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The show opens with a very weird, very plaid, very 80’s dance routine. It’s got a great vibe to it and it is high energy. It reminds me a lot of Sonya Tayeh’s choreography. The costuming and make up is totally on point, even with the creepy mannequin in the back. (Song: “Love Is Free” by Robyn & La Bagstelle Magiqur feat. Maluca. Choreographed by: Nick Florez and RJ Durrell).

Top 16: Perform and Someone Is FINALLY Eliminated

Cat emerges to introduce the dancer and tell us that Team Stage won but only by the smallest of margins. 50.5% Team Stage, 49.5% Team Street.
I also notice after the intros that Neptune was all by himself. That means someone is missing. Who is it? Did someone get hurt? It’s Derek! He injured himself for the week, poor guy! If he isn’t in the bottom 6 this week he will automatically be in the bottom next week.



Who: Hailee (Team Stage) and JaJa (Team Street)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Endangered Species” by Dianne Reeves
Performance: It’s definitely an anthem song. It’s a hard hitting piece and JaJa is the stand out. There’s just something that makes that girl stick out. The piece uses the dancers well, forcing them to rely on each other and stay in sync. There’s no crazy flips it’s just pure, raw, dirty fun. Grade: B
Judges: Nigel calls the girls powerhouses. Paula says JaJa keeps growing and Hailer radiates. Jason tells JaJa to work on her leg extensions which is surprisingly helpful.


Who: Alexia (Team Stage) and Neptune (Team Street)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)” by Rich Homie Quan
Performance: There were definitely some cool things that happened in this routine. Alexia’s back flip off the wall, or this weird spin flip she did that ended on his back. But as much as I like Alexia I felt like she was trying TOO hard. All her face pulling was totally distracting. You’re already in a leather jacket dancing hip hop, no need for the “stank face”. While Alexia’s dancing was labored Neptune danced with ease. He had this carefree, smooth, slick way about him that was totally appealing. Great choreography, great music, great concept, great dancing, poor facial expressions. Grade: B-
Judges: Paula loved it. Nigel said Alexia is getting better and Neptune is the dark horse.


Who: JJ and Derek
Style: Argentine Tango
Choreographers: Miriam and Leonardo
Song: “Duo De Amor” by Astor Piazzolla
Performance: As bad as I feel for Derek hurting his back and being unable to compete, I don’t know if this routine would have been nearly as enjoyable as it was without him. JJ hit the jackpot being able to dance with her choreographer, Leonard. She really needed this moment to shine. And boy did she. The routine was intimate and sexy and captivating. JJ was alluring and totally connected to her partner. Her legs did crazy bends and lifts and twists. She didn’t look like a street dancer at all, she looked like she had been doing the tango all her life. It was a stunning routine and performance. Grade: A-
Judges: Jason calls it unbelievable and knows how hard she worked. Nigel brings back the hot tamale train and says the word “sensual” in a way that creeps me out. Paula calls her lovely and sensational.


Who: Ariana (Team Street) and Jim (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary:
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
Song: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Lorde
Performance: I loved Jim rolling underneath Ariana as she rolled over him, I loved Jim’s flying leaps, I loved the use of those slanting tables. I loved the way Ariana wrapped herself around Jim, and I loved that ending final kick to Ariana aka depression Jim gave. This piece was really good, but at the same time it was missing something. I really wanted Ariana to attack Jim, wrap herself around him. I wanted more grit. See Mia Michaels Gravity. It was a great piece set to great music but there could have been more! Grade B-
Judges: Nigel acknowledges that Ariana hasn’t been able to connect with the audience (true) but calls her brilliant. Paula loves that the routine showcased their dancing ability. She is blown away. Jason calls her dancing unreal and calls Jim out on his excellent technique.


Who: Virgil (Team Street) and Gaby (Team Stage)
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Al Blackstone
Song: “Where or When” by Sammy Davis Jr
Performance: Words cannot express how happy Virgil and Gaby’s package made me. It was totally hilarious! Their joyous and playful personalities really came out in their performance and it was just a lot of fun. Gaby looked stunning and a little bit like that one girl from Top Model, Analeigh Tipton. Virgil will always put a smile on my face. I loved the move where he picked himself up from the splits, I loved their high kicks, and I loved her dipping him. An overall fun, joyful routine. Grade: A
Judges: Paula calls Gaby impeccable, Virgil brings out so much joy. Jason says Virgl breathes life into everything and they were amazing. Nigel calls them brilliant.


Who: Asaf (Team Street) and Kate (Team Stage)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
Song: “Braveheart” by Neon Jungle
Performance: Ok, seriously, it’s time for Asaf to go home. That fear and concern in Kate’s face was absolutely heartbreaking. She doesn’t trust Asaf. And then to see that all the lifts in the routine were taken out was really disheartening, that means he couldn’t get it together enough to pull it off. No Cinderella story for him. As for the routine and dancing in general, it was just okay, but maybe that’s because I was too distracted by trying to see if there were going to be any lifts or not. Grade: C
Judges: Compliments all around but I don’t understand it. Maybe I need to watch the routine again.


Who: Marissa (Team Stage) and Yorelis (Team Street)
Style: Hip Hpp
Choreographer: Christopher scott
Song: “Let Go” by Kezwik feat Mimi Page
Performance: Marissa didn’t quite fit the part. Yorelis just has this presence about her that makes it look so easy. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a memorable performance. Grade: C
Judges: More compliments and adjectives. YAWN. Jason says it falls short of other performances he’s seen. Wow. I actually agree with Jason.


Who: Megz (Team Street) and Edson (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Talia Favoa
Song: “You There” by Aquilo
Performance: I’m a fan. A total fan of this piece. There is something alluring about this piece. Megz is amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. She and Edson were like one. It was so beautiful so emotional and it was like they were in their own little world. I loved the way they connected and they just shut everything else out. I LOVE that Megz wasn’t in a baby doll flowy dress. Love love love this piece. Grade: A
Judges: I agree with Cat. It was fresh! Jason calls it the best performance of the night.


Team Street
Choreographer: Luam
Song: “Commas” by Future
Performance: I miss seeing the dances dance in their own style. This routine really allowed their attitudes, their personalities, their swag to shine through. It was clean, it was wildly controlled, they all danced as one. Loved it. Grade: A-


Team Stage
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Beautiful Friends” by Helen Money
Performance: So much to love about this piece. Camera work, lighting, music, dancing, make up, costuming and use of props. It was so creative! I love how the dancers worked with the camera and the tricky camera work and lighting allowed the dancers to really look like they were ghosts. So frickin cool! I loved how the music crescendoed as they all danced as one. Goosebumps people goosebumps. Grade: A

Team Routine Winner (In My opinion): Team Stage

JJ – Team Street
Derek – Team Stage
Ariana – Team Street
Kate – Team Stage
Asaf – Team Street
Marissa – Team Stage

Asaf better be going home. JJ and Kate better be safe.

Twitter saves: JJ and Derek

Judges Save: Kate and Ariana

Eliminated: Marissa and Asaf
While a less controversial elimination, I’m glad Asaf is gone. Also, I kinda wish Marissa was staying over Derek.

Top Five Routines

  1. Virgil and Gaby – Broadway
  2. Megz and Edson – Contemporary
  3. Team Stage Group Routine
  4. JJ – Argentine Tango
  5. Hailee and Ja Ja – Jazz


  • Love Cat laughing during the intro of Asaf, “He didn’t do that during rehearsal!”
  • Cat about Virgil, “Small but perfectly formed.”
  • JJ is adorable
  • This quote by Megz: “This piece is letting me be my true self.”
  • Nigel: “Finally a shirt came off for a good reason.”
    Cat: “So you say.”

In danger next week? Derek of course, but I don’t know who else! It only gets harder from here people. My vote is still for Ja Ja take the whole shebang! Should it be noted all the dancers are rallied against Marissa? And Asaf is all alone? Good riddance I say.



Season 10
14 Perform / 2 Eliminated

We begin the night with the opening number and not to be picky, but who edited this opening number? I hate it when camera’s cut to close-ups missing other parts of the dance. This is a dancing show, keep it on the dancers! This routine has Sonya written all over it with the scorpion legs and strange dramatic walking. I swear there were some elements of ballroom in there like the Argentine Tango. And I’m right as the routine was indeed choreographed by her and Dimitry Chaplain.  (Song: “Dimman Kryper Sakta In”, by District 78). It’s an intense routine, but unfortunately the dancers are overshadowed by sloppy camera work.

Cat emerges looking perfectly gorgeous except for one thing: that lipstick. Come on Cat, your lipstick clashes with your whole outfit. How adorable would she have looked with some baby pink glossy lipstick? Everything else about her look, including the chandelier earrings, skinny bracelet, and the slicked back hair, is perfect.

Today’s guest judge is Anna Kendrick. Yes! I’m so excited. I ALREADY know she will be a better judge than Carly Rae Jepsen. She just has an easy going, lovely personality. I totally have a girl crush on her, I won’t deny it.

Our lovely hostess gives us some bad news that Curtis’ has injured himself. I’m pretty sure this seals the deal that he is going home if he’s in the bottom three. This show is notorious for sending injured dancers home, serious or not.

Bottom Three Guys:
Jasmine, Alexis, Mackenzie

Bottom Three Girls:
Alan, Curtis, Nico


My Thoughts:
What in the world America?! Jasmine in the bottom? Are YOU crazy! Dang! Well since Curtis is injured my thoughts are that Curtis and Alexis will be the ones voted off. And injury or not, even though I love the kid to death and really wanted him to succeed, he just wasn’t growing as fast for me as I would have liked. Though Alan has been going downhill, he seems to be adapting to most styles better than Curtis and come on guys, Nico is AMAZING. As for the girls, Alexis is a no-brainer. There is no way Jasmine will go home and the judges love Mackenzie. Even I think she’s getting better and better.

Nigel doesn’t ask any of the boys to dance, saying he knows how they dance, but I really think it’s for time sake, I mean the dancers are doing their routines and also a mini-group number. Personally, I would have liked to see Nico dance. I don’t think he’s had the chance to do a proper solo. Nigel saves Mackenzie and with that I believe the nail is in Alexis’ coffin. If Jasmine is sent home I will literally get in my car, drive to CBS studios, find Nigel – because it ultimately IS his fault – and well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty. Just one of the perks of living in Los Angeles.



Who: Alexis
Song: “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
Thoughts: I love watching Alexis tap dance, and seriously her outfit is adorable. If I could pull that look off in everyday life, I would. It wouldn’t be pretty, but seriously, I would. The routine is unique and fun as tap routines are, but you can already tell she knows she’s going home. Or she thinks she knows she’s going home.

Who: Jasmine
Song: “Endangered Species” by Dianne Reeves
Thoughts: If her solo isn’t dancing for her life, I don’t know what is. Jasmine created such cool and interesting shapes with her bodies. She’s such a great dancer and it would be a SHAME to see her go home.


The Routines:

Jenna and Tucker
So I have this friend, she’s a really good dancer. She’s been in music videos and she’s just incredible. But she’s also this young, sweet-as-pie, cute, 5’4 blonde girl, and well, she thinks with all her might she can dance gritty hip-hop, but well, it just doesn’t look right on her. She does the moves well, and she blows anyone else’s dancing skills out of the water, but it just doesn’t look right on her. That’s how I feel about Jenna and Tucker’s performance to this hip hop routine by Luther Brown. They were hitting it hard, they did all the moves right, but the routine was just too…dirty/street for them. It just felt awkward and well, cringe worthy on them. Especially when Tucker took off his shirt. He’s too much of a white boy to really get this routine right. And those costumes didn’t help it. Jenna worked it, but Tucker should have been in jeans or something. Nigel hits it on the nose calling Jenna to sweet and Tucker too stiff. He says it wasn’t convincing. (Song: “Slight Work” by Wale feat. Big Sean)
Rating: C


Alexis and Nico
I wish they did not show the running part in the rehearsal because it was just a fantastic FANTASTIC part of this routine. It was so emotional and Alexis was really attacking it. I mean she really looked like she was running in place. There was a lot to love about this intense routine. I loved how Sonya book ended the piece just like it started. I loved Nico’s jumps and twists and turns. I loved the lift where he twisted her around and she had her neck and head stretched back, it was just beautiful. I thought Alexis did a great job, but there was also one part where she was “punching” him and I really wish she just did it. Like I feel like other dancers would. Nico was definitely stronger his movements showed just a wide range of emotions. The judges praise Sonya’s choreography and they loved the complexity of the routine. It was all about the small little details and the emotion they put into everything. (Song: “Ashes” by The Bengsons)
Rating: A-


Hayley and Curtis
Even though some may say she had an unfair advantage being able to dance with one of her choreographers, Leonardo, something must also be said about Curtis’ skills in that she wouldn’t have been able to do half of what she did with Curtis. I thought Hayley did a good job with Leonardo. He was so supportive as a partner and those lifts were seamless and looked super easy. She immersed fully into character even though at times I caught her looking down at the floor or at her feet. I just wished we saw a little bit more personality from her. Unfortunately a lot of the dance moves and lifts were ruined by weird camera angles. The last sequence of lifts was shot at a strange angle so you couldn’t get the full impact of just how cool it was. She’s a good dancer, and it was a great routine by Miriam and Leonardo, but I don’t know if I would vote for her. She’s forgettable. She needed to engage the audience more in the routine. The judges, of course, think she nailed it. (Song: “Este Es El Rey” by Juan D’Arienzo)
Rating: B


