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Snowpiercer is dark and it’s hilarious, it’s subtle and it’s over the top, it’s violent and it’s gentle. It’s all these things without being too much. It’s movie making at its best: creative, smart, thrilling, original, and a movie that makes you excited. Everything about this movie is just right.

Directed By: Boon Joon-ho
Starring: Chris Evans, Kang-ho Song, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Alison Pill, Ah-sung Ko

Premise: A failed global experiment dispenses a frozen tundra across Earth killing off most of the planet. The remaining survivors are collected onto a massive train called the Snowpiercer that has been circling the Earth in a perpetual state of motion for the past 17 years. The lower class passengers are relegated to the back of the train forced to eat disgusting food (if they even get to eat at all) while the upper class passengers sit at the front of the train living in luxury. Hoping to change their circumstances, Curtis reluctantly finds himself leader of a strange band of renegades who strive to fight for better living conditions by killing Wilfred, the pusedo-god all the upper citizens worship for being responsible for the train and their survival.



4 Things I Liked About Snowpiercer


1)  Tilda Swinton Wins The Movie: Snowpiercer is filled with eccentric and diverse performances from its quirky characters.   Kang-ho Song and Ah-sung Ko are funny as the drug addicted father-daughter duo with special skills to help Curtis (Chris Evans) on his mission. Alison Pill is brilliant as the overly perky, obviously brainwashed, definitely disturbed pregnant grade school teacher. But it’s Tilda Swinton’s performance as Mason, the person enforcing all the rules, keeping everyone in line, that definitely wins the movie. She completely immerses herself in this delusional character and is able to bring strange and creepy quirks to the role without going overboard with her performance. She really is just a marvel to watch, buck teeth and all.

2)  The Production Design and Set Dressing was Visually Striking:  Each room of the train was different, but still dynamic. It was set up in the perfect way for a fresh and new adventure to happen within a small, contained space.  While watching this movie my friend actually said, the production designer must have had so much fun making the movie.

3)  The Movie was a Fresh Take on an Old Story: Snowpiercer was a blend of many different genres. It was Tarantino-esque, with Asian movie themes, all taking place in a dystopian world. But somehow, even with these blending of genres, the movie managed to feel fresh and original. The fight things were creative (especially fighting in the dark), and yes, there was brutal violence, but it wasn’t overtly bloody. It wasn’t gratuitous. You know no limbs falling off or blood squirting out. Just the normal amount of gore, you know, when you’re shooting and slicing your way through a passenger train.

4)  Chris Evans was a Great Leading Man: As important as the story, the production design, the directing, and the other actors were, Chris Evans as the lead was just as important. He had this spark in him throughout the entire movie. You could tell he really loved what he was doing. He showed his “superhero” strength in the intense action sequences, and he also showed his vulnerable side in the more emotional scenes. He was believable and he was more than just a pretty face.

Snowpiercer is one of those movies you always remember. There is something in this movie for everyone. It is a movie that brings a sledgehammer to your imagination bubble and cracks it wide open letting all its contents spill out and into your soul. And if you’re a creator after watching this movie, you’re going to want to create. Snowpiercer is a movie for movie lovers. So go watch it already.

Rating: 4 ½ stars (out of 5)





The thing I like about Captain America is that he’s a good man first, and a super hero second. While other superheroes are dark or selfish, arrogant or extremely complicated Captain America is a true honest to God, good, crime fighting superhero.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Directed By: Joe Russo and Anthony Russo
Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Redford, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan, Emily Van Camp

Premise: As Steve Rogers adjusts to life in the present, he discovers that it’s hard to find people to trust. Even when S.H.I.E.L.D. sends him on missions it’s never cut and dry, there is always some other task going on that Steve isn’t aware of. But when a bloodied Nick Fury appears in Steve’s apartment after being attacked with the message., “Don’t trust S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Steve finds himself both a target and a fugitive. S.H.I.E.L.D believes he has the government by refusing to disclose Fury’s last words. He and Black Widow find themselves on the run knowing they are the only people who can expose the conspiracies deep within the government.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a brave superhero movie. Steve Rogers is just a man, and while the other Avengers fight killer robots with advanced technology, monsters we can only dream of, aliens from other planets, vengeful Gods with mystical powers, Captain fights for something. And that something is very real. It is something we, as mere mortals, can understand and relate to. He fights for justice, against a corrupt government, against ultimate power, and against control over the human race.


