Is It Weird?…[MTV Challenge Edition]

Posted: May 9, 2014 in is it weird, just because I can, TV
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Is it weird, that I’m…let’s say older than the average MTV viewer and I am still totally obsessed with MTV’s The Challenge. I mean I was watching it when it was still called Road Rules. Then it changed to Real World/Road Rules as they morphed the two shows together. And finally it’s The Challenge. Now even though I’ve (mostly) stopped watching Real World, and The Challenge has become oversaturated with new kids (or rookies) that I don’t know…is it weird that I still love it? I hate watching stupid juvenile TV drama, but when that drama stems off of incredible, death defying, stunts/challenges I can’t stop watching it’s like a train wreck. Now this season is a bit of a letdown as most of my favorites (Emily, Sarah, Evan, Evelyn, crazy Paula, Kenny, Adam, Darrell, and Jenn) are gone and replaced by people who don’t even seem to like challenges or have any athleticism at all…But I can’t stop (won’t stop) watching. It’s good you guys.


I mean where else can you see one grown man wear another grown man like a backpack?

So. Good.






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