I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. However, despite a promising cast, Cavemen should go back into the cave. Yes, I did it. I said it.

Directed By: Hershel Faber
Starring: Camilla Bella, Skylar Astin, Chad Michael Murray, Alexis Knapp, Kenny Wormald, Jason Patric, Dayo Okeniyi


This movie was written and directed by first time writer/director Hershel Faber and it felt just like that. It felt amateurish, sloppy, poorly written, and basically just a complete mess. Faber jam-packed as many movie clichés as he could into a movie and while sometimes it works, in this case it didn’t work:

  • Guy best friends who live together in one big frat house, have unbelievable parties, hook up with super-hot girls, and who act like douchebags but that somehow makes them even more wanted? Check.
  • The dream girl who’s incredibly beautiful and just the right amount of sarcastic and sporty and girl. The girl who’s so perfect you have the feeling she’s what the director or writer thinks his perfect girl would act like, but doesn’t exactly exist because real women have flaws? Check….and eye roll.
  • Struggling writer who hasn’t really lived life because he’s never been in love? Check.
  • Several plot points or scenarios that come full circle at the end of the movie? (Would you like some cheese with your…) Check.
  • Guy and girl best friends who keep insisting they’re only friends? And then that girl in turn dates the best friend of her best friend who also happens to be a big player? Check.
  • The last minute high stakes run to get what you want? Check.


I like a good rom-com as much as the next person, but everything in this movie was just one big cliché. The cast was excellent, but the characters were extremely unlikeable. There was nothing to root for, no sense of quality and the script felt convoluted. Frankly, it was a disappointment. When copious amounts of alcohol can’t help a movie, you know something is wrong.

Rating: F+
(the plus is for the cast)


Random Thoughts:

– Does Alexis Knapp just follow Skylar Astin around?
– What the hell is Jason Patric doing in this movie?





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