The movie is tense and exciting and introduces new characters that are fresh and original. One of the best things about Marvel and their stories are their ability to weave complicated emotions throughout their characters. They ask the hard questions. What do you do when your brother is the ultimate evil? What do you do when you can’t contain your terrible terrible temper? What do you do when you’re just a man that can shoot arrows well? What do you do when you feel like the whole world is against you? What would you do if you had to fight your best friend whose not evil just brain-washed to do evil? This movies and movies like this (i/e The Dark Night Rises) are powerful are because the issues they tackle are relevant today. “Absolute corrupt power, corrupts absolutely.”


6 Things You Should Know:

1)      There is Character Development – You know me, I’m a fan of substance over flash and this movie really allowed its characters to shine. While answering old questions and giving us new ones. The actors had heavy loads this time around and Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannsen, and Anthony Mackie have some great chemistry together.

2)      The Falcon is AWESOME – I mean seriously he is. Those wings are fantastic and the first time to you them it’s hard not to nerd out about it. Not to mention Anthony Mackie brings some much needed humor to the movie.


3)      The Nick Fury Car Chase is One of the Best Action Sequences – We always knew Nick Fury was a bad ass. From the moment Samuel L. Jackson stepped into the role there was no way he couldn’t be. But to finally see that Fury can be more than just a man dolling out vague information and funny quips is an exciting thing. It also proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Nick Fury is THEE biggest bad ass of all the bad asses. (PS: The Winter Soldier is a close 2nd Bad-Ass.)

4)      I Wish There Was More... – Humor:  The one thing the movie was missing was more of its light hearted humor. Sure Anthony provided more of the lighter moments, and it had those nice one liners and quips Marvel is so well known for, but with such a heavy subject matter I would have like to have seen some funnier moments. …Emily Van Camp: I’m guess Sharon Carter will play a bigger role in Cap 3, but I wish there were more Emily Van Camp, I love her

5)      The Fighting is Thrilling – Sure you can fight with a robotic suit, or a hammer, or a shield, but the thrilling fight sequences was when it went hand to hand, fighting with knives, or fists, or sheer will-power. GSP fighting Cap, come on! Amazing.


6)      #ItsAllConnected – I can’t wait to see what impact this movie has on the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Because frankly it’s a game changer. And that’s what makes Marvel so ingenious. It’s all connected! How often do you get to see the aftermath of a movie play out?

You can call him a do-gooder, you can call him boring, you can call him the least exciting Avenger. But when it comes down to it, what makes Cap so fantastic, what makes him possibly the best Avenger is the fact he’s a man first, and a hero second. He chooses to believe the best in people, who chooses good over evil, he chooses others over himself. I’d pick Cap first to fight by my side any day. Because of all the things I listed, and well, because he just looks so damn good in that suit.


Rating: A-/B+



Catching Fire: Casting Finnick Odair

So…I don’t know if you heard…but casting is underway for the 2nd Installment of The Hunger Games series, “Catching Fire.” Personally this book is my favorite even though it’s a little less action packed than the others. It’s the first time we really see the brutality of the Capitol outside The Hunger Games, the first time we see Katniss bear the repercussions of her decisions in the arena as well as her relationship with Peeta, and we also get to see her work with a group of people instead of against the group of people. One of my favorite characters is also introduced in Catching Fire and that’s Finnick Odair. So that bears that question, now that Francis Lawrence has been hired as director for the next installment of The Hunger Games, in Catching Fire, the thing on everyone’s brains is, who the hell will be cast as Finnick?

Finnick Odair

Casting for Finnick isn’t that easy. Many people are quick to jump on the find the “find the hottest guy and cast him” bandwagon, but Finnick is so much more than that. Finnick is truly messed up, his body used and abused, his mind full of secrets longing to be with his crazy equally messed up girlfriend. Sure he is cocky and arrogant and a bit oblivious to what is actually going on for the first half of Catching Fire, but as we get to know Finnick, we realize it’s because he’s so damaged, he can do nothing else but just grin and bear it. Like I said, Finnick is, and has to be, more than just a pretty face.

