So You Think You Can Dance, Season 11: Top 16 Perform

Posted: July 24, 2014 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 11
Top 16 Perform, 2 Eliminated


Top 16 Perform
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “Take Me To The River”/Annie Lennox
The dance has a total 80s vibe which is pretty cool. Overall it’s a pretty good routine, the dancers dance more as a group than as individuals which I really like. I should have guessed Mandy Moore was the choreographer. Her routines she choreographs always seem to have this timeless quality about them.

Cat comes out wearing an amazing sweater dress. That’s all sparkly and shows of her legs. Really it’s a fantastic dress. I’m also all about that ring. Getting down to business, Cat announces…


The Bottom Six
Bridget, Marquet, Brooklyn, Serge, Tanisha, and Zack

My Thoughts
Okay, so I called a lot of these kids last week, but ZACK? What are you CRAZY AMERICA? What? I wish, wish, we could see these guys solo, but alas, the show must go on. My prediction, it’ll be Brooklyn and Marquet going home.


Couple #1
Who: Valerie and Ricky
Choreographer/Style: Nakul Dev Mahajan/Bollywood
Song: “Dilliwaali Girlfriend”/Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (soundtrack)
Performance: The dance is high energy, but I actually feel like the style suits Valerie more than it does Ricky. For Ricky, the style seems almost goofy and a little sloppy. Valerie is calm, cool, and collected and she’s taking to the style in ease. That lift they do is very messy, but overall they held it together. I just wish Ricky wasn’t so…bouncy.
Judges: Mary calls the routine full of life. Valerie was beautiful and Ricky was strong. Nigel thought the routine took great energy and they kept it up throughout. Misty realizes how hard they worked. She was continually impressed by Ricky. Grade: B-


Couple #2
Who: Bridget and Emilio
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Song: “The Leaving Song”/Chris Garneau
Performance: I’m pretty sure I could have watched a full 2 hours of this routine. In fact, I felt as if the story was just getting started, and I wanted to learn more. There were SO MANY wonderful things about this routine. And if Bridget goes home after this performance it will be a TRAVIS-TEY (see what I did there? Couldn’t resist). Her movements were so stunning, and visually striking. She fully got into character and her sweet demeanor just disappeared. I almost forgot Emilio was a hip hop dancing until Travis incorporated some of his movement into the choreography. The only thing I wish was that there was more light so I could see what was going on. Love the pose when Emilio lifted her up and she spread her arms and legs. Love her dipping down, chest out leg up as he caught her. That took a lot of trust. Love her grabbing onto his leg with her legs and holding onto the bars for support. Really I wish this routine would have continued for 2 more minutes, I felt like it was 30 seconds long. Emilio’s face is so full of emotion when the routine is over.
Judges: Nigel loves Travis’ choreography. He loves how Emilio pointed his toes and is excited about his growth. He thought Bridget was magnificent. Misty thought the choreography highlighted them. Mary loved everything about it. She thought it was really special and Bridget exceeded her expectations. Grade: A+


Couple #3
Who: Tanisha and Rudy
Choreographer/Style: Dave Scott/Hip Hop
Song: “Good Kisser”/Usher
Performance: First, that outfit Tanisha is wearing is so distracting. What is happening there? Damn. However, the routine is sexy and suave. They are super cute together. Rudy looked real cool, I love the all black suit. However, Tanisha stole the show with her outfit. The style really suited her and she didn’t over do it.
Judges: They loved the performance. They can’t get over Tanisha. Rudy did a great job as well. Nigel thought the routine suited them and Rudy was able to step out of his usual self. Tanisha, of course, grabbed Nigel’s attention. Grade: B+


