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Whoa, whoa whoa, I didn’t sign up for this…FOUR DANCERS are going home? That’s just crazy! Who is it going to be? Now that Asaf is gone, I have no idea!


Top 14 Perform & 4 Eliminated

The Top 14 routine showcases Derek’s crazy flips. It’s nice to see that his back is better and he’s able to pull out all the stops.  The costuming and the make up is out of control today. In a good way. It’s a fun routine focusing solely on the girls. It’s the styling that make this routine though, much more than the dancing. (The routine makes much more sense after I hear it’s choreographed by: Brian Friedman, Song: “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters.)

Cat comes out wearing a gorgeous rainbow dress that’s designed by Matthew Williamson. It’s so flowy and gorgeous and her jewels are so sparkly! Cat tells us street won the week with 53% of the votes and also that the judges no longer have control. It’s up to America and Twitter. Tonight the Top 10 will be revealed.


_W5A7255_hires1Who: Jim (Team Stage) and Yorelis (Team Street)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh (FINALLY)
Song: “Asht” by Nebulo
Performance: Okay see, this, THIS is why we all need Sonya back in our lives. And thank GOD she is. She really brought out the best in Yorelis. Girl was dynamic, and breathtaking, and captivating. In fact, the entire routine was captivating. Sonya really knows how to use the music and use the dancers. They created unique shapes with their bodies, used every single muscle they could and it was beautiful. I love watching pieces that just capture you and showcase the dancers. No gimmicks, no fireworks, just bodies moving to the music. I love Jim’s leaps, his jump onto Yorelis’ back where she had to support his entire weight, Yorelis’ pointed toes. Girl’s got some good feet and some crazy legs. Love love love. Welcome back, Sonya. Grade: A
Judges:  Nigel  thought this routine allowed Yorelis to shine. He loved the impact the music had on her body. Jim is the best technical dancer he’s seen and he’s brilliant. Paula loved the strength and athleticism of the dancer. She felt they complimented each other. Jason thought they were amazing.

_W5A7381_hires1Who: Ja Ja (Team Street) and Edson (Team Stage)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Misha Gabriel
Song: “She Came To Give It To You” by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj
Performance: It was a cool routine. Definitely different. Didn’t really feel like hip hop. I feel like I got to know Ja Ja really well during that piece, but not Edson. His personality didn’t really come out. They danced great together, but Ja Ja was just giving off a completely different vibe than Edson was. She was having fun, she was being creative and just grooving to the music. He was a little more technical, using more of his brain to complete the steps than his heart. It was just a missed connection. They didn’t have great chemistry and they never really felt like they were dancing the same routine. Grade: B-
Judges: Paula said she found Edson’s swag. Paula thinks Ja Ja is cool, feisty, fun and flirty. Jason thought it was a basic performance. Nigel wasn’t a fan.

_W5A7514_hires1Who: Virgil (Team Street) and Hailee (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: “Cellophane” by Sia
Performance: Say what you want about Tyce (that he seems full of himself, that I thoguth we were done with him from this show, that he likes the sound of his own voice), but the man has some BIG ideas. While his concepts can be hit or miss, when they are on they are ON. And they were ON with this routine. There were some BIG moments and the piece had a big emotional impact. I love Hailee twisting Virgil with her leg, love their musicality with the beats to the music, love that ending move with Virgil dragging Hailee by the legs with his legs. Though Virgil wasn’t happy shiny happy, he was still a joy to watch. You could feel his emotion and his heart and soul and passion bursting through this piece and that’s one thing that Tyce does well. He transfers his passion to the dancers. Hailee even stuck out for me. I haven’t really connected with her but I thought her performance was spot on today. I like seeing her darker side. Grade: A-
Judges: Jason loved seeing a different side of Virgil and loved the choices the dancers made in the piece. Nigel thought Virgil exposed his lack of technique (not true Nigel, you stop it), Paula defends them by saying he just has a different technique from Hailee – a different style.

_W5A7594_hires1Who: Alexia (Team Stage) and Ariana (Team Street)
Style: Burlesque Jazz
Choreographers: Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone
Song: “Circus Fish” by Vermillion Lies
Performance: It’s definitely a weird piece. I see what the choreographers were going for in there, but it felt like the dancers were having problems finding their footing. They’re both so flexible and have good mobility but it wasn’t as smooth and sultry as I wanted it to be. Alexis at least connected with the audience and had some good flirty and seductive facial expressions, but Ariana’s face was in perpetual smile which didn’t really fit the piece. It wasn’t great in my opinion. Grade: C+
Judges: It missed the mark for Nigel. Their smiles felt wrong and he wanted more darkness. Paula wish they brought sexiness to it and needs them to believe they can do it even when they are unsure. Jason thought it was rough and felt like the dancers didn’t like what they were doing and it was reflected in the piece.

_W5A7650_hires1Who: Megz (Team Street) and Derek (Team Stage)
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink
Performance: Derek, Derek, Derek, you tried, but there is NO DENYING MEGZ! With the intro piece, the package, and the routine, Megz just made me fall in love with her. She is coming out of her shell. She’s hilarious, super cool, and was a band geek for crying out loud can this girl do no wrong? Derek was holding his own and for a little bit there he looked like he actually belonged in the piece, there were some awkward moments, but he was pulling it off. However, he was majorly overshadowed by the awesomeness of Megz, who brought her cool to the routine. Don’t mess with Megz! Grade: B-
Judges: Wow, the judges are just poo pooing everything today. Derek was awkward and uncomfortable and Megz thought Megz wasn’t as sexy as she could have been (what?!). Paula’s crazy comes out saying Megz should have a sax…um…that’s not Megz fault Paula. You Crazy. Jason thought it wasn’t her best performance. Derek needs to find his swag.

Who: Gaby  (Team Stage) and Neptune (Team Stage)
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” by Ledisi (Selma Soundtrack)
Performance: Ok, there was this moment in this routine that made me tear up, Gaby had this heartbreaking expression on her face and Neptune scooped her up into this all encasing bear hug. It was just so beautiful and so pure. This piece is why So You Think You Can Dance exists. It’s definitely my favorite of the season. I gasped, I said WOW, I held my breath, I didn’t even notice it was all one single shot until Cat mentioned it at the end there. It’s like nothing existed in the world but these two dancers. One moved flowed into the other and the dancers literally threw themselves into it whole heartedly and it was just nothing but pure, unaltered emotion. So beautiful. This piece better earn Stacey Tookey an Emmy nomination. I’m going to watch it again. Be right back. Grade: A+
Judges: Jason calls the performance unreal. He’s so excited about it he can’t sit down. He said it’s a clear difference between someone who is living the performance and between someone who is just going through the motions. Nigel says Gaby shines no matter what she is doing.

_W5A7847_hires1Who: Kate (Team Stage) and JJ (Team Street)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Brian Friedman
Song: “A Different Beat” by Little Mix
Performance: Fun. But not memorable. That’s all I have to say about that. Grade: C
Judges: Nigel says the performance brought out Kate’s personality. Paula said some of the facial expressions were too on the nose and made it feel immature. Jason says to show variation in the facial expression.