My Picks for District 4, Finnick Odair

(On a scale of 1-10 how Finnick is he? 10 being FINNICK and 1 being NOT FINNICK.)

Josh Pence

Google him. Your answer is there. Josh is just an all around catch and he knows what it’s like to be used for only his body. Plus he’s not that well known which I think is key for casting Finnick. We can’t associate him with another persona. Finnick has to be Finnick not (insert actors name here) playing Finnick.

Rates on the scale as a 9.

Chris Evans

He wasn’t even on my radar as Finnick until I saw that boxing shot in Avengers. You know the one I’m talking about…*sigh* However, he may be almost TOO well known at this point. I do think his previous work showcases he can play the pretty boy with a lot of depth. And well, he’s just pretty to look at.

Rates on the scale as a 8.

Hunter Parrish

He was originally my top choice for Peeta, but if we can’t have him as Peeta how about as Finnick? He can portray the depth, dark and light of Finnick Weeds has given him a lot of experience being “eye candy.” Only problem? He’s short, IMDB lists him as 5’7. Does height matter? I think in this case, it just might…

Rates on the scale as a 6.

Brant Daughtery

Yes, yes, he doesn’t quite look like Finnick. But Josh Hutcherson doesn’t look like Peeta and man, Brant is good looking. I know how only from his performance on Pretty Little Liars, so I know he can play a jerk really well. But if anything, we’ll just look at him and swoon…

Rates on the scale as a 5.

Justin Hartley

Seriously, he IS Finnick. He has the body, the looks, the experience playing the dark side (Smalleville), and the heartthrob. I last saw him on Hart of Dixie where he played a totally different character. He may be a bit on the older side, but who cares? Would you argue if you had to look at this face for 2 hours? I think not. Besides, make-up can do wonders right?

Rates on the scale as a 8.

Drew Van Acker

Look at his imdb photo. That is so Finnick.

Also google him, the pictures that come up will be all you need to convince you. He just needs more mass and muscle, but he can pull it off. But I’m sure he could pull it off. Also, he’s great in Pretty Little Liars as a “dude you don’t know if you can trust or not”. Sound like a certain character? Eh? Eh?

Rates on the scale as a 7.

Names floating out there I’d be OKAY with: Garret Hedlund, Ryan Kwanten

Names floating out there I say NO to: Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch (after Battleship and John Carter flops, NO), Robert Pattinson (Hell no, no no no no no no no”), Zac Efron (Yummy, but too young), Alex Pettyfer (Bad reputation, could never pull off the depth), Robert Pattinson (I know I already said him once, but I really mean it)

*crossed out means they’ve been eliminated as a choice, *WHEW*

What do you think of my choices? Who do you want to see in the role. Personally, I’d be fine with an unknown as well. Fresh faces are always good as long as Finnick is a heart throb, but able to take on the depth and complications of the role. What do you think?

Next up: Johanna!

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a movie. The Avengers is one of the best summer movies I’ve ever seen. I dare you not to geek out. Hulk Smash!

Marvel’s: The Avengers

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Stellan Skarsgard, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddelston, Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders

Premise: It’s a story we’ve all heard and seen before. The world is being threatened by a big baddie that unleashes unruly aliens on an unsuspecting metropolis. A group of unlikely misfits must band together to save humanity…blah blah. Yes, this is what The Avengers is about, only Joss Whedon manages to pull it off in a way that is fresh, clever, bright, witty, and completely geek-tastic.  Plus, Whedon has one thing none of the other movies have. And that’s a Hulk.

I’m gonna say it now The Avengers will be the most fun you had at an action superhero movie…ever. Sure, The Dark Knight Rises will be epic, but it’ll be moody and dark. The Avengers is pure, delightful fun. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will clap your hands like the proud nerd you know you are at heart.