Couple #4
Who: Jessica and Marquet
Choreographer/Style: Dimitry Chaplin/Smooth Fox Trot
Song:  “I Put A Spell On You”/Nina Simone
Performance: I have to say, I felt like Jessica did a lot of the work there. And she looked fantastic. But I wished that there were more fox-trotty elements in there. It seemed like a lot more leg movements and lifts, etc, but that has more to do with the choreography then the couple. They had good chemistry and they danced it well, but the ballroom element of it was missing.
Judges: Mary thought there were some good moments, but that their technique wasn’t so great. She wasn’t too impressed by Marquet, but thought Jessica did amazing. Nigel didn’t think the routine flowed enough and was distracted by the lifts. Misty thought Jessica was beautiful but that she needs to be aware of her neck. Misty felt Marquet needed to be more grounded in his feet. Grade: C+


Couple #5
Who: Carly and Serge
Choreographer/Style: Mandy Moore/Contemporary
Song: “Foolish Games”/Jewel
Performance: Maybe it was the point to the routine, but I felt like Serge was a little careless with Carly, just tossing her around. When she fell she fell heavy and it was distracting. I literally thought “be careful!” There’s a way to show carelessness, while still being in control and I don’t know how in control he was. Carly’s dancing was so fluid and powerful, but I didn’t really feel like Serge did too much. I felt like he could have been bigger in his movements and he needed to show more emotion. I do love to see Mandy Moore back choreographing.
Judges: The judges love them together. And give Serge a lot of compliments, even though I don’t feel all that connected with him as they do. I think he’s growing in his dance, but not quickly enough. The judges however love them. Grade: B+


Couple #6
Who: Emily and Teddy
Choreographer/Style: Jonathan Platero & Oksana Dmytrenko/Salsa
Song:  “Bruk It Down”/Mr. Vegas Feat Alison Hinds
Performance:  Teddy brings this energy and personality in his dancing where he could just be doing a terrible job and you’d never know because he has so much confidence. Emily starts out strong, but then somewhere in between she seems to lose her confidence and it feels a little awkward and labored, like she’s just trying to get through it. She seems to be focusing too much on the dancing and not so much on the performing. Don’t get me wrong, the routine is tough, but she made it look super tough.
Judges: Misty felt Emily was uncomfortable and unstable in her footwork, but is impressed with how she recovered from her slip. She thought Teddy was giving her salsa. Mary commends them for dancing the tough routine and thought they got through it. She thought Teddy was feeling it and he really had it. Nigel mentions how Emily dislocated her shoulder earlier today and explains how her feeling nervous probably has to do with that fact. It does explain a lot. Grade: C


Couple #7
Who: Jacque and Zack
Choreographer/Style: Sonya Tayeh/Jazz
Song: “Back to Black”/Beyonce feat. Andre 3000
Performance: Zack dances like a man. He is just so strong! I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I feel like he out danced Jacque and again I forgot about her. I love the move where Zack ran to her and did a sort of hand stand over her, and then sank to the floor. I love how he adopted Sonya’s hunched shoulders. I just love the kid. Jacque honestly could have been anyone.
Judges: Mary loved the choreography. He loves how Zack stays in character. Nigel thought it was an interesting routine, but didn’t feel emotionally connected to it. Misty expected more refinement from Jacque and wanted to see more of her personality. She thinks Zack is fabulous and is impressed by him. Nigel asks her if she’s tougher on the guys than the girls and Misty says yes because the guys are at another level. I agree with her! Grade: B


Couple #8
Who: Brooklyn and Casey
Choreographer/Style: Wildabeast/Hip Hop
Song: “Hustle Hard Remix”/Ace Hood feat Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne
Performance: I don’t know if this makes sense, but they’re both too pretty to dance hip hop. They are way to pretty for how hardcore this song is. They’re trying. They’re hitting it hard, Casey gets a little tired at the end there, but it’s all just a little awkward. Brookyln fits in a little more than Casey does but the style doesn’t suit them as much as I wish it did. I think it has a lot to do with costume and hair and make-up too. They could have been done up dirtier.
Judges: Nigel is not really sure their outfits say hip hop. He thinks they need to get down more. Nigel thought Brooklyn was trying very hard. Misty thought Brooklyn was great. Mary thought it was hard hitting near the end and thought Brooklyn took it up another notch. Grade: C+


