2014 Oscars: The Best, The Worst, The Random

Posted: March 3, 2014 in award season, just because I can
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Well Oscar season has come and gone. And this year’s Oscars seemed particularly long. I mean was it just me or did it seem really LONG? While there were no outright shockers there were as always, some great moments, some awkward moments, some bad moments, and some moments you’ll never forget.

Here’s the Best and Worst of the 2014 Academy Awards:


Best (and by Best I mean Funniest) Ellen Joke: (To Jonah Hill) “You showed us something in that film I have not seen for a very, very long time.”
The best thing about the joke? No awkward elaboration in order to let other people who may have not seen the movie understand it. She just let it be, and it was hilarious. It was one of those jokes that takes a minute to get, but when you do, it’s hilarious.

Worst Ellen Joke: “Possibility number one: 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture. Possibility number two: You’re all racists. And now please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway.” 
Seriously, awkward, and completely cringe-worthy. I mean I couldn’t even write this quote without cringing. Just terrible.

Best Presenters: Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Watson
Ok, so they didn’t really do anything too special, but they are just an adorable couple. I mean, come on. The people I were watching the Oscars with want them to be a couple so bad. Plus this:

Worst Presenters:  Matthew McConaughey & Kim Novak
Can you saw AWKWARD? I mean Matthew McConaughey was trying to do this adlibbing thing but it just came out as awkward and Kim Novak? I don’t even know what was going on with her. She just wasn’t present at all. It’s sad to see her too because she was SO beautiful when she was younger.

Best Speech, Lupita Nyong’o, with Runner Up: Jared Leto
Couple or not, these two had the best speech of the night. Jared’s speech was so well-composed and thoughtful. His speech giving has really evolved from his Golden Globes speech. It was sincere, eloquent, and well-spoken. But Lupita’s was the best of the night. She was just so humble and gracious and my eyes may have welled up a moment or two, especially when she said “You’re dreams are valid”. I thought J-Law was going to take it, but I’m so so glad Lupita won. And she looked gorgeous.

Worst Speech: Matthew McConaughey
Okay, okay, so he won an Oscar, he can pretty much say what he wants. If I ever won an Oscar I’m sure I’d be a babbling mess of a woman, but when Matthew McConaughey went on a tangent about being his own hero, or never being his own hero. No matter how much I tried to focus on his words I just couldn’t understand him. Like my brain was refusing to allow his words to infiltrate it. What the hell was he trying to say?

Best Musical Performance:  “Happy” by Pharrell, Runner Up: “The Moon Song” by Karen O and Ezra Koenig
Okay, so I’ve heard “Happy” so many times, but while a lot of the other performances were solo performers standing in place, this group dance party was a breath of fresh air. He got high caliber actors out of their seats and covered the stage in energetic dancers and performances. I liked it! Also, I could listen to Karen O. forever.

Worst Musical Performance: Idina Menzel
Okay this may seem too harsh, especially when she gets her name mispronounced by Travolta, but this was not the Idina Menzel we know and love. She was shaky, nervous, off key, and pitchy. This is definitely my favorite song from Frozen so it was disappointing to see her botch this song. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t her. She can do better. (Side Note: Dear Mr. Travolta, teleprompters are there for a reason. Adele Dazeem is nowhere near Idina Menzel.)

Best Dressed: Lupita Nyong’ O, Runner Up: Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams
I thought for sure Lupita’s dress was white, but it is actually pale blue. It compliments her skin perfectly. The only thing that didn’t work was the headband. No. Just no. Sandy looked simple, elegant and classy. I loved that she kept it simple and didn’t try to over-bling anything and that deep color was absolutely gorgeous.

Worst Dressed: Pharrell Williams
No explanation necessary.


Hands Down Best Moment from the Oscars (Best meaning Favorite):

tv show gifs

Other Random Thoughts and Tidbits
  • I know Anne Hathaway got away from the limelight for a while because of all the haters…but sorry her presenter delivery for best supporting actor did not help…(And I generally like Anne.)
  • I really felt bad about Ellen talking about Jennifer’s fall and everyone harping on her again about her fall on the red carpet. Poor girl. However it lead to the great line, “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.”
  • What do you think Sandra Bullock and Leonardo Dicaprio talked about?
  • Am I the only one who didn’t know Catherine Martin was Baz Lurmann’s wife?
  • Was the pizza delivery guy real? Because seriously he had the Best. Night. Ever. (Update: Here is the answer.)
  • Where did the money go Ellen collected? Was it real money? (Update: Here is the answer.)
  • Love Bill Murray giving a shout out to Harold Ramis.
  • Nicholas Hoult looks so cute
  • Love Jamie Foxx’s line flub. “Great stories can change your life, great stories with great scores will blow….(awkward pause)…your mind.
  • Love the supercool handshake between Alfonso Cuaron and Sidney Poitier. Love the way Cuaron says “Bullock.”
  • How did Will Smith get to announce Best Picture?
  • Love seeing Paul Dano!
  • Steve McQueen seems like such a serious guy so I loved seeing him so incredibly happy. I would totally jump up and down too if I won an Oscar. Congrats!
Random Thoughts…With Pictures!
  • Love Lupita’s brother Junior sneaking his way into the best picture ever.

tv show gifs


  • Amy Adams gots some dance moves:


  • I don’t know how I feel about Anna Kendrick’s dress. Do I like it? Do I hate it? Her second dress however is adorbs!




  • Love the Academy recognizing Sarah Jones, a camera assistant killed on the set of Midnight Rider. If you don’t know (click here and here and also here). Now you know. Unless you work in the industry you can’t even understand what seeing her name on the telecast means to us. It means safety, it means valuing “below the line crew members”, it means a lot! I am glad the Oscars and ABC made it happen.

sarah jones.

For a full list of the winners, click here. What were some of your favorite moments of the ceremony?



  1. Barbara says:

    My fave moment was the same as yours. I wonder how they position the celebs in the audience. Somehow Sandra Bullock sitting next to Leo de C seems awkward. I really like Anna Kendrick, but her taste is awful. Both dresses have too much going on, esp the first. And what is it about wearing two gowns? Do they all do that? One for the show and one to get down in at the parties?

    • At least the 2nd dress has structure that makes sense. I think a lot of people change dresses, especially with the floor length/prom dress types…I mean that can’t be comfortable! I hope Lupita stayed in hers though. That dress is adorable.

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