot of height to it. It was powerful movements, but was a bit off-putting with that smile at the end. He’s not my favorite but he gets a high score because of the powerful tricks. Rating: 8/10

_W5A9250_hires1ROUTINE #7
Who: Jim (Team Stage) and Jessica (All-Star)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Song: “Heal” by Tom Odell
Performance: I don’t know if Jessica and Jim had very good chemistry. Something was definitely missing from this piece. That being said despite a wobble here, they both danced it really well. Jim was strong and emotional and I felt like he was really connecting to what he was doing, but not necessarily to Jessica. I guess all that really matters is how Jim was doing but I wasn’t really able to connect to this piece. He danced it well…but yeah…you know? Grade: B
Judges: Nigel says there is nothing wrong with Jim’s technique, but needs to work with his chemistry. They all want Jim to focus on the story and Jason felt like he wasn’t enjoying it as much as he should have. Wow, again, I agree with Jason.

Who: Megz – Team Street
Song:No Apologies” by Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett and Yazz
Performance: It was so short! Is that right? Whatever it was it was hardcore and passionate, just like Megz. Rating: 8/10


Who: Ja Ja (Team Street) and Alex (All-Star)
Style: Bollywood
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Naacho Re” from Jai Ho (Soundtrack)
Performance: I love Alex “Freakin” Wong, I really do. He’s probably one of my favorite dancers ever along with Allison Holker and Travis Wall, that being said…I could not take my eyes off of Ja Ja. Girl had me scared from the package but she KILLED IT. Those knee glides around the gazebo was CRAZY. They were so smooth. And her facial expressions were killer. She just looked like she was having a lot of fun. This routine was probably one of Nakul’s best. It had high energy, lifts, stunts, tutting, and fantastic floor work. Great routine, great performance by Ja Ja. And this is not me being biased even though I am. Rating: A
Judges: Paula says Ja Ja can do it all. She’s so charming. Nigel says whoopi. In reference to Whoopi Goldberg. Who’s in the audience. Can you say random? He is amazed by Ja Ja’s ability to transform.

Who: Edson (Team Stage)
Song:I Wanna Love You” by Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett
Performance: I’m a sucker for a good jacket and right now Edson has on a great jacket. He has some good tricks in there thrown in with some crazy sexy dance moves that’s fitting with the song and the jacket. He would have had an 8, but he needed just a bit more smolder. Rating: 7/10


Who: Gaby (Team Stage) with Joshua (All-Star)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographers: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “I’m Really Hot” by Missy Elliott
Performance: This routine was really dirty! In a good way. There was so much to love about it, even if the routine subject was super stereotypical. I love the fact that Gaby is in this dainty and sweet little geisha outfit with boots and she’s dancing all hardcore. I just love that juxtaposition. I loved Josh jumping over her legs, or them tutting with Gaby’s legs around Josh’s waist as she’s parallel to the floor. There were so many intricate things happening in this routine. It was surprising and fun and I love just how much Gaby committed to the entire thing. She is awesome. I loved her little “drop the mic” point she did to the audience after “breaking” Josh’s neck and bowing politely to the audience. Bad. Ass. Rating: A
Judges: Jason calls it amazing and didn’t know Gaby had it in her. Nigel says Gaby and JaJa are his favorites from both teams. Paula says she proves every week just how good she is at everything.


  • Derek – Team Stage
  • JJ – Team Street
  • Megz – Team Street
  • Edson – Team Stage

I think his performance tonight may have just saved Edson. Derek is going home. As for Megz and JJ, I’m sorry to say she may be going home. I love the girl but she hasn’t had that breakout moment and the judges love Megz. Plus her performance tonight was really good.

I totally forgot there was no Twitter vote! That blows. Cat tells us that Edson and JJ are going home.

That’s a big bummer for Edson. He did so well today. And seriously, who are all these people saving Derek?? Cat reminds us, JJ is “delicate” because of her injury and that’s a double bummer to go home when you’re injured and didn’t even have a chance to dance for the last time. So long JJ and Edson, you will be missed.


  • Cat: “I love it when Nigel talks street.”
    Cat to Gaby: I,” couldn’t love you more right now with every bit of my being.”
  • I always felt a special connection to JJ because she’s Asian and cute and has such great style – that dress she’s wearing tonight is amazing. I’ll miss her. Asians gotta represent! Has there ever been a female Asian Dancer on SYTYCD since Season 1 Melanie?
  • Love the dancers coming in for delicate hugs for JJ. Especially Marco, so sweet.
  • End goodbye: From that angle it looked like Nigel was trying to open mouth kiss JJ.

(The top three are miles and miles ahead of 4 and 5)

  1. Gaby and Josh – Hip Hop
  2. Edson and Jaimie – Contemporary
  3. JaJa and Alex – Bollywood
  4. Virgil and Comfort – Hip Hop
  5. Hailee and Brandon – Jazz

(In terms of my preference, not necessarily skill or performance)

  1. Ja Ja
  2. Gaby
  3. Virgil
  4. Neptune
  5. Megz
  6. Jim
  7. Edson
  8. JJ
  9. Hailee
  10. Derek

The dancers and the choreographers really stepped it up this episode. There were so many good routines and the show was just a lot of fun. As the numbers dwindle down I’m only going to get sadder and sadder. I think Derek will find himself in the bottom again. As well as Jim, unfortunately. As for who else could be in the bottom? I have no freakin’ clue. All I know is I’m voting for Ja Ja and Gaby right now!!


Whoa, whoa whoa, I didn’t sign up for this…FOUR DANCERS are going home? That’s just crazy! Who is it going to be? Now that Asaf is gone, I have no idea!


Top 14 Perform & 4 Eliminated

The Top 14 routine showcases Derek’s crazy flips. It’s nice to see that his back is better and he’s able to pull out all the stops.  The costuming and the make up is out of control today. In a good way. It’s a fun routine focusing solely on the girls. It’s the styling that make this routine though, much more than the dancing. (The routine makes much more sense after I hear it’s choreographed by: Brian Friedman, Song: “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters.)

Cat comes out wearing a gorgeous rainbow dress that’s designed by Matthew Williamson. It’s so flowy and gorgeous and her jewels are so sparkly! Cat tells us street won the week with 53% of the votes and also that the judges no longer have control. It’s up to America and Twitter. Tonight the Top 10 will be revealed.


_W5A7255_hires1Who: Jim (Team Stage) and Yorelis (Team Street)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh (FINALLY)
Song: “Asht” by Nebulo
Performance: Okay see, this, THIS is why we all need Sonya back in our lives. And thank GOD she is. She really brought out the best in Yorelis. Girl was dynamic, and breathtaking, and captivating. In fact, the entire routine was captivating. Sonya really knows how to use the music and use the dancers. They created unique shapes with their bodies, used every single muscle they could and it was beautiful. I love watching pieces that just capture you and showcase the dancers. No gimmicks, no fireworks, just bodies moving to the music. I love Jim’s leaps, his jump onto Yorelis’ back where she had to support his entire weight, Yorelis’ pointed toes. Girl’s got some good feet and some crazy legs. Love love love. Welcome back, Sonya. Grade: A
Judges:  Nigel  thought this routine allowed Yorelis to shine. He loved the impact the music had on her body. Jim is the best technical dancer he’s seen and he’s brilliant. Paula loved the strength and athleticism of the dancer. She felt they complimented each other. Jason thought they were amazing.

_W5A7381_hires1Who: Ja Ja (Team Street) and Edson (Team Stage)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Misha Gabriel
Song: “She Came To Give It To You” by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj
Performance: It was a cool routine. Definitely different. Didn’t really feel like hip hop. I feel like I got to know Ja Ja really well during that piece, but not Edson. His personality didn’t really come out. They danced great together, but Ja Ja was just giving off a completely different vibe than Edson was. She was having fun, she was being creative and just grooving to the music. He was a little more technical, using more of his brain to complete the steps than his heart. It was just a missed connection. They didn’t have great chemistry and they never really felt like they were dancing the same routine. Grade: B-
Judges: Paula said she found Edson’s swag. Paula thinks Ja Ja is cool, feisty, fun and flirty. Jason thought it was a basic performance. Nigel wasn’t a fan.

_W5A7514_hires1Who: Virgil (Team Street) and Hailee (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: “Cellophane” by Sia
Performance: Say what you want about Tyce (that he seems full of himself, that I thoguth we were done with him from this show, that he likes the sound of his own voice), but the man has some BIG ideas. While his concepts can be hit or miss, when they are on they are ON. And they were ON with this routine. There were some BIG moments and the piece had a big emotional impact. I love Hailee twisting Virgil with her leg, love their musicality with the beats to the music, love that ending move with Virgil dragging Hailee by the legs with his legs. Though Virgil wasn’t happy shiny happy, he was still a joy to watch. You could feel his emotion and his heart and soul and passion bursting through this piece and that’s one thing that Tyce does well. He transfers his passion to the dancers. Hailee even stuck out for me. I haven’t really connected with her but I thought her performance was spot on today. I like seeing her darker side. Grade: A-
Judges: Jason loved seeing a different side of Virgil and loved the choices the dancers made in the piece. Nigel thought Virgil exposed his lack of technique (not true Nigel, you stop it), Paula defends them by saying he just has a different technique from Hailee – a different style.

_W5A7594_hires1Who: Alexia (Team Stage) and Ariana (Team Street)
Style: Burlesque Jazz
Choreographers: Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone
Song: “Circus Fish” by Vermillion Lies
Performance: It’s definitely a weird piece. I see what the choreographers were going for in there, but it felt like the dancers were having problems finding their footing. They’re both so flexible and have good mobility but it wasn’t as smooth and sultry as I wanted it to be. Alexis at least connected with the audience and had some good flirty and seductive facial expressions, but Ariana’s face was in perpetual smile which didn’t really fit the piece. It wasn’t great in my opinion. Grade: C+
Judges: It missed the mark for Nigel. Their smiles felt wrong and he wanted more darkness. Paula wish they brought sexiness to it and needs them to believe they can do it even when they are unsure. Jason thought it was rough and felt like the dancers didn’t like what they were doing and it was reflected in the piece.

_W5A7650_hires1Who: Megz (Team Street) and Derek (Team Stage)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink
Performance: Derek, Derek, Derek, you tried, but there is NO DENYING MEGZ! With the intro piece, the package, and the routine, Megz just made me fall in love with her. She is coming out of her shell. She’s hilarious, super cool, and was a band geek for crying out loud can this girl do no wrong? Derek was holding his own and for a little bit there he looked like he actually belonged in the piece, there were some awkward moments, but he was pulling it off. However, he was majorly overshadowed by the awesomeness of Megz, who brought her cool to the routine. Don’t mess with Megz! Grade: B-
Judges: Wow, the judges are just poo pooing everything today. Derek was awkward and uncomfortable and Megz thought Megz wasn’t as sexy as she could have been (what?!). Paula’s crazy comes out saying Megz should have a sax…um…that’s not Megz fault Paula. You Crazy. Jason thought it wasn’t her best performance. Derek needs to find his swag.

Who: Gaby  (Team Stage) and Neptune (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” by Ledisi (Selma Soundtrack)
Performance: Ok, there was this moment in this routine that made me tear up, Gaby had this heartbreaking expression on her face and Neptune scooped her up into this all encasing bear hug. It was just so beautiful and so pure. This piece is why So You Think You Can Dance exists. It’s definitely my favorite of the season. I gasped, I said WOW, I held my breath, I didn’t even notice it was all one single shot until Cat mentioned it at the end there. It’s like nothing existed in the world but these two dancers. One moved flowed into the other and the dancers literally threw themselves into it whole heartedly and it was just nothing but pure, unaltered emotion. So beautiful. This piece better earn Stacey Tookey an Emmy nomination. I’m going to watch it again. Be right back. Grade: A+
Judges: Jason calls the performance unreal. He’s so excited about it he can’t sit down. He said it’s a clear difference between someone who is living the performance and between someone who is just going through the motions. Nigel says Gaby shines no matter what she is doing.

