The Other Woman was surprisingly a funny and entertaining comedy with some hilarious and memorable moments. In fact, it was almost a great movie, if you disregard the last 15 minutes of the movie…



The Other Woman
Directed By: Nick Cassavetes
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney, Don Johnson, David Thorton

The Other Woman


Premise: A successful lawyer finds out her seemingly perfect boyfriend has a wife and another mistress on the side. The three ladies band together to get their revenge, becoming friends along the way.


The Good

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have amazing chemistry. The two of them together make this movie worth watching. Cameron Diaz thrives in a movie like this. She was made for a movie like this. She looked gorgeous (seriously those legs!), she had great comedic timing, she was funny, she looked like she was having fun, and she was extremely fun to watch. Leslie Mann was at her most neurotic and neediness, but when mixed with Diaz she was, well, frickin’ hilarious. In fact the movie had a lot of…

[There were] Moments where I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes the writing in this movie absolutely surprised me. The things the women were saying were true, and it’s funny because it’s true. Or maybe it was just their delivery. *spoiler alert* There was this line Leslie Mann said, something about how when you’re 24 the dating pool is everyone but when you’re old your dating pool is just old men. That was the exact line, but her delivery was spot on. And it’s funny because it’s true. Cameron Diaz had some great laugh-out-loud moments too. The movie was at its strongest when it just went for the comedy as opposed to the pratfalls and gross out humor.

The Other Woman 2

The Bad

The Directing vs the Writing showcased male mentality vs. female mentality: I could be wrong about this, but I could tell exactly where writer Melissa Stack’s thought process ended and where director Nick Cassavetes influence and started to take over. **minor spoiler alerts** A beautiful bikini ready body blonde the object of any man’s desire? Female influence. Making her stupid, always beautiful and perfect even when she’s not wearing any make up? Male influence. A stressed out housewife who tries to do what she can for her husband but goes a little crazy when she finds out he’s cheating on her? Female influence. Making her have a “whatever” appearance about her looks, making her over the top crazy, making her whole life seem like it’s all about the man and pleasing him? Male influence. Powerful, strong gorgeous successful woman? Female influence. Making her bitchy, boy crazy, and too smart for her own good? Male influence. A hotter than reason, construction worker, house maker over man, who’s easy on the eyes and a gentleman? Female influence. Poop, fart, male boobs, and estrogen jokes? Male (well and any comedy cliché) influence. Too handsome to be true boyfriend/husband who gets what he wants by being charming and well, just good looking? Female influence. Making him into a neurotic, stupid, over-the-top crazy, insufferable man instead of just a jerk which is what he is? Male influence. Speaking of which…


The Ugly

That Ending. What was up with that ending? The movie was doing good. It contained the usual comedy up and downs, but then that ending. One character just went flat out bonkers. I mean, I know Nick Cassavetes has a tendency to go over the top, but he pushed the movie over the top and then off a cliff. He took could have been an empowering moment and just made it absolutely ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on Nicki Minaj…


Overall, this was a funny, entertainment movie with some fantastic moments from Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. And seriously, Cameron Diaz has never looked better. If not for the unfortunate ending this could have been one of the greats.


Rating: B





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