  • Yorelis – Team Street
  • Ariana – Team Street
  • Alexia – Team Stage
  • Derek – Team Stage
  • Neptune – Team Street
  • Kate – Team Stage

NEPTUNE BETTER NOT GO HOME! I don’t even care anymore. PLEASE DON’T GET VOTED OFF! Sorry NOT SORRY for the caps. I think Alexia and Neptune should stay. Or maybe Neptune and Yorelis. Just Neptune stay PLEASE.


Group Performance: Team Stage
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Life Me” By Bengsons
Performance: Such a great song. So powerful. Stand outs were definitely Gaby and Derek. I just loved how the breath of this piece, how the dancers moved as one. It was incredible. Miss you Sonya!
Grade: A-

Group Performance: Team Street
Choreographer: Pharside and Phoenix
Song: “Dragula” BY Rob Zombie
Performance: It was pretty cool. I love the characters. Neptune is hard core. It definitely was hardcore and bad ass, but I felt like the dancing could have been harder and had more of an impact. Grade: B+


Twitter Saves…Neptune (THANK YOU!) and…Derek (????!?)

WOW. WOW. I did not see that coming. Derek was a SHOCKER. I can’t believe 4 women went home too! That is TOTALLY SHOCKING. So happy Neptune is staying, but kinda shocked Derek is staying…and that’s not me saying he doesn’t deserve to stay. So long Ariana, Yorelis, Alexis, and Kate! You’ll be missed!


  • Twitch: “I’m making a wish on the rainbow dress.”
  • Why does JaJa keep getting performing in the beginnin?. We all know the primo slot is near the end! This is like 3 weeks in a ROW!!
  • I love the way Travis talks to his dancers.
  • Nigel to Ariana: “It was a but like a dead fish on a slab.”
  • Paula: “Okay, I’m going to come up with another way of putting it that might be helpful.”
  • Cat to Nigel: “Take that and have some chips with it!”
  • Did Nigel call Ariana Adriana? Don’t take that insult Ariana, He was talking about Adriana, whoever and wherever she is.
  • Paula: “Megz I’d like to see your pants a little tighter. A little sexier you know?”
  • (Megz looking confused.)
  • Cat to Megz: “Just take them off!”
  • Why I love Megz — Derek: “What’s your favorite food?” Megz: “Pizza, I’m a ninja turtle.”
  • Just when I think the camera work is a little weird this season the camera does this beautiful single take shot that ends with it going off into the light and I am breathless.
  • Why I Love JJ: JJ’s questions for Kate: “Last week when you saw Asaf shirtless were you thinking something dirty?”, “If Jason Derulo proposed to you would you marry him?”, “There’s two chocolate bar: one in toilet water the other on the floor in the dust, which one would you eat?”,  “Neptune’s Armpit or Virgil’s feet, Smell One?”, “You’re not going to marry [Derulo]? He’s going to be maaaadddd.”
  • Why I love Kate: Her Answers in response to JJ: “No.” “No.” “Toilet Water.” “Virgil’s feet.” “No.” “Then he better give me better comments.”
  • Travis to his in danger dancers:” This is more than a show it’s a family.”
  • Cat’s response to the eliminated contestants: “All these gorgeous women, what is wrong with you America?”


  1. Neptune and Gaby – Contemporary
  2. Virgil and Hailee – Contemporary
  3. Jim and Yorelis – Contemporary
  4. Team Stage – Group Routine
  5. Team Street – Group Routine


  1. Gaby
  2. JaJa
  3. Virgil
  4. Neptune
  5. Jim

Overall the routines were either not very good, or really really great. Contemporary really won the day with some great routines. I voted for JaJa, Gaby and Neptune with the majority of my votes going toward JaJa Who are you voting for? What did you think of the show? Did the right people go home? I, for one, am really glad Neptune is staying. Until next time my friends!


So You Think You Can Dance is celebrating 10 years and 12 seasons.  They’ve promised some of our favorite routines, celebrities, and the All-Stars. I can’t wait!


Ten Years of Dance: Special Edition

The show starts off with an All-Star routine choreographed by Travis Wall. Is anyone else slightly geeking out over seeing Allison and Travis together again? Everything I see them I always think of that moment Allison was eliminated and danced for Travis. The piece is strong and powerful and each dancer gives it their all. Not to knock the Top 20, but they are still learning and it’s easy to see why these dancers are All-Stars. They just give it that little something extra. It was great seeing most of my favorites, Travis, Robert, Allison, Alex, Brandon, Kathryn, Jaimie, Jasmine, Marko and I think that last girl was Jenna right? (Song: “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea” by M83).


Cat emerges wearing a beautiful dress that’s a party in the front and elegant in the back. It’s a gorgeous color accompanied by sparkly wrist cuffs.


Nigel’s Pick
Season 2
Choreographed by: Mia Michaels
The Piece: The Bench
Song: “Calling You” by Celine Dion
Who: Travis Wall and Kathryn McCormick
Performance: Of all the versions of this routine that have been done before (with exception to the original with Heidi of course), this by far is the best. I still get chills every time Travis reaches for his partner through the bench, or he rejects his partners sun flower, or that leap. And I just love Kathryn she’s really grown a lot from her time on the show.

Jason’s Pick
Season 10
Choreographed by: Nappy Tabs
The Piece: Run The World
Song: “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce
Who: Jasmine Harper and Comfort
Performance: This was definitely one of my favorite pieces of the season. I can’t believe it took 10 seasons to have a female/female duo perform (or at least according to Jason, is this true?) The routine is just as sassy and as fierce as the first time I saw it. I think the girls might be hitting it a little harder than I remember.

Paula’s Pick
Season 3
Choreographed by: Wade Robeson
The Piece: The Flower and The Hummingbird
Song: “The Chainman’s Waltz“ from Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack
Who: Jaimie Goodwin and Hok
Performance: Hok, guys! Remember Hok? I do! I love that they brought him back! I haven’t seen this routine in a long time so it was really nice to see it again. It’s a fantastic piece. I love how the intricate moves juxtaposes with the simple music.

Cat’s Pick
Season 10
Choreographed by: Mark Kanemura
The Piece: K-Pop
Song: “I Am The Best” by 2NE1
Who: Mark Kanemura and Jenna Johnson
Performance: Great seeing Mark. I had forgotten about this piece and I actually like it a lot more than I originally did, I think. Also love the use of the song. This song got really popular and well known after I heard it on this show.

America’s Pic
Season 7
Choreographed by: Travis Wall
The Piece: For Travis Mom
Song: “Fix You” by Coldplay
Who: Robert Roldan and Allison Holker
Performance: Man, when that music swells, it gets me. Every. Damn. Time.

Favorite Routine of All Time
Season 7
Choreographed by: Nappy Tabs
The Piece: Outta Your Mind
Song:  “Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon feat LM*AO
Who: Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Alex “Freakin’” Wong
Performance: I remembered going “outta my mind” when I first saw this piece. This is the piece that launched Alex into being an all-star even though he didn’t finish the season. I loved how the audience originally freaked out and the roar was so loud. When thinking about my favorite routine of all time this one definitely came to mind. God, I love these two guys.