_W5A7847_hires1Who: Kate (Team Stage) and JJ (Team Street)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Brian Friedman
Song: “A Different Beat” by Little Mix
Performance: Fun. But not memorable. That’s all I have to say about that. Grade: C
Judges: Nigel says the performance brought out Kate’s personality. Paula said some of the facial expressions were too on the nose and made it feel immature. Jason says to show variation in the facial expression.


  • Yorelis – Team Street
  • Ariana – Team Street
  • Alexia – Team Stage
  • Derek – Team Stage
  • Neptune – Team Street
  • Kate – Team Stage

NEPTUNE BETTER NOT GO HOME! I don’t even care anymore. PLEASE DON’T GET VOTED OFF! Sorry NOT SORRY for the caps. I think Alexia and Neptune should stay. Or maybe Neptune and Yorelis. Just Neptune stay PLEASE.


Group Performance: Team Stage
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Life Me” By Bengsons
Performance: Such a great song. So powerful. Stand outs were definitely Gaby and Derek. I just loved how the breath of this piece, how the dancers moved as one. It was incredible. Miss you Sonya!
Grade: A-

Group Performance: Team Street
Choreographer: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “Dragula” BY Rob Zombie
Performance: It was pretty cool. I love the characters. Neptune is hard core. It definitely was hardcore and bad ass, but I felt like the dancing could have been harder and had more of an impact. Grade: B+


Twitter Saves…Neptune (THANK YOU!) and…Derek (????!?)

WOW. WOW. I did not see that coming. Derek was a SHOCKER. I can’t believe 4 women went home too! That is TOTALLY SHOCKING. So happy Neptune is staying, but kinda shocked Derek is staying…and that’s not me saying he doesn’t deserve to stay. So long Ariana, Yorelis, Alexis, and Kate! You’ll be missed!


  • Twitch: “I’m making a wish on the rainbow dress.”
  • Why does JaJa keep getting performing in the beginnin?. We all know the primo slot is near the end! This is like 3 weeks in a ROW!!
  • I love the way Travis talks to his dancers.
  • Nigel to Ariana: “It was a but like a dead fish on a slab.”
  • Paula: “Okay, I’m going to come up with another way of putting it that might be helpful.”
  • Cat to Nigel: “Take that and have some chips with it!”
  • Did Nigel call Ariana Adriana? Don’t take that insult Ariana, He was talking about Adriana, whoever and wherever she is.
  • Paula: “Megz I’d like to see your pants a little tighter. A little sexier you know?”
  • (Megz looking confused.)
  • Cat to Megz: “Just take them off!”
  • Why I love Megz — Derek: “What’s your favorite food?” Megz: “Pizza, I’m a ninja turtle.”
  • Just when I think the camera work is a little weird this season the camera does this beautiful single take shot that ends with it going off into the light and I am breathless.
  • Why I Love JJ: JJ’s questions for Kate: “Last week when you saw Asaf shirtless were you thinking something dirty?”, “If Jason Derulo proposed to you would you marry him?”, “There’s two chocolate bar: one in toilet water the other on the floor in the dust, which one would you eat?”,  “Neptune’s Armpit or Virgil’s feet, Smell One?”, “You’re not going to marry [Derulo]? He’s going to be maaaadddd.”
  • Why I love Kate: Her Answers in response to JJ: “No.” “No.” “Toilet Water.” “Virgil’s feet.” “No.” “Then he better give me better comments.”
  • Travis to his in danger dancers:” This is more than a show it’s a family.”
  • Cat’s response to the eliminated contestants: “All these gorgeous women, what is wrong with you America?”


  1. Neptune and Gaby – Contemporary
  2. Virgil and Hailee – Contemporary
  3. Jim and Yorelis – Contemporary
  4. Team Stage – Group Routine
  5. Team Street – Group Routine


  1. Gaby
  2. JaJa
  3. Virgil
  4. Neptune
  5. Jim

Overall the routines were either not very good, or really really great. Contemporary really won the day with some great routines. I voted for JaJa, Gaby and Neptune with the majority of my votes going toward JaJa Who are you voting for? What did you think of the show? Did the right people go home? I, for one, am really glad Neptune is staying. Until next time my friends!

The show opens with a very weird, very plaid, very 80’s dance routine. It’s got a great vibe to it and it is high energy. It reminds me a lot of Sonya Tayeh’s choreography. The costuming and make up is totally on point, even with the creepy mannequin in the back. (Song: “Love Is Free” by Robyn & La Bagstelle Magiqur feat. Maluca. Choreographed by: Nick Florez and RJ Durrell).

Top 16: Perform and Someone Is FINALLY Eliminated

Cat emerges to introduce the dancer and tell us that Team Stage won but only by the smallest of margins. 50.5% Team Stage, 49.5% Team Street.
I also notice after the intros that Neptune was all by himself. That means someone is missing. Who is it? Did someone get hurt? It’s Derek! He injured himself for the week, poor guy! If he isn’t in the bottom 6 this week he will automatically be in the bottom next week.



Who: Hailee (Team Stage) and JaJa (Team Street)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Endangered Species” by Dianne Reeves
Performance: It’s definitely an anthem song. It’s a hard hitting piece and JaJa is the stand out. There’s just something that makes that girl stick out. The piece uses the dancers well, forcing them to rely on each other and stay in sync. There’s no crazy flips it’s just pure, raw, dirty fun. Grade: B
Judges: Nigel calls the girls powerhouses. Paula says JaJa keeps growing and Hailer radiates. Jason tells JaJa to work on her leg extensions which is surprisingly helpful.


Who: Alexia (Team Stage) and Neptune (Team Street)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)” by Rich Homie Quan
Performance: There were definitely some cool things that happened in this routine. Alexia’s back flip off the wall, or this weird spin flip she did that ended on his back. But as much as I like Alexia I felt like she was trying TOO hard. All her face pulling was totally distracting. You’re already in a leather jacket dancing hip hop, no need for the “stank face”. While Alexia’s dancing was labored Neptune danced with ease. He had this carefree, smooth, slick way about him that was totally appealing. Great choreography, great music, great concept, great dancing, poor facial expressions. Grade: B-
Judges: Paula loved it. Nigel said Alexia is getting better and Neptune is the dark horse.


Who: JJ and Derek
Style: Argentine Tango
Choreographers: Miriam and Leonardo
Song: “Duo De Amor” by Astor Piazzolla
Performance: As bad as I feel for Derek hurting his back and being unable to compete, I don’t know if this routine would have been nearly as enjoyable as it was without him. JJ hit the jackpot being able to dance with her choreographer, Leonard. She really needed this moment to shine. And boy did she. The routine was intimate and sexy and captivating. JJ was alluring and totally connected to her partner. Her legs did crazy bends and lifts and twists. She didn’t look like a street dancer at all, she looked like she had been doing the tango all her life. It was a stunning routine and performance. Grade: A-
Judges: Jason calls it unbelievable and knows how hard she worked. Nigel brings back the hot tamale train and says the word “sensual” in a way that creeps me out. Paula calls her lovely and sensational.


Who: Ariana (Team Street) and Jim (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary:
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
Song: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Lorde
Performance: I loved Jim rolling underneath Ariana as she rolled over him, I loved Jim’s flying leaps, I loved the use of those slanting tables. I loved the way Ariana wrapped herself around Jim, and I loved that ending final kick to Ariana aka depression Jim gave. This piece was really good, but at the same time it was missing something. I really wanted Ariana to attack Jim, wrap herself around him. I wanted more grit. See Mia Michaels Gravity. It was a great piece set to great music but there could have been more! Grade B-
Judges: Nigel acknowledges that Ariana hasn’t been able to connect with the audience (true) but calls her brilliant. Paula loves that the routine showcased their dancing ability. She is blown away. Jason calls her dancing unreal and calls Jim out on his excellent technique.


Who: Virgil (Team Street) and Gaby (Team Stage)
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Al Blackstone
Song: “Where or When” by Sammy Davis Jr
Performance: Words cannot express how happy Virgil and Gaby’s package made me. It was totally hilarious! Their joyous and playful personalities really came out in their performance and it was just a lot of fun. Gaby looked stunning and a little bit like that one girl from Top Model, Analeigh Tipton. Virgil will always put a smile on my face. I loved the move where he picked himself up from the splits, I loved their high kicks, and I loved her dipping him. An overall fun, joyful routine. Grade: A
Judges: Paula calls Gaby impeccable, Virgil brings out so much joy. Jason says Virgl breathes life into everything and they were amazing. Nigel calls them brilliant.


Who: Asaf (Team Street) and Kate (Team Stage)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
Song: “Braveheart” by Neon Jungle
Performance: Ok, seriously, it’s time for Asaf to go home. That fear and concern in Kate’s face was absolutely heartbreaking. She doesn’t trust Asaf. And then to see that all the lifts in the routine were taken out was really disheartening, that means he couldn’t get it together enough to pull it off. No Cinderella story for him. As for the routine and dancing in general, it was just okay, but maybe that’s because I was too distracted by trying to see if there were going to be any lifts or not. Grade: C
Judges: Compliments all around but I don’t understand it. Maybe I need to watch the routine again.


Who: Marissa (Team Stage) and Yorelis (Team Street)
Style: Hip Hpp
Choreographer: Christopher scott
Song: “Let Go” by Kezwik feat Mimi Page
Performance: Marissa didn’t quite fit the part. Yorelis just has this presence about her that makes it look so easy. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a memorable performance. Grade: C
Judges: More compliments and adjectives. YAWN. Jason says it falls short of other performances he’s seen. Wow. I actually agree with Jason.


Who: Megz (Team Street) and Edson (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Talia Favoa
Song: “You There” by Aquilo
Performance: I’m a fan. A total fan of this piece. There is something alluring about this piece. Megz is amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. She and Edson were like one. It was so beautiful so emotional and it was like they were in their own little world. I loved the way they connected and they just shut everything else out. I LOVE that Megz wasn’t in a baby doll flowy dress. Love love love this piece. Grade: A
Judges: I agree with Cat. It was fresh! Jason calls it the best performance of the night.


Team Street
Choreographer: Luam
Song: “Commas” by Future
Performance: I miss seeing the dances dance in their own style. This routine really allowed their attitudes, their personalities, their swag to shine through. It was clean, it was wildly controlled, they all danced as one. Loved it. Grade: A-


Team Stage
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Beautiful Friends” by Helen Money
Performance: So much to love about this piece. Camera work, lighting, music, dancing, make up, costuming and use of props. It was so creative! I love how the dancers worked with the camera and the tricky camera work and lighting allowed the dancers to really look like they were ghosts. So frickin cool! I loved how the music crescendoed as they all danced as one. Goosebumps people goosebumps. Grade: A

Team Routine Winner (In My opinion): Team Stage

JJ – Team Street
Derek – Team Stage
Ariana – Team Street
Kate – Team Stage
Asaf – Team Street
Marissa – Team Stage

Asaf better be going home. JJ and Kate better be safe.

Twitter saves: JJ and Derek

Judges Save: Kate and Ariana

Eliminated: Marissa and Asaf
While a less controversial elimination, I’m glad Asaf is gone. Also, I kinda wish Marissa was staying over Derek.

Top Five Routines

  1. Virgil and Gaby – Broadway
  2. Megz and Edson – Contemporary
  3. Team Stage Group Routine
  4. JJ – Argentine Tango
  5. Hailee and Ja Ja – Jazz


  • Love Cat laughing during the intro of Asaf, “He didn’t do that during rehearsal!”
  • Cat about Virgil, “Small but perfectly formed.”
  • JJ is adorable
  • This quote by Megz: “This piece is letting me be my true self.”
  • Nigel: “Finally a shirt came off for a good reason.”
    Cat: “So you say.”

In danger next week? Derek of course, but I don’t know who else! It only gets harder from here people. My vote is still for Ja Ja take the whole shebang! Should it be noted all the dancers are rallied against Marissa? And Asaf is all alone? Good riddance I say.

