So You Think You Can Dance Season 11: The Men are Dominating

Posted: July 21, 2014 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

I missed a week! I know, I know, I know. So, here are my Six Random Thoughts from last week’s only so-so episode.

  1. I was not as taken with Carly and Serge’s performance as the rest of the judges were.
  2. Ricky is still hands down my favorite.
  3. Teddy is a definite character, but he won me over with his performance. He was hitting it so hard.
  4. The Marquet/Jordan routine. Ouch. It was so sloppy and frantic. And I really like Marquet!
  5. Zach may be my second favorite dancer. The African routine with him and Jacque was so great!
  6. I can’t believe Marlena went home over the other two! And Casey and Serge busted it out tonight, so Nick was the right choice even if Nigel kicking him had the same impact as if he had kicked a puppy on live TV. Nicks face may have brought tears to my eyes.


So You Think You Can Dance: Season 11

18 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Top 18 Perform
Song: “How It’s Done”/District 78
Choreographers: Christopher Jennings and Krystal Meraz
Performance: I have to say the performance is pretty amazing. The chess theme was super cool, the routine was intense and had a lot going on. It was also visually stunning. Bravo costume department! I’m also loving that it was done by fresh blood.
Bottom Six Dancers
Bridget, Emilio, Emily, Stanley, Jourdan, Teddy

My Thoughts
Um…I don’t understand this bottom 3. Really I don’t. Of this three, who do I want to go home? Jourdan, I guess for the ladies…but for the guys. I really like them all. I guess I would say Emilio? For the love of GOD Nigel, keep Stanley.


Who: Zach and Jacque
Choreographer/Style: Keone and Mari Madrid/Hip Hop
Song: “Stay With Me”/Sam Smith
Performance: First of all, the outfits — adorable. Second, starting on the floor with the hand tutts – adorable. Third, the dancers — adorable. Zach is amazing guys. He just hits everything so hard and puts his all into everything. He definitely out dances Emily. But the routine is super sweet, and the look on Zach’s face makes me swoon, even though he’s WAY too young for me. He reminds me of a less creepy Freddie Highmore.
Judges: The judges love it. Nigel loved the choreography and loved seeing them challenged. Nigel loves the way Zach commits to everything he does. Cat thinks this performance reminds her of the Mark/Chelsea routine, but I think it reminds me more of the Melanie/Marko routine.
Rating: B+


Who: Jourdan and Marquet
Choreographer/Style: Dee Caspary/Contemporary
Song: “Disappear (Demo Version)”/Mikky Ekko
Performance: This performance was almost perfect. There was just something off about it and I don’t know what. Maybe it’s chemistry. The song was beautiful. I am downloading it right NOW. The dangling umbrellas were super cool. It made the whole thing feel magical. The choreography was beautiful and I can see where Dee was taking it. It’s just something was missing. Feeling. Chemistry. Something. I also feel like the dancers could have been more graceful. I felt like they were dancing in mud. They need to be lighter on their feet.
Judges: Nigel feels like he’s not connecting with these two dancers. Misty also feels like something is missing from Marquet as well. He thinks it’s a lack of vulnerability. Mary basically repeats my judgment on the performance. I’m a genius.
Grade: C+


Who: Stanley and Jessica
Choreographer/Style: Tyce/Contemporary
Song: “Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter”/Nikki Costa
Performance: This routine is really unique and it’s a lot like Tyce. It’s a little showy, a little strange, and really memorable. I like this couple. Though I think Stanley and Jessica need to build on their chemistry, if they get it right, they could be fantastic together. Jessica is so amazing; I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I have to say I really liked this routine. AND it came from Tyce. WEIRD!
Judging: Misty wants them to be aware of being TOO expressive. Mary thinks Stanley gives good air and has moments of brilliance. Mary says Jessica has everything so she doesn’t need to over sell it. Nigel wants Stanley to focus on his core.
Grade: B+


Who: Bridget and Emilio
Choreographer/Style: Anya and Pasha/Jive
Song: “Happy”/Pharrell Williams
Performance: My first thought, they’re in the bottom and they have the Jive. Someone wants them to go home. My second thought, the routine is so adorable. Bridget looks so great and she SOLD it. They looked like they were having a lot of fun and it was so bouncy and happy. Personally, I think they killed it. I really like Bridget, I hope she stays, her personality came out and I loved it.
Judging: Mary thinks Bridget captured the energy, and though Emilio has some work to do, he did a great job. Nigel thinks Emilio is growing and thinks Bridget is gorgeous. Misty loves their performance. She thinks Bridget was perfection.
Grade: A-


Who: Emily and Teddy
Choreographer/Style: Tyce DiOreo/Contemporary
Song:  “Ne Me Quitte Pas”/Nina Simone
Performance: Can I just say, I was totally into this piece, until I HEAR Tyce yell “YES” in a quiet moment and I suddenly become distracted. COME ON TYCE. Let the dancers just dance. Okay, moving on. The piece was actually really powerful. It wasn’t conventional. It was dirty and frustrating, and took me to another place. Everything was right about this piece. The song was perfect because it took me to another place. Like a French couple fighting in the streets trying to figure if they should stay together or not. Teddy was killing it. He just gets it and his movement is so beautiful. As for Emily, there were moments I didn’t think she was very strong, but then she pulled out some brilliant move or emotion that made me think twice. That ending was brutally gorgeous. I really liked this piece.
Judging: Nigel loved how ugly it was, because sometimes love is ugly. (Sometimes Nigel says very meaningful things.) Misty thinks Emily’s body speaks French. She thinks she was stunning. She thinks Teddy translates into any genre. Mary thinks Emily delivers and was mesmerized by Teddy.
Grade: A