This movie works because it was developed by a nerd fan-boy who appreciates the ridiculous cool factor this movie has. (I mean there are men in bright colors and tights and armor walking around NY city. How is that not ridiculous?) But it’s the fact that Whedon is the King of Nerd, that makes this movie as great as it is. Whedon has had a knack great dialogue, and contrary to popular belief, you can’t just put eight mega-heroes together in a room, blend, and expect a smooth delicious treat to come out. Sure the geek in us want to see the Hulk and Thor punch each other out, or Captain America and Iron Man battle like teenage boys fighting over who’s prettier, but the film critic/movie lover in us wants plot, and emotion, turmoil and triumph. Joss Whedon manages to fulfill both these wants. It’s a superhero movie with a plot that makes us CARE, that is a feat in itself

The Avengers is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen and a lot of that has to do with Marvel developing each character (with the exception of Black Widow and Hawkeye) in previous movies so we felt like we already know them. This allowed Whedon to skip over the messy “getting to know you” plots and have fun with the “getting to know you” parts instead.

Nick Fury (a bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson) decides to assemble the Avengers when Loki (Tom Hiddelston), brother of Thor, steals the tesseract (the glowing box of unlimited power) that Stark found while searching from Captain America. Now Loki is threatening to unleash a great evil in order to gain ultimate power and essentially rule the world. He knew assembling the Avengers would be hard, but what he didn’t expect was that it would be nearly impossible to get them to get along. Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is an obsessive compulsive, genius, narcissist, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is still a hot head, “Shakespearean” speaking god, Bruce Banner (a still loveable Mark Ruffalo no matter how “dark”) is a moody, scientist with a “big” problem, Black Widow is an ass-kicking former Russian spy, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is an observant, sharp shooter, and Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) probably the biggest outcast of them all is the only man that’s not bitter or jaded enough to do anything but follow orders and save the world. Each Avenger is already a superhero, and that’s the problem. They are loners, outcasts, misfits, and like Tony Stark says, “[they] don’t play well with others.”

Once they start working together what we get is clever, nerdy, action-packed battle scenes and bright moments that get your blood pumping. The movie is bright and colorful and hopeful, instead of brooding and sinister (I’m looking at you Batman). It’s a movie that makes you root for the good guys and cheer when then bad guys get the shit kicked out of them by The Hulk. Even Agent Coulson can appreciate the epic-ness of this movie, so why can’t we?

I’ll say it again: The Avengers is the most fun you’ll ever have in a superhero movie and that alone is a fresh feat. Check it out, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. And dare I say it…3D actually worked for this movie. Man Joss Whedon is on a roll!


Rating: 4 1/2 stars (out of 5).

Random Thoughts  **minor spoilers**:

  • Loved the one liners!
  • What was that old school video game that SHIELD agent was playing?
  • I am fascinated by Chris Evan’s butt in the boxing scene.
  • Loved the Loki/Hulk show down.
  • I’m not a fan of Scarlett Jo, but I am a fan of her portrayal of Black Widow.
  • End tag: HILARIOUS. Freakin’ hilarious.
  • I wish Joss had included this scene in the movie, as well as had a REAL cameo from Natalie Portman.
  • There was one moment in the movie where the entire theater gasped in horror. That’s how you know we really care about a character.





I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. They’re fun and you get to swoon over guys who in real life don’t exist, but it’s fun to pretend like they do. Though Anna Faris can sometimes be over the top, What’s Your Number was sweet, cute, and gave me a crush on Chris Evans.


What’s Your Number?

Starring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie, Blythe Danner, Andy Samberg

Premise: Ally Darling (Anna Faris) is searching for the right guy. She reads a magazine article that tells her any girl who sleeps with 10 + men is destined to live a life of loneliness. Unfortunately Ally’s number is 20, leading her to reconnect with her ex’s in order not to increase her number. With the help of her playboy neighbor (Chris Evans), Ally tracks down her exes and realizes they were her exes for a reason.

My Review: There are good romantic comedies such as Sleepless In Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Home Alabama and then there are terrible, terrible rom-coms: He’s Just Not That Into You, Ugly Truth, Something Borrowed. Luckily, What’s Your Number falls into the former.