So You Think You Can Dance is celebrating 10 years and 12 seasons.  They’ve promised some of our favorite routines, celebrities, and the All-Stars. I can’t wait!


Ten Years of Dance: Special Edition

The show starts off with an All-Star routine choreographed by Travis Wall. Is anyone else slightly geeking out over seeing Allison and Travis together again? Everything I see them I always think of that moment Allison was eliminated and danced for Travis. The piece is strong and powerful and each dancer gives it their all. Not to knock the Top 20, but they are still learning and it’s easy to see why these dancers are All-Stars. They just give it that little something extra. It was great seeing most of my favorites, Travis, Robert, Allison, Alex, Brandon, Kathryn, Jaimie, Jasmine, Marko and I think that last girl was Jenna right? (Song: “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea” by M83).


Cat emerges wearing a beautiful dress that’s a party in the front and elegant in the back. It’s a gorgeous color accompanied by sparkly wrist cuffs.


Nigel’s Pick
Season 2
Choreographed by: Mia Michaels
The Piece: The Bench
Song: “Calling You” by Celine Dion
Who: Travis Wall and Kathryn McCormick
Performance: Of all the versions of this routine that have been done before (with exception to the original with Heidi of course), this by far is the best. I still get chills every time Travis reaches for his partner through the bench, or he rejects his partners sun flower, or that leap. And I just love Kathryn she’s really grown a lot from her time on the show.

Jason’s Pick
Season 10
Choreographed by: Nappy Tabs
The Piece: Run The World
Song: “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce
Who: Jasmine Harper and Comfort
Performance: This was definitely one of my favorite pieces of the season. I can’t believe it took 10 seasons to have a female/female duo perform (or at least according to Jason, is this true?) The routine is just as sassy and as fierce as the first time I saw it. I think the girls might be hitting it a little harder than I remember.

Paula’s Pick
Season 3
Choreographed by: Wade Robeson
The Piece: The Flower and The Hummingbird
Song: “The Chainman’s Waltz“ from Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack
Who: Jaimie Goodwin and Hok
Performance: Hok, guys! Remember Hok? I do! I love that they brought him back! I haven’t seen this routine in a long time so it was really nice to see it again. It’s a fantastic piece. I love how the intricate moves juxtaposes with the simple music.

Cat’s Pick
Season 10
Choreographed by: Mark Kanemura
The Piece: K-Pop
Song: “I Am The Best” by 2NE1
Who: Mark Kanemura and Jenna Johnson
Performance: Great seeing Mark. I had forgotten about this piece and I actually like it a lot more than I originally did, I think. Also love the use of the song. This song got really popular and well known after I heard it on this show.

America’s Pic
Season 7
Choreographed by: Travis Wall
The Piece: For Travis Mom
Song: “Fix You” by Coldplay
Who: Robert Roldan and Allison Holker
Performance: Man, when that music swells, it gets me. Every. Damn. Time.

Favorite Routine of All Time
Season 7
Choreographed by: Nappy Tabs
The Piece: Outta Your Mind
Song:  “Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon feat LM*AO
Who: Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Alex “Freakin’” Wong
Performance: I remembered going “outta my mind” when I first saw this piece. This is the piece that launched Alex into being an all-star even though he didn’t finish the season. I loved how the audience originally freaked out and the roar was so loud. When thinking about my favorite routine of all time this one definitely came to mind. God, I love these two guys.

As for my favorite routine….It’s hard. I can’t pick one. There are so many favorites.  From early on in the series Ivan and Allison’s “Why,” to probably one of my favorite seasons ever, Katee and Joshua’s “Hometown Glory” or Katee and Twitch’s “Mercy, to even the group routines “Ramalama Bang Bang” or “Puttin’ On The Ritz.” There’s also Marko and Melanie’s “Turn to Stone” or the sexy “Misty Blue” with Jasmine and Twitch. I. Can’t. Pick. So instead, for your viewing pleasure…watch the routine I’ve been talking about this entire post!


  • Love the little mini solos of the season 12 contestants.
  • Loved the shout out to Wade Robeson. Can So You Think bring back “Ramalama Bang Bang” again now?
  • Cat told us this show as the launch pad for many artists and she is right. I discovered Regina Specktor, One Republic, Hozier, and many other artists from this show. I remember the first time I heard Ramalama I HAD to download the song and subsequently downloaded her entire album. Same with One Republic. When they first played their song “Apologize” on So You Think I remember being so frustrated that the song WASN’T ON iTUNES at the time.

I know So You Think You Can Dance has been struggling in the ratings, but I really love the show. Here’s to (hopefully) another 10 years of great dancing!

The time has come. It’s the moment the world has been waiting for. Okay…maybe not the world. Maybe just a few million people, but it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for and, come on, it’s all about me. Tonight the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 will be revealed.

So lets sit back, relax, and watch some dancing shall we?



Season 11
And The Winner Is…


Cat comes out wearing an adorable purple dress…no…no…I take it back. It’s terrible. It looks like it doesn’t fit her. And that it’s made of a sick snake or something. It’s just terrible. You know what’s not terrible? The judges panel: Tara Lipinski, Adam Shankman, Channing Tatum’s Wife, Debbie Allen, and of course Nigel and Mary. Can I just tell you how excited I am right now about Adam “where the hell have you been all season because I miss the contagious passion you exude when there is a routine you love” Shankman and Ms. Debbie “you could be reading the phone book and I’d feel like you were soothing me after a long and terrible day” Allen? I’m excited. Let’s do this, people.


First up?


Top 20 Perform, ya’ll
Choreographer: Warren Carlyle
Song: “Doctor Jazz”/Jelly’s Last Jam (1992 Original Broadway Cast)
The routine is so full of energy. A ton of people are on stage so there is a lot to see, unfortunately, I feel like the camerawork is sloppy. They try and go in for close-ups and end up missing a lot of the action. I love Valerie’s little tap solo in the middle of the piece there, but did I miss Zack and Jessica getting their moment? (Ricky had his time to shine in the beginning even though he didn’t really dance.) That being said, I think if I had really been able to see the whole performance, I would have loved it.


Mary’s Pick to See Again
Jessica and Casey’s Contemporary Piece by Travis Wall
Song: “Like Real People Do”/Hozier
My Thoughts: It was a bit sloppy this time around. Maybe it suffers from the fact that I wore my DVR out watching that piece over and over and OVER again, but I felt like it was a bit messy and even rushed in certain places. That being said, it was still gorgeous and I love seeing Casey back. Hopefully he’ll make another appearance.


Debbie Allen’s Pick to See Again
Ricky and Valerie’s Hip Hop Routine by Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “Turn Down For What”/DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon
My Thoughts: I forgot about this Scarecrow vs. Raggity-Ann performance and I think I enjoyed it a lot more the 2nd time around then I did the first time. It’s a lot of fun and Valerie seemed to be less tense than she was previously. Also, that leg wave is still a winner.


Zack’s Favorite Performance of the Season
Zack and All-Star Amy’s Contemoprary Routine by Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Europe, After the Rain”/Max Richter
My Thoughts: I love it when the dancers’ dancing is louder than the music. And I mean that in a good way. I don’t mean that I can hear them move or their feet hit the ground, I just mean you can feel the piece and it vibrates in your bones. That’s what this routine does. I also think it’s a smart choice by Sonya to start and end the piece without music. It’s much more affecting that way.


Nigel’s Pick to See Again
Rudy and All-Star Allison’s Jazz Routine by Ray Leeper
Song: “Dirty Diana”/Michael Jackson
My Thoughts: I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I am obsessed with Allison Holker. I just am…okay, that was very creepy. Hopefully guys in suits won’t come a knocking at my door with a big butterfly net, but Allison just kills it every single time. I’ve never seen one episode of Dancing With The Stars, but now that I know Alison is on it, I just might watch.  That being said, I think Rudy brought it harder this time. He was more noticeable this time. His jumps were higher, snaps louder, and he was holding his own against Allison. She didn’t eat him alive like she did last time. She may have just bitten off an arm, or a leg.


Next, Paula Abdul comes out…randomly…and starts giving this awkward speech. So awkward, I can’t even watch it and start to fast-forward, but then I see this shirtless kid take the stage, someone I don’t recognize and have to rewind to see just what the crazy lady is talking about. She’s introducing the winner of SYTYCD Australia.

So the kid, Michael Domeski, comes out with his black leather pants, and he just burns down the house. The music “Unstoppable” by E.S. Posthumus is as dramatic has Domeski’s dancing was intense. He flips, turns, rolls, jumps, around that stage until he burns a hole in it leaving the rest of us in the dust. It was definitely a stand ovation performance. No wonder he won. Damn kid. Just Damn.



Valerie’s Favorite Routine of the Season
Valerie and Zack’s Tap Routine by Anthony Morigerato
Song: “Sing”/Ed Sheeran
My Thoughts: God, I can’t tell you how happy this routine makes me. And damn, it’s such a work out. The routine is just so frickin’ amazing because it combines the three things I can’t do, dance, tap, and walk down (or up) a flight of stairs. So glad to see this one again. It just makes me happy.


Les Twins perform and it’s somehow adorable and not adorable at the same time. I don’t really know what else to say about it. I’ll just leave it ambiguous.


Ricky’s Favorite Performance of the Season
Ricky and Jessica’s Contemporary Routine by Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Vow”/Meredith Monk
My Thoughts: It rarely happens, but I think this performance was better than the first time they performed it. It just felt stronger this time. You can see how much they’ve grown. And I still held my breath throughout, even though I knew what was going to happen. It’s so haunting, so beautiful, and so breathtaking.


America’s Pick Between Three Hip Hop Routines
Carly and Serge’s Hip Hop Routine by Luther Brown
Song: “Senile”/Young Money feat. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne
My Thoughts: If I had to see a hip hop routine again, it would be the Zack and Ricky routine from last week. However, between the three choices we were given this skeleton one would have definitely been my pick. It was a little less boney this time around….and that’s all I’ll say about that…


Jenna’s Pick to See Again
Tanisha and Rudy’s Jazz Routine by Sonya Tayeh
Song: “You Need”/Bengsons
My Thoughts: Wow, Rudy gets to do a lot of routines today. Is it weird that I don’t remember this performance? Because I’m pretty sure I would have remember the song. It’s KILLER. It has an Imogen Heap kinda thing going on. Tanisha does this cool move on Rudy’s leg and I think the performance is coming back to me a little. It’s a cool routine. But definitely not a memorable one.


Adam Shankman’s Pick to See Again
Zack and Ricky’s Hip Hop Performance by Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “The Antidote”/District 78
My Thoughts: First, let me just say, I see Adam all the time at the Starbucks I go to, and there are many times I want to approach him like we’re best friends, but then I remember, he’s a celebrity and would probably serve me a restraining order right there. That being said, I love his pick! And I’m glad we get to see this routine again. I just love the look on Zack’s face when he’s doing that “I’m going to go and get myself some ice cream only in slow motion” move while Ricky is doing Channing Tatum’s worm move on the floor. It’s ADORABLE.


Cat Announces the First Person Who did Not Win aka 4th Place
And, it’s Zack. He gets a loving standing-o. I think if I had to pick a 4th Place contestant, it would have been Valerie…but I also would not have chosen Zack to win.


Tara’s Pick to See Again
Emilio and Jasmine’s Performance by Nappy Tabs
Song: “Get Low”/Dillon Francis & DJ Snake
My Thoughts: Not that the routine isn’t great, but is it weird that the best part of this routine is when Emilio jumps into the snake barrel? I just love it. It’s a fun routine. Nice to see again. Jasmine is so shiny. That’s all I got.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson comes out and is adorable. He pitches himself as a contestant for Season 12, but not before using the word “jidges” (Why doesn’t Cat say it like that anymore?) and calling Travis Wall his spirit animal. (Isn’t Travis Wall all of ours Spirit Animal?) So yeah, it’s cheesy and whatever, but I still think is adorbs. The fact that he said “jidges” he could have just stared in awkward silence at the camera for 2 minutes and I would have still loved it.