Mackenzie and Paul
This routine was sexy! Whew! Sonya, what was on your brain when you were choreographing this Jazz routine? I thought it started out super strong. And every time I seem to be more and more mesmerized by Mackenzie’s feet! However as the dance went on, I found myself getting distracted by the fact that Paul and Mackenzie are very similar in size. In fact, she may be a bit bigger than him. I think he struggled with some of the lifts because they didn’t look as easy as they should have looked. But overall, he did a really great job especially considering he comes from Latin ballroom. He got the intensity right; he just needs to work on the lifts. The judges are baffled by why America isn’t voting for Mackenzie, they also love what Sonya brought out in Paul. They loved his power and intensity. (Song: “You’ll Find A Way” by Santigold)
Rating: B


Jasmine and Aaron
I thought the concept of the apple was going to be a bit dangerous and a bit distracting, but I actually think it added more to the routine. I genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen. It made me invest in the story. Was Jasmine going to get it? Was Aaron going to take it from her? This piece had a lot of stuff going for it. Jasmine’s dress was beautiful and I loved how the background colors matched with it. I thought the dancing was fluid and beautiful, though there were a few shaky parts. And I love the gentle and humility these two dancers showcase every day. There was nothing W.O.W. about this Justin Giles piece but I have to say I was mesmerized and enchanted by Aaron’s work.  However, when I vote for him and Jasmine I will vote because I like them, not because of what they did in this routine. The judges love them as a couple, but never specifically said anything about the dance. (Song: “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by Birdy)
Rating: B


Amy and Fik-shun
This Chris Scott routine was made for Fik-Shun. I love that these dancers get all these routines that bring out the personality in them. That being said, sometimes I think Amy has TOO MUCH personality. I think she laid it on a little too thick in this routine, but I also felt like she did it because she was overcompensating for the fact that she fell. WHICH I never would have realized if that stupid chair didn’t give it away. In her defense there was both water and a towel on the floor, so there. That being said the routine wasn’t so much hip-hop as it was lyrical hip hop. Fik-shun sold it more, but Amy did her best under the circumstances. It was a cute routine, but not their best. It should have been sexier instead of cute. The judges love them, but Nigel feels like they have been playing similar characters lately and can’t wait to see them branch out. (Song: “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye)
Rating: B


Malece and Alan
First things first, am I the only one who doesn’t remember Jonathan Platero from season 5? Someone remind me? Who? Huh? No clue. Secondly, onto this hot salsa routine,  Malece and Alan look AMAZING. That dress looks so gorgeous on Malece and that lack of shirt looks fantastic on Alan. That being said, Alan KILLED it this routine. You know how when you go out dancing and a killer song comes on and there’s this one guy who’s a GREAT dancer, beckoning you to come dance with him? So you do, and you feel like the dork idiot who’s making all these mistakes, while the guy who can actually dance helps you along as much as he can? Well that’s how I felt Alan was in this routine. Alan looked totally at ease, just having fun and excelling in it the entire way. Malece looked more timid, and afraid to let go. I could feel how afraid she was. In the beginning it looked like she was having fun and enjoying herself, but as more and more lifts started happening I felt how timid she was. That being said this routine looked so difficult and nonstop. The judges actually praise Malece because the routine was so difficult but just give so so reviews for Alan, maybe he just sold it more for me in performance than? (Song: “Pa’ Los Rumberos,” by Tito Puente & His Orchestra)
Rating: B+


Mini Group Routines:

Malece, Alan, Mackenzie, Hayley, Nico, Jenna, Spencer Liff (replacing Curtis)
This routine was super cool. It was smooth and slick and reminding me a bit of Grease. Using the pool table and sticks were great props and allowed the dancers to do really cool things. Stand outs for me were Nico, Hayley, and of course Spencer, standing in for Curtis. Spencer is just incredible to watch. There’s something about the way he uses his body to watch that’s just so damn mesmerizing, almost as if he has no bones in his body. Next to him, Nico held up really well. Unfortunately the judges thought Nico was weak, which I call bull**** on. I think the judges just want to send Nico home. The guys were really sexy (I just must have a thing for cut off T-shirts) but I felt like the girls could have stepped it up a bit more. And I don’t like the styling of Mackenzie’s hair, that’s just awful, it makes her look to sweet and young for this piece. Overall, this was probably my favorite routine of the night. (Song:  “Come Together” by Joe Cooker – Across The Universe SoundtrackRating: A-

Tucker, Fik-Shun, Amy, Paul, Alexis, Aaron, Jasmine
This routine from new choreographer Bonnie Story was about bullying, and though I admire a dance piece being about it, I just felt like the back story/rehearsal with all the kids gathering and quiet was a bit too much. I also feel like having the “bullies” in dark clothes and their victims in “white clothes” was a bit much. It all felt heavy handed, and also frankly a weird, dramatic way of ending the show. That being said, I thought Amy and Tucker were total stand outs. They danced with such emotion and vulnerability in this piece. I’m glad we got to see a gentler, serious side to Amy. The judges praise it, but Mary thought though Fik-Shun was a weak link (he was behind a lot I noticed), he made up for it in passion and emotion. Nigel, also ruined it all going into a rant about bullying and how it still exists today. Bullying will always exist. It’s sad to say but no matter how much awareness you raise, it will always exist. People will always find a reason to hate someone, good or bad. (Song: “Tears of An Angel,” by RyandanRating: B

I thought the performances on this show were just average with Alexis and Nico’s contemporary being far above the curve and Jenna and Tucker’s routine bring it down. So instead of ordering my preference of routines, I will order my preference of the performers. Some of it has to do with dance ability, a lot of it has to do with personality and likeability, some of it has to do with adapting to styles…

  1. Jasmine
  2. Aaron
  3. Paul
  4. Nico
  5. Mackenzie
  6. Alan
  7. Amy
  8. Curtis
  9. Fik Shun
  10. Jenna
  11. Hayley
  12. Malece
  13. Tucker

Nigel does it quickly. It is Alexis and Curtis who are going home. I didn’t even realize that’s two tappers down! Nico seems more upset about it than anything, of all the guys to cry I was sure it would be Curtis. Even though it was the right choice, I’m so sad to see them go! And sad Curtis didn’t get to dance today at all!

Random Thoughts:

  • Love the little “good luck” whisper Cat gave the dancers before opening the envelope to reveal who the bottom six dancers were.
  • Cat told Alexis, “You know you can do this” and winked at her before her solo. I think it’s so sweet how much she loves the dancers.
  • I was slightly distracted by Nico’s shirt during his contemporary routine. It looked so much like a girl’s shirt. Why costume department? Why?
  • I forgot Paul won the Armenian SYTYCD. Was I supposed to remember this?
  • Christopher Scott and Spencer Liff are so good looking
  • I don’t remember Jonathan from Season 5, is that bad?
  • How cute was Hayley’s dress in the mini group number? That hot pink or red dress with the yellow shoes? Adorable!
  • Is it just me or is Nico looking skinnier and skinnier? Also seeing his face at losing Alexis so SO SAD.
  • At the end Curtis lifting Hayley up into the longest hug ever  may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sonya: We’re gonna jump right in, can you take your shirt off for me?” This is the new way I’m going to greet cute guys.

Cat: “You can’t vote for them to have a baby but you can vote for them online.” (See Anna’s comments for context.)

I Love Anna Kendrick Because She Says Things Like This:
Something we all wish, to Hayley:  “Dude if I could have your body for like one day I feel like I could do anything, I could solve world hunger!”

Something so sincere to Mackenzie: “You’re so pretty but the power wasn’t coming from your beauty it was from your ability.”

Something I’d totally watch as well: “Jasmine people talk about your extension and strength but I feel like you have such grace I would be so happy to sit and watch you eat a bowl of cereal on this stage. There’s something really magical about you.”

Something I’d like to do on a daily basis, to Aaron: “And I’m going to make you give me a piggy back later. I feel like it would be really fun for the both of us and by the both of us I mean really fun for me.”

Something I usually feel when I watch exotic routines on SYTYCD: “I don’t always get ballroom on this show but that made me want to take lessons and have an affair on a tropical island or maybe just the second thing.”

Something strange, but funny: “You’re both are such solid dancers such deliberate dancers and I feel like you guys should make a baby…and the end.”

Something no one can deny: “And you Cat you’re so great you’re so tall and pretty”

Final Thoughts:
Unfortunately I think Nico, Hayley, and Malece will be in the bottom next week. The judges especially seem to be gunning for Nico even though I think he’s fantastic. Just look at his work, it’s been so great…well except for that hip hop and jive…However this also means Hayley and Nico will be paired up next week, so as long as they don’t get something like the quickstep or the Viennese waltz he could have a chance to show what he can do with a stronger partner. I guess we will just have to see! Until next week. PS: Nigel can Anna be a full time judge?




So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9
And The Winner Is…

The finale starts with reminders of the past 8 winners. I love seeing their old reactions. I forgot that Season 3 was against Twitch and Joshua. I always thought it was against Katee and Joshua. But that’s the past, and tonight we find out the winner…sorry winners of Season 9.

We are reunited with the Top 20 and they are sort of introduced in the order they were dismissed. Awkward. But it’s nice to be reunited. It feels great and slightly uncomfortable. Everything reality reunion shows should be.

Cat comes out lookin’ freakin’ adorable (I want her whole outfit) and introduces us to our panel of 6 judges. Lil C is back, where have you been all season?  Same goes for you Debbie Allen.  We also have Adam Shankman, Tyce DiOrio and the usual Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. I think I would be more impressed if the panel of 6 judges included Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Applegate, and Rob Marshall, how cool would that be? But moving on, it’s time to hear the judges favorite dances of the season. You’ve already read mine.

But before that, we get a Top 20 reunion piece from Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh. And I like it! It has good tricks, good partnering, and it is crazy intense. Then again, any piece that involves a wind machine and a smoke machine is a winner in my book. Our Top 20 dances to the song “Torn” by Nathan Lanier and everything is working for them. Wardrobe, choreography, everything. It’s pretty cool. It’s no “Ramalama Bang Bang”, but honestly what is?


Judges Favorite Routines:

Nigel: Matthew and Audrey: Titanic Routine – a Travis Wall Routine
Thoughts: I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, first time performances are so raw. But it was nice seeing Matthew again.

Lil C: Witney and Twitch : “Swagography” a Luther Brown routine
Thoughts: I think I enjoyed it even more this time around. Witney just adds so much sass! It’s a fun routine.

Debbie Allen: Tiffany and George “Turning The Page” a Sonya Routine.
Thoughts: I forgot about this routine. But it’s rather beautiful. Tiffany has grown so much she dances the hell out of this piece and George is just an all-around beautiful, graceful dancer. I have a feeling I like this routine a lot better the second time around.

Adam Shankman: Cole and Lindsey, Paso Doble, a Jason Gilkinson routine
Thoughts: Without the pressure of the competition, I think Lindsey dances it with more intensity this time. Though the lame chest pounding in the beginning always gets me. Cole, as always, is his usual dramatic self.

Tyce: Will and Amelia, Alley Cat Routine, a Nappy Tabs routine.
Thoughts: Okay, so they call it “Lovecats” I call it Alley Cats. So there. I love this routine and it’s just as good the second time around.

Mary Murphy: Chehon and Kathryn, the dramatic Tyce choreography routine
Thoughts: That part where Kathryn stands on Chehon’s back gets me every time. Really quite exquisite, Tyce, and yes, I said that without sarcasam.

Cat’s Favorite Routine: Tiffany and Brandon, Disco by Doriana
Thoughts: Three Words: upside down splits

Contestants Favorite Routines:

Eliana : her routine with Alex Wong, “Bang Bang”
Thoughts: Not as great as it was the first time, but still lovely.

Chehon: his routnine with Anya, Argetine TAmgo
Thoughts: Liked it as much as I did the first time. Which is not so much. Too slow for my tastes. But Mary says it’s good so…I…believe….her…question mark?…?…

Tiffany: “Power of Love” routine with Ade
Thoughts: There’s a move where Tiffany grabs onto Ade’s leg that I never noticed before. I enjoyed this performance as much as the first time. You can really tell she loves this routine. And I like it when you can just see absolute joy on a dancer’s face.

Cyrus: his routine with Twitch. From…the last episode. Curious.
Thoughts: Will someone create me a wall of breakaway glass I can bust through? I’ll pay you $20. Also, I think Twitch has performed more routines in the finale than Cyrus has. I’m just sayin’….And…still love that wiggly ending.


Special Routines:

A Very Special Hip Hop Routine:

Who: Twitch, Comfort, Cyrus with Christopher Scott
Song: “Holy Ghost” Messinian
Thoughts: I find it slightly discomforting when choreographers join the contestants in their routines and I don’t quite know why. But nonetheless, this routine is pretty sweet. Christopher Scott is a genius. The tutting and isolations and creative use of suspenders is really quite mesmerizing. I kept finding my eyes drawn to Christopher because he’s just so out of place…and So. Damn. Good-looking.



Number One Audition Moment Dance

Who: The Dragon House with Brian Gaynor
Song: “Cryosleep” by Cyberoptics
Thoughts: I really admire the fact that Nigel gave the whole house a chance to perform together, even when some of the guys unceremoniously quit. With the addition of Brian Gaynor, the whole thing was sick. (Like in the way cool people say it.) My only question, why wasn’t Cyrus in there? My second question, who let Nigel think trying to do animation was a good idea?