As for my favorite routine….It’s hard. I can’t pick one. There are so many favorites.  From early on in the series Ivan and Allison’s “Why,” to probably one of my favorite seasons ever, Katee and Joshua’s “Hometown Glory” or Katee and Twitch’s “Mercy, to even the group routines “Ramalama Bang Bang” or “Puttin’ On The Ritz.” There’s also Marko and Melanie’s “Turn to Stone” or the sexy “Misty Blue” with Jasmine and Twitch. I. Can’t. Pick. So instead, for your viewing pleasure…watch the routine I’ve been talking about this entire post!


  • Love the little mini solos of the season 12 contestants.
  • Loved the shout out to Wade Robeson. Can So You Think bring back “Ramalama Bang Bang” again now?
  • Cat told us this show as the launch pad for many artists and she is right. I discovered Regina Specktor, One Republic, Hozier, and many other artists from this show. I remember the first time I heard Ramalama I HAD to download the song and subsequently downloaded her entire album. Same with One Republic. When they first played their song “Apologize” on So You Think I remember being so frustrated that the song WASN’T ON iTUNES at the time.

I know So You Think You Can Dance has been struggling in the ratings, but I really love the show. Here’s to (hopefully) another 10 years of great dancing!

The Emmys were LONG. Really really long. I did, however like Neil Patrick Harris as a host. But here are 7 Things I liked about them (in no random order):



1)  NPH’s little giggle when he said “Why do you guys have 3D glasses on?” to Amy Poehlar and Tina Fey. (NOTE: Everyone should come up to the stage like Amy Poehlar)

2) Merritt Wever’s speech: “Thank you. Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye.”

3) The Ryan Seacrest Center fine print: The Ryan Seacrest Center focuses on freeing patients from addiction to hosting award shows, charitable fundraisers and “Star Search” themed reality programming. The center makes no claims of effectiveness regarding patients who cannot resist hosting dinner parties, in-laws or parasites. Rehabilitation is catered to individual needs – NO GUARENTEE -. Each patients program will include sessions in the therapeutic Billy Chrystal Springs and/or the world famous Pat Sajak Sweat Lodge. Incoming patients will submit to a full body cavity search for any hidden mic packs, lavs, wireless headsets, canes envelopes, sequins and Bruce Vilanches. Please plan on arriving at least 3 hours before your therapy call time because the limo time is murder. Arsenio Hall is not affiliated with The Ryan Seacrest Center for Excessive Hosting. Oh, and neither is Ryan Seacrest. If you’re still reading this and believe EHD is a real addiction you might be suffering from APB or Acute Parody Blindness. If so contact the Mel Brooks Center for Humor in Catskills New York. (Yes, yes I did pause my DVR to get every word, yes.)

4) Choreography Emmy: Announcing the choreographers dancing style was definitely a plus for me being a So You Think You Can Dance Fan. But when the SYTYCD choreographers DOMINATED the category, how did Derek Hough win. Okay, granted, I haven’t seen his work, but come on peeps! That being said, my favorite vignette by far was the American Horror Story: Asylum one. And I do love that they showcased choreographers, they all seemed so genuinely excited to there.

5) Love how excited NPH was introducing his fellow presenting cast mates Cobie and Alyson.

6) I enjoyed the little random facts the announcer gave on some of the winners. For example: James Cromwell is the only actor to ever say the words “star trek” on Star Trek and Gale Mancuso is only the second woman EVER to win for Best Comedy Directing. That is just crazy.

7) Kevin Spacey. “It’s All Going According to Plan.” I’m pretty sure I need this sound byte so I can carry it with me always and play it randomly where ever I go.


Did you watch the Emmys? What did you think of Neil Patrick Harris as a host?




More review’s in a hurry. Check out my reviews of Step Up Revolution and The Watch. Did I like them? Did I hate them? Read on to find out!


Step Up Revolution

Starring: Jason Guzman, Kathryn McCormick, Peter Gallagher, Stephen “Twitch” Boss, Misha Gabriel

I wasn’t expecting much out of Step Up Revolution. I had never seen the first four, but was told it wasn’t necessary (and it wasn’t). The main reason I went to see this movie (besides the fact my friend dragged me to it), was Kathryn McCormick. She is the reason I both wanted, and didn’t want to see Step Up 4. First of all her acting in the trailer, is GOD AWFUL. Luckily, she wasn’t THAT bad in the movie. I mean, girl isn’t winning any Oscars or anything, but she wasn’t abysmal. Her dancing, on the other hand was incredible. I’ve admired this girl since her performance on So You Think You Can Dance, and if possible, her dance level has only increased as time has passed.

Step Up Revolution follows “The Mob” as they perform extravagant flash mobs in their quest for contest money for the highest number of viewers for an internet video. The Mob’s leader Sean (Ryan Guzman) gets caught up in a Romeo and Juliet scenario  with Emily (Kathryn McCormick), the daughter of a corporate mogul (Peter Gallagher) who wants to tear down the homes and businesses of The Mob’s family and rebuild it as a flashy hotel. This strikes up a “revolution” of sorts, pushing The Mob to perform out of protest rather than performance.

Though the acting wasn’t spectacular, you don’t go see a movie like Step Up Revolution for the dancing, like you don’t see Magic Mike for the storyline. The dancing and costumes were out of this world. I’m a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance so seeing dancers such as Twitch, Kathryn, Brandon, Billy Bell, Mia Michaels, Phillip Chbeeb, was a nice treat for me. If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll enjoy this movie.

Rating: 2 ½ Stars.


The Watch

Starring: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Johan Hill, Rosemarie Dewitt, Richard Ayoade, Will Forte

The Watch was everything I thought it would be, and more! It was…pretty bad…with a side of, not completely awful and I even managed to chuckle at a few parts. Mostly just because of the ridiculousness of it all, but that’s Ben Stiller for you.

This movie was a mess. Evan, a do-gooder in his community forms a Neighborhood Watch with three other guys when his friend is brutally murdered. They soon find out their town is being overcome with aliens. However, it seems Evan is the only one eager to destroy these aliens while outcasts Bob (Vince Vaughn), Franklin (Jonah Hill), and Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade) are more set on forming friendships.

Ben Stiller’s comedies (like Will Ferrell’s as well) seem to be more about inviting his friends along to do stupid things. Vaughn, Hill, and Stiller seemed to be playing mixed versions of other characters they’ve played, which makes their jokes, and tricks, and mannerisms seem tired and old, instead of funny. The plot was also super thin with plenty of holes in it. It also bounced around too many extremes: Funny, ridiculous, serious, gross, stupid, dramatic, I found brain getting distracted and trailing off on tangents. But this all could have been forgiven if the movie were funnier with better writing (See Bridesmaids, The first Hangover, Superbad).

Rating: 2 Stars



This episode of Glee was really strong. And it highlighted two underused characters in Glee-verse: Mike and Mercedes. One plot like I loved, the other, I’m sick of. And the winner is *drumroll* the “Other Asian!”