Anna Faris is endearing. She’s sweet, she’s nerdy, she’s cool, and she’s obviously psycho, but psycho in the best way. Sure at times she was over the top with both her acting and the naiveté of her, but my major problem with her was that it was completely unbelievable that she wouldn’t be able to snag a great guy, and it was completely unbelievable that she’d have this string of loser ex-boyfriends. There had to be some good ones in there, right? But I guess that was her thinking too.

However, like any good romantic comedy, there were some sweet moments too. And that was thanks in part to Chris Evans. This movie put Chris Evans into heartthrob status for me. Sure he was a player pretty boy in Fantastic Four, and him with his shirt off in Captain America is indeed amazing, but in this movie his character Colin really made me (for lack of a better word) swoon. Evan’s played Colin with such ease. Colin was just a dude who liked the ladies. But we weren’t punched in the face with it. He wasn’t the playboy wild child who needed Anna Faris to tame him. He was just a dude – a dude who formed a crush on his neighbor. And it was sweet and definitely swoon-worthy.

Though this story had a lot of holes, a lot of inconsistencies, and it wasn’t necessarily the most original plot line, it wasn’t shallow. When you really get to the heart of the matter it all has to do with Aly’s self esteem. She just doesn’t think she’s good enough and that’s affected not only who she dates, but also who she doesn’t date. And in that aspect the story is utterly relatable. The movie is also helped along by the incredible chemistry between Chris Evan’s and Anna Faris. There were some real moments in the movie where the two actors looked like they stopped acting and were just having fun. The movie turned into much more than just the gimmick of Aly’s crazy and goofy ex-boyfriends. If you like rom-coms, go watch it, you’ll find yourself smiling.

Rating: 3 Stars(maybe 3 ½ for Chris Evans.)



I was one of those skeptics about Captain America especially about Chris Evans, I mean he’s part of the Fantastic Four (Flame On!). But I gotta tell you, Marvel has done it again. Captain America had everything you could ask for in a movie, a like-able well developed main character, comedy, action, romance, and characters you care about. That’s a great feat for any movie.


Captain America: The First Avenger
Starring: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell

Premise: The movie takes place in the early 1940’s when eligible young men are drafted into the war to fight the Nazi’s. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to be one of those soldiers only he doesn’t have the size or the strength to be one. He does, however, have to heart to be one. And that’s exactly what Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), recruiter Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), are looking for when creating their super soldier with the help of Mr. Stark aka Iron Man’s Dad (Dominic Cooper). The formula and procedure is now successful and Steve Rogers is now Captain America, who is hell bent on taking down his evil counterpart Red Skull, (Hugo Weaving) who’s leader of the evil HYDRA organization.

My Review: This movie surprised me. It’s not that I thought it was going to be horrible – Marvel does an incredible job on their movies — I just didn’t expect to like it so much. The plot, though nothing special, was well thought out. The action was good, but without over doing it or blowing things out of proportion. And it was funny, like really funny, turning possible cliché moments into amusing scenarios. I also appreciated how much time director Joe Johnston put into developing Steve Rogers. I think that was Thor’s biggest problem, we didn’t get a true sense of who he was. I feel like I got to know Steve Rogers and I liked him. I cared about him. And it’s those things that make you invest in the movie. It was nice to see Chris Evans play a different character for a change. He wasn’t your typical superhero. He wasn’t cocky or selfish, he was just a nice guy who happened to be really strong and have incredible abs (that’s always a plus).

As for that ending, I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t a typical ending and I was surprised by my tears. It also makes me wonder how they would make a sequel because I love where this story was going. None the less, it did set us up nicely for the Avengers movie.


Random Thoughts (without spoilers):

  • Tommy Lee Jones was his usual bad-ass self, but it fit and it brought a lightness to the movie.
  • I appreciated that the movie wasn’t heavy handed.
  • Bucky (Sebastian Stan) was distractingly good-looking in this movie, when usually he does not look good.
  • Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell had some really good chemistry. I’m glad that she was also a strong character.
  • Stanley Tucci does a crazy good German accent.
  • I’m thankful that this movie also helped answer that lingering question at the end of THOR.

Rating:  4 Stars.