Fade to Black, roll credits.

My Friend: “I don’t know what to think of that. [Transcendence] wasn’t what I thought it was going to be…”
Me: “It was produced by Christopher Nolan, you had to expect it to have some existential aspects to it.”


Directed By: Wally Pfister
Starring: Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Cole Hauser, Cillian Murphy, Clifton Collins Jr

Premise: When Dr. Will Caster, an A.I. researcher working on creating a sentient machine, is brutally attacked by a group trying to prevent the technology from taking over the world, his wife Evelyn and best friend Max Walters work to download his consciousness into their system before he dies. To Evelyn’s delight it works as she is able to preserve her husband’s thoughts and emotions and memories, but Walters isn’t so sure. He believes Caster will keep demanding information and power until he becomes unstoppable. When Evelyn downloads Caster onto their internet, giving him free reign, before she can be stopped Walter’s greatest fears come true, Caster begins to lose his “humanity” as the machine begins to take over.

That was the best I could do premise wise, as Transcendence is hard to explain and when you try to explain it, well, it just sounds ridiculous. And unbelievable. While one day we very well may create robots that become “sentient,” I highly doubt we can download an actual human being into a machine. Right? And then have that “person” be able to download into other people. Right? And then be able to control those people, heal those people, like some kind of super self-healing zombie. Just impossible…right?

However, despite the outlandish premise there was something mesmerizing about the movie, it was confusing and hard to explain, but somehow in the moment it made complete sense (like Inception). So what held it all together? That would be Rebecca Hall. There’s just something about her in this movie that makes you want to keep watching even when unbelievable things happen. Maybe it was her demeanor, maybe it was her believability, whatever it was, she made this movie watchable. As for Johnny Depp, all I can say is that this was a severe misuse of all the talent this guy has to offer.

Overall, skip this movie and watch it for free at a later time. It’s definitely not worth the hefty movie price. I’m so glad I didn’t see this movie in IMAX. Definitely not necessary.


Rating: D



Random Thought:

**Contains Spoilers** I love how the world became all post-apoctalyptic/over grown and run down with the “loss” of the internet. I may use my computer for EVERYTHING, but I have every belief that the world could still go on without internet. There are these things…called telephones…and these other things…called paper…that you can write on….








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