Top 10 and All-Stars Perform
Choreographers: Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott
Song: Sweet Disposition”/The Temper Trap
My Thoughts: Man Oh Man, I gotta say I LOVED this routine. It was so perfect. It played out like a movie. The position of the dancers, the movement of the camera, the timing was SO SO perfect! There was so much to love. DOMINIC! (Everytime I see that kid, I think of this.) I loved when Robert picked up Ricky. I loved the flash mob sequence. I loved Will and Marko just killing it. I loved seeing the expression on Zack’s face when he was doing the tutting there. I loved the kissing shadow in the clock. I loved Dominic’s B-Boy move. There was just so much joy in all the dancers’ face. It looked like so much fun. As for this All-Stars, here’s who I spotted: Fik-Shun, Robert, Kathryn, Will , Jasmine, Marko, Dominic, Jenna, and Amy…Did I miss anyone? I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the little clap Robert does at the very very end then how he envelopes Kathryn. We he also the one kissing her in the background? This routine makes me wish I were a dancer. And I think it’s on par with some of the best group routines of the series like “Ramalama Bang Bang” and “Puttin’ On The Ritz.”


securedownload (1)


Jessica’s Favorite Routine
Jessica and Robert’s Contemporary Routine by Travis Wall
Song: “When I Go”/Over the Rhine
My Thoughts: I don’t think I realized how abusive this routine was the first time around. If possible I think the routine had even MORE passion and physicality to it than it did the first time around. I mean Robert nearly ripped the hair off of Jessica’s head. Just frickin’ gorgeous. (Those two statements don’t really go together…haha) I love the look on Travis’ face too. He was like whoa. Damn.  Exactly.


Cat Announces Third Place
And it’s JESSICA!? What the damn hell? I thought for sure it would come down to Ricky and Jessica. For sure. That’s a shocker to me. Is it bad that now my thought is Ricky is definitely…and should rightly so, take this competition? Love Valerie, but Ricky is the better all-around dancer. That being said, Jessica…I hope you come back as an All-Star.


Cat’s Favorite Routine
Valerie and Ricky’s Contemporary Routine by Travis Wall
Song: “Oh Darling”/Gossling
My Thoughts: First of all, I LOVE the fact that Cat was like, do you think you two could dance this routine for me because we’ve never had 2 finalists dance before I announce the winner before. And in the background Nigel yells, SAY NO. Adorable and hilarious at the same time.  Secondly…OH MY GOD this routine was miles and miles and MILES better than it was the first time around. I even teared-up at the climax when Valerie leaned back all the way to the floor. I’m pretty sure she was sobbing too. It was just so moving. I could really feel the desperation, the abandon, the passion the need the want. I felt it all. Just so gorgeous! Tears people. Tears. What are the judges yelling?


Cat Announces The Winner
Cat shows us the video of Valerie and Ricky’s time on the show and the last thing that’s said on the video is from Valerie, “I don’t know what I’m going to do without my partner.” Cut to, the two of them hugging and crying. I mean. You can’t write this stuff people. Tears!




I LOVE all the other dancers bum-rushing the stage as Ricky screams. This is when So You Think You Can Dance is at its best. Feeling the comradery from the other contestants, the heartfelt moments, the bond. No other show has this. It’s not about the fame, it’s not about the money, it’s just about the dancing. And that is why I will always love So You Think You Can Dance.


Congratulations Ricky. You deserve it.



Cat comes out on this Season 10 Finale looking absolutely fabulous. I love what she’s wearing, it’s reminiscent of armor fitting her shape really well. (Can you tell I watch a lot of Project Runway?) It looks so sleek and classy on her, and her bracelets are perfection.

The “Judges” or celebrity spectators with the best seats in the house are Twitch, Adam Shankman and Paula Abdul.


First up, we get the Top 20 Performance and it literally blows my mind twice. First when Cat says the routine is choreographed by Ivan Koumaev from Season 2. Not only did I not know he was a choreographer, but I have to say it was a pretty fantastic routine. It was so classy, done to a COVER of “Wonderwall” originally by Oasis, but covered by Paul Anka? Mind Blown again! It sent me on a Wikipedia search to see which came first even though I was pretty sure it was Oasis’ version and it was! Anyway back to the routine, I really wish that the camera had stayed mostly wide, but of course it went in for coverage which felt a little frantic to tell you the truth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tap was incorporated in it and was reminded just how much I miss Jasmine M, Curtis, and Nico. They were all pretty fabulous in this routine. All in all it was a great Top 20 Number, worthy of the finale.

As usual the judges, contestants and others pick their top routines of the season:


Paula’s Pick: “Edge Of Glory”—danced by: Mackenzie and Paul
This Mandy Moore pieces was where Makenzie really turned it around for me. She really connected with me in her performance. It felt a little less graceful this time around, but still beautiful I always love that look those two give each other near the end of the piece before they take off running. It reminds me of their electric chemistry. (Song by: Lady Gaga)

Jasmine Harper’s Pick: “Blurred Lines” — with All-Star Marko Germar
Jasmine picked this routine because she said it pushed her the hardest. It’s definitely a lot more relaxed this time around. The first time they were stiffer, but this time I feel like it was performed more the way Ray Leeper probably envisioned it. I really enjoyed it. And did Marko seriously jump like that the first time? Yowza! Fabulous! (Song by: Robin Thicke feat Pharrell)

Adam’s Pick: “Hello, Good Morning” – danced by Twitch and Fik-Shun
First of all I have to say the best way to start this piece was DEFINITELY Twitch stripping down and taking off his many many shirts to reveal those fantastic arms. Second of all, I’m so glad I got to see Luther Browns piece again. If possible it was just as crazy and hilarious as it was the first time around. I loved it and their “uncle dance.” (Remix by: Diddy Dirty Money feat Rick Rossand and Nicki Minaj)

Nigel’s Pick: The Tap Routine – with Alexis, Aaron, and Curtis
Anthony Marigerato’s tap choreography almost almost made my Top 10 performances. In fact, it probably should have because it’s really incredible. I love how happy and supportive Curtis was towards Aaron throughout the whole thing, and he stuck the landing! Great piece, it makes me so happy watching it! It was nice seeing him and Alexis back on stage just doing their thing. (Song: “You Really (Did It Live)” by Jason Mraz)


Twitch’s Pick: “Kiss of the Spiderwoman” — danced by Nico and Hayley Sean Cheesman
Fine pick Twitch, fine pick, I’m glad we get to see it again. I never thought of Sean Cheeseman as a Broadway Choreographer but if possible this piece felt more Broadway then other routines in the past few seasons. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just a great routine giving you that “feeling.” And for some reason the song reminds me of Ursula from Little Mermaid. They botched a lift but that’s all right, I’ll forgive them. It’s the finale. Crabby Nigel doesn’t give them a standing O. (Song From: Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Soundtrack)

Aaron’s Pick: “I’m Kissing You” — with All-Star Kathryn
It was a little different from the original, it lost some of its “innocence” but it was still elegant and beautiful. Stacey Tookey creates these beautiful flowy lines elevated by the arch of Kathryn’s back. She just has this fascinating grace about her and Aaron looks strong. (Song by Des’ree.)

Cat’s Pick: “Run The World (Girls)” – danced by Jasmine and All-Star Comfort
Of COURSE this is Cat’s favorite routine. She was just so enamored with it last week. Is it wrong I want to break this dance down piece by piece and figure out how I can dance it? I mean I’m sure there’s no way I’d look as good as them, but I have a flannel shirt and a bike I could rock, however mine has a basket. (Song by: Beyonce.)

Mary’s Pick: “Medicine” –danced by Tucker and All-Star Robert
I like this routine so much more now than I did when I originally watched it and I think it has to do with the fact that there was no intro package. Travis Wall has always had a unique of choreographing men and a way that doesn’t need to be super hard or super macho. It was just them dancing. And guys, Robert is amazing, he’s just so fluid in the way that he moves and this was the most graceful I’ve seen Tucker, usually he’s so stiff. I LOVE the move where they jump, then leap again a second later as if on a trampoline. (Song by: Daughter)

All Stars Pick: Mark’s Weird Routine – with Jenna and All-Star Mark
This song and this routine is so weird I can’t stand it. I absolutely love it. Mark is just so committed to everything he does. It’s believable. (Song: “I Am The Best” by 2ne1)

Amy and Fik-Shun’s Pick: “After Party” — The Bell Hop Routine choreographed by Nappy Tabs
Amy has this way about her where she could be dressed trashy and dancing trashy, but she has this grace and class about it. It’s a real rare quality. This dance, and the fact that Nappy Tabs choreographed it reminds me how incredible they were this season.

America’s Pick: “Wicked Games” – danced with Amy and Travis.
Seriously, if this routine didn’t win out of the choices there was something wrong with the world. Every time I watch this piece I feel like I hold my breath. I feel like they are the only two people on the dance floor and the rest of the world has disappeared. Just beautiful. (Song by: James Vincent McMorrow)

All-Stars and Top 10 Perform
Top 10: Jasmine, Aaron, Fik-Shun, Amy, Hayley, Paul, Jenna, Tucker, Mackenzie, Nico
All Stars: Marko, Robert, Neil, Allison, Kathryn, Witney, Joshua, Melanie, Comfort, Alex
That routine was so freakin’ fun. I love the retro feel to it and the adorable costumes. They all danced well together. And it’s seriously not a finale unless we get to see Alex Wong’s Abs, one last time. This routine was so Broadway it’s unbelievable, and those girls were hitting it hard. Especially Allison and Robert. I think I spotted all the All-Stars, but let me know if I missed any of them. Ok, time to go watch the routine again. So energetic, it just made me smile! (Song: “Rock Lobster [District 78 Remix]” by B-53s.)


Overall Thoughts:
Cat lets us know that the person who got the most votes was a girl and Nigel says that this is the first year where people have said I will be happy with whoever wins about the Top 4 and you know what, he’s right. I have a preference, but I won’t be mad if my preferences don’t win. While this season has some stunning routines I do feel like there is something lacking within these dancers. Just compare the final four to Eliana and Chehon last season, there’s something missing right? I’m not saying they’re not incredible, or they don’t deserve it, there’s just…something…missing…


The Boys:
I keep going back and forth between who I think is going to win. I really think that Fik-Shun is going to win, but I would like Aaron to win, I really would.

The Winner Is: Fik-Shun


The Girls:
This is much harder. I don’t know if I have a preference. Jasmine. No Amy. No Jasmine. I don’t know who it’s going to be, or who I want to be. Aah! Just tell me who it is Cat. Surprise me!

The Winner is: Amy

Amy Yakima And Fik-Shun Are Named America's Favorite Dancers On The Season 10 Finale

Final Thoughts:
I love how overcome with emotion Fik-Shun was when he won, I admit my eyes became a little misty for a moment there. Even though I wanted Aaron to win, I’m very happy for Fik-Shun. He really did become such a presence on the show and he brought something great out in Amy. As for her, I like that she won, but I wasn’t as “happy” for her as I was for Fik-Shun, I think there really is a part of me that was pushing just a bit more for Jasmine. I’m not disappointed, no, just…couldn’t the both have won!?


Random Thoughts:

  • I’d go see Battle Of The Year, only I don’t want to support anything with Chris Brown in it, so I may just red box it later…that being said, it was nice seeing Dominic Sandoval (Season 3) dance again. Everything I see his name I remember his chair dance.
  • Nigel announces that SYTYCD has been renewed for Season 11. YAY! I love that the cameras went straight to the choreographers and they’re so excited.
  • In the Top 10 Guys piece, I noticed Jade had returned. What happened to him? Was he late? I mean that LA traffic is a bitch…
  • Um the younger footage of Nigel is amazing. He’s had the same hair all his life apparently. Also Mary was gorgeous when she was younger.
  • Mary and Nigel dancing was so awkward and cheeseball I couldn’t watch it. Sorry. Awkward.
  • Aaron walks away with the hugest bouquet of flowers EVER. And Aaron is a big dude!
  • I love that we got to see Nappy Tabs “Putting On The Ritz” again. It was such an amazing feat and really a great way to open the show. Hopefully they can do something like this next season. We all love flash mobs people.