“Brand Spanking New” Group Routine Choreographed by Nappy Tabs

Who: The Top 10 with 10 All Stars
Song: “Circle of Life” Lion King Soundtrack
Thoughts: It’s pretty cool actually. Very primal and high energy. A lot of leg work. And a different style than I am used to seeing from our new hip hop parents. (Are we ever going to see that baby?) It’s fun they included The All Stars.




Who the Hell is the Season 9 Winner Already?

We are starting with the girls and I have to say I am in love with Tiffany’s dress. I love that it’s like a mullet. Short in the front, long in the back. So white and pretty. I love they pulled up some never before seen footage from the audition period. Eliana’s face after the package makes me want to cry. And they’re like happy, hopeful tears but I still find my eyes welling up just the same. This is so crazy guys! Who’s it gonna be?

America’s Favorite Female Dancer is….Eliana!

And girl is genuinely shocked!! This is the absolute right decision. I mean Tiffany is great. She’s had a great season and hasn’t really faltered at all. But it just took so damn long to separate her from Audrey by that time it was too late. Tiffany will have no problem finding work, she’s young, and beautiful, and a fabulous dancer. I am SO STOKED Eliana won. It’s a total no brainer, but I’m glad that America made the right decision.


As for the boys, it’s anyone’s game really, but I still see Chehon as the underdog. Cyrus has such a huge fan base, but I really believe Chehon should be the winner. Cyrus has always tried really really hard, but we got to see Chehon grow physically and emotionally throughout this more. I want it more for him I guess. Does that make sense? I love hearing about Cyrus’ insecurities throughout the process, it just makes him feel much more human, and like an actual person. I don’t think we’ve had the chance to know him as well as we’ve gotten to know Chehon. Chehon has had more of an emotional time than from what we’ve seen from Cyrus. Both boys look great. I love Cyrus’ pink suit jacket. And I love the fact that’s he’s crying.

America’s Favorite Male Dancer is…Chehon!!!!!!! (wait let me add a few more) !!!!!!

And I swear, I just let out a little shriek. All the judges are so freakin’ shocked and looking at Nigel with the expression, “oh my god, are you serious?” I guess they didn’t know beforehand. Also, you can totally read Witney’s lips and she just mouthed, “I’m gonna faint! I’m gonna faint.”


Random Thoughts

  • Funny: Love Lil’ C brushing his beard.
  • Cat demonstrates” waiting for the bus” again. Amazing.
  • Who do you think is baby sitting NappyTabs baby while they are at this show?
  • Nigel tells Eliana about how Desmond Richmond wants Eliana for his company. Good form Nigel.
  • A hour and five minutes into the show and Cyrus is pretty much MIA….yeah….
  • Seeing the contestants play poker, makes me really want to play. And also crave a scotch and a cigar.
  • Things I fast forwarded: Carly Rae Jenson’s performance.
  • How was Chehon’s performance with Allison not one of the top performances.
  • During Cyrus package, anyone hear Cat’s mic that got left on? And the weird echo? Hilarious! They really are live people!
  • I know I give Cyrus a lot of “hate” but Nigel talks about his hunger to learn new styles and I do have to admit I do have respect for the dude. He hasn’t given up. He hasn’t half assed things and he always seems to have a good attitude.
  • I think Nigel just admitted he gave his support to Chehon to get more support for others for Cyrus. But in a sneaky political way.
  • Love that shot of Cyrus walking away with a huge ass bouquet of flowers.
  • Love Cat’s quite subtle, “you did it” to Chehon as everyone else is screaming around him. The way he is hugging Cat is adorbs.
  • Love Will separating Cat from the hugging and giving her a big bear hug lifting her off her feet.
  • Why does Christina Aguilera call herself “Xtina”? Oh whoops, sorry, wrong show. But I don’t recap The Voice so where else am I going to “voice”  (I’m so clever) my frustration about this fact?


The absolute right decision was made in making Eliana and Chehon the winners of this season, though I have no doubt in my mind that if there had been only one winner, it hands down would have been Eliana. Both these dancers have had some great performances on this show and have grown a lot. Well, Chehon more than Eliana, she’s always been spectacular. Do you agree with “America’s Decision?” Or do you think Tiffany and Cyrus should have won?

This season started out lackluster, but once the All Stars were brought in I believe some of the magic was brought back and there were more and more dances to get excited about. This just makes me more convinced that for Season 10 Nigel should do a Battle of the All Stars best of the best, bring back the Top 20 All Stars and make the duke it out for the Ultimate Favorite Dancer. I put it on the table Nigel, you’re move!


There’s no pressure tonight. It’s all just fun and games as the Final Four perform. With All Stars! How are they going to fill the two hours?

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9

The beginning intro is so dramatic as each dancer talks about how they can’t believe they’ve made it to the final four. I feel like I’m watching the NBC Olympic Coverage. Cat tells us the dancers will be dancing 5 times. C’est impossible! I feel exhausted just hearing that. Our guest judge today is: Rob Marshall.


The Routines

Routine #1
Who: Cyrus and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Paso Doble with Jason Gilkinson.
Rehearsal: So, the paso doble is about a matador and his cape. Usually the girl is the cape, but this time Cyrus is the cape. I want to be all negative and dramatic about reasons why, but if you’ve been reading my past posts then you already know what I think, so we will just move on.
Song: “The Game Has Chamged” by Daft Punk
Performance:  So…I don’t know. It felt slow, or not dramatic enough, or too many tricks not enough footwork, or…something. Something was off. It was pretty cool when Cyrus swept Eliana around the floor, but other than that…it was just ok. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Nigel says Cyrus deserves to be here, and Eliana as secured her place in the industry. Mary, ballroom expert, said he delivered. She said the cartwheel was awkward (which it was) and Eliana was on fire. Rob loved the way Eliana told the story.

Random Thought: Four words: Cat’s Blue Steel Face


Routine #2
Who: Tiffany and All Star Will
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: First thought, Will has hair! It’s weird seeing him with hair!  In this piece Sonya wants to show how far Tiffany has come.
Song: “The Time Is Now” by Moloko
Performance:  Sometimes I don’t understand what the costumers are thinking. Seriously. What is Tiffany wearing? I can’t stop looking at those strappy things on her butt. Maybe that’s the point. As for this routine, there is no doubt how good of a dancer Tiffany is. I think what this piece suffered from was the lack of chemistry between her and Will, but that’s Will’s fault not Tiffany’s. The piece was joyful and Tiffany danced light as air. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Mary thought her dancing was great, Rob loved Tiffany’s extension. Nigel thought Will had matured and that Tiffany’s lines are strong and big.


Routine #3
Who: Chehon and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Ballet with a choreographer who’s name I could never spell (anyone catch it? IF this were charades, I’d say it sounds like “Marrette Doquia”)
Rehearsal: This is what I have been waiting for: Ballet with our ballet dancers. And point work. Chehon talks about how they are rusty because with ballet you have to practice all the time and since the show they haven’t had time to work on their ballet technique. It looks rough, but exciting!
Song: “The Nutcracker Suite-Pas De Deux” by Bruton APM Studio
Performance:  So when they first showed Chehon and Eliana I was unsure what they were wearing. After seeing they were dancing to The Nutcracker Suite, I totally get it now. Moving on. There technique was so precise and everything was so elegant and perfect. That lift to the crescendo was so graceful and stunning. Though Chehon didn’t do much dancing he did a lot of supporting and it was still fantastic to watch. That bit at the end where it was 45 seconds of Eliana doing pirouettes, on point, with the support of Chehon was amazing! I just kept thinking “daymn” to myself. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob cannot believe their versatility. He says Eliana has such great extension, but no one knows how hard it is for the man, and Chehon was amazing. Nigel loves the fact that there are 2 ballet dancers in the finale and throws out a bunch of ballet turns they did. He tells Chehon he makes all the lifts look easy (I agree, the way he lifted her up with such ease! Amazing!) Mary calls it special and starts to tear up.

Random Thoughts:
– Loved their choreographer crying at the end of their routine.
– Also love the bit when Cat fixed Eliana’s dress after it popped out to create a handle.
– Eliana makes the best comedic faces.


Routine #4
Who: Tiffany and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Lyical Hiop Hip Tessandra Chavez
Rehearsal: Concept – the routine is about young love. Cryus is Tiffany’s first boyfriend and he broke her heart. She decides to move on and he wants her back.
Song: “Best Thinking I Never Had” by Beyonce
Performance:  Sometimes Tiffany’s dancing can come off as cheerleadery, I don’t know if that makes sense.  However there were a lot of intricate moves and overall it was…fine. Their acting, though, was spot on. I believed what they were feeling from the both of them. There were some good moments, but it could have been better. It didn’t make me jump up and down. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Nigel brings up how the both of them have never been in the bottom. Mary calls Tiffany a beast and is proud of Cyrus. She says Tiffany hit it hard. Rob loves how they dance with abandon (yeah, I get that) and he calls the routine his favorite of the evening so far.

Top 4 Perform
We take a break in the routines to get a performance by the Top 4. I was wondering why they didn’t do one at the top of the show like usual. They dance to a Tyce routine to the song “Eine Klein Nachtmusik (District 78 remix) by KPM Studio Artists and its…interesting…to say the least. I have no clue what genre it is. Ballet? Contemporary? Hip Hop? And with the music and everything, Cyrus feels totally out of place. It’s a bit strange and I don’t know how I feel about it. I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t get you Tyce!



Routine #5
Who: Chehon and All Star Allison
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary by Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is – Allison and Chehon are in a relationship. She has an opportunity to go somewhere, but she wants to hang on to him and the relationship. Chehon is choosing to let her go so she can pursue her dreams. Stacey admires Chehon during rehearsal and is amazed at the things he can do.
Song: “Leave” by Once Original Broadway Cast
Performance:  Seriously, Allison could dance with a paper bag and make it look amazing. She is seriously one of the best dancer/actresses. Her emotions feel really genuine. However, if Chehon is her paper bag, then he’s the best looking, best dancing, strongest paper bag I’ve ever seen. Okay, I need to stop with this analogy. This piece had so many WOW moments. With the help of the song, I really felt like Chehon was trying to let Allison go and she didn’t want to. Hey remember that time he dropped her? On purpose? WOW. Hey, remember that time he lifted her with one hand? WOW. Hey remember that time he did that spin jump that defied gravity? WOW. Hey remember that time he kissed her? Don’t tell Twitch… Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Mary lets out a scream. Yeah, she liked it. She called this number freedom. He is free at last. Rob says the height is unbelievable and Allison is fierce. Nigel tells Rob Allison should be an actress. He loves how she gets into character before the routine even starts and with Allison, was really able to let it all go and show his emotion.

Random Thoughts
– Loved how they were still in their ending “moment” when Cat started doing her thing after the piece. Then it got slightly awkward.
– Love Stacey Tookey cheering for them like crazy!
– Oh God, I see a pole on the stage….


Routine #6
Who: Tiffany and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Pole Dancing I mean Broadway… with Ray Leeper
Rehearsal: Ray is taking Burlesque to Broadway. Hey remember how Eliana was known as the pole dancing girl way back in Vegas? She really has come full circle.
Song: “When You’re Good To Mama” Chicago the Musical – Broadway Cast
Performance:  This is the first time I have seen Tiffany dance so mature and I think that’s thanks to Eliana. For the first time, I didn’t look at her as this cute little girl. She was sexy and sure of herself. Eliana, was amazing and the pole wasn’t just a gimmick. (I can’t believe I just wrote that). Ray used it in a cool way instead of a skeezy way. That trick at the end where Eliana bent and twisted her legs around the pole and over her head was unreal. I can’t believe she contorted her body like that. Really, it was just amazing. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: So the minute I saw the poles, I knew that we were in for some creepy comments from Nigel…let’s see what he says. Rob says it was unbelievable and fierce. He doesn’t know how Eliana did that on the pole. Mary says they are extraordinary and the routine was fun and sassy. Nigel says it’s so hard to say anything that won’t get him in trouble.

Random Thoughts:
– Everyone is so excited!!
– Love Eliana walking toward Cat like she broke her back off that pole.
– Love Cat saying, “I know I’m going to regret this, but Nigel I’m coming to you first.”


Routine #7
Who: Chehon and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: They are excited to work with each other. Sonya is including a lot of lifts and she knows it’s a struggle for Cyrus.
Song: “Fangs” by Little Red Lung
Performance:  Okay, seriously? Sonya needs to get over these skirt-like things/big pants for the boys. What is her obsession with those? I am amazed at the ease that Chehon can even lift Cyrus. That boy must be super strong. Both guys are super strong and the routine has Sonya written all over it. She does strong male-partner choreography. I even think Cyrus did a good job he actually danced. Sonya did not let him off. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Nigel thought both boys upped their level. He has nothing but nice things to say about Cyrus and tells him he’s gown as a dancer and is his favorite “person.” He tells Chehon he’s grown as a person and is his favorite dancer. Mary admires their fight and their journeys. Rob says he loves the camaraderie and he can tell the two guys get along and lift each other up, physically and literally!