Who: Brooklyn and Casey
Choreographer/Style: Bonnie Story/Jazz
Song: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”/Michael Buble
Performance: This piece was really cute, but Casey brought out way more personality than Brooklyn. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s really a great dancer. Brooklyn kind of disappears and you forget about her. I definitely loved the turn Casey did when he held his leg, I just wish that it wasn’t shown in the rehearsal footage because it’s a WOW moment. I also didn’t feel like Brooklyn and Casey had a lot of chemistry. Casey carried her through this piece, literally and figuratively.
Judging: Brooklyn had some issues, but Casey was on fire. Brooklyn was challenged really hard being out of her style. Brooklyn is going to have to keep up with how great Casey is.
Grade: B


Who: Valerie and Ricky
Choreographer/Style: Lacey Schwimmer/Viennese Waltz
Song: “I Won’t Give Up”/Jason Mraz
Performance: Ricky was definitely doing the hard work here, but the piece wasn’t as light as I felt it should have been. Ricky and that dress made Valerie look GOOD, but I felt the dance could have been more floaty. That being said, Ricky is AMAZING. Again a male dancer out dances his female partner. What I do like about this piece, however, is the choreography. It added a lot more technical things into it than just them spinning around the stage. And they had great chemistry. You could see how much Ricky was taking care of Valerie in every step.
Judging: Mary says there are a few technical things they both have to work out. Valerie showed perfect emotion but she has to watch her topline. Nigel loved their performance and felt Valerie came up to Ricky’s standard. Misty says technically Ricky is beyond what the show has seen.
Grade: B


Who: Serge and Carly
Choreographer/Style: Luther Brown/Hip Hop
Song: “Senile”/Young Money feat. Tyga, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
Performance: First of all, I gotta say the concept and the choreography were FANTASTIC. There were moments out there where they really looked like dancing skeletons and it was pretty great. Carly knocked it out of the park. She was hitting it hard, she got into character, and she was killing it. I just wished she brought out a little more personality. Serge, while he definitely struggled with “hitting it hard” and his ballroomy-ness came out, killed it in the personality department. He was creepy, he was focusing on being menacing to the camera. I just wished he focused a bit more on keeping the moves sharp. When he danced next to Carly you could definitely see what he was lacking in.
Judging: Nigel doesn’t think it’s a performance that will get votes, despite him knowing how hard they worked. Nigel gets all political in his remarks  – if you didn’t like it Nigel just say so. Misty is impressed with Serge despite his faults and thought Carly was great. Misty politically calls Nigel “old”. Ha! Mary saw how hard they worked and loved the piece.
Grade: B-


Who: Tanisha and Rudy
Choreographer/Style: Warren Carlyle/Broadway
Song: “Sing Sing Sing (Part 2)”/Fosse (Original Broadway Cast)
Performance:  I have to say Rudy is looking good in his gray vest and pants. He actually seems a lot more into the piece than Tanisha is. She has one look on her face, but he looks like he’s having a blast. The choreography is exciting and complicated and it brings out the post in their personality and skills. It’s actually pretty un-freakin’ believable what they do. Rudy is a rockstar! And you can see how excited he is about it. It’s so adorable.
Judging: Misty thinks this piece was Rudy. Mary calls the piece a show stopper. She thought Tanisha was on fire, and that Rudy has dance running through his veins. Nigel admires Tanisha’s technique, but loves Rudy’s spirit and thinks he’s magic.
Grade: A-


Elimination Time
So okay, after these performances, who is going to be going home is going to be a tough one. Out of these 6 who do I want to see go home? For the girls, it’s an easy choice, I would pick Jourdan. I just haven’t been able to connect with her this time and she’s too similar to the other girls. The guys whoever, it’s a more difficult though, sure Stanley had an off day last week. But he’s brilliant up there on stage. I’m a bit neutral to Emilio even though he has a fantastic personality; however his performance today was one of my favorites. If Teddy goes home, there is something wrong with those judges.

Nigel tells us he’s going with America’s vote as the bottom: Stanley and Jourdan are going home. I guess it was the right call. As hard as it is to say about Stanley, it was a tough choice, I guess I’m okay with it.

My Prediction
I think the bottom six for next week should be Tanisha, Brooklyn and Jacque, and for the guys as much as I like him Marquet, Serge, and Emilio. These 6 are the 6 I’d be okay with going home. Sorry to say.



Cat to Emilio – “I love how Serge just slapped your butt.”

“I’ve been taped to a tree before, but not another person.” – Valerie


Random Thoughts:

  • When Cat told the dancers to have chins up, immediately I thought of Sound of Music. Don’t know why.
  • When Cat says “duet with the dancers” I think it sounds like she said “do it with the dancers” and I’m twelve.
  • Emily looks like Hilary Duff.
  • Love the fact that Lacey taped Valerie and Ricky together in rehearsal, but girl, can we talk about that hair? No. Just no.


Overall Thoughts
This is shaping out to be a very difficult season to call for the guys. All of them are spectacular in their own ways and show a lot of personality. The girls need to step it up. I have a lot of hope for Jessica and Valerie but they both need a break out moment, Jessica peaked TOO SOON! See ya in a couple of days! I promise turn around on my reviews will be shorter!




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