Despite the sadness I feel for the show losing Mackenzie and Nico, I’m also reminded one of my favorite dancers Allison Holker who may very well be SYTYCD’s best dancer EVER, didn’t make it to even the Top 6 of her season. She’s been back on the show as an all-star since season 7 and has KILLED it in every routine since. That just goes to show, America doesn’t always get it right, and our favorite dancers will come back even if they don’t win.

Moving on, I am super jazzed that the All-Stars will be choreographing the routines today. Plus, I can’t wait to see Travis Wall dance. I loved watching him dance on All The Right Moves, so it’s about time he takes the SYTYCD Stage again as a performer.


Top 8 / 2 Eliminated…Travis Wall is a Genius!

The opening number is weird, and creepy, and sexual, and just overall strange – in a good way. Weird is interesting. It reminds me of Wade Robeson’s work but it’s actually Mia Michaels choreography. (Song: “Move To The Ocean” by Brick and Mortar.) Unfortunately, I’m distracted by the fact that I don’t see Aaron. I HOPE Cat doesn’t say he’s injured because that would just be awful. However, she doesn’t tell us what happened, instead it is business as usual with Jenna Elfman as the guest judge this week. (Apparently this is why Aaron Turner didn’t dance on the opening routine. Glad he didn’t get penalized.)


Bottom Four Dancers
Fik-Shun, Jenna, Tucker, Hayley

Honestly? This is the right call. The dancers that walked off the stage should be in the Top 4. Well, Hayley could make it instead of Amy and I’d be okay with that.



I forgot how much I LOVE Fik-Shun’s solos. It’s just so adorable, and a lot of fun, and well, super cool. You can tell the audience is totally into it. I mean I sure was! He’s a performer, that one. (Song: “If You Crump, Stand Up,” by Edit)

All throughout Hayley’s Solo, I couldn’t help thinking of Anna Kendrick telling her if she had her body for one day she could do anything. Girl’s body is KILLER. Her dancing is so graceful too. She lands so delicately. I also can’t help thinking she’s the dancer version of Rachel Bilson. Doesn’t she look like Rachel Bilson? (Song: “Skin and Bones”, by David J. Roch)

It’s hard to judge a ballroom solo, and I keep forgetting this girl is a ballroom dancer. The solo is a lot of mouth opening and leg flicks but she looks great. I know there’s not much else she can do, solo in her own style wise. (Song: “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia.)

Still not a fan of Tucker and I don’t know why. That’s not to say he’s not a talented dancer, there’s just something about the way he dances that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s as if his movement doesn’t have purpose. I don’t know how to explain it. He performs well and does a lot of tricks, but I also wish he had some subtle moments in there as well. (Song: “Beautiful Child” by Rufus Wainwright.)

My Prediction:
Jenna and Tucker will be going home. It’s time. The audience keeps telling you, Nigel. It’s their time to go. Nigel could throw us a curveball and vote off Fik-Shun, but it would be a shame.



Aaron doing the Jive with Chelsie Hightower
Ok, no such luck Aaron getting paired up with Allison like I wanted, but I guess he can’t get Contemporary two weeks in a row. I’ll take Chelsie though. She’s probably one of the best ballroom dancers (aside from Benji) the show has ever had, and plus she brought the world this. The piece started out really well. It was high in energy and had some really incredible moments. Aaron’s split leap over Chelsie was definitely a WOW, but nearing the end I felt like the energy level wasn’t the same and that Aaron was losing confidence. There could have been more heat and chemistry between the two. Chelsie was going for it, but I wanted a bit more LUST in Aaron’s face and performance. I know they were trying to keep it 50’s but still! Dance wise I feel like he may have missed a hand connection and a lift, but overall it looked jivey to me! Mary mentions there were some bits where he failed a hand move (which I noticed) and his shoulders were high in some parts, but mostly she enjoyed it. Jenna is impressed with him and gives some great constructive criticism and Nigel thinks he’s done enough to make it into the Final Four. (Song: “Great Balls Of Fire”, by Million Dollar Quartet)
Rating: B+

Fik-Shun dancing Contemporary with Allison Holker
I thought the piece was choreographed pretty well, unfortunately I feel like Fik-Shun was pretty weak in the piece. He fumbled this essential lift that just looked painful and well, dangerous and it just didn’t flow like I wanted it to, or knew that it could. There was a really great section though, where Allison and Fik-Shun were flipping each other over and over again and that was really great. And another great moment where Allison did two pirouettes into an arabesque and Fik-Shun caught her. Unfortunately the piece could have been a lot better with a stronger dancer. The judges give high praise for Allison, her dancing and her choreography, and for Fik-Shun being a light in what he does, but there’s nothing specifically said about the dancing in this piece. I can tell the judges are just grasping for straws, but I wish they were a little more honest with him. He’s a great guy, but he can do better. (Song: “Skinny Love”, by Birdy)
Rating: B-

Tucker making Jazz hands with Courtney Galliano
I don’t know how I feel about this piece. No offense to Courtney, but I felt the choreography was a bit immature. Maybe it was the funky song choice, maybe it was the weird lifts, I don’t know, something was just off. In the beginning I thought Courtney and Tucker had great chemistry together, but once it broke off into the up tempo it felt a little forced or maybe frantic? That first lift where she jumped feet first at him was incredible. Nigel tells us the story how Courtney was diagnosed with MS and how she also went partially blind at the end of the last year, and to him be so supportive of her is really touching. She gets a standing-O and honestly I tear up. They don’t say much about the dancing; they say more about the choreography and Courtney. (Song: “Clarity” by Zedd feat Foxes)
Rating: B

Paul Hip Hopping it with Comfort
Paul’s rehearsal with Comfort? Adorable. Watching her teach him how to do the hip hop “bounce” makes me happy. I have to say, Paul really pulled it off. He so impressed me in this piece. He got down and dirty. Comfort’s choreography was pretty impressive. I really liked it and thought it was a lot of fun. Paul did this series of backflips that was unfortunately cut off as the camera operator was focused on Comfort, but that dude is just amazing. He also did a breakdancing move in there! Okay so maybe he could have been a bit lower to the ground and grittier at some parts and honestly no one believes he’s hardcore with that adorable baby face of his, but come on, he did a fantastic job. Mary calls Paul versatile saying he got down and got the double bounce. Nigel is impressed with him. So glad he didn’t find Paul’s hip hop dancing unCOMFORTable. (Song: “Dum Dum” by Tedashi Feat Lecrave)
Rating: A-

Hayley doing the sultry Rumba with Dimitry Chaplin
Oh Shirtless Dimitry, my how I have missed those abs. I have to say this is probably my favorite routine of his that he’s choreographed for the show. There was something so raw about it and still so sexy. I love how he spun Hayley around with just a flick of his hands. And Hayley was super sexy, I don’t know how this girl could have any insecurities. She’s gorgeous, and a great dancer and she had so much emotion in this routine. I really felt her anger there at the end when she threw her engagement ring at him. Nigel eats his words about saying he sometimes doesn’t like the way Dimitry choreographs and you know we always love when he eats his words. Mary praises Hayley’s technique. (Song: “Meant” by Elizaveta)
Rating: A-

Jenna being all Jazzy with Mark Kanemura
During rehearsal, Mark says he wants to bring out something new and weird and Jenna and I think that’s just what she needs. I’m ready. Bring it, Mark. The beginning feels very 80’s and very European and a little bit Bollywood and I’m digging it. The routine is weird, original, and really creative. You can definitely see Sonya and Lady Gaga’s influences in Mark’s dancing. I can’t help feeling how AMAZING this piece would be with 20 dancers dancing it on the stage. That being said, I felt like Jenna held back. Dancing next to Mark she was a lot more restrained. Nigel loved how quirky it was and he really loves Jenna. They all love how fresh and new and strange the routine really was. (Song: “I Am The Beat” by 2NE1)
Rating: B+

Jasmine and Stephen “Twitch” Boss dancing Hip Hop
Say no more. I know this routine will be amazing. I’m imagining a Sasha like moment. Fingers crossed. While I’m not 100% convinced about the choreography, Jasmine danced it great. There was a cool energy between the two and some of the moves were pretty cool. While the routine never quite took off for me, there is no denying Jasmine’s talent. The judges thought she held her own up against Twitch. I didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.(Song: “The Power Distict” by 78 feat Cheesa)
Rating: B-

Amy contemporizing with Travis Wall
Yeah, this piece was definitely a rewinder. Travis is so freakin’ amazing, I have to tell you. He choreographs lifts like NO OTHER and his music choice is so fantastic. Amy did an incredible job this routine it was so great to see a different expression on her face and I believe this is the best she has ever danced. Things I loved about this routine: Travis’ punch into Amy’s stomach then he lifts her up and over bending her legs, Travis spinning her up toward him, Amy’s almost dolphin like dive back out of his arms, Travis pulling her up toward him with one arm and her leaping at him off the floor with this perfect arch in her back. SO amazing. SO much abandon. So so fantastic. It was like…magic! I have a feeling this will be the most memorable routine of the season. The judges are both enamored with Amy and Travis. Nigel calls Travis a genius, which he is. Mary said it right about Amy, “I don’t think anyone has gone where you went tonight.” (Song: “Wicked Game” by James Vincent McMorrow)
Rating: A+


The Elimination
The judges are late coming back to the table because they were having a difficult time making a decision. Jenna and Tucker are voted off. And it was the right decision. They both seem at peace with this decision and honestly, I think it was a long time coming.


Routines In Order of Preference

1. Amy and Travis
2. Hayley and Dimitry tied with Paul and Comfort
4. Aaron and Chelsie
5. Jenna and Mark
6. Fik-Shun and Allison
7. Tucker and Courtney



Cat about Jenna before her solo, “Here she is and she’s brought a skirt with her.”

Chelsie coaching Aaron, “If all else fails Fred Astaire.”

Cat: “Chelsie Hightower actually taught me how to tight a knot in my mouth with a maraschino cherry.”

Cat resting her head on Aaron’s shoulder: “You’re the perfect height for this.” Aaron, accusingly, “You’re the perfect height for this!”

Cat after Nigel saying touching things to Courtney, “Mary, I challenge you to pull it together.”

Jenna to Dimitry, “You can call me Mary.”

Mark: “I’m totally not a vegetarian when it comes to dancing.”

Mary: “We love a little crazy on this show.”
Cat: “We love a little cray cray.”


Random Thoughts:

  • Anyone think Cat looks like she just got out of the shower while wearing her make-up? Her eye shadow is out of control!
  • Love the moment Aaron looked down and realized one of the buttons came undone and the look on his face when he was buttoning it up with one eyebrow raised. Love. Him. Adorbs.
  • Cat pointed out that Chelsie mentioned her dress getting caught during one of Aaron’s “mess-ups”. I like both Cat and the All Stars sticking up for the contestants.
  • Anyone notice that moment when Cat was introducing who was dancing next and Allison leaned her head against Fik-Shun? Then he became super serious and looked off in the distance and nodded his head? What was THAT about?
  • How could Bon Iver let Birdy cover their song? It’s not the same as the original. Bon Iver’s version is SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Seeing Tucker’s Dad talk about him is super sweet.
  • Those tears in Amy’s parents eyes? I can’t take it.