“Asian F”

Glee Club “booty camp” is rehearsing and Mercedes shows up late acting like a diva, saying she’s so busy with all the extra rehearsals she doesn’t have time to sleep or eat. Mercedes: “When am I supposed to eat?” Santana: “When the rest of us does?” Mercedes: “Like you eat!” Yes, you read that right, Santana is back, ya’ll. Fully on the Glee side without Sue’s knowledge. We shall see how long this lasts. Anyone wanna take bets? BTW, Quinn, looks terrible.

Meanwhile, it looks like Will and Emma are getting super serious. So serious Emma is making a “Bridezilla” box and Will wants to meet her parents. Emma, doesn’t think this is a good idea. Akward.

Speaking of meeting the parents, we meet Mike Chang Sr. who is convinced his son is doing drugs. Either that or he’s distracted by his girlfriend. Mike Chang Jr. got a A- in chemistry and that’s considered an Asian F. Something has to go. First thing? The girlfriend. Then the Glee Club. We get a nice throw back to Season 1 where Finnegan refers to Tina as a vampire again. Love it. Anyway, Mike is feeling overwhelmed and can’t work on the song he was supposed to sing. Tina suggests he should tell his father how he really feels about dancing and singing and that he “can’t hide who he is” and again we get another throwback to Season 1, when change brings up the fact she faked her stutter when they first met her.

Mercedes boyfriend, who’s name I already forgot and who is a terrible terrible actor, tells Mercedes she’s great and shouldn’t be playing nice with her frenemy.  Overwhelmed by his support, we get a nice diva-licious performance of “Spotlight.”

Though her performance is…good…it is nothing compared to what Brittany dishes out. Still running for class president, Brittany is HELL BENT on the fact that a girl needs to rule the school for once because the boys have made a mess of things. Then she starts a flash mob singing Beyoncé’s “Who Run The World(Girls) ,” from the hallway into the gym. There’s something about Brittany that is so sexy when she dances. She just oozes cool, it’s hard to believe she’s an “underdog.” Plus, she’s the only girl I know that can pull off boots over softball knee high socks and a leather skort. Yes. Skort. Seriously, what was she wearing? Anyway, that performance was so damn amazing (I mean it even gets Sue dancing) and well-choreographed, I have to watch it again…excuse me.

Elsewhere, Beiste, Emma, and Artie can’t decide between Rachel or Mercedes for the role of Maria so they decide to have a “Maria-Off.” This time Mercedes doesn’t take Rachel’s hug. And Rachel is pissed.

Mike Chang, who looks so stressed and so disappointed in himself for disappointing his father, takes to the dance floor. Harry Shum has some lovely moments and movements in this scene. Especially when he deals with the pressure from his parents. In Asian culture, some parents put a lot of their pressure on their kids to study and get A’s. I am grateful my parents never did that and let me be who I wanted to be. Then Tina comes in and reminds him who he is. And it’s sweet. And then it’s bitter sweet because it wasn’t really her saying it. That moment makes Mike realize he IS DANCE, and dance is him. And thus leads us to his audition of Riff, revealing to the world that this kid is what we call a triple threat. He can dance, act, AND sing. And it was a nice change of pace to see him get to do all three this episode. His performance of “Cool” was fantastic, outstanding, incredible, sexy, and any other amazing adjective you can think of. Glee is on fire tonight!

In a brief, but wonderful vignette – Kurt redeems himself by showing his full on support for Blaine as the role of Tony in the school play. A role I would have betted money on, that Kurt would have thrown a hissy fit if he didn’t get it. I’m glad Kurt came around and supported his man. Makes me think he deserves the great guy that Blaine is.

Mercedes who’s still acting like a diva throws a fit and because she feels like Schue is always picking on her. So she walks out, and Schue says if she leaves, she’s out of Glee. Then Mercedes makes up for her iffy performance, by being Effie (from Dreamgirls). See what I did there? Yeah you did. The way Glee reformatted “It’s All Over,” to fit not only the story but also the characters, was pretty damn amazing. Amber Riley sang the HELL out of this song, WHEW. Other standouts – Santana and Kurt. Love when he hit his high note. And at the end of it all, Mercedes is standing in the middle of an empty room. Alone.

Mike’s mother “catches” Mike dancing and he lies to her saying it’s for football. She knows better and tell him she doesn’t want to ever do anything to stop him from pursing his dreams. He tells her he auditioned for a part in the school musical and she responds with a line that says SO MUCH about the love for her son, and yet is so simple, and I really commend the writers for this line. She says, “Do you know if we earned that part in the school musical yet?” That one word… “we” says so much. She tells her son she gave up dancing and he grabs his mother’s hand and they dance around the room. It’s very sweet and sentimental, just like the Glee we know and love.

It’s now time for the Diva-Off. Everyone’s excited and anticipating, and Finn is in the wings acting like a stage mom. The two girls sing “Out Here On My Own” but at the end of the performances, Rachel is not happy. She thinks Mercedes was better than her. Realizing she’s not going to get a part in the musical, and scared she won’t achieve anything that will make stand out, Rachel decides to run for president against Brittany. And Kurt. I find it funny that she’d give up on that part so soon, even before officially knowing the answer. Because the answer was: they double-casted the part. Both Rachel and Mercdes will share the performances of Maria. But Mercedes doesn’t want it. So Rachel wins by default. Oh, and she’s still running for President. And again, Rachel becomes unlikeable, this really is getting tiring Mr. Murphy.

Back to Schue and his Ginger Girlfriend, he finally does meet the parents and realizes the reason why she never wanted them to meet is because they’re “Ginger Supremacists.” They don’t like to hang out with non-gingers. And Will finally realizes why Emma is the way she is. It’s because of her awful awful…one more time…AWFUL parents. And it all makes sense now. But that meeting with her parents seems to make Emma regress, but it also makes Will finally stop pushing for her to change, and instead will learn and try to fix her. We end the show with Matthew Morrison singing, “Fix You.” A song that’s been overplayed, probably from the times I’ve repeated Travis Wall’s choreography from So You Think You Can Dance over and over and over again. This song also causes Matthew Morrison to sing in falsetto…please please Glee give him a song in his RANGE.

In the end we find out, Blaine gets the part of Tony, Rachel Gets Maria, Mike gets the part of Riff, and Santana gets Anita. We find out what the Glee Club looks like with Blaine in it, even if Mr. Schue is the lead. And we also find out, Mercedes is joining Shelby’s choir. Called it! Not in this blog post, but in my mind – called it!

Random Thoughts:

  • Love that Brittany calls the toilet the “magical poop stealing water chair.” I’m going to use that from now on.
  • Love that Santana calls Kurt “Jimmy Fallon’s butch daughter.”
  • The only thing that didn’t fit with the “Who Run The World (Girls)” routine was Quinn…seriously. It just didn’t look right in her “delicate” sundress.
  • Mike Chang –  Dang that kid’s got some arms.
  • Mercedes better not be pregnant.
  • Now that we know Mike can sing can he sing more please? And more Brittany!



Will: “Why haven’t I met your parents?”
Emma: “Cause they’re dead.”
Will: “You spoke to them last night.”
Emma: “They were ghosts. They’re ghost parents.”

Mike Chang: “It’s what I love to do, it’s never going to be a waste of my time.”