Routine #8
Who: Eliana and All Star Alex Wong
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Travis Wall
Rehearsal: This is like the perfect trio. And I’ve always wanted Travis to choreography Alex. Looks like Eliana is going to have to be majorly flexible.
Song: “Without You” by Harry Nilsson.
Performance:  I’m glad we didn’t get a concept before this, I’m glad we could just watch it for what it was. What I love about this routine is that it seemed like Eliana and Alex were exploding off of each other. Both of these dancers have such great chemistry and they are just amazing to watch. And I swear Eliana is GUMBY because Alex was manipulating her legs in ways that seem impossible. It really was amazing to each and the song choice was perfect. Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Rob calls it poetry and calls Eliana amazing. He loves Alex and thinks they connected really well. It was Nigel’s favorite routine of the night bringing all his favorites together. Nigel calls Eliana her favorite of all time. I’d give that title to Allison, but Eliana comes pretty damn close. Mary says it’s great to finally see Alex dance after his injury when he was actually on the show. She calls Eliana’s passion extraordinary. She says her feet and ankles are great and she feels it.

Random Thought: Love the “WOW” Nigel mouthed when the routine was over.


Routine #9
Who: Chehon and Tiffany
Style and Choreographer: Rumba with Dimitry Chaplin
Rehearsal: Dimitry says the Rumba has to be passionate. I’ll be passionate with Dimitry. Oh wait, that’s not what’s happening here?
Song: “Love Me Tender” Adam Levy and Norah Jones
Performance:  Love this song. (Though, is it bad it makes me think of Princess Diaries too whenever I hear it?) It’s very romantic and flowy and sexy and honestly feels like a dream. I don’t quite know if it’s a rumba or not, but Chehon has now kissed two girls this episode. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Mary didn’t believe in the chemistry (I disagree) but she says this Latin dance was perfect for him. She thought Tiffany had great Latin technique. Rob thought it was sexy. He felt like they had a connection and didn’t oversell it. He calls Tiffany stunning and Chehon smooth and elegant. Nigel calls this dance sexier than the pole dance.

Routine #10

Who: Cyrus and Twitch
Style and Choreographer: Animation with Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: There’s a lot of pressure on this. This is the first time this has ever been possible in SYTYCD History. They bring in an animation pro to help with the choreography. And there’s TWITCH! Cyrus says he’s so happy he could cry. I personally Can’t. Wait.
Song: “Like A Criminal” by District 78
Performance:  And it’s actually really cool, from the broken glass to the frozen end. It’s just so complex and detailed and unique. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. Love the ending where they stop but twitch (haha get it twitch?) as if they still have electricity surging through them. Dare I say Cyrus is better at animation than Twitch? Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob calls them superstars. He said it was crazy. Nigel tells me Twitch isn’t an animator, so I take back what I said earlier. Twitch I love you. Nigel tells them that Christopher Scott calls them world class. Nigel causes a big downer by saying he’s not going to vote for Cyrus after supporting him all this time. He says he’s supporting Chehon, but he says still, Cyrus is amazing and inspirational.

Random Thought: That was ballsy of Nigel to tell him he’s voting for Chehon, but I agree that dancers work their whole life to be recognized and to win means something different to Chehon than it would to Cyrus.


The Solos

Solo #1
Who: Eliana
Song: “Passacaglia”, by Johann Johannson
Performance:  Her solo was so beautiful and graceful. I love point shoes and we’ve gotten so much of the point shoes this episodes. Can’t help thinking, her toes must hurt!
Grade: A-

Solo #2
Who: Cyrus
Song: “Holy Ghost” by Messinan
Performance:  Insane, just insane. The ticks are really incredible.
Grade: B+

Solo #3
Who: Tiffany
Song: “I Believe” by Fantasia
Performance:  I am mesmerized by those feet shoes (socks?) she’s wearing. He solo is nothing special, but because I like her I give her a….
Grade: B

Solo #4
Who: Chehon
Song: “How It Ends” by Devotchka
Performance:  I loved that he started out holding that ticket to Vegas. I think this was the most free I’ve ever seen Chehon dance. He just looked like he was having so much fun out there. He was so relaxed. That fall backwards into a back somersault was pretty cool. And he picked such a great song I could listen to it, and watch him forever.
Grade: A


Routines in Order of Preference

  • Chehon and Allison
  • Eliana and Tiffany
  • Eliana and Alex
  • Eliana and Chehon
  • Twitch and Chehon
  • Chehon and Tiffany
  • Chehon and Will
  • Tiffany and Cryus
  • Tiffany and Will
  • Cyrus and Eliana


My Predictions for the Final 2
Eliana and Chehon (and rightfully so!!). Starting the night I could have guaranteed it would have been Cyrus who won, but I hope, pray, and believe it will be Chehon. He deserves this so much. And Eliana is a no brained. She’s had an incredible season.


Other Random Thoughts

  • Cat’s dress today had the opposite effect of last weeks for me, this week. The more and more I looked at it, the more I disliked it.
  • Mary is so sparkly and diamond studded, I would be seriously afraid for her if she decides to step outside that studio. She’d be mugged in a heartbeat!
  • I really liked hearing Eliana talk about how she felt overshadowed by Cyrus and it wasn’t till her performance with Alex that she felt like she was able to be herself.
  • I liked hearing Tiffany talk about her insecurities throughout the process because it’s also things we wondered about her throughout the show. She wasn’t featured throughout the audition process, she did look like Audrey. It was just interesting to hear her thoughts.
  • Love Chehon blushing when Nigel mentions his lack of shirt the entire show. I’m not complaining.
  • Love the phrase “nommy eminated” almost as much as I love “lord have murphy.”


“This is what it’s like to be a matador? I feel like a mop.” – Eliana

“She had a handle for a second but we got a handle on it.” – Cat

Mary: First I have to too Stacey Tookey’s work, the three time nommy emanated…
Rob: Emmy Nominated?
Cat: She can’t even get the words out.

“You bamboozle me and I like it.” Cat to Cyrus

Nigel: Chehon when we can finally afford a shirt for you we couldn’t find the buttons? What’s going on?
Mary: Well Dimitry was the choreographer
Dimitry peeling open his shirt.
Everyone around him laughing.

Final Thoughts
After a shaky beginning few episodes I think SYTYCD really found its groove with the starting with the Final 8. Once we got past that awful Mia Michael’s tribute and started bringing in the All Stars things got really good. It made the show much more enjoyable learning about the dancers through their families, and hearing about their journeys. I wish there was some way it could have been incorporated earlier. I will miss SYTYCD and I hope it comes back next season, but for now, I will cast my vote for Eliana and Chehon. If Cyrus wins over Chehon I will personally hunt down everyone that voted for him and shake them until they answer me why. So in any case we’re in for a great recap next week. Until the…I wait for the winner results next Tuesday!



Well kids, it’s been a great season this Season 8. And it’s time to crown the winner. But first it’s time to see some of the greatest hits from this season as well as reunite the Top 20! NICK! Let’s see if some of my favorite routines made it to the show!

So You Think You Can Dance

 And the Winner Is…

Group Performance
Who: Top 20
Dancing Style: Jazz
Song: “Wanna Get Hype” by District 78
Performance: This routine wreaks of Sonya. It’s intense and relentless and pretty cool. I like seeing the Top 20 again but I also find that 3 things are distracting me. 1) Ryan, shockingly, is standing out and doing a really great job. How come she didn’t dance like this during the show? Pressure? Nerves? 2) Who is that guy with dyed blond hair? It’s DISTRACTING! I don’t even remember that dancer…is that bad? 3) Seeing Nick Young attack this piece with such gusto just makes me think of what could have been. Oh Nick…can’t he come back next year, Nigel? Rating: 8/10


Cat comes out wearing a shiny bright red dress and on anyone else that dress would look skanky, but Cat makes it look CLASSY! The routine was indeed choreographed by Sonya (called it!) and the judges panel is fully loaded: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (love him!), Sonya Tayeh, Tyce D’Orio, Robin Antin, Lil’ C.

She brings the final 4 four out as the judges sing their praises. Based off of the cheering crowd their votes were between Sasha and Melanie. I think you’re right crowd! I love that they do this: Give some words of encouragement to contestants.  I also love that Nigel apologized for brushing the guys off. He threw in the word “insensitive” which IT WAS. And I appreciate his apology. Like he said, these dancers have worked their BUTT off to get where they are.

With that out of the way, it’s time for Season’s 8 Greatest Hits.


Mary’s Pick:
WhoSasha and Kent
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Song: “Fool of Me”
Performance:  Sometimes when dancers dance a favorite routine for the second time, I feel like it’s not as good as the first time, when it’s new, and scary and fresh. For example: The second time Mia Michael’s “The Bench” was performed. It just wasn’t as good as that first time. It’s like the dancers were dancing as if they already knew they had gold in their hands…However this performance didn’t suffer from that at all. It was just as emotional, just as incredible, just as good. I think it also has to do with the dancers dancing it. Sasha is just so humble.

Nigel’s Pick:
Melanie and Marko
Dancing Style: 
Lyrical Hip Hop
Nappy Tabs
Song: “I Got You”
Performance:  It was the dance with the kiss! This one was definitely one of my favorites. And they performed it just as good as the first time.

Robin’s Pick:
Tadd and Lauren
Dancing Style: 
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “Another One Bites The Dust”
Performance: Tadd definitely had a lot more fun with this than the first time. It wasn’t one of my favorites though.

Lil’ C’s Pick:
Robert and Miranda
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Miranda and Robert
Song: “Break Ya Neck”
Performance:  Also known as the “Woodpecker Routine,” it’s good to see Robert and Miranda again. I liked them. There’s just something sexy about Miranda’s swagger in this routine. I think Robert danced it better this time around, without the pressure of being judged.

Cat’s Pick:
Top 8
Dancing Style: 
Song: “The Circus Sets Up”
Performance: This is that magical circus routine. I’m pretty confident in saying this is the original performance. And if not, it was definitely pre-recorded. But it’s still magical and one of the great group performances of the season.


We interrupt the favorite performances to bring you a Performance by SYTYCD – UK Winner: Matt Flint. Part of his prize was getting to perform on the show.

Who:  Matt Flint with (our seasons’) Jess and Nick
Dancing Style: 
Song: “Can’t Buy Me Love” by Michael Buble.
Performance:  Um, Matt Flint and Nick Young are REALLY good looking guys. And they look all sharp and snazzy in their suits. I can see why Matt won. He has really good stage presence and some great tapping talent. Plus I’m sure his accent makes him EVEN MORE ADORABLE. This was such a fun routine and I always love it when tap is showcased. Especially like this. Nigel says that was one of the most exciting tap routines he’s ever seen. (Agree!) It had such good energy.


Mary’s Pick:
Melanie and All Star Neil
Dancing Style: 
Melanie Moore
Song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
Performance:  Wouldn’t it be funny after all that hype with the lift, he dropped her? Ha. But alas, Neil didn’t drop her. However, I didn’t enjoy this performance as much as I did the first time. Not to say they didn’t dance it well, I just prefer that first performance.

Jesse’s Pick:
Marko and Allison
Dancing Style: 
Song: “I Know It’s Over”
Performance:  Just as good as the first time, and random thought: someone got a Brazilian Blowout.

Tyce’s Pick:
Top 10 Girls
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Pop Drop and Roll”
Performance:  This one’s happening live…and it’s still pretty damn cool.  Love the bobble head move.

The “Best Of” Routines are interrupted again for Cat to eliminate the first of the four. The guys are dressed in suits. Does this mean they might be performing their Matrix-like routine. Also a Top 10 Performance? Anyway, Cat tells us the 4th place dancer is Tadd. He takes it in such stride. Man, I like this dude. I like in his clip reel that the other Top 4 Dancers say things about him…and he’s tearing up…awww…

Getting back to the routines it’s time for…

Lil’ C’s Pick:
Ashley and Chris
Dancing Style: 
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “Please, Mr. Jailer”
Performance:  Spencer Liff’s best routine this season. And STILL amazing. Chris has such fantastic upper arm strength here. If anything I think he may have performed it with even MORE intensity than before.

Next up the Top 4 are finally going to perform. Wasn’t that supposed to happen yesterday (Wednesday)? But the contestants get surprised by Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr, Naya Rivera, from Glee. Apparently they are the choreographers and they do a fake out with the fact they’ll be singing too. Okay, so as I watch a little more it turns out this isn’t the case at all! What? I wanted to watch them dance with the Glee Kids, and I wanted a Top 4 performance. That the heck?! Enough with the fake out and back to the show…

Nigel decides to make up the fact he’s made me angry the Final Four aren’t performing with the Glee kids, by picking…

Nigel’s Pick:
Sasha and Twitch’s
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Christopher Scott
Song: “Misty Blue”
Performance:  It’s not quite as good as the first time, but seriously, will these two make-out already?! They are SO CUTE together.

Sonya’s Pick:
Top 10 Guys
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Performance:  The screen turns to read and for a moment I think my TV’s broken, but no, we’re just close up on a door. It’s the Matrix routine. I was right! The kid with the dyed blond hair comes out… and I’m too distracted with trying to figure out who he is. Is that Alexander? I think it might be. I hope it’s for a job and not for fun. Intense and Fabulous. Just as good as the first time. Maybe even better. And yes, the blond guy is Alexander. I can rest in peace now. But seriously, what?

Jesse’s Pick:
Caitlynn and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Argentian Tango
Miriam and Leonardo
Song: “Malajunta”
Performance:  Aww it’s the original. But it’s still good watching it again. Caitlynn has such good ballroom stature and it’s great, as always, to see Pasha.