Total Number of Times I Teared Up?
3 (Tucker’s supportive Dad, Courtney’s MS, Amy’s parents)


Final Thoughts:
My prediction/hope is that the final 4 will be Aaron, Jasmine, Amy, and Paul and I believe with Amy’s performance this episode she will have secured her position. While I felt last week’s performances were better, Travis’ piece at the end saved the night for me. Finally it’s our decision (America’s decision) who goes home next week. Things I want to see next week: Mia Michaels choreograph a routine, Allison Holker perform with Aaron, the dancers also dance with each other (I want to see Aaron dance with Jasmine again), and JESSE TYLER FERGUSON! Yay! Until then…



I know I missed doing a review of last week’s show, so I will give you the cliff notes version by sharing my five thoughts of the episode:

1)      Eliminating Jasmine Mason was a big mistake. I, for sure, thought she was one of the front runners and she was definitely one of my favorite dancers in the competition. Her chemistry was really working with Alan and I know the judges love that sort of thing. Her elimination over Alexis was shattering. As much as I want to root for Alexis, after her notes from Nigel, she should have gone home.

2)      Losing Jade as a partner was the best thing that could have happened to Malece. Her routine with Marko was stunning. That leg elevation and jump around Marko into his arms was nothing short of beautiful. Sonya really brought something out of her and I’ve been rooting for her to have one of those moments.

3)      Mackenzie is thisclose to winning me over. Her performance was beautiful and I finally get what all the judges were talking about. I’m also looking forward to seeing more choreography from the new choreographer. It really was an overall great routine. However, despite the serious subject it wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be.

4)      Jasmine Harper is my favorite girl of the competition. I really think at this point she’s unstoppable. And seriously, her legs are out of control.

5)      So glad the elimination process was moved to the ending of the show. So glad that for once Nigel listens to his audience. Now, can you bring back Jasmine Mason please? Also, I think we can all agree it is BluPrint’s time to go…as much as you’d like him to be another Cyrus.

But…let’s forget the past and focus on this week’s…



Season 10
16 perform/2 Eliminated


I have two favorite past times while watching So You Think You Can Dance. One would be judging what Cat Deely wears each show and envying her clothes and the other would be guessing who choreographed the opening routine. Well, I have to say, I have no idea what Cat is wearing! It’s a weird patterned frock that is in serious need of a belt, or a wash, or something! Also, I totally thought the routine, danced to the song “New World” by The Irrepressibles, was choreographed by Travis Wall, but it was Stacey Tookey and new Choreographer Peter Chu. More pressing, can someone explain to me the point of Jasmine’s robe being carried off into the sky? Weird.

Moving on…the guest judge today is Carly Rae Jepson. I have to say I miss the days of dancer/choreographer judges. Or really, just Adam Shankman who gets so passionate about the routines. Last week’s judgment by Paula Abdul was just cray cray. Hopefully Carly Rae Jepson does a better job. Nigel takes a moment to pat himself and everyone else on the back for their many many Emmy nominations. Frankly it’s exciting. I’m glad shows like this get recognized. Can Cat pretty please get an Emmy this year?


Bottom Three Guys
Curtis, Alan and Blu Print

Bottom Three Girls
Jenna, Mariah, and Mackenzie (Nigel immediately saves Jenna)



Who: Mackenzie
Song: “Claire de Lune” by Laura Sullivan
Thoughts: Maybe it’s the damn song, but I thought Mackenzie did a fabulous job. Her feet point so well! The damn girl is growing on me, just in time to be in the danger zone. Why isn’t Alexis here? Can someone clue me in?

Who: Alan
Song: “Return of the King” by X-Ray Dog
Thoughts: Alan is not going home. He can’t go home. And I have to say he’s KILLING his solo. He does this cool jump thing that really impresses me. But it’s also very intense which I know the judges love. Plus those arms those arms those arms.

Who: Curtis
Song: “Used To Love U” by John Legend
Thoughts: I could watch Curtis tap forever. There’s just such joy on his face when he dances and he has this super cool swag about him when he does it. Plus he’s just adorable! I hope he stays, I really do.

Who: Mariah
Song: “Set It Off” by Kardinal Offishall
Thoughts: Mariah is so hardcore. Even though her solo is nothing to WOW over, she’s definitely an original. I wish she added a flip in there or something.

Who: Blu Print
Song: “Illusion of Choice” by Gramitik
Thoughts: His solo is super sick and a lot of fun to watch. But it’s his time to go. Sure no one else can do what he can do, but he needs more personality and he needs to go.


My Picks To Be Eliminated:
Blu Print and Mariah – I’d love for Mariah to stay and Alexis to go, but since that’s not an option, Mackenzie is the better dancer.



Alexis and Nico
They are dancing the Jive choreographed by Tony and Melody. Though they both looked like they were having a good time, I felt like their transitions were really awkward. The middle part had some great energy, but it wasn’t peppy enough. The judges basically agree, even though Nigel is always the downer and basically tells them they will be forgotten. They all feel like the technique could have been better. I really love Nico, but I feel like Alexis “The Michael Phelps of Dancing” is holding him back. (Song: “Mayhem” by Imelda May)
Rating: C+

Jenna and Tucker
Travis Wall has choreographed a contemporary piece about Jenna getting her strength back with Tucker’s help. The ropes are a really cool idea, but I also can’t help thinking how much more powerful the piece would have been without it. However, they give Jenna the opportunity to do many cool things such as the leap into Tuckers arm was as if she were floating. At the same time I think the rope also hindered the dancers. Tucker spent a lot of time trying to get Jenna into these beautiful positions and the rope well became distracting because I for one was waiting for her to do some spins and other tricks on it. The judges, of course LOVE IT. Mainly I think because it was just original. The ropes are something we haven’t seen on SYTYCD yet. Mary mentions how nurturing and gentle Tucker was in this piece and I guess I never thought about it like that. He was a great partner. At the end of the judging I find out Jenna in fact did all the hard lifting, those ropes were doing nothing. OK. NEW. RESPECT. New respect for the both of them. (Song: “Hangin’ By A Thread” by Jann Arden)
Rating: B

Mariah and BluPrint
First, let me just say I’ve missed Brian Friedman and his Jazz choreography. However, I have to tell you, I didn’t like it. I think it could have been super cool. The costumes look great, the beat is funky, but these two just don’t work for me. Mariah dances too heavy, and it often makes thinks too labored. I can tell she’s giving it her all, but it looks like WORK. And Blu Print adds nothing to the piece. He shows no personality and struggling throughout the piece. My vote is for these two to go. The judges are a little lackluster about the routine. To quote Nigel, that was “good-ish.” (Song: “Fall Into The Sky” by Zedd and Lucky Date)
Rating: C

Malece and Alan
Dress him up as “street” as you want, you cannot take the ballroom out of Alan. His hip-hop attempt was adorable, but ultimately didn’t hit it hard like you’re supposed to. He was smoother than I’m sure Dave Scott intended him to be. Malece on the other hand really brought it. She was hitting it hard, and actually stepped out of her cutesy face and got a bit gritty. It was a good try and a fun routine. I mean they were in sync and worked well together, but it was also a bit awkward. Alan should have brought some of his intenseness from his solo into the routine. The judges thought Alan was stiff and lacked confidence. It was as if he was dancing a series of steps. They thought Malece was on fire. (Song: “Bassline” by Chris Brown)
Rating: C+

Hayley and Curtis
First of all, this song was so beautiful, I’m totally downloading it! Second, the ladder concept was a brilliant concept from Dee Caspary! It was so creative and made some really great lines and allowed a lot of creative things to happen. I thought Hayley was fantastic. She danced so light and airy and damn that girl has muscles! Curtis had some issues. Some of the lifts look like they struggled a bit. I felt like they missed a few things in there…or almost missed. I think Curtis has the same problem as Mariah. He dances too low to the ground. The judges felt Curtis’ shoulders were too high and noted that he needed to dance more from his core. (Song: “Don’t Let Go Yet” by David J. Roch)
Rating: B

Amy and Fik-Shun
This jazz routine was so much fun! It was definitely one of Tyce’s better ones. And the song choice was brilliant. I love it when choreographers have their dancers use every beat of the music. This is also what I mean by dancing with personality! Fik-Shun and Amy just have so much light beaming out of them when they dance you can’t help but like them. They each bring their own personal swagger to their performances that no one else could match. They also look like they’re having a lot of fun and the dancing was great. The judges are all big fans of the routine. They think they have the perfect personalities and talent to go far in the competition. (Song: “Under The Bridge” by The Triplets of Bellville Soundtrack)
Rating: A-

Mackenzie and Paul
Dave Scott blended a bunch of different styles into his “hip hop” choreography. It was sexy, hot, and smooth, and honestly I could not take my eyes off Paul. He did what Alan couldn’t do. He was totally feeling it and definitely had the hip hop swag. He was hitting it and hitting it hard. While Mackenzie did a perfectly fine job, Paul was definitely the stand out. The judges think they are amazing partners and did not realize Paul had so much soul. (Song: “Pretty Lil’ Heart” by Robin Thicke feat Lil’ Wayne)
Rating: A-/B+

Jasmine and Aaron
The couple drew the kiss of death: the dreaded quickstep. But I have to say this is probably the best quickstep I’ve seen since Season 2 Benji. Aaron really pulled it all together in this routine. He was a fantastic partner. He had a lot of energy and there was just a ton of life and personality in his face. The way he lifted up Jasmine with such ease like she weighed no more than a pencil was nothing short of amazing. That last split scissor lift was pretty awesome. Usually I can’t take my eyes off Jasmine but she looked uncomfortable in some parts of this routine. Mary was impressed though some of the technical things they had a problem with, Aaron looked like he was having so much fun. (Song: “Pencil Full Of Lead” by Paolo Nutini)
Rating: A-


Routines In Order Of Preference:

  • Amy and Fik-Shun – Jazz
  • Paul and Mackenzie – Hip Hop
  • Jasmine and Aaron – QuickStep
  • Jenna and Tucker – Contemporary
  • Hayley and Curtis – Contemporary
  • Malece and Alan – Hip Hop
  • Alexis and Nico – Jive
  • Mariah and Blu Print – Jazz



“Our connection was good today. I connected by elbow to his face and my knee to his groin, so it was good.” – Alexis

“That was the most half-hearted softest tamale train entrance I’ve ever known.” – Cat

“I don’t like those pants to dance, it gives you little legs.” Nigel


Random Thoughts:

  • Love it when Nigel attempts to do hip hop moves.
  • Curtis is 6’1? He does not look it! Then again Malece doesn’t look 5’2 either
  • Curtis took Hayley out on a sushi date so they could work on their connection, HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? They are so cute.
  • Nigel is really beating up Curtis. I thought his solo was great. Does this mean Nigel is trying to justify him sending home? If he sends Curtis home over Blu Print I’m going to be SO. MAD.
  • Methinks Mackenzie and Paul have crushes on each other.
  • Curtis and BluPrint holding hands during elimination. So cute.
  • I’m crazy about Jasmine’s make-up and dress in her routine.


Elimination Time
Nigel finally gets it right tonight by eliminating BluPrint and Mariah. They are great dancers, they are great at what they do, but I also feel like they weren’t growing on the show. I’m so glad Nigel didn’t eliminate Curtis and I hope he can step it up next week.


Final Thoughts
Honestly the danger zone is getting harder and harder to figure out for next week. While I’d pick Alexis to go hands down. I can’t decide for the rest of the guys, they’re all so great. Hopefully next week Nico gets a stand-out moment because I can see him getting forgotten. This show also needs more stand-out performances. There hasn’t been a routine that has taken me by surprise or made me watch it over and over again yet. Maybe once the All-Stars come in it will get there. Until Next Week my friends!




So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9
And The Winner Is…

The finale starts with reminders of the past 8 winners. I love seeing their old reactions. I forgot that Season 3 was against Twitch and Joshua. I always thought it was against Katee and Joshua. But that’s the past, and tonight we find out the winner…sorry winners of Season 9.

We are reunited with the Top 20 and they are sort of introduced in the order they were dismissed. Awkward. But it’s nice to be reunited. It feels great and slightly uncomfortable. Everything reality reunion shows should be.

