I’ll admit, I wasn’t too jazzed to see The Monuments Men. I’m not a fan of period movies or war movies, but I have to say I’m glad I did because the movie was funny, heartfelt, exciting, and well-acted.

The Monuments Men
Directed By: George Clooney
Starring: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bill Murrary, Bob Balaban, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Bonneville


Premise: A misfit group of art curators, directors, and historians are sent behind enemy lines in Germany during World War II in order to protect historic relics and rescue invaluable pieces of historic pieces of art before they are stolen and destroyed by the Nazis.


What I Liked About The Monuments Men

The Humor – The Reason why I liked this movie was because of the humor. The humor was sharp and sarcastic in the kind of way that we love John Goodman, Bill Murray and Bob Balaban for. While George Clooney, Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett played to the more serious sides of the movie, their moments of humor were a delight to watch. The comedy of it all didn’t seem forced or put there for comic relief it was a natural extension of the characters and…

The Cast – Often times movies with immense star power flop, this is because it’s hard to see such high caliber actors as anyone but themselves. George Clooney will always been George Clooney and Matt Damon will always be Matt Damon. That being said, the cast had such great chemistry. They played off each other. It felt like they have all been friends forever (because in real life they probably have). I also enjoyed seeing a different side of Cate Blanchett. She actually has some great comedic timing. Everyone’s acting in this movie was subtle when it needed to be, and powerful when the time was right, and this completely helped…

The Flow – The entire movie had a light-hearted tone to it. It was more of a comedic drama, rather than a drama. And this worked for it because it allowed the jokes to come in naturally. Rather than alternating between dramatic scenes and comic relief, the movie blended the humor into every scene into the movie. This helped me to not only care for to characters, but to become surprised by the more sentimental part of the movie as well.


What I Didn’t Like About The Monuments Men

The Film Felt Modern — When the movie started and George Clooney’s, Frank Stokes approached Matt Damon’s, James Granger having a meeting, the movie felt current. Modern. I was completely aware I was watching Matt Damon and George Clooney instead of watching their characters and that carried out through the rest of their movie. It didn’t feel of the time. Then again, I’m not a period movie kind of person, so maybe that’s NOT such a bad thing. However,

The plot could have been more detailed and clever. While the dialogue was clever, and the way the characters got themselves out of certain situations was compelling, the overall story and plot could have been fleshed out better. In race-against-the-clock heist movies you need to have an extremely inventive master plan so when it’s broken down in little pieces the outcome is satisfying and exciting. Unfortunately this movie didn’t have the action plan fleshed out. How did Stokes find out about where the art was hiding? It seemed like he found a map, pointed to a spot, oh, this word means salt…must be in a salt mine and let’s go! It was just too easy. It was so simple it seemed less like a game of hide-and-seek and more like a game of lost and found. I also felt like the overall movie had an important message to tell us, but unfortunately that fell short as well.

Substance-wise, the movie was lacking, and while the movie could have been tighter, it’s the performances and the comedy that makes this movie worth watching. Not always, but sometimes, great performances can keep a movie afloat. (I mean do we even need to talk about the Bill Murray in the shower scene?)

Rating: B/B-





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