Tina in Finnegan’s mind: “Excuse me from gym all year or I’ll drain your spicy curry blood.”



“Spotlight”: This was not the right song for Mercedes. It wasn’t hard hitting enough. Grade C

“Run The World”: Heather Morris rocks my world! Grade: A

“Cool”: Male group dance number, hot Asian guy singing, West Side Story, awesome dance moves. What more can you ask for? Grade A-

“It’s All Over”: Great performance. Amber Riley can really belt it out and it was a great use of the song. Almost perfect. Grade: A-

“Out Here On My Own”: I wish they picked a song that showed their vocal range more. It was just okay. But when they hit those notes of unison – chills! Grade: B

“Fix You”: Glad we finally got a performace by Schue. I wish they added some kind of spin on it. That it was a different arrangement or something. Grade: B+


What did you think of this episode? It wasn’t absolutely amazing (thanks to the Mercedes Story Line) but it was definitely strong. Did you think it was strong? Is Glee back? Are you sick of Mercedes? Are you disappointed in Rachel’s decision to run against Kurt or did you see it coming? Are you creeped out about previews of next week’s episode?


The Top 20 perform again and I’m happy to see most of the couples performing out of their comfort zones. Many of the dancers struggled, but I believe if they struggle they’re growing. It’s hard to pick the 4 dancers that will go home tomorrow, but it has to be done.


So You Think You Can Dance

Top 20 Perform…Again

Since no one went home last week, the top 20 are performing again. Anyone notice no Top 20 Performance again? Instead they are introduced in couples. Either with the guy lifting girls leg and dipping her, or the picking up the girl herself….anyone notice Iveta spun Nick into a dip instead? Adorable!

From Cat we learn, “Genuine icon from the world of dance” Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the Rain) is this week’s guest. And the Cat tells us this week the couple’s partners will be revealing their embarrassing secret.

And here we go….


Couple #1 :
WhoRickey and Ryan – Ryan reveals that Rickey’s real name is Roderick, sorry girl, but not as embarrassing as your quick growing leg hair.
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Mandy has choreographed a sexual tension filled routine. She’s worried about the dancing maturity level of R&R.
Song: “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer

Performance:  It’s definitely sexy choreography, but again, Ryan has issues with the emotions. She’s dancing well, really well, but she’s not putting the right emotions into it. If this dance is supposed to be sexually charged, she should be making eye contact with Rickey, not the audience. Rickey is looking at her like he could devour her. He is amazing. His jumps and tricks have such power and control. My Grading: B-

Couple #2
WhoCaitlynn & Mitchell – Mitchell wins Most Embarassing for his Zebra Snuggie over Caitlynn’s disgusting feet.
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is about a woman trying to leave a relationship, but she can’t. Mitchell worries about portraying a huge jerk because that’s not his personality.
Song: “Turning Tables” by Adele

Performance:  There were just so many great moments in this performance. Caitlynn and Mitchell were conveying the right types of emotions on their face. I really felt for them. Did you see his face at the end of the routine when he was putting her back in her chair? It was devastation. Genius moments: When Mitchell grabs Caitlynn by the wrist and jerks her along, when Caitlynn uses the chair to launch into his arms, the slow scorpion-like pirouette (that reminds me of the ballet dancer in music boxes), and Mitchell’s light turning off in the end. Fantastic! My Grading: A

Couple #3:
WhoMissy & Wadi – The fact that Wadi likes to use lady hair removal product on his chest is way more embarrassing than Missy’s weird laugh.
Dancing Style: Cha-Cha
Choreographer:  Jean Marc Genereux (Aww I’ve missed the little French man!)
Rehearsal: Wadi’s never done cha-cha, which is unfortunate because JM is giving them most difficult routine he’s ever choreographed. Missy is asking a lot of questions and getting flustered. JMG: “The show is so you think you can dance, so we’ll see if they can.”
Song: “Cannibal” by Ke$ha

Performance:  Well, first of all it’s unfortunate they have to perform the cha-cha to this AWFUL song from Key-dollar sign-ha! Missy was good, but Wadi definitely struggled. I feel like they were moving at a much slower pace than the song asked for. Missy was feeling the music and she was sexy. But Wadi was thinking about it. Hang in there, Wadi. My Grading: C

Couple #4:
WhoIveta & Nick – He always wears shorts (not embarrassing), but Iveta talks to herself whenever she looks in the mirror (embarrassing…)
Dancing Style: Bollywood
Choreographer:  Nakul Dev Mahajan
Rehearsal: The routine is supposed to start slow then get faster – lightning fast. The routine needs to burst with energy. Are the cheesy graphics necessary, people?
Song: “Baawre” by Luck by Chance (Soundtrack)

Performance:  Soooo…Okay, I really wanted to like this performance, but there was just something off about it. Maybe it was because two white people were doing Bollywood, but I feel like their energy wasn’t even. Iveta was definitely struggling. She didn’t complete her movements, and she looked stiff and tired. Nick, I thought did a good job. I loved the one handed spin trick even if it started out awkwardly. My Grading: B-

Couple #5:
WhoMiranda & Robert – The fact that Miranda’s crush (Tadd) is revealed on National TV, is way more embarrassing than Robert thinking he’s a pro-wrestler.
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer:  Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: Concept : They are woodpeckers. Miranda is a baby pecker. Robert is her teacher. The routine is intricate and Robert is concerned with catching Nappy Tabs musicality.
Song: “Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes

Performance:  Mianda has swag! Robert’s personality was definitely toned down, and it’s nice to see him out of those Urkel glasses. They both really got into the routine and kind of just let themselves go. And I totally got the student/teacher vibe/concept of the routine. Love their somersault off the stage, though the cue of the feathers was a little off. My Grading: B

Couple #6:
WhoClarice & Jess – Clarice sleeps with her eyes open, Jess draws stick figures of entire orchestras, yeah that’s embarrassing.
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: There are a lot of difficult lifts. Cute: Jess looking at his muscles saying, “What are these things?” in the lift montage.
Song: “Cathedrals” by Jump Little Children

Performance:  Jess’ height is distracting (is that mean?) I don’t know—it felt a bit awkward. I feel like he didn’t extend his legs or arms enough in the beginning. He excels at turns and pirouettes, but he struggles in the softer, lighter moments. He danced with a certain heaviness. Clarice, on the other hand, has beautiful lines and extensions. She was very carefree with her movements. And I thought she did a great job. My Grading: B-

Couple #7 :
WhoJordan & Tadd – Jordan isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Tadd has OCD issues, color coordinates packed clothes, as well as divides things into baggies. (It’s a toss up here)
Dancing Style: Viennese Waltz
Choreographer:  Jean-Marc Genereux
Rehearsal: Key word of the day is “space” and it drives Jordan crazy.
Song: “Fade into Me” by David Cook

Performance:  I actually really liked it. More than I thought it would. It was very sweet and pretty. I also loved the way Tadd added a little bit of his swag/personality to it, that made me smile. My Grading: B

Couple #8 :
WhoMelanie & Marko –Melanie has issue with people touching her ears, Marko loves to read romance novels (okay that’s  REALLY embarrassing)
Dancing Style:  Jazz
Choreographer:  Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: The routine is fast and upbeat. Mandy hopes Marko and Melanie can hit the strong accents and lifts.
Song: “Sing With a Swing” by DKS