Mary’s Pick:
Marko and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Travis Wall
Song: “Turn To Stone
Performance:  I’m sad they don’t have their statue make-up on. But I guess it’s not practical. Some of the moves are a little smoother, and less slippery than the original. when the music picks up they dance a little more carefree this time around – now that the pressure’s off. But…I still prefer the original.

Cat brings out Sasha to stand with Melanie and Marko. She’s going to eliminate another person. The dancer in third place is…Marko. I knew it. We all knew it. But I still love him. The one thing that always sticks out to me about Marko, is way back when, in one of the intro clips he said, “No, I don’t have a cold, this is just how I talk,” or something along those lines.

The last performance of the night, before the winner is announced is fitting…

Nigel’s Pick
Sasha and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Song: “Game On”
Performance:  I don’t know how these girls can even think anymore knowing one of the will be declared the winner in a matter of minutes. But I guess it’s probably all adrenaline at this point. This routine isn’t my favorite, but I think it’s fitting. They’re dancing like there’s something at stake, and there is.

The time has come. No more putting it off. We can’t! My DVR tells me there’s only 7 minutes left in the show. If it cut off at the end, I will kill it. I promise you that. Both girls are already crying, but Cat stretches the inevitable out more to show the dancers reel clips. I’m glad they do this BEFORE they announce the winner. Finally after all these seasons they worked it out. Fun Fact: the winner took 47% of the vote and the runner up 32%, which only leaves 21% split between Tadd and Marko. Wow…

And the winner…of Season 8…So You Think You Can Dance…




I can’t even focus on Melanie because her Grandma is breaking her heart with her tears. I also love the fact that they reveal the big poster with her picture. She gets to immediately see the fruits of all her labor. The right winner was crowned. Frankly I would have been just as happy if Sasha won, but I’m happy with the outcome.

The other dancers rush the stage and I’m glad we get some time to watch Melanie celebrate. I just wish we got a tad bit more…


Random Thoughts

  • I spy with my little eye, Alex Wong and Joshua (Season 4 Winner).
  • Sonya’s eye shadow matches her earrings, matches her necklace, matches her rings.
  • I can’t believe I had to hear Tyce say “Nasty” again. Make. It. Stop.
  • Like Tadd fixing Cat’s hair.
  • LIKE: Tadd’s face when Cat says she has the cutest smile.
  • LOVE: Tadd holding his flowers like he’s Miss America. And Marko shaking his head at him like he’s saying, “You’re so stupid!” in a joking way.
  • LOVE Cat singing the judges names.
  • Nigel thanks the director and the lighting director, and I appreciate that. I being a crew member type myself, I always appreciate when crew members get thanked.


Cat: “We love you Sonya, but by God, you’re WEIRD.”

Jesse: “You know just dance your heart out tonight and hopefully America…oh wait they already voted…oh my gosh you guys should be so scared right now!” Awesome Jesse, just awesome. 

Tadd: “Even though I’m like 5’4, I try to rise as high as I could.”


My Top 5 Performances of the Season

  • Melanie and Marko – Lyrical Hip Hop
  • Melanie and Marko – Statue
  • Sasha and Twitch – Lyrical Hip Hop
  • Sasha and Kent – Contemporary
  • Tadd and Melanie – Broadway

Thanks for sticking with my recaps! I hope you enjoyed this seasons as much as I did. It definitely had its ups and downs. As always keep on reading. I hope to start my Glee Recaps soon once the season starts! Keep on loving that dance!

As Cat says, tonight the top 6 have to dance to prove they have the right to be in the top 4. I have high hopes for tonight, especially with Lil’ C as a judge as well as Christina Applegate (love her!)


So You Think You Can Dance
Top 6 Perform + All Stars

Tonight we get 2 performances and 1 solo from each of the dancers. As she introduces Christina Applegate, I can’t help thinking how similar their hairstyles are today and shiny wardrobes for that matter. We need to have a dance worthy of a standing ovation so we can see if she’s wearing a dress or just a shiny top.

Contestant with All-Star

Routine #1
Melanie and All Star Twitch
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Nappy Tabs.
This routine’s concept? Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Little Red is “buck”. Someone puts the term “Little Red Swagging Hood” out there and I keep my fingers cross that does not become a thing…
“Roman’s Revenge”, by Nicki Minaj

Performance:I’ve been waiting to see if Melanie could pull off hip hop….and I’m not sure if she can. She sure did dance the hell out of it. But she’s totally not hip hop. She just looked a little awkward and young, and I have to say a bit too classy for Hip Hop. She did get low and hardcore, but I almost felt like I was watching a kindergarten routine. Twitch was hitting the beat harder. However, I have to say those lifts looked easy and amazing and it looked like intricate choreography. This was no lyrical hip hop, so good effort. Grade: B-
Lil’ C:
The beginning was shaky, but she got better.
Loves her, and has never seen her get down and dirty like this.
She was on fire. She was committed. It was a nice change of pace to see her not be adorable.
“Grandma, what a big talent you have.” He knows she’ll be in the finale.

Routine #2
Sasha and All Star Kent
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: Tyce
Rehearsal: Concept  is about two people who’ve hit a wall in their relationship and the emotions ones go through when someone’s done them wrong. Sasha can relate and she gets teary eyed and vague.
Song: “Fool of Me” by Me’shell Ndegeocello

Performance:They start off facing each other, Sasha blocked by Kent, and she melt’s into him, and I already know this piece will be amazing. And I was right. I LOVE idea of using the wall as a prop, it allowed them to do crazy things with their body. Good one Tyce. Cool parts: Kent’s spins with his head moving out of control. Usually when dancers spin they have a focal point. Kent did not – and it was beautiful, Sasha’s upside-down split against the wall, when Kent shoved her down to the ground hard with both hands, Kent climbing up the wall, Sasha pushing him hard, those leaps off the wall. The only thing that was a little awkward was that end move/pose against the wall. I wish that wasn’t there, because other than that it was pretty beautiful. And I love that Tyce had tears in his eyes. Grade: A-
Christina: Something has hurt her in her life and she can tell, and she just danced it on the floor. She couldn’t take her eyes off her.
Mary: Intoxicating. Her technique is amazing. Everything was dynamic.
Cat: “Don’t let them knock you down!”
Nigel: She brings them into her routines and performances through her emotions. She does this brilliant.
Lil’ C: (He’s trying not to cry, but failing, and Lil’ C breaks my heart with his comments.) “In life, when you talk about life is hard, it’s about being in a relationship with yourself and with life, and sometimes life just treats you unfairly, and you feel like you put so much into it and it never reciprocates, so I understand that portal that you dance from. I felt like you were speaking to me the whole time and it’s all about not being ashamed of your struggle but rejoicing in the fact that you can come out in front of people and talk about how victorious you are in coming through it.” And this folks, is why I love Lil’ C.

Routine #3
Marko and All Star, Janette
Dancing Style: 
Paso Doble
Dmitry Chaplin
Concept – Marko is a matador. Marko struggles during rehearsal. I can’t lie, I don’t remember Janette all that well. I think she was Janine’s season?

Performance:Despite his distracting shoulder pads that probably give his posture and unfair advantage. Marko seems to have great control over this routine. He shows power and strength. Marko lifting Janette around his shoulders like she was a cape was cool, but I don’t think it was as intense or passionate as it could be. Grade: B/B-
Mary: Sometimes people don’t understand this version (I didn’t). Most of the time Marko nailed it.
Nigel: Wanted more passion. Wasn’t into it.
Lil’ C: Loves the way to perform. He was connected and committed to the piece.
Christina: Huge fan of his as well. He could have gone a little deeper. She’s extraordinary.

Routine #4
Tadd and All Star, Ellenore
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
The concept about a period piece. A time before couples touched each other. In this piece the couple will feel that first sensation and go wild. Sonya wants to find Tadd’s dirtier side.
Song: “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut

Performance: I don’t know how I feel about this piece. Though hanging from the chandelier provided some great moments, and created some great pictures, I feel in a way it hindered what this dance could have been. Sonya in rehearsal said she wanted them to go WILD and FREE, but I felt like the dancers felt they had to be constrained to the chair and the chandelier. I gotta say though, Tadd has some MASSIVE…strength (yes and muscles). To hang himself by one hand off that chandelier, or to balance on the back of the chair on one hand, or hold on tight while spinning. That’s some mad crazy skill there. I can barely hang onto a railing while walking down the stairs, so I’ll give him that. As for Tadd, he didn’t really get into character. I didn’t feel his lust for Ellenore. A for creative, but for concept and dancing…Grade: B
Nigel: “It was…” He’s speechless. He wanted to see a little more dancing, despite the interesting positions. He was left “hanging”….He wanted it longer (and I agree).
Lil’ C: Sonya is able to showcase the dancers abilities. He wants them to make each move last a lifetime. He needs to live in the moment.
Christina: Remarkable. She likes the dirtier side of dance.
Mary: Tadd is still growing. Choreography was daring with that dangerous prop.

Routine #5
Ricky and All Star Jaimie
Dancing Style: 
Dee Caspry
The piece is about a couple trying to stay together. He’s trying to keep her in line…with sticks…this should be interesting – especially since he can’t use his hands to lift her. I don’t know about this…
Song: “Inside These Lines” by Trent Dabbs

Performance:I have to admit at the beginning of this piece I was so focused on the sticks that I forgot to watch the dancing. Bad I know. But then Jaimie did this one move and it’s like I snapped back to reality. The piece was beautiful actually and the concept was cool. To watch him conduct (or control her) was quite amazing. Ricky is so free with his movement and I really felt like he was flowing and controlling her. Love the end where she jumps on his back, grabs his sticks (not in a dirty way), and throws them on the floor. Grade: B
Lil’ C: Congratulations on dancing with a prop. Excellent.
Christina: He doesn’t dance with the clearest intention. He’s magical, but doing that would take him to the next level.
Mary: Beautiful free flowing movement. He’s risen from the ashes.
Nigel: Lovely piece. Lovely lines. Wants him to find a deeper base.

Routine #6
Caitlynn and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Dimtry Chaplin
Concept – passion passion passion. Caitlynn’s challenge: lose the cheesy grin and bringing passion.
Song: “Drop it Low” by Kat De Luna

Performance:That routine was HOT. Caitlynn rocked it. Shaky lift at the end aside (at least I thought it failed), Caitlynn made Pasha look even better. Pasha is the king of ballroom, but she held her own and I wasn’t looking at Pasha’s nice chest anymore, but I was looking at her. Mstrong>Grade: B+
Christina: She’s beautiful. Her body “like whatever.” Her technique was beautiful.
Mary: Her routine was better. Her body melted with Pasha. Her technique was on fire. Only criticism: pulled her face a bit too much.
Nigel: Samba rolls were excellent. Be careful with pulling too much face.
Lil’ C: She danced it amazingly.


Contestant with Contestant

Routine #1
Sasha and Ricky
Dancing Style: 
Kumari Suraj
“Wacking” comes from Los Angeles. (Remember Princess Lockeroo danced that style during the auditions?) It’s difficult and the contestants wack themselves in the face.
Song: “Schoolin’ Life” by Beyonce

Performance:Upon first impression, I don’t like it. The costumes look like Broadway and don’t match the sound. And their wacking looks like a cheerleading routine. Also the fact that Ricky doesn’t get low enough really sticks out while dancing next to Sasha. I don’t like it at all. It feels cheesy and just not at all cool. Sorry. Grade: D
Mary: They did a really great job, but not to the level of Princess Lockeroo. The wackin’ was slackin’.
Nigel: He enjoyed the fun of it. Ricky needs to relax more. Sasha was fabulous and loves the outfit (what?!).
Lil’ C: It’s a funky, sassy style and he felt like they didn’t enjoy it enough. They were too focused on the steps.
Christina: They could have “wacked it harder.” (dirty)

Routine #2
 Melanie and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Spencer Liff
It’s a high concept about a student dancer who falls for her choreographer and Tadd uses that to get a good performance out of her. In the end she realizes he’s not in love with her.
“(Where Do I Begin) Love Story” by Shirley Bassey

Performance: Tadd’s almost too cool for Broadway. I thought the both of them performed this really well. Melanie really is a good performer. You know how she’s feeling in her face. Tadd is a magnificent dancer. The things he can do with his body is quite amazing. I don’t see it so much in his facial expressions, but his dancing really says it all. And I think that says something about him. Even if the face is lacking, his dancing, his body has all the emotion. Tadd really was the stand-out for me in this routine and I think that’s a big thing because I love Melanie. That ending with Tadd posing her and walking away, and Melanie’s look of devastation was amazing. Grade: A-
Nigel: Melanie’s solo was amazing. She’s a brilliant dancer as well as an incredible dancer. The little things Tadd did was outstanding, he held up well to the beast of Melanie.
Lil’ C: Melanie has a quiet fire. It was technical and sensual at the same time. Her solo was beefy. Tadd continues to grow.
Christina: Melanie continues to grow. “That towel under the developpe was sick and wrong.” Tadd’s hands are beautiful and he’s brilliant.
Mary: America is in love with both of them. They’re both extraordinary. They’re fabulous.

