In Your Eyes
Directed By: Brin Hill
Starring: Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David, Nikki Reed, Mark Feurestein, Jennifer Grey, Steve Howey, Steve Harris


In Your Eyes is a supernatural kind of love story. While things in the movie didn’t quite go as how I wanted them to, the movie was fresh, original, and made believable by its good-looking, likeable leads.

Joss Whedon is the master of dialogue. There is just something about his words that suck you in and grab hold of you, and his characters are extremely memorable. In Your eyes is a love story about two people, in two completely different places who are able to see through each other eyes. Not only that, they can hear each other speak as clearing as if the person were in front of them, only they are miles apart. Rebecca is stuck in a marriage where her husband is more like her babysitter than her partner. He is constantly treating her like she could break at any moment and it’s all her fault. Dylan is struggling to make ends meet. He can’t keep a girlfriend or a real connection with anyone for that matter. Then a shot to the head brings Rebecca and Dylan into each other’s head, and they realized they had this connection all along.

Plot wise, the movie could have given us a little more. But story and dialogue wise the movie was on point and utterly relatable, you know, minus the supernatural stuff. In Your Eyes is creative, it’s sweet, it’s weird, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Plus, in my eyes, Joss Whedon can do now wrong. (Pun not intended, but hey, it works!). Rating: B



Walk Of Shame
Directed By: Steven Brill
Starring: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, Kevin Nealon


So I have a friend, who loves all movies. Seriously, every movie we see together we love. Even when I hate it, he loves it. So much so, when people ask him how a movie is, he usually replies (and I’m paraphrasing), “You know me, I liked it, but as her (her being me), because she’ll probably give you a better idea as to how it really is.” Anyway, he thought this movie was just okay, while SURPRISE! I actually liked it.

Elizabeth Banks is hilarious. She’s extremely likeable and you can tell she really enjoys the part she is playing. While the movie as a whole is well, ridiculous, Walk of Shame was entertaining, charming, and probably funnier than it really should have been.

TV personality, Megan Miles is having a bad day. She’s been dumped, she’s sad, and she’s just lost the one thing in her life that made her happy to her nemesis, her news reporter job. So she decides to let loose, dress like a slut, and get drunk with her friends, eventually having a one night stand with the hot bartender, who has irresistible blue eyes. The next morning, she wakes up in his apartment to a text that the job is hers if she can make it to the station by 5pm. But a chain of unfortunate events leaves her locked out of the bartenders place without her phone or wallet and her car being towed. Now, on foot, Megan must make it to the city to get her job and her life back on track. Rating: B-






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