Performance:  First, Melanie’s costume, not at all flattering – I mean seriously costume department? As for the routine, it was cute but Marko definitely had troubles. And when his hat fell off right before she leapt into his arms, I couldn’t help thinking oh no, just let the hat be and go catch your girl! Though they did hit all those accents, had jazz hands and leg kicks, It could have been better. My Grading: B+

Couple #9:
WhoSasha & Alexander – Sasha sweats like a dude, Alex loves to look at himself in the mirror
Dancing Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer:  Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: The concept is a soldier coming back from the war to reconnect with his wife. It’s a sensitive subject so it’s not just about the movement. They have to connect and get story right.
Song: “Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money and Skylar Grey

Performance: The first little section — with Alex moving slowly behind Sasha who’s hitting beats we don’t even hear in the song, but we feel coming from her – is amazing. Then when they finally get together it just explodes into something completely different. You can feel the joy (though I don’t buy the “romantic” connection) and there is really great. Alex’s headstand off Sasha’s back is pretty cool. And the little forehead kiss he gives her once the routine is over is very sweet. My Grading: A- 

Couple #10:
WhoAshley & Chris  – Ashley thinks she has swag, but doesn’t. Chris has a creepy smile. (Neither of those are really embarrassing)
Dancing Style: Broadway
Choreographer:  Spencer Liff
Rehearsal: Concept: Chris is incarcerated and wants Ashley. They are dancing through bars, this should be interesting. This routine needs to be sexy.
Song: “Please, Mr. Jailer” by Rachel Sweet

Performance:  This routine was so creative and inventive and original. The “bars concept” was pretty amazing. There were so many fantastic parts to this, it’s hard to even say, but I love the way Chris just jumped, climbed, and hung all over those bars. This routine did such a fantastic job of showing off their personalities too – and making them memorable. Cool parts: Chris climbing up and sticking his feet through the bars, then dropping to the floor, feet out. Chris pulling Ashley’s glove off with his mouth. My Grading: A


Cat to Caitlynn who has blood on her face:  “What have you done? What did you do?”
Caitlynn “Mitchell accidentally punched me.”

Iveta to Nick: “How can you wear shorts with chicken legs like yours?”

Cat: “Do you have guyliner on?”
Nick: “Yeah, I was crying when they put it on. I have sensitive eyes.”
Cat: “You big wuss.”
Nick: “I can’t help it, it just happened.”
Cat: “It looks good though.”

Mary, about Chris and Ashley’s Jail Routine: “I kept saying, let him out, let him out, because he’s gotta go over to Debbie’s house!”

Random Thoughts:

  • Oh, Cat, Cat, Cat, what are you wearing? I  want to reach into my TV and pull that LACE off that dress.
  • I’m glad we got to see Mitchell dance. I’m glad he stuck around.
  • Debbie hitting on Wadi = HILARIOUS
  • I couldn’t point out Miranda in a crowd if my life depended on it.
  • Loved Debbie Reynolds doing the Woody The Wood Pecker theme song, and Robert freaking out about it.
  • Love when Jordan is having her blonde moment in her reel, her mother actually tells her to stop talking. At least, I think that’s her mother.
  • I miss Travis Wall
  • Whenever Mary uses real dance terms and critiques I feel smarter. Can we get more judges like that as opposed to judges who just say things like, “You fell out of your top, and you fell out of your bottom…you gave it your all!”

Ranking the Routines:

  1. Caitlynn & Mitchell: Contemporary
  2. Ashley & Alexander: Broadway
  3. Sasha & Chris: Lyrical Hip Hop
  4. Melanie & Marko: Jazz
  5. Jordan & Tadd: Viennese Waltz
  6. Miranda & Robert: Hip Hop
  7. Rickey & Ryan: Jazz
  8. Iveta & Nick: Bollywood
  9. Clarice & Jess: Contemporary
  10. Missy & Wadi: Cha-Cha
Well, two couples go home tomorrow (Thursday). That’s scary. Here’s the issue I’m having. Individually, I’d vote off:  Jordan, Wadi (even though I love him), Iveta and Jess. But since it won’t happen like that, my votes for the bottom three are Clarice & Jess, Missy & Wadi, and Miranda and Robert. Do you agree? Did you vote? What did you think of this week’s routines?

Being back in the SYTYCD studio with the judges and choreographers and audience is like getting together with old friends. Have I mentioned I’m super happy this show is back? This episode was jam packed announcing the TOP 20 and giving us 9 performances. Here are Season 8’s Top 20 Dancers!

The Top 20

Rickey Jaime, 18, Contemporary
Melanie Moore, 19, Contemporary
Miranda Maleski, 19, Contemporary
Sasha Mallory, 23, Contemporary
Iveta Lukosiute, 30, Ballroom,
Christopher Koehl, 21, Hip-hop
Tadd Gadduang,25, Street
Wadi Jones, 24, Breaking
Robert Taylor Jr., 30, Hip-hop
Nick Young, 19, Tap
Jess Leprotto, 18, Broadway
Clarice Ordaz, 19, Jazz
Jordan Casanova, 18, Jazz
Marko Germar,> Jazz, 22, Jazz
Missy Morelli, 19, Jazz
Mitchell Kelly, 20, Contemporary
Ashley Rich, 22, Contemporary
Caitlyn Lawson,18, Contemporary
Alexander Fost, 21, Contemporary
Ryan Ramirez, 19, Contemporary

The Performances

Who: Rickey, Melanie, Miranda and Sasha
What: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “In This Shirt”, by The Irrepressibles

I think Melanie and Rickey definitely stood out, even if production went too heavy with the fog machine. Rickey’s spins were amazing. I look forward to learning more about Melanie, especially since we’ve seen a lot of her, but know nothing about her.

Who: Chris, Tadd, Wadi, and Robert
What: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: “Everyday (Coolin’)” by Swizz Beatz feat. Eve

I was really sad that The Professor and Lil’ O didn’t make it. I really like those guys. Hopefully, Lil’ O auditions next year and comes back. I loved Robert Taylor’s reaction to winning. He was just so happy. And his personality really shined in Dave Scott’s Hip-Hop routine. I loved the Urkel outfit chosen for him. Chris also showed a lot of skill. I loved it when he did the reverse back flip. I guess it would be called a front flip?  Also, the tutting section (yes I got that word from ABDC, hopefully I used it correctly) in the middle of their performance was pretty cool.

Who: Iveta Lukosiute
What: Ballroom (She dances the Argentine Tango??)
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Song: “Ven A Bailar (On The Floor)”, by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

Despite the unfortunate song choice (sorry JLo, I don’t like your music), Iveta won me over with her song choice. I really want to dislike her, but she was incredible. And I think it helped that Pasha from Season 3 was her partner. Oh Pasha! He rips off part of her dress that’s actually a cape, and whips it around. It’s a really creative routine. Nigel says to her, “What I love about you is your humility.” And I agree with him. Whoa.