Routine #3
Caitlynn and Marko
The piece is about Marko who’s overbearing and controlling and Caitlynn is trying to get away. Sonya wants all the sexy to be gone.
“Heavy in Your Arms” by Florence and the Machine

Performance:I liked it. It was definitely intense. Definitely Sonya. And Caitlynn definitely took a lot of abuse. Love when Marko grabbed her by the waist and dragged her across the floor. And when she flew in the air and balanced on his feet. I also liked it when Marko chased her around the stage then flipped over her. There was a lot of fighting, and pushing and pulling. I love it when I get so into a routine I actually feel like I’m gritting my teeth. Grade: A-
Lil’ C: This routine was “double hashtag buck”. That’s a twitter reference. Wreckless. Convicted. Murderous.
Christina: Marko is a beast. His aggression was beautiful. This was Caitlynn’s moment. Christina lets out a “FINALLY!”
Mary: This was one of Caitlynn’s best numbers EVER. She had another breakthrough. She brought grit to it. Marko is her favorite dancer.
Nigel: This routine makes up for the chandelier routine. Sonya is wordclass. He thought the routine was stunning. Caitlynn showed the how mature he could be.


Prefacing this week’s solos are clips of the parents of the contestants giving their kids encouragements. I always like clips like this, it makes you more emotionally attached to the dancers.

Who: Ricky
Song: “After Tonight” Justin Nozuka
Performance: It wasn’t a dance for your life performance, he almost fell out of his pirouettes there. I was also distracted by the fact the singer he was dancing too sounds a lot like John Mayer or Jason Mraz, but it wasn’t. Rating: 5/10

Who: Caitlynn
Song: “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Katie Thompson
Performance: She used the whole stage and I love that ending where she sits at the end of the stage, but other than that, it seemed like the normal things she does. Rating: 6/10

Who: Tadd
Song: “We Speak No American” by Yolande B Cool and D Cup.
Performance: I love that Tadd never starts center stage. I love how me comes in from the sidelines. I also like how he uses unordinary parts of the stage. I don’t think this solo can live up to last week’s solo. But it still had a lot of personality. I also love his little slide to Cat after his solo! That gives him an extra point. Rating: 8/10

Who: Sasha
Song: “Teeth” by Lady Gag
Performance: I think this was Sasha’s best solo she’s ever done. It had technique, tricks, personality, swag, and she danced it so well. Like! Rating: 8/10

Who: Marko
Song: “Wonderful World” by James Morrison
Performance: Marko comes leaping on stage and already has my heart. His performace is just so carefree and unlike any of the other dancers.  I like it. And I like Marko. Rating: 8/10

Who: Melanie
Song: “Cracks” by Freestylers
Performance: This solo was something different. She danced to a more intense song. Love that slow sink into the splits. She gets a half standing ovation. Rating: 8/10


Random Thoughts

  • Anyone notice Melanie drifting off during Lil’ C’s first critique of her. I think she got lost.
  • Oh my little Kent, it was good to see you. He was definitely one of my fave’s last season.
  • Caitlynn’s little brother is so cute. Do you think Caitlynn is a natural blonde? I mean the rest of her family is blonde.
  • After all the rhyming to the word “wack,” LOVE Cat telling the audience not to turn off their TV’s because they still have to vote. Give this woman her Emmy already.
  • I miss Allison Holker.
  • Check out this link to read about what the dancers rehearsals are like. Can you say HARDCORE?

Cat to Kent: “Who knew you could be such a baddie?”

Lil’ C to Marko: “I love the way you establish your dominance. It’s all about the crotch you know?”

Sonya to Tadd: Kiss her feet, kiss her toes!
Ellenore: I probably should have gotten a pedicure.

Cat: “He’s giving you props for the props.”

Cat to Pasha: “Yeah that was slightly unbelievable, Caitlynn strutting in the distance and you turning away.”

Cat: “Don’t hold back when you wack.”

Cat: “That’s not really how women want to be described as a beefy beast…but we’ll take it.”

Top 3 Performances

  1. Marko and Caitlynn – Jazz
  2. Sasha and Kent – Contemporary
  3. Melanie and Tadd – Broadway
Bottom 3 Performances
  1. Sasha and Ricky’s – Wacking
  2. Melanie and Twitch’s – Hip Hop
  3. Marko and Janette’s – Paso Doble

Final Four Predictions

I love Caitlynn but there’s no way that Sasha and Melanie aren’t making it to the final 4.

  • Melanie
  • Sasha
  • Tadd
  • Marko

Over all this night had its ups and downs, but I think it’s pretty clear who the stand-outs are. I’m also pretty sure either Sasha or Melanie (probably Melanie) will take the crown. I was a little disappointed by the All-Stars (with the exception of Kent). Gimme Allison back! I also wish they did a group routine, but I guess that’s what tomorrow is for. Who are you voting for? What routine was your favorite? What did you think of Christina Applegate as a judge? Do you love Lil’ C as much as I do? Do you think Nigel has been extremely hard on Ricky from week to week?





Well tonight’s show promises to bring us a new round of All Stars, Lady Gaga, and Rob Marshall. While I don’t expect too much from either of these two judges, I am still stoked to see the performances. Especially to see how little Ivan from Season 3 turned out!

So You Think You Can Dance

Top 8 Perform + All Stars

Cat comes out wearing a pretty, yet also oddly strange dress. It’s definitely stylish, but I have a feeling I’d like it a lot better in a different color. It looks a bit like snake skin from afar, anyone agree? Unfortunately she’s not wearing any jewelry for me to admire, but that’s okay because Lady Gaga is wearing enough accessories for everyone. On opposite ends of the judging table (do they hate each other?) is Rob Marshall, director of such musicals as Chicago and Nine. Mary, also, looks great! She went easy on the tanner today and looks great.

No more wasting time because each dancer will be dancing twice. Let’s git ‘er done!

Contestants with All-Stars

 Routine #1
WhoSasha and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Quick Step
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan says it’s bizarre and he wants to see personalty.
“Putting On The Ritz”, by Terry Snyder

Performance:This performance totally had the personality. If you want personality, Sasha was the dancer to give it to. She gives a great performance here. At first it’s dainty and cute, and looks almost a bit strained in the beginning, but it seems like after their first trick they relaxed into a bit more and it got fun and exciting. I loved the move where Sasha ran backwards kicking her legs out. Also loved the fact she spun Pasha once. I don’t know if it’s me but it looked like they flubbed that final lift, but it doesn’t matter because it had a lot of fun and they both look great together. Grade: B+
Rob: Sasha is astonishing and classy. One of his favorites.
Mary: She has a magnificent stage presence and her running promenade step with a reverse turn was great. It’s the best attempt by far at a quick step. Did she just say “skimmy”?
Nigel: Top line was stiff (I agree), but she put on a 5 star performance.
Gaga: A beautiful soul and spirit.

Routine #2
Caitlynn and Ivan
Dancing Style: 
Marty Kudelka
Concept – Caitlynn is fed up with her man. Ivan wins her over. Caitlynn surprises Marty with soul.
Song: “Let me Love You” By Mario

Performance:It’s a slow move jam and I feel like Caitlynn’s bottom half is more hip-hop than her top half. The routine was cute and simple, but there was nothing really amazing about it. Ivan looks adorable. I thought he did a fantastic job and he accentuated his movement better than Caitlynn did. Love that he puts his hat in front of him and Caitlynn when he goes to kiss her before leaving. Grade: B-
Ivan is amazing.
Caitlynn needs to get down and into it more. She needs to get a base.
She’s sexy and they were magical together. Needs to stop relying on her center. Ivan moved through the movement.
She’s stunning with her dance and smile. She needs to lose herself more in her performance.

Routine #3
Ade and Jordan
Dancing Style: 
Tyce DiOrio
They are badasses and there’s a secret rendezvous for them to be badasses together? That’s all he could come up with? There’s gotta be a better way to describe it, Tyce!
“Nutbusch City Limits”, by Tina Turner

Performance:  Ade, Ade, Ade, you are a handsome handsome man. And I think he looks better than he has! I’m too distracted by how good he looks to focus on Jordan. Okay, so, I felt like Jordan could have had a little more fun with it. This routine was pretty hot and had good choreography (did I just say that about Tyce) but I didn’t get the feeling I wanted from it. Cool parts: When Ade picks Jordan up and spins her, that last lift when he lifts her over his head and she puts her legs straight up and points them. Grade: B+
Nigel: Calls her body pliable and it’s creepy. Fun routine.
Gaga: She’s a star, crazy legs.
Rob: Throws herself into abandon (which I agree)
Mary: Does astonishing things with her body and makes them look amazing.

Note: I feel like the judges are really pushing for Jordan. She is an amazing dancer and has crazy legs. I just don’t know why I don’t like her. Can someone explain it to me? I feel like she’s a good enough dancer that I could like her, there’s just something about her personality I’m not clicking with. Oh well, you can’t like everyone! Next…

Routine #4
Melanie and Neil
Dancing Style: 
Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Concept – crossroads in a relationship. The routine is athletic and the lifts and transitions need to look effortless.
Song: Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Performance:  Distracting song choice aside (Mandy does like her 80’s music doesn’t she?), this dance was pretty darn cool. Melanie and Neil are pretty amazing together. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, mainly because I was distracted by the song, but then they started to entertwin with each other and it became memorizing. Then Melanie LAUNCHED herself to Neil making the most beautiful shape with her body and he caught her on the downfall. Like she was already falling and he catches her, that’s pretty damn AMAZING. Other cool part:. When she rolls herself over his body, when he lifts her up and around, then he brings her down and she lands on one leg, the other leg straight. Also Neil’s little head shake at her at the end of the routine powerful…and everyone’s standing. Grade: A-
Gaga: Melanie is her favorite in the competition (Did you see her grandma’s face? Mouth wide open.) She would hire her on her tour.
Rob: Watching her is like magic. It’s exquisite to watch her. He liked the end where she threw away the dance and played the scene.
Mary: She is every brilliant adjective/synonym under the sun you could think of. That jump was amazing.
Nigel: She nailed it, and his heart.

Routine #5
Ricky and Anya
Dancing Style: 
Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: Challenge – trying to make difficult steps look easy. No story, just celebrating dance.
Song: “River Deep, Mountain High” by Celine Dion

Performance:  I love this song! I really do. It’s so high energy and amazing. And those words also describe the dance. Okay, so the dance wasn’t amazing. But it was pretty fantastic (That’s almost as good as amazing). It was high energy, fast paced, and had a lot of tricks and lifts and techniques. I think Ricky did a great job. He kept up with Anya who’s just beautiful. He let her FLIP HIM over her shoulders. He spun her around and just looked like he was having a lot of fun. I enjoyed the performance. He had problems with one of the lifts, and there were a few moments where his movements didn’t match the beat, but the last move was pretty cool. Grade: B
Rob: His smile is amazing. He needs to dig in a little deeper, but he’s a star.
Mary: He missing some things in the beginning, but then he pulled it out once the routine got going. He got out of time (I don’t know if I noticed that)
Nigel: Felt he was too tall (He can’t help his height Nigel!) Needed to get down (as in lower to the ground, not the other thing…).
Gaga: Has a sweet spot for him. Loves that he’s tall (well she said high). He felt modern, more modern than Anya.

Routine #6
Jess and Lauren G
Dancing Style: 

Choreographer: Tabitha and Napoleon
Rehearsal: Concept – about a guy who’s cheating on his girl and asking for forgiveness
Song: “Take A Bow” by Rihanna

Performance:  It wasn’t one of Nappy Tabb’s better routines, but I think it had to do with the chemistry being off. That’s not to say they didn’t dance it beautifully. Lauren was able to hit every beat and punch, and Jess definitely kept up with her. They were in sync and emoting right. I don’t know what else to say. He didn’t have the hip-hop style swag, but that’s not to say it wasn’t GOOD hip-hop. He just put is own spin it, rather than adopt another personality he didn’t have. Jess definitely grows on me day by day and he adapts really well to other styles. I like him more when he actually plays characters on the more serious side. PS: Did you see the way Lauren stormed off stage at the end of the routine? Ice Ice Baby. Loved it! Grade: B+
Mary: As good as Lauren is, he was really good too. He’s made so much more progress. He’s opening up more every week (agree). His articulations and isolations were good (agree). He had swag (semi-agree).
Nigel: He didn’t over play it. He takes comments in.
Gaga: Has respect for Broadway dancers. She loved his performance and it outshined all the things that she didn’t like about the routine (like the props).
Rob: He’s known Jess since he’s a kid and he’s grown in this competition. It was simple, pure, and beautiful.

NOTE: Jess was very serious during his critiques, but then a bit of himself came out when Cat was giving out the number to call. Dare I saw I miss that Jess a little?

ANOTHER NOTE: Anyone notice a lot of these songs the choreographers are choosing were covered on Glee?

Routine #6

WhoTadd and Lauren F.
Dancing Style: 
Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Concept – Masterminds pulling off a heist. It needs to be calm, cool, and collected.
Song: “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

Performance:  Lauren danced circles around Tadd man. That she did. Not to say that Tadd didn’t work it. It’s just I couldn’t help but notice Lauren. She had these slight subtleties/attention to detail that I really appreciated. As for Tadd, I don’t know what it is about a guy in a suit, but dude had some cool swag going on. He was a bit more mellow this performance and I think he could have showed off a bit of himself more in the dancing. The routine was light and fun and Tadd’s tricks as always are fantastic, but it looked like he was trying to keep up with her. (Nigel says his hat fell off and he got bumped in the face. Didn’t even notice. And I forgot it was about a heist.) Grade: B+
Nigel: The style suits him. Is Michael Jackson-esque.  He absorbed the style like a sponge.
Gaga: Said a bunch of stuff that wasn’t really a critique. But she loved it and the clothes (I loved the clothes too!)
Rob: Tadd is very very special.
Mary: Tadd was cool and looks like a young Elvis Pressley. That’s big to be compared to Elvis and Michael Jackson. She calls him into the finale.