Cat comes out lookin’ freakin’ adorable (I want her whole outfit) and introduces us to our panel of 6 judges. Lil C is back, where have you been all season?  Same goes for you Debbie Allen.  We also have Adam Shankman, Tyce DiOrio and the usual Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. I think I would be more impressed if the panel of 6 judges included Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Applegate, and Rob Marshall, how cool would that be? But moving on, it’s time to hear the judges favorite dances of the season. You’ve already read mine.

But before that, we get a Top 20 reunion piece from Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh. And I like it! It has good tricks, good partnering, and it is crazy intense. Then again, any piece that involves a wind machine and a smoke machine is a winner in my book. Our Top 20 dances to the song “Torn” by Nathan Lanier and everything is working for them. Wardrobe, choreography, everything. It’s pretty cool. It’s no “Ramalama Bang Bang”, but honestly what is?


Judges Favorite Routines:

Nigel: Matthew and Audrey: Titanic Routine – a Travis Wall Routine
Thoughts: I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, first time performances are so raw. But it was nice seeing Matthew again.

Lil C: Witney and Twitch : “Swagography” a Luther Brown routine
Thoughts: I think I enjoyed it even more this time around. Witney just adds so much sass! It’s a fun routine.

Debbie Allen: Tiffany and George “Turning The Page” a Sonya Routine.
Thoughts: I forgot about this routine. But it’s rather beautiful. Tiffany has grown so much she dances the hell out of this piece and George is just an all-around beautiful, graceful dancer. I have a feeling I like this routine a lot better the second time around.

Adam Shankman: Cole and Lindsey, Paso Doble, a Jason Gilkinson routine
Thoughts: Without the pressure of the competition, I think Lindsey dances it with more intensity this time. Though the lame chest pounding in the beginning always gets me. Cole, as always, is his usual dramatic self.

Tyce: Will and Amelia, Alley Cat Routine, a Nappy Tabs routine.
Thoughts: Okay, so they call it “Lovecats” I call it Alley Cats. So there. I love this routine and it’s just as good the second time around.

Mary Murphy: Chehon and Kathryn, the dramatic Tyce choreography routine
Thoughts: That part where Kathryn stands on Chehon’s back gets me every time. Really quite exquisite, Tyce, and yes, I said that without sarcasam.

Cat’s Favorite Routine: Tiffany and Brandon, Disco by Doriana
Thoughts: Three Words: upside down splits

Contestants Favorite Routines:

Eliana : her routine with Alex Wong, “Bang Bang”
Thoughts: Not as great as it was the first time, but still lovely.

Chehon: his routnine with Anya, Argetine TAmgo
Thoughts: Liked it as much as I did the first time. Which is not so much. Too slow for my tastes. But Mary says it’s good so…I…believe….her…question mark?…?…

Tiffany: “Power of Love” routine with Ade
Thoughts: There’s a move where Tiffany grabs onto Ade’s leg that I never noticed before. I enjoyed this performance as much as the first time. You can really tell she loves this routine. And I like it when you can just see absolute joy on a dancer’s face.

Cyrus: his routine with Twitch. From…the last episode. Curious.
Thoughts: Will someone create me a wall of breakaway glass I can bust through? I’ll pay you $20. Also, I think Twitch has performed more routines in the finale than Cyrus has. I’m just sayin’….And…still love that wiggly ending.


Special Routines:

A Very Special Hip Hop Routine:

Who: Twitch, Comfort, Cyrus with Christopher Scott
Song: “Holy Ghost” Messinian
Thoughts: I find it slightly discomforting when choreographers join the contestants in their routines and I don’t quite know why. But nonetheless, this routine is pretty sweet. Christopher Scott is a genius. The tutting and isolations and creative use of suspenders is really quite mesmerizing. I kept finding my eyes drawn to Christopher because he’s just so out of place…and So. Damn. Good-looking.



Number One Audition Moment Dance

Who: The Dragon House with Brian Gaynor
Song: “Cryosleep” by Cyberoptics
Thoughts: I really admire the fact that Nigel gave the whole house a chance to perform together, even when some of the guys unceremoniously quit. With the addition of Brian Gaynor, the whole thing was sick. (Like in the way cool people say it.) My only question, why wasn’t Cyrus in there? My second question, who let Nigel think trying to do animation was a good idea?



“Brand Spanking New” Group Routine Choreographed by Nappy Tabs

Who: The Top 10 with 10 All Stars
Song: “Circle of Life” Lion King Soundtrack
Thoughts: It’s pretty cool actually. Very primal and high energy. A lot of leg work. And a different style than I am used to seeing from our new hip hop parents. (Are we ever going to see that baby?) It’s fun they included The All Stars.




Who the Hell is the Season 9 Winner Already?

We are starting with the girls and I have to say I am in love with Tiffany’s dress. I love that it’s like a mullet. Short in the front, long in the back. So white and pretty. I love they pulled up some never before seen footage from the audition period. Eliana’s face after the package makes me want to cry. And they’re like happy, hopeful tears but I still find my eyes welling up just the same. This is so crazy guys! Who’s it gonna be?

America’s Favorite Female Dancer is….Eliana!

And girl is genuinely shocked!! This is the absolute right decision. I mean Tiffany is great. She’s had a great season and hasn’t really faltered at all. But it just took so damn long to separate her from Audrey by that time it was too late. Tiffany will have no problem finding work, she’s young, and beautiful, and a fabulous dancer. I am SO STOKED Eliana won. It’s a total no brainer, but I’m glad that America made the right decision.


As for the boys, it’s anyone’s game really, but I still see Chehon as the underdog. Cyrus has such a huge fan base, but I really believe Chehon should be the winner. Cyrus has always tried really really hard, but we got to see Chehon grow physically and emotionally throughout this more. I want it more for him I guess. Does that make sense? I love hearing about Cyrus’ insecurities throughout the process, it just makes him feel much more human, and like an actual person. I don’t think we’ve had the chance to know him as well as we’ve gotten to know Chehon. Chehon has had more of an emotional time than from what we’ve seen from Cyrus. Both boys look great. I love Cyrus’ pink suit jacket. And I love the fact that’s he’s crying.

America’s Favorite Male Dancer is…Chehon!!!!!!! (wait let me add a few more) !!!!!!

And I swear, I just let out a little shriek. All the judges are so freakin’ shocked and looking at Nigel with the expression, “oh my god, are you serious?” I guess they didn’t know beforehand. Also, you can totally read Witney’s lips and she just mouthed, “I’m gonna faint! I’m gonna faint.”


Random Thoughts

  • Funny: Love Lil’ C brushing his beard.
  • Cat demonstrates” waiting for the bus” again. Amazing.
  • Who do you think is baby sitting NappyTabs baby while they are at this show?
  • Nigel tells Eliana about how Desmond Richmond wants Eliana for his company. Good form Nigel.
  • A hour and five minutes into the show and Cyrus is pretty much MIA….yeah….
  • Seeing the contestants play poker, makes me really want to play. And also crave a scotch and a cigar.
  • Things I fast forwarded: Carly Rae Jenson’s performance.
  • How was Chehon’s performance with Allison not one of the top performances.
  • During Cyrus package, anyone hear Cat’s mic that got left on? And the weird echo? Hilarious! They really are live people!
  • I know I give Cyrus a lot of “hate” but Nigel talks about his hunger to learn new styles and I do have to admit I do have respect for the dude. He hasn’t given up. He hasn’t half assed things and he always seems to have a good attitude.
  • I think Nigel just admitted he gave his support to Chehon to get more support for others for Cyrus. But in a sneaky political way.
  • Love that shot of Cyrus walking away with a huge ass bouquet of flowers.
  • Love Cat’s quite subtle, “you did it” to Chehon as everyone else is screaming around him. The way he is hugging Cat is adorbs.
  • Love Will separating Cat from the hugging and giving her a big bear hug lifting her off her feet.
  • Why does Christina Aguilera call herself “Xtina”? Oh whoops, sorry, wrong show. But I don’t recap The Voice so where else am I going to “voice”  (I’m so clever) my frustration about this fact?


The absolute right decision was made in making Eliana and Chehon the winners of this season, though I have no doubt in my mind that if there had been only one winner, it hands down would have been Eliana. Both these dancers have had some great performances on this show and have grown a lot. Well, Chehon more than Eliana, she’s always been spectacular. Do you agree with “America’s Decision?” Or do you think Tiffany and Cyrus should have won?

This season started out lackluster, but once the All Stars were brought in I believe some of the magic was brought back and there were more and more dances to get excited about. This just makes me more convinced that for Season 10 Nigel should do a Battle of the All Stars best of the best, bring back the Top 20 All Stars and make the duke it out for the Ultimate Favorite Dancer. I put it on the table Nigel, you’re move!


There’s no pressure tonight. It’s all just fun and games as the Final Four perform. With All Stars! How are they going to fill the two hours?

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9

The beginning intro is so dramatic as each dancer talks about how they can’t believe they’ve made it to the final four. I feel like I’m watching the NBC Olympic Coverage. Cat tells us the dancers will be dancing 5 times. C’est impossible! I feel exhausted just hearing that. Our guest judge today is: Rob Marshall.


The Routines

Routine #1
Who: Cyrus and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Paso Doble with Jason Gilkinson.
Rehearsal: So, the paso doble is about a matador and his cape. Usually the girl is the cape, but this time Cyrus is the cape. I want to be all negative and dramatic about reasons why, but if you’ve been reading my past posts then you already know what I think, so we will just move on.
Song: “The Game Has Chamged” by Daft Punk
Performance:  So…I don’t know. It felt slow, or not dramatic enough, or too many tricks not enough footwork, or…something. Something was off. It was pretty cool when Cyrus swept Eliana around the floor, but other than that…it was just ok. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Nigel says Cyrus deserves to be here, and Eliana as secured her place in the industry. Mary, ballroom expert, said he delivered. She said the cartwheel was awkward (which it was) and Eliana was on fire. Rob loved the way Eliana told the story.

Random Thought: Four words: Cat’s Blue Steel Face


Routine #2
Who: Tiffany and All Star Will
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: First thought, Will has hair! It’s weird seeing him with hair!  In this piece Sonya wants to show how far Tiffany has come.
Song: “The Time Is Now” by Moloko
Performance:  Sometimes I don’t understand what the costumers are thinking. Seriously. What is Tiffany wearing? I can’t stop looking at those strappy things on her butt. Maybe that’s the point. As for this routine, there is no doubt how good of a dancer Tiffany is. I think what this piece suffered from was the lack of chemistry between her and Will, but that’s Will’s fault not Tiffany’s. The piece was joyful and Tiffany danced light as air. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Mary thought her dancing was great, Rob loved Tiffany’s extension. Nigel thought Will had matured and that Tiffany’s lines are strong and big.


Routine #3
Who: Chehon and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Ballet with a choreographer who’s name I could never spell (anyone catch it? IF this were charades, I’d say it sounds like “Marrette Doquia”)
Rehearsal: This is what I have been waiting for: Ballet with our ballet dancers. And point work. Chehon talks about how they are rusty because with ballet you have to practice all the time and since the show they haven’t had time to work on their ballet technique. It looks rough, but exciting!
Song: “The Nutcracker Suite-Pas De Deux” by Bruton APM Studio
Performance:  So when they first showed Chehon and Eliana I was unsure what they were wearing. After seeing they were dancing to The Nutcracker Suite, I totally get it now. Moving on. There technique was so precise and everything was so elegant and perfect. That lift to the crescendo was so graceful and stunning. Though Chehon didn’t do much dancing he did a lot of supporting and it was still fantastic to watch. That bit at the end where it was 45 seconds of Eliana doing pirouettes, on point, with the support of Chehon was amazing! I just kept thinking “daymn” to myself. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob cannot believe their versatility. He says Eliana has such great extension, but no one knows how hard it is for the man, and Chehon was amazing. Nigel loves the fact that there are 2 ballet dancers in the finale and throws out a bunch of ballet turns they did. He tells Chehon he makes all the lifts look easy (I agree, the way he lifted her up with such ease! Amazing!) Mary calls it special and starts to tear up.