Who: Clarice, Marko, Jordan, Missy
What: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Vanguardian” by Steed Lord

I’m hoping since Jordan made it into the Top 20, we never have to see that clip of Tyce calling her a “naughty naughty girl.” Seriously, it creeps me out.

As for the dancing,I love Sonya’s choreography. It’s original. You can tell it’s hers. Marko sure got a work out lifting all those girls and pushing and pulling him. And that leap in the beginning took a lot of precision. However, none of the girls really stood out.

Who: Jess and Nick
What: Broadway and Tap
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter” by Nina Simone

Right off the bat I’m admitting to a big crush on Nick. He’s a good looking kid with a lot of charisma, plus him being a tapper makes him that much cuter. I will ignore the fact he’s 9 years younger than me. His routine with Jess is really entertaining. I can see what Nigel means when he says Jess has a bit of arrogance in him, but the routine is so cute. Dueling street performers. I think Nick wins this one though with overall skill and personality. The fact that Jess is so much shorter is a bit distracting and I’m turned off by his playing to the crowd when it’s all over. My vote is for Nick and not just because he’s adorable.

Who: Caitlyn, Ashley, Mitchell, Ryan, Alexander
What: Contemporary
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Moth’s Wings” by Passion Pit

The routine is good as far as I can tell, but I think there are too many people on stage to really focus on the talent. Catlin does a cool jump into Alexander’s arms during the performance. Also, the song is really awesome, I want to download it. The whole routine was really joyful, but no one stuck out, though maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing?

After the group performances the Top 10 guys perform a Christopher Scott Hip-Hop/Contemporary routine to Nathan Lanier’s “Velocity. The routine is very Matrix/Inception like and I’m digging the red doors. Halfway through the routine, half of the guys do a cool move where they spin in the hair, feet parallel to the floor. It’s snazzy work, but not stand on your feet awesome.

Whereas the boys routine felt aggressive and a little all over the place – not necessarily in a bad way, the Top 10 girls routine was so clean! Sonya’s jazz routine turned the girls into “weird and creepy and exiting geisha’s.” They perform a jazz routine to a strange song: “Pop Drop and Roll” by Chonique Sneed & Lisette Bustamante. The movements were clean and precise and weird and interesting. They were also very doll/bobble head-like.


The final performance of the Top 20, was a nice closer to the night. They danced to “Little Bird” by Annie Lennox and it was a good way to end the show. I’m ready for it to begin. How about you?




Random Thoughts:

  • I knew Natalia wouldn’t make it. But it is a bummer.
  • The guys are really diverse this year, the girls, not so much!
  • Love the fact that Dave Scott says he and Christopher are twins. I believe it.
  • Love when Soyna gets the girls in the circle (after her grueling rehearsal) and asks, “Anyone need a medic?” and they all raise their hands while she giggles. She’s evil. And I love it.
  • Anyone notice Nigel give Lil’ C a hug after his sweet little poem to Sonya (after the Top 10 girls performance)?

“Look we made an oreo” What Cat after squishing herself between the Mallory sisters.

“Milking it for all it’s worth, have you ever?” God love ya, Cat.

“They don’t just favor guys…like other shows.” Was that a little dig on Idol, Nigel?

Sonya: “I’m gonna push them, until they can’t be pushed anymore. They’ll be fine!”

Sonya: “Feel like you’re gonna puke? Welcome, Honey, welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.”


Right now I’m rooting for Melanie Morales, Robert Taylor, and Nick Young, but the thing about this show is sometimes I end up rooting for unexpected people. Who are your favorites so far? Who do you wish made it, that didn’t?


This episode has me worn out, and all I had to do was fast forward through commercials. It’s easier than it sounds people. I love Vegas week because it’s TOUGH.  Nigel: “If you’re going to throw up, turn around and face that way.” Sure most of it is for TV, but I truly do believe some of that is also for the dancers own good. And as we know being tough, can sometimes produce genius such as this!

Let’s get on with it shall we?

So You Think You Can Dance

Vegas Round

Vegas Round is 3 days consisting of: 5 rounds of choreography, including a group round, bookended with solos. It also consists of yelling and crying, and breakdowns and ambulances – oh yeah and there’s some dancing too.

Solos  #1:

Only a few are featured in the first solo round. They only really showcase the “entertaining ones”, cop uniform, eccentric dresser, and the two Mallory sisters. Can it really be called a solo if they dance together? Frankly, I’d want to make sure all eyes were on me. Still Natalia Mallory is hands down my favorite. She brings such life to her dancing, but more on that later.

Round 1: Hip Hop with Nappy Tabs.

46 people are gone. But the “fun” is just beginning. During their choreography lesson Vegas round claims its first injury victim. At least that’s why I take from it with the other dancers yelling “First injury! First injury!” Way to help out, kids. Seems, breaker Wadi Jones (though the way Cat says his name it sounds like Wordy) is getting major cramps in his legs. But drinks a lot of water, sees the medic and just makes it as one of the final dancers of Round 2 – and he kills it. He hits it pretty hard so one can only imagine how he’d do with proper rehearsal time.


Round 2: Broadway

A total of 90 people are gone, but there’s no time to mourn. Tyce is teaching the kids Broadway. His teaching consists of delightful gems such as, “The girls character in this is 100% trash, in a good way” (Is there really any other way, Tyce?) and for the boys, “You are never holding in. You’re filling in, with life.” Say what? The male dancers mock him behind his back, I guess the men aren’t big Tyce fans. Don’t worry boys, I doubt the ladies are either.

Jessica Watanabi and Lil’ O (Virgil) are showcased because they’re the shortest contestants. It helps that they’re also adorable together. They make it through to the next round as well as Wadi, the boy with the crampy legs.


Round 3: Ballroom with Jason Gilkison

Jason creates a “physically demanding” routine for these tired tired kids, complete with lifts, and spins, and fast fast foot work in high high heels. When it’s Natalia Mallory’s turn to Jive everyone decides to focus on the big question.  But Tyce decides to say it out loud, just to be sure anyone not thinking it, would be, “How is he going to pick up her?” They’re called hands, Tyce. Thanks for being a jackass. Though Natalia dances with a smile and with energy, the tricks are floundering. Nigel decides to give her and her partner a second chance. And he’ll give Natalia a stronger partner. Natalia takes all this in stride and focus on the task at hand. And that’s why I’m rooting for her.

After all the other dancers perform, Natalia gets her second chance, this time with “The Professor” and I already like him. He’s supportive in more ways than one. They performance has so much spunk and personality and life, of course Natalia makes it through. They’d be cra-cray not too.

However it’s not all fun, Jeanine Mason’s little sister, Alexis is in trouble and must dance for her life, ends up making it through to the next round even though Nigel calls her dancing immature, but she’s on thin ice.

Round 4: Group Round.

You think Nigel is evil, just wait until this round. With 39 guys, 35 girls left, Nigel takes these emotionally tired and physically exhausted, young men and women and make them stay up all night to practice their own routine with strangers and then perform them bright and early 7AM.

Luckily a lot of the inevitable drama the night brings is brief and we get straight back to the dancing. But first there is trouble for Natalia Mallory. She’s feeling dizzy and nauseous, and getting chills. Will she be able to perform with her group? After spending most of the morning rehydrating with the medic (not as fun as it sounds) Natalia makes it back to perform with her group – they all make it to the next round.