NOTE: I’ve been waiting for Allison and Marko to get paired up together. Can’t wait to see their routine after the BREAK!

Routine #7
Marko and Allison
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: Concept – people need to be nicer and less judgmental. The piece is about causing that damage, the guilt, and the change
Song: “I Know It’s Over” by Jeff Buckley

Performance:  This was the least weird piece Sonya has done in a while…and I loved it. Sonya, Allison Holker, Marko, what more can you ask for in a routine? Choreographers love for Allison to dance to Jeff Buckley routines. Remember the other Jeff Buckley routine with that other Asian guy? But to the dancing…Allison is amazing. You know I love that girl, and could watch her dance forever. Marko made her look good! He dragged her around the stage and supported her and that’s appreciated, but Allison was the stand out. I loved when Marko dragged her across the stage into a split. I loved when she jumped into his arms with her feet and legs straight out (it was such a great visual), I loved when they both threw each other across the stage. So beautiful. Anyone notice after the dance as they approach Cat, Allison’s eyes meet with Gaga’s (or maybe Sonya) and she lets out a little sob? So sweet. Though I was much more moved during judging when Marko declared his love for his mother. Who didn’t get weepy eyed? Grade: A
Gaga: (She’s crying!) She can’t even speak. She’s proud of Marko.
Rob: Allison is amazing and watching the together is incredible. When he watches him he’s moved.
Mary: That was amazing. She loves his sincerity and honesty. He takes his dancing to another level than anyone else.
Nigel: We’ve witnessed a moment that’s more than the competition. Remarkable momet for a son to tell his mother that he loves them. (Um…we’re all crying now, yes?)


Contestant with Contestant

Routine #1
Caitlynn and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Fox Trot
Jonathan Roberts
Rehearsal: Classic, Fred and Ginger, Boy Meets Girl. Elegant.
Song: “Tip Hot, White Tie and Tails” by Ella Fitzgerald

Performance:  After that dance from Marko and Allison, it’s hard to watch this dance. Not that they aren’t beautiful and charming. But it’s not memorable. Then again, a lot of ballroom routines aren’t. Some are. Some aren’t. They were floaty, and poised, had great posture, and danced it well enough, but it’s unfortunate this dance came after such a stand out, still thought about routine. Caitlynn does look gorgeous though. I love her styling. Grade: B-
Rob: Sparking, elegant, stylish, I like it when Rob uses dance turns.
Mary: It was beautiful, not the most memorable routine. Needs more power. Then she goes into a bunch of dance terms and she lost me at power.
Nigel: In Heaven, watching it.
Gaga: Caitlynn needs to relax the hands (something about trophies) but she loved it and wanted to dance up there with them.

Routine #2
Marko and Ricky
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Rehearsal: Concept – Waste Management Technicians coming there to CLEAN UP.
Song: “Bad Boy For Life” by Diddy

Performance:  I always like it when guys dance with each other. It brings a different energy to the routines. At first these two contemporary dancers look like hip hoppers — complete with that powerful duo jump with the broom. But slowly the flaws come out. Marko definitely has more swag than Ricky. He gets lower to the ground and he seems to be feeling the beat a bit more. Ricky doesn’t get low enough, but he’s working and trying hard. Near the end when the beat speeds up, it gets a little strange and the boys are getting tired. There are a couple typical hip hop moves that they don’t pull off as well as a hip hop dancer would. For example, Marko had problems getting out of that almost split. It was a fun routine, a good idea, EXCELLENT song choice. (Camera cut to Tabitha after that routine. She didn’t look happy…) Grade: B+
Mary: Love it. They cleaned the whole place. They had a good vibe.
Nigel: It was a lot of fun. Marko looks nasty (I think that’s a good thing). Ricky is still too high for him. But the aerial swipes were fantastic (I agree). Calls Ricky in the bottom – Gaga is so upset!
Gaga: It was amazing, they’re incredible dancers.
Rob: Choreography was exquisite. He was astonished by both their ranges.

Routine #3
Jordan and Jess
Dancing Style: 
Jason Gilkinson
Rehearsal: Concept – Woman stuck in a controlling relationship, trying to get out. (Why does everyone try to get out of a relationship with Jess? Poor kid)
Song: “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele

Performance:  I saw where the choreographer was going with this. I saw what could have been a hot, and intense routine. But something still felt a bit off, maybe the chemistry? I felt like it started and stopped too much and the two didn’t really connect. Jess did a cool back-reverse-spin lift with Jordan, but other than that the performance was lackluster. I wish this routine was done with Chelsie and Josh. Grade: B-
Nigel: Wasn’t his favorite. There were a lot of issues and no chemistry.
Gaga: She would have interpreted the song differently, but that’s not their fault.
Rob: They brought out the best in each other. They worked from an acting stand point.
Mary: Back split lift was best of season. Chemistry and elasticity through arms was lacking.

Routine #4
Sasha and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: She’s excited by the dancers, Sasha is sick and Melanie has technique. Together they will be sensational.
Song: “Game On” District 78

Performance:  This routine had Sonya written all over it. You’d know it was hers from just the styling! I feel like the girls could have hit it a bit harder. But it was pretty good. I love Melanie’s little kick out with her foot. It was intense, but it could have been more intense. I don’t think they fully got into character and there was an awkward moment in the middle there. The ending was pretty cool. The judges and audience really liked it a lot, but not as much as I did. Grade: B+
Gaga: She throws her shoe at the stage and doesn’t kill anyone. Impressive. “Everyone can pack up and go home because that was the performance of the night.”
Rob: Unbelievable.
Mary: Best number Sonya has ever done. The girls brought strength and power but with elegance and beauty.
Nigel: Sonya unleashed the beasts.

That was quite a show today. I actually really liked what Lady Gaga had to say. Read more for my prediction for the Bottom 4, and like Jerry Springer my Final Thoughts.

Random Thoughts

  • Love it when Gaga holds up her crazy shoes and calls them a “bathroom catheter”.
  • I like Tyce’s haircut.
  • Ellen and Portia are in the house!
  • Why are the judges hating on Ricky? After Gaga’s critique of him, I love her even more.
  • CUTE: Jess grabbing the flower and giving it to Lauren G after the performance. She chucked that thing across the stage!
  • Marko’s mother is so adorable! She flew in from Guam and this was the first time she could watch him dance. His story, god, made me cry.”I dedicated that piece to her. Growing up I wasn’t the best kid, I was a brat I said some things…and I just wanted to make sure…I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I love you.” Cue SWOON!
  • LOVE: Cat Calling Marko “delicious”. And when she’s pressed for time she talks so fast we can barely understand her.
  • Did Cat let a “What the hell slip?” just before one of the breaks?
  • Cat is so humble about her Emmy nomination.
  • Love Melanie and Sasha bowing to Sonya.
  • Love Nigel trying to give his critique but everyone’s going crazy as Gaga gives Sonya her other shoe.


“What’s a little skimming between friends.” Cat in regards to Mary’s use of the word, “skimmy,” during Sasha’s quickstep critique.

Nigel: You just need to open your legs a little more and get your firmer base.
Cat: (scolding) Gaga don’t
Gaga: I’m sure he’d like you to open up your legs a little bit. (Love her mic was off for that comment)

Cat after Jess’ first routine: “I don’t know what you’ve been doing but I’m guessing you’ve been out for a night on the town with Nigel Lythgoe.”

Top 3 Performances

  • Allison and Marko – Contemporary
  • Melanie and Neil – Contemporary
  • Caitlynn and Ivan – Hip Hop

Bottom Four Prediction

  • Ricky
  • Jess
  • Caitlynn
  • Jordan

With Ricky and Caitlynn going home. Even though I hope it’s Ricky and Jordan (but the judges LOVE Jordan). What did you think of these performances? What was your favorite? Are you as infatuated with Allison Holker as I am? Who do you think is going home tomorrow?


So You Think You Can Dance

Top 12 Perform

So You Think You Can Dance, SYTYCD Cast

This is it folks. This is the day that decides who will be in our Top 10. Today, I have decided I do not want an article of Cat’s clothing. This time, I want her sparkly black eye shadow. Today’s dress makes her look like an ostrich. I don’t know if I want to wear it, or make sure it’s properly fed throughout the night. I definitely think those white things strategically placed over her chest, needs to go.

We learn that tonight’s guest judges are Sonya Tayeh (does this mean no choreography from her?) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. Also, the contestants will be dancing twice. Wohoo! Let’s get to it!


Couple #1, First Routine.
Who:  Sasha and Alexander
Dancing Style:  Paso Doble
Choreographer: Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Rehearsal: I’ve missed these two choreographers. Usually their paso doble’s are hot, hot, hot. Concept – it’s a battle between masculinity and femininity.
Song: “Alley Dash/March of the Trolls” by Taylor Long and Rick Powell

Performance: It started off strongly, but then Alexander missed Sasha’s hand and everything seemed to go downhill from there. The lyrics “Weeble’s wobble, but they don’t fall down,” comes to mind when I think of this routine. There was a section in the middle where the pace slowed down, and it showed some of their weaknesses. Alexander’s look and stature is almost be perfect for this kind of dancing. He seems like an intense type of dude. Although he had great character and stage presence, I feel like he needs a little more. Sasha is great, and I think it could benefit her well with a new partner. Love the little surprise kiss at the end. Grade: B- (for effort)
Nigel: Alexander kept up with Sasha. It was a bit sloppy but he was much stronger than before. Sasha is strong did brilliantly.
Mary: The routine was hot. Sasha is fearless. Alexander had a break through. He was strong.
Jesse: Sasha is a pillar of strength, and Alexander stayed with her.
Sonya: Sasha rocks her socks. Sometimes she doesn’t trust Alexander’s partnering, but knows he has it in her.

Couple #2, First Routine 
Who:  Jordan and Tadd
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: My Love, Travis Wall.
Rehearsal: The routine is a metaphor for women who take advantage of weak men. Jordan is a  vulture and Tadd is a deserted wanderer. Travis says it’s a dark and heavy piece.
Song: “Brotsjor Olafur” by Arnalds

Performance: This is the most intense piece Travis has done. His Mr. And Mrs. Smith routine a couple seasons ago was crazy, but not as intense as this routine. This piece caught my attention with the first beat of the song. I don’t know if it’s Travis’ choreography or if it was Jordan’s performance, but I wanted Jordan to be weirder, and crazier and jerkier (like how I imagine Sonya or Wade would have choreographed it). Jordan wasn’t evil enough. It got better at the end, where I could just feel the rage and pain and evilness oozing out of Tadd’s skin. The little neck break at the end was perfect. Tadd just amazes me. He’s definitely the most diverse guy on this show, adapting to all styles well, and with his shirt off we could see all his extensions and muscles moving and twitching and it was great. Jordan had some great moments, but Tadd definitely outshined her. Good work, Travis, but get a little weirder please. Grade: A-
Mary: Beautiful. Dark. Magnificent. Jordan demolished it.
Jesse: (Jesse is adorable.) Tadd is in it to win it.
Sonya: “I really wish I could swear. A lot.” That quote is awesome, and says it all.
Nigel: It was remarkable. Tadd incorporated his b-boy style into the piece. The pair were tremendous.

Couple #3, First Routine
Who:  Ryan and Ricky
Dancing Style:  Broadway
Choreographer: Spencer Liff (Looking especially adorable today.)
Rehearsal: In this routine, Ricky fantasizes a movie star from a poster coming to life. Ryan is old Hollywood glamour. Ricky is smooth. Spencer says the two are going to have to fight hard to get into the top 10.
Song: All I Need is the Girl” by Frank Sinatra

Performance:   This routine felt simple. Not to say that I could do it if I tried, but it looked and felt simple. Ryan was cute and for once her goofy smile fit with the routine, but the routine was missing something. Frank Sinatra has this epic and grand feel to him and they were lacking that. Grade: C
Jesse: Their abilities were more than what the performance allowed them to do. The performance was muted and it didn’t sparkle. (I agree)
Sonya: No matter what you get the execution is key. She felt like they were questioning everything.
Nigel: If they don’t sit comfortably in the style, they lose the flavor of it.
Mary: They started off great, but then they lost the style. They could have done more with the steps they were given.

Couple #4, First Routine 
Who:  Caitlynn and Mitchell
Dancing Style:  Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: In this routine they are representing the children in Uganda who are forced to fight in war. Mitchell thinks everyone will be touched by it
Song: Break the Chain, Lube Fiasco

Performance: Whoa, Caitlynn got into it man. That’s my first thought. My next thought is that I don’t get what they’re wearing, and I’m too distracted with trying to figure out what those words on their tank-top say. They had some great tutting moments in there, when they were using their arms and hands to emphasize the beat, and Caitlynn was hitting it hard. Mitchell, did a good job, but wasn’t up to her energy level. I didn’t notice, like what the judges said, about them not being in unison, but maybe it was because I was watching them individually, rather than as a duo. And, I guess, that’s a problem. I also didn’t get the message that the dance was trying to convey.  Grade: B-
Sonya: She got lost in translation when it was too jumbled and they were not in unison.Nigel: He didn’t buy it. He needs more out of it, especially when they’re trying to convey a message.
Mary: They commanded attention, but it wasn’t in unison. It fell a little bit short.
Jesse: They dance with so much power. He didn’t see the message in the dance.