Random Thoughts:
– Loved their choreographer crying at the end of their routine.
– Also love the bit when Cat fixed Eliana’s dress after it popped out to create a handle.
– Eliana makes the best comedic faces.


Routine #4
Who: Tiffany and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Lyical Hiop Hip Tessandra Chavez
Rehearsal: Concept – the routine is about young love. Cryus is Tiffany’s first boyfriend and he broke her heart. She decides to move on and he wants her back.
Song: “Best Thinking I Never Had” by Beyonce
Performance:  Sometimes Tiffany’s dancing can come off as cheerleadery, I don’t know if that makes sense.  However there were a lot of intricate moves and overall it was…fine. Their acting, though, was spot on. I believed what they were feeling from the both of them. There were some good moments, but it could have been better. It didn’t make me jump up and down. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Nigel brings up how the both of them have never been in the bottom. Mary calls Tiffany a beast and is proud of Cyrus. She says Tiffany hit it hard. Rob loves how they dance with abandon (yeah, I get that) and he calls the routine his favorite of the evening so far.

Top 4 Perform
We take a break in the routines to get a performance by the Top 4. I was wondering why they didn’t do one at the top of the show like usual. They dance to a Tyce routine to the song “Eine Klein Nachtmusik (District 78 remix) by KPM Studio Artists and its…interesting…to say the least. I have no clue what genre it is. Ballet? Contemporary? Hip Hop? And with the music and everything, Cyrus feels totally out of place. It’s a bit strange and I don’t know how I feel about it. I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t get you Tyce!



Routine #5
Who: Chehon and All Star Allison
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary by Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is – Allison and Chehon are in a relationship. She has an opportunity to go somewhere, but she wants to hang on to him and the relationship. Chehon is choosing to let her go so she can pursue her dreams. Stacey admires Chehon during rehearsal and is amazed at the things he can do.
Song: “Leave” by Once Original Broadway Cast
Performance:  Seriously, Allison could dance with a paper bag and make it look amazing. She is seriously one of the best dancer/actresses. Her emotions feel really genuine. However, if Chehon is her paper bag, then he’s the best looking, best dancing, strongest paper bag I’ve ever seen. Okay, I need to stop with this analogy. This piece had so many WOW moments. With the help of the song, I really felt like Chehon was trying to let Allison go and she didn’t want to. Hey remember that time he dropped her? On purpose? WOW. Hey, remember that time he lifted her with one hand? WOW. Hey remember that time he did that spin jump that defied gravity? WOW. Hey remember that time he kissed her? Don’t tell Twitch… Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Mary lets out a scream. Yeah, she liked it. She called this number freedom. He is free at last. Rob says the height is unbelievable and Allison is fierce. Nigel tells Rob Allison should be an actress. He loves how she gets into character before the routine even starts and with Allison, was really able to let it all go and show his emotion.

Random Thoughts
– Loved how they were still in their ending “moment” when Cat started doing her thing after the piece. Then it got slightly awkward.
– Love Stacey Tookey cheering for them like crazy!
– Oh God, I see a pole on the stage….


Routine #6
Who: Tiffany and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Pole Dancing I mean Broadway… with Ray Leeper
Rehearsal: Ray is taking Burlesque to Broadway. Hey remember how Eliana was known as the pole dancing girl way back in Vegas? She really has come full circle.
Song: “When You’re Good To Mama” Chicago the Musical – Broadway Cast
Performance:  This is the first time I have seen Tiffany dance so mature and I think that’s thanks to Eliana. For the first time, I didn’t look at her as this cute little girl. She was sexy and sure of herself. Eliana, was amazing and the pole wasn’t just a gimmick. (I can’t believe I just wrote that). Ray used it in a cool way instead of a skeezy way. That trick at the end where Eliana bent and twisted her legs around the pole and over her head was unreal. I can’t believe she contorted her body like that. Really, it was just amazing. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: So the minute I saw the poles, I knew that we were in for some creepy comments from Nigel…let’s see what he says. Rob says it was unbelievable and fierce. He doesn’t know how Eliana did that on the pole. Mary says they are extraordinary and the routine was fun and sassy. Nigel says it’s so hard to say anything that won’t get him in trouble.

Random Thoughts:
– Everyone is so excited!!
– Love Eliana walking toward Cat like she broke her back off that pole.
– Love Cat saying, “I know I’m going to regret this, but Nigel I’m coming to you first.”


Routine #7
Who: Chehon and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: They are excited to work with each other. Sonya is including a lot of lifts and she knows it’s a struggle for Cyrus.
Song: “Fangs” by Little Red Lung
Performance:  Okay, seriously? Sonya needs to get over these skirt-like things/big pants for the boys. What is her obsession with those? I am amazed at the ease that Chehon can even lift Cyrus. That boy must be super strong. Both guys are super strong and the routine has Sonya written all over it. She does strong male-partner choreography. I even think Cyrus did a good job he actually danced. Sonya did not let him off. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Nigel thought both boys upped their level. He has nothing but nice things to say about Cyrus and tells him he’s gown as a dancer and is his favorite “person.” He tells Chehon he’s grown as a person and is his favorite dancer. Mary admires their fight and their journeys. Rob says he loves the camaraderie and he can tell the two guys get along and lift each other up, physically and literally!


Routine #8
Who: Eliana and All Star Alex Wong
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Travis Wall
Rehearsal: This is like the perfect trio. And I’ve always wanted Travis to choreography Alex. Looks like Eliana is going to have to be majorly flexible.
Song: “Without You” by Harry Nilsson.
Performance:  I’m glad we didn’t get a concept before this, I’m glad we could just watch it for what it was. What I love about this routine is that it seemed like Eliana and Alex were exploding off of each other. Both of these dancers have such great chemistry and they are just amazing to watch. And I swear Eliana is GUMBY because Alex was manipulating her legs in ways that seem impossible. It really was amazing to each and the song choice was perfect. Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Rob calls it poetry and calls Eliana amazing. He loves Alex and thinks they connected really well. It was Nigel’s favorite routine of the night bringing all his favorites together. Nigel calls Eliana her favorite of all time. I’d give that title to Allison, but Eliana comes pretty damn close. Mary says it’s great to finally see Alex dance after his injury when he was actually on the show. She calls Eliana’s passion extraordinary. She says her feet and ankles are great and she feels it.

Random Thought: Love the “WOW” Nigel mouthed when the routine was over.


Routine #9
Who: Chehon and Tiffany
Style and Choreographer: Rumba with Dimitry Chaplin
Rehearsal: Dimitry says the Rumba has to be passionate. I’ll be passionate with Dimitry. Oh wait, that’s not what’s happening here?
Song: “Love Me Tender” Adam Levy and Norah Jones
Performance:  Love this song. (Though, is it bad it makes me think of Princess Diaries too whenever I hear it?) It’s very romantic and flowy and sexy and honestly feels like a dream. I don’t quite know if it’s a rumba or not, but Chehon has now kissed two girls this episode. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Mary didn’t believe in the chemistry (I disagree) but she says this Latin dance was perfect for him. She thought Tiffany had great Latin technique. Rob thought it was sexy. He felt like they had a connection and didn’t oversell it. He calls Tiffany stunning and Chehon smooth and elegant. Nigel calls this dance sexier than the pole dance.

Routine #10

Who: Cyrus and Twitch
Style and Choreographer: Animation with Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: There’s a lot of pressure on this. This is the first time this has ever been possible in SYTYCD History. They bring in an animation pro to help with the choreography. And there’s TWITCH! Cyrus says he’s so happy he could cry. I personally Can’t. Wait.
Song: “Like A Criminal” by District 78
Performance:  And it’s actually really cool, from the broken glass to the frozen end. It’s just so complex and detailed and unique. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. Love the ending where they stop but twitch (haha get it twitch?) as if they still have electricity surging through them. Dare I say Cyrus is better at animation than Twitch? Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob calls them superstars. He said it was crazy. Nigel tells me Twitch isn’t an animator, so I take back what I said earlier. Twitch I love you. Nigel tells them that Christopher Scott calls them world class. Nigel causes a big downer by saying he’s not going to vote for Cyrus after supporting him all this time. He says he’s supporting Chehon, but he says still, Cyrus is amazing and inspirational.

Random Thought: That was ballsy of Nigel to tell him he’s voting for Chehon, but I agree that dancers work their whole life to be recognized and to win means something different to Chehon than it would to Cyrus.


The Solos

Solo #1
Who: Eliana
Song: “Passacaglia”, by Johann Johannson
Performance:  Her solo was so beautiful and graceful. I love point shoes and we’ve gotten so much of the point shoes this episodes. Can’t help thinking, her toes must hurt!
Grade: A-

Solo #2
Who: Cyrus
Song: “Holy Ghost” by Messinan
Performance:  Insane, just insane. The ticks are really incredible.
Grade: B+

Solo #3
Who: Tiffany
Song: “I Believe” by Fantasia
Performance:  I am mesmerized by those feet shoes (socks?) she’s wearing. He solo is nothing special, but because I like her I give her a….
Grade: B

Solo #4
Who: Chehon
Song: “How It Ends” by Devotchka
Performance:  I loved that he started out holding that ticket to Vegas. I think this was the most free I’ve ever seen Chehon dance. He just looked like he was having so much fun out there. He was so relaxed. That fall backwards into a back somersault was pretty cool. And he picked such a great song I could listen to it, and watch him forever.
Grade: A


Routines in Order of Preference

  • Chehon and Allison
  • Eliana and Tiffany
  • Eliana and Alex
  • Eliana and Chehon
  • Twitch and Chehon
  • Chehon and Tiffany
  • Chehon and Will
  • Tiffany and Cryus
  • Tiffany and Will
  • Cyrus and Eliana


My Predictions for the Final 2
Eliana and Chehon (and rightfully so!!). Starting the night I could have guaranteed it would have been Cyrus who won, but I hope, pray, and believe it will be Chehon. He deserves this so much. And Eliana is a no brained. She’s had an incredible season.


Other Random Thoughts

  • Cat’s dress today had the opposite effect of last weeks for me, this week. The more and more I looked at it, the more I disliked it.
  • Mary is so sparkly and diamond studded, I would be seriously afraid for her if she decides to step outside that studio. She’d be mugged in a heartbeat!
  • I really liked hearing Eliana talk about how she felt overshadowed by Cyrus and it wasn’t till her performance with Alex that she felt like she was able to be herself.
  • I liked hearing Tiffany talk about her insecurities throughout the process because it’s also things we wondered about her throughout the show. She wasn’t featured throughout the audition process, she did look like Audrey. It was just interesting to hear her thoughts.
  • Love Chehon blushing when Nigel mentions his lack of shirt the entire show. I’m not complaining.
  • Love the phrase “nommy eminated” almost as much as I love “lord have murphy.”


“This is what it’s like to be a matador? I feel like a mop.” – Eliana

“She had a handle for a second but we got a handle on it.” – Cat

Mary: First I have to too Stacey Tookey’s work, the three time nommy emanated…
Rob: Emmy Nominated?
Cat: She can’t even get the words out.

“You bamboozle me and I like it.” Cat to Cyrus

Nigel: Chehon when we can finally afford a shirt for you we couldn’t find the buttons? What’s going on?
Mary: Well Dimitry was the choreographer
Dimitry peeling open his shirt.
Everyone around him laughing.

Final Thoughts
After a shaky beginning few episodes I think SYTYCD really found its groove with the starting with the Final 8. Once we got past that awful Mia Michael’s tribute and started bringing in the All Stars things got really good. It made the show much more enjoyable learning about the dancers through their families, and hearing about their journeys. I wish there was some way it could have been incorporated earlier. I will miss SYTYCD and I hope it comes back next season, but for now, I will cast my vote for Eliana and Chehon. If Cyrus wins over Chehon I will personally hunt down everyone that voted for him and shake them until they answer me why. So in any case we’re in for a great recap next week. Until the…I wait for the winner results next Tuesday!