In fact only 7 people don’t get to pass go and collect $200. This might be the most successful group round SYTYCD has ever had. Usually there are some awful train wrecks out there.


Round 5: Contemporary with Travis Wall (Yay)

The contemporary round has the reputation of being a blood bath, more than any other round, and Travis Wall is as rough as Mia Michaels. He gives the dancers a routine worth of the top 20.

Ryan Ramirez, a repeat audition to SYTYCDer,  thinks she might have broken her tailbone, but is hesitant to go to the hospital. It’s always heartbreaking to see those kids have to physically force themselves to get help. But then again dancers do perform with broken toes and fingers and ribs – we’ve seen it before.

And that Las Vegas hospital is sure getting a lot of customers today as Natalia is forced to go to the hospital with low blood sugar. All signs point to her being cut. Her sister, Sasha uses her emotions about her sister into her performance with, none other than “The Professor” and it’s beautifully actually.

One of my favorites, Arielle Coker is cut after her round. She looks stunned.  But she takes it and leaves. I wish she fought. DC sure fought when he was told he didn’t make it. He practically brought everyone to tears begging to stay. He just kept saying over and over, “I can’t go home, I can’t go home.” It was really heartbreaking. Debbie Allen finds it in her big big heart to take that boy under her wing. “I’m giving you a life line, you better take it). I hope he practices and learns a lot from her, and auditions again. And I love that all the other dancers give him hugs as he leaves.


Solo Round 2: Last Round

Natalia Mallory is up, having missed the entire contemporary round. But she has a good excuse, she was just diagnosed with diabetes. The judges give her a free pass and she is able to give her solo. And that she does. I think it’s great, especially when she smiles, she just lights up the room. Then she brings even red-eyed Nigel to tears with her heartfelt speech about this competition making her feel so good about herself. She makes it though!

Also making it through, at least from what I could tell: her sister Sasha, Jess (The Broadway Kid), Clarice (who’s solo we saw and it was funky!), Lil’ O, Ivetta, the Ginnifer Goodwin girl, Melanie Moore….and 24 other dances.

Notably those that didn’t make it – Hero, the Japanese pop and locker Patti Ann Miller, Mary Kate Shean, the riverdancer,  and the “Wacking girl” Princess Lockeroo. They were all cut after the hip hop round. Ryan Ramierez, Chyna almost made it but were cut before the solos, and Kimalee Piadad, Chase Thomas, another one of my favorites and not just because he’s always shirtless, and Jeanine Mason, they’ll all have to try again.


Contestant: Can I try one more time.
Debbie Allen: I don’t want to see it again, personally”.

Cat looking at blisters on a girls feet – “Ooh that one’s gonna be a nasty one!”

Nigel: (To Natalia) You got the professor!
Professor: Indubitably.

DC was saying no one thought he could make it, and he didn’t know why and he gave the best quote. “Stop it, there’s enough around for everyone to eat.” Love it. I want to use that one day.

Mary Murphy – “Get off this stage because I never want to see that outfit again

Adam Shankman – “Did you just actually try and shake tears out of your face”


31 Dancers left. Top 20 will be announced today (Thursday). Who are you rooting for? My votes still for Natalia. Is Tyce getting creepier and creepier to anyone else but me? Do you wish we saw a little more of the solos? Did anyone get cut you wish made it through, like Arielle?


After yesterday’s lackluster 2 hour audition round, today’s Los Angeles auditions were SIGNIFICANTLY better. This round definitely made me excited for what’s to come, which is VEGAS!!

So You Think You Can Dance 

Auditons #5

Dancers That Left A Distinct Impression

Derion “DC” Chapman, 23, B-Boy – During his interview Bruno Mars, “Count On Me” was playing. That’s a great song. Back to DC, I like him. He’s funny and charming and a good mover. He does a cool back flip but with great height. Plus he gets bonus points for dancing b-boy moves to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life.”

Arielle Coker, 21, ContemporaryShe has auditioned many, many times before. She has a few stumbles, but her audition is original, and funky, and kinda freaky. She has a really intense expression on her face. And when she walks towards camera with that look, it’s not cheesy like it is for some other dancers. She ends her routine doing this cool crab walk to the beat, with her toes while moving her fingers.  I like it.

Hero McRae, B-Girl – She’s from Japan, and she’s so adorable. First of all, I love her gold jacket. Second, she’s really awesome. Love that she’s pop and locking. And she looks like she’s having so much fun. She accentuates every single note, beat, breath of that song with movement. It’s fantastic. Nigel, “I don’t really what’s happening today.” I agree, Nigel. Yeah, if she didn’t go straight to Vegas, I’d reach into my TV and slap Nigel.


Other Dancers Showcased

Jordan Casanova, 18, Contemporary – She obviously has skills, but I think I’d like her better if she weren’t dancing to stripper music. She does a spin on one leg with the other leg high in the air. It’s pretty cool, but she doesn’t really impress so much, as annoy me. Plus, Nigel’s eyes may have fallen out of his head, and that’s just annoying.

Alexis Mason, 18 (Jeanine Mason’s sister), Contemporary – Alexis totally looks like her sister. I love the interview clips that show Jeanine punching her sister in the boobs when putting Alexis’ number on. It’s totally a sister thing. Alexis is good, but maybe a bit TOO expressive in her face, which makes it seem fake. Nigel calls it “goldfishing”. I like how her leg came up at an angle, foot pointed, to the keys of a piano in the music. She’s going to Vegas. I think it’d be a bit embarrassing, and definitely heart breaking if she didn’t.

Patty Anne Miller, 28, B-Girl – I like her style, good thing she’s a style consultant. I like when she dances on her toes.

Sasha and Natalia Mallory, 18 &23, Modern/African –  I was afraid they were going to be bad. I was sure the show was setting them up to be terrible. But they could dance, and I loved the song they danced too. I thought they wouldn’t like Natalia because she’s a bigger girl, but I thought she was a really great dancer. She added something special to the moves. And Natalia danced in the choreography round really well. I’m glad she made it, oh, and her sister did too. But Natalia was definitely the more memorable of the two.


Random Thoughts

  • Tyce calls Jordan a “naughty girl” and I feel like I need to take a shower.
  • I spy with my little eye, previous SYTYCD Dancers. Hi Brandon! And others.
  • Mary shouldn’t use the word “buck”. Let’s just have Lil’ C have that one, ok?
  • I really wish we could have seen the girl in all pink, with the pony tail on her head, audition. She was crawling around on the floor and her dance moves looked really original.
  • Loved that just before the two sisters Sasha and Natalia danced they gave each other a hug. So sweet!

Next up is Vegas week! I’m SO EXCITED. Can’t. Wait. Vegas rounds are always so hardcore. What I love about those rounds too is that it always breaks down the uber-cocky dancers so that only the talent shines. Only the humble ones who are seriously there to dance, make it.

Who was your favorite this audition round? Do you think Jeanine’s sister will make it to the top 20? Has anyone stepped up to the forefront?