Couple #5, First Routine 
Who:  Melanie an Marko
Dancing Style:  Tango
Choreographer: Louie Van Amstel
Rehearsal: There’s no storyline. They just have to get the passion and character of the dance. Louie is teaching the couple great discipline.
Song: “Triptico” by Gotan Project.

Performance:   First thoughts: Melanie’s dress is incredible, and I really want to mess up Marko’s hair. That bit where he dips her off the side of the stage was sexy, but then they had a little issue getting up. There’s also a section where the music builds and builds and builds, but their energy and movement don’t seem to fit with the beat. However, their faces are just right. The end trick is surprising, I just wish they landed it stronger. It was almost there.  Overall, good effort, they worked hard at it. Melanie was sexy, and Marko adapted well, but it could have been more. Grade: B- (for effort)
Nigel: Much better than what they did at rehearsal.
Mary: It could have been better, but it was a really hard routine and they did well.
Jesse: They both possess a spark. They both have it and no one is taking that away. (I did see that spark!)
Sonya: Every time they dance, they make her lose her breath. They have conviction, even when they falter.

Note: The dancers seem to be struggling more this episode. Why? Because they are finally dancing out of their comfort zones. Now we’ll really see who the stand-outs are. Bring it, Nigel.

Couple #6, First Routine 
Who:  Jess and Clarice
Dancing Style:  Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: The routine is about a woman’s insecurities, and Jess is there to tell her she’s beautiful. Clarice finds it challenging because of the intricate and fast tutting.
Song:  “Just The Way You Are” by Boyce Avenue (Hey doesn’t Bruno Mars sing this? Guess he remade it.)

Performance: Okay Jess, I think you FINALLY won me over. I’m glad they got you out of those suits and gave you more tricks out of your style to work with. I think Jess adapted to hip-hop really well. And he definitely dominated this routine. He just eased right into those b-boy tricks. Clarice was pretty good. I felt like Jess had a little more to do than she did, which is unfortunate, but she had little moments that I enjoyed. And I loved the portion of the dance where they danced in unison.  Grade: B
Mary: It was a cute and innocent number. They have a pulse and swag that’s the same.
Jesse: “I didn’t care for it. Happy Opposite Day, I loved it! Clarice do you have a boyfriend? I do too, but I think we should get married! You make me so happy. You just have this light within you. It’s not going to be a happy marriage, I’m very difficult to live with, but I need you in my life…” I love you JTF!
Sonya: They’re adorable and they slayed it.
Nigel: He loved the simple story. And they found a bounce/swag.

Couple #1, Second Routine
Who:  Sasha and Alexander
Dancing Style:  Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce
Rehearsal: The piece is about life. Alexander appreciates that Tyce allows them to be themselves. They are putting their story into this piece.
Song: “That’s Life” by Aretha Franklin

Performance:  You can tell they really enjoyed dancing this piece. They were so powerful and so care free. Alexander did this AMAZING leap where he did the splits in mid-air. He has such great extension. And Sasha is a beautiful dancer. I love that part in the beginning where Sasha walks along the dance floor as Alexander pushes her. I also liked when he spun her around in the air, her feet flat to the ceiling. The piece was so care free and I could tell they were dancing for themselves, and as themselves. Alexander was really showing off his personality. Question: Did Sasha get dropped at the end? Oh well, I guess, that’s life! Grade: B+
Jesse: The dance was amazing. It’s his favorite number of the night.
Sonya: “Tyce is…I can’t swear, can I?” Alexander dove in and it was amazing. He broke his shell.
Nigel: He feels like Sasha has been carrying him, but not with this dance. (I agree). The only shaky thing on the floor was the lamppost.
Mary: There was a freedom in Alexander’s dancing and it was nice to watch him let go.

Couple #2, Second Routine
Who:  Jordan and Tadd
Dancing Style:  Broadway
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Rehearsal: The routine is about a princess who’s been asleep forever and Tadd has to come and kiss her awake. Spencer is surprise Jordan isn’t more acrobatic. Jordan, “Flips and I aren’t besties.”
Song: “Out Tonight” Rent Soundtrack

Performance: For the second time tonight I feel like something was missing, and now I wonder if some people just stand because the other people around them are standing. My qualms: First, Tadd’s costume was distracting, second, the song didn’t fit with the costumes (and I love this song from RENT), third, Tadd just didn’t have that much to do. Jordan pointed her little toes, put on a cutesy smile and there were some lifts in between, but again, nothing really popped or stood out. It could have been more. It’s funny how this is the second routine of Spencer’s that I just didn’t really like. Is it Spencer or is it the dancers? Grade: B-/C+
Sonya: She knows their abilities but didn’t see it. She was underwhelmed.
Nigel: It could have been quirkier and sillier. They could have brought more character to it.
Mary: The dancers have to find a way to make it work, but it wasn’t strong enough.
Jesse: He has a straight boy crush on Sonya. He felt like it was a grab-bag of style, music, and costume. It wasn’t his favorite.

Couple #3, Second Routine
Who:  Ryan and Ricky
Dancing Style:  Cha-Cha
Choreographer: Louie Van Amstel
Rehearsal: Louie wants to keep them out of the bottom three. Ricky is excited because they’re dancing out of their style, and it’s HOT. Ryan is not so excited.
Song: “Tonight I’m Loving You” by Enrique Iglesias

Performance: I liked it. I admit it, I did. It was really fast and Ryan was getting into it. She looked especially HOT in this routine. Her smile was a bit too big at times and I felt like her footwork was sloppy because she was trying to be almost TOO fast. Does that makes sense? However, that trick they did with Ryan grabbing her leg and Ricky spins her first upright, than on the floor was pretty amazing. Looked really difficult and I think they pulled it off. I also appreciate the fact that they weren’t over the top. Ricky was very in control. I think a bit more of his personality could have come out, but that he was a strong dancer.  Grade: B
Nigel: Ricky was tight. He had great style and class. Ryan almost got TOO into it and felt she was a bit sloppy.
Mary: Ryan was great in the beginning, but the feet got sloppy in the end. Ricky was great. Then she slips in a bunch of dance terms I couldn’t repeat if I tried. Ricky’s on the tamale train.
Jesse: “I don’t have the authority to put anyone on the hot tamale train, but I agree you need to be on it.” Ricky is brilliant.
Sonya: Ricky was enjoying it, but sometimes Ryan wants to do so well she gets caught up in it. (She hit the nail on that one.) She just needs to embrace it.

Couple #4, Second Routine
Who:  Caitlynn and Mitchell
Dancing Style:  Jazz
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Rehearsal: Set in the 1970’s. Caitlynn is a rock star. Mitchell, the guy she’s in love with, is actually married. Caitlynn is scared to slap him because she’s never done it before. It’s kinda adorable the way she’s freaking out about it.
Song: “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin

Performance: Dude, I’ll say it again, Caitlynn is intense! They both really got into characters. I loved all those times she danced over Mitchell like he was nothing. I also loved the move where Mitchell caught her at the knee and she did a back flip. She’s just a little powerhouse, and she is fearless. I also felt like Mitchell was dancing like a man. The little boyish qualities in him were gone. He was a dude, you know? She should have slapped him really hard at the end, again. I’m just sayin’….that would have been perfect.  Grade: A-
Mary: Slightly naughty, a little intense, gutsy, and she loved it.
Jesse: “Only you can prevent forest fires, by never dancing in a forest like that, because you would start a fire. I don’t care if that was lame, I’m sticking with it.”
Sonya: Caitlynn is hot. Mitchell is a reliable partner, but she wants him to forget about thinking about it and just indulge himself into it.
Nigel: The routine was sensational. He wishes they didn’t play to the audience and they should have just danced at each other.


Couple #5, Second Routine
Who:  Melanie and Marko
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Rehearsal: It’s about a couple slipping in and out of the light. Marko is in a dark place and Melanie is trying to convince him to go into the light.  Dee thinks they are really special.
Song: “Skin and Bones” by David J. Roch

Performance:  I kind of interpreted this piece in a different way, I think (which is okay). Marko was so adamant about Melanie not going to the light. I felt more like she was dying and he is trying all he can to get her away from the light. Just look at Marko’s face as he literally DRAGS her away from that light. It’s like “don’t go!” This piece really hit me, in a strange and great sort of way. It was so beautiful and amazing. I loved the parts where dancing different steps, yet still somehow dancing together. I also loved how as they got closer to the light Melanie just kept gracefully reaching and reaching for it. She just kept saying let me go, and he kept saying no.  It flowed, like Nigel said, like a wave, just back and forth and back and forth. Grade: A
Jesse: This is Jesse’s new favorite dance of theirs. He has goose bumps.
Sonya: Wants them to stay humble and true, and they are amazing.
Nigel: He can’t bear to break them up because they’re magical. His favorite style of choreography is when it flows and when it doesn’t feel like steps.
Mary: Their connections and transitions were flawless. They are shining stars.

Couple #6, Second Routine
Who:  Jess and Clarice
Dancing Style:  Jive
Choreographer: Tony and Melanie
Rehearsal:  The routine is rock and roll, fast, with spins, turns, and kicking. According to Jess, “You name it, it’s in this jive.”
Song: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph and The Family Band

Performance:  I think if Jess and Clarice got this routine 2 weeks ago, I would have hated it. This is because I think Jess would have performed it with his usual over the top, slightly arrogant facial expressions (in my opinion it felt like arrogance). But today, I thought he performed it really well! He was so genuine about it. And I loved his bouncing splits. That lift though…ouch! Clarice, on the other hand, was so gorgeous. I loved the way she played with her dress when she danced. She’s just so cute, and I think her personality really shined, more than the last dance. She definitely stood out this time around. Grade: B
Sonya: Love it. Adorable. Perfect. Amazing.
Nigel: Very good. For Jess the lifts are a bit uncomfortable (I agree).
Mary: Felt like the routine lost steam. Mary wanted more facial expression from Jess (I disagree).
Jesse: Jess is fantastic. It was a fun and exciting performance.

Random Thoughts

  • Love that Jesse Tyler Ferguson calls Broadway, “B-Way.”
  • Love Alexander’s little blush when Cat pointed out the lipstick on him. Love Sasha’s blush when Nigel asked if the kiss was choreographed and it was obviously not.
  • I appreciate Alexander’s shout out to Melanie and Tony and their friend with cancer. It was so adorably sweet. This dude is so sweet!
  • I love how Sonya wanted to swear. Just let it out girl!
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson should judge every night. He’s so funny and genuine.
  • LOVE: Sasha’s little head bob/snap when Nigel says that Sasha wasn’t carrying Alexander anymore.
  • LOVE: Tadd and Jordan are alone on the stage after their dance and Cat runs up onto stage saying, “Oy vey,” because she’s late.
  • After Mary screams over Ricky, j’adore Jesse’s reaction of being deaf and numb on the right side of his body.
  • First, it’s awesome that Robert is helping Travis choreograph Caitlynn and Mitchell’s routine. Next, I love Travis screaming at Caitlynn to slap him and she does that little bounce. You know the, “I can’t do it” bounce. Cute!
  • Love Jesse talking about his “legion” of twitter fans.
  • Melanie and Marko are the Josh and Katee of Season 8. Almost everything they do is AMAZING.
  • FINALLY Jesse tells it how it is calling Cat the best reality host and she should be voted for an Emmy. Cat’s face is so red and I really think she may cry.


Jesse: I got my first boo!
Cat: How’d that feel?
Jesse: It felt horrible.

Jesse: “Are all the Osmond’s accounted for? Because I think Mary Murphy might be the lost Osmond.”

Jesse, about Jess and Clarice’s routine: “I didn’t care for it. Happy Opposite Day, I loved it! Clarice do you have a boyfriend? I do too, but I think we should get married! You make me so happy. You just have this light within you. It’s not going to be a happy marriage, I’m very difficult to live with, but I need you in my life…”

Cat “I love it when Nigel talks street.”

Cat: What happened?
Sasha: We danced.

Jesse to Sasha: “Will you tell your sister I say hi? I love her.” Awww

Jesse: “Ryan, you’re flirting with me.”

After Caitlynn and Mitchell’s 2nd Routine.
Mary: Did you really hit him?
Mitchell: Yes!

Order of Routine Preference

  1. Melanie and Marko – Contemporary
  2. Jordan and Tadd – Contemporary
  3. Caitlynn and Mitchell – Jazz
  4. Sasha and Alexander – Contemporary
  5. Jess and Clarice  – Lyrical Hip Hop
  6. Ricky and Ryan – Cha-Cha
  7. Jess and Clarice – Jive
  8. Melanie and Marko – Tango
  9. Caitlynn and Mitchell – Hip Hop
  10. Sasha and Alexander – Paso Doble
  11. Jordan and Tadd – Broadway
  12. Ryan and Ricky  – Broadway
Bottom 3 Prediction
Ricky and Ryan
Jordan and Tadd
Sasha and Alexander
Alexander and Ryan or Jordan should be sent home.  The thought of anyone other than these two (or three) going home physically hurts. What’s your prediction? Who are you rooting for? I voted for my favorite: Caitlynn and Mitchell, and Melanie and Marko. What was your favorite routine? Are you as excited for the Top 10 and the All Stars as I am? I hope Allison Holker is one of the all stars. Who do you hope to see?