Group Routine #1
Who: Brooklyn, Casey, Emily, Emilio, Tanisha, Serge, Valerie, Zack
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “So Broken (Live)”/ Bjork
Performance: I really really REALLY liked this piece. It was so brutal, and ugly, yet beautifully haunting at the same time. I felt like they were dancing as the group, they weren’t trying to be showy. I loved the move where they all fell over at the same time. It was really a WOW moment. This piece was subtle and not subtle at the same time. And I LOVE the closing shot on their faces just breathing and being in the moment. This piece left me tense, staring at it through clenched eyes. Cat said it right, it was gorgeous.
Judges: Misty felt like Tanisha was the team captain. Mary called Sonya brilliant and that they were all stars. She loved their passion. Nigel wanted to be a part of the routine because he wanted to experience what it was like to be in it. Grade: A


Group Routine #2
Who: Bridget, Marquet, Carly, Ricky, Rudy, Jacque, Jessica, and Teddy
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Song: “Love Runs Out”/One Republic
Performance: This piece has so much energy and it has me from the opening shot. The outfits are super adorable and that sequence in the middle when Carly falls back and forward and back again is super thrilling. I’m so mad the camera didn’t focus on some of the other amazing things that were happening in the routine. Sometimes I feel like the camera is focused on less interesting aspects of the dance. Ricky had this amazing move but instead the camera got it from a weird angle and Jessica was the focus. Sometimes I wish the camera would try less cool things and just showcase the dancers dancing.
Judges: Nigel talks about how the dance was live cut, and I wish it wasn’t. Misty is taken with Ricky and I have to say she’s right. He’s the star in everything that he does. And he’s super adorable. Mary thought it was brilliant. She thought Marquet tore it up in the routine. Grade: A-


Top 5 Favorite Routines

  1. Bridget and Emilio – Contemporary
  2. Group Routine #1 – Brooklyn, Casey, Emily, Emilio, Tanisha, Serge, Valerie, Zack
  3. Group Routine #2 – Bridget, Marquet, Carly, Ricky, Rudy, Jacque, Jessica, and Teddy
  4. Tanisha and Rudy – Hip Hop
  5. Jacque and Zack – Jazz


Elimination Time
After today’s performances, I still think it’ll be Brooklyn and Marquet’s time to go, even though Brooklyn did a good job today. Nigel tells us next week we’re losing 4 dances. WHAT? What is this blasphemous! Damn you FOX and your cutting down the show. Why couldn’t we have lost 4 dances in the beginning?  Anyway, onto the elimination, the dancers going home are: Marquet and Brooklyn.

My Prediction for Bottom Six
Next week, I think it’ll be Teddy, Casey, Serge, Emily, Jessica, Jacque in the bottom six. At least that’s who I hope who will be voted in the bottom six.


Overall Thoughts:
I hope Zack isn’t in the bottom six next week. He’s been killing it and I don’t understand why people aren’t voting for him. He and Ricky are my definite favorites. Also, what was up with Lucy Hale? She’s a terrible singer. I like her as an actress, but country doesn’t suit her voice and she was terrible live. Moving on, I can’t believe we lose 4 dancers next week. Hopefully my favorites Zack, Ricky, and Bridget will be safe. I’d love to see the dance with all stars. Wouldn’t you love to see a Ricky/Allison Holker, Bridget/Alex Wong, Zack/Katee Sheen duos? Until next week!




  1. Billy says:

    oh my god! I can’t believe how we have the same opinions and the same favourite dancers!!!! And your idea of the duos Ricky/Allison Holker, Bridget/Alex Wong, Zack/Katee Sheen got me EXTREMELY and INSANELY EXCITED!!!! Although maybe I would like Ricky to be with Amy Yakima instead. haha! I really hope Ricky, Zack and Bridget would get in!!!

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