Five New Shows I’m Addicted To:

Posted: February 10, 2014 in TV
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There are some great new shows this TV season. Some are exciting, some are funny, others are just total guilty pleasures. Regardless, I’m addicted. I have to watch these as soon as I can. These most definitely do not build up in my DVR. Here are 5 new TV shows I’m addicted to:



Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
I’ll admit, this show had a rocky start. But I think that’s because the expectations were so high. But somewhere around the 4th or 5th episode the show really started to take off. But it was the episode titled “F.Z.Z.T.” when Simmons becomes infected by an Alien virus as a result of what happened in The Avengers, that really hooked me. And with that great episode the show only got better and better. Last week’s “T.R.A.C.K.S.” was by far one of the strongest, funniest, and smartest episodes of the season. I am in love with the season and the characters (well except for Skye, she can die). I hope people come back to the show and realize just how well everything is gelling. FitzSimmons are by far my favorite TV characters of the entire 2013-2014 TV Season and Clark Gregg has never more been on his game.



Originally, this show didn’t appeal to me. I LOVE the Game Of Thrones but I thought the whole concept around this was just ridiculous. And then, I saw the pilot…and it hooked me right away. Okay so it’s super soap operay, but I love it. It’s addicting and I can’t stop watching it. The strongest part of the show is definitely Adelaide Kane (Mary) and Megan Follows (Queen Catherine), while the weakest by far is any plot revolving around King Henry and the supposed “love triangle.” The show works when Mary shows her strength despite horrible circumstances. It’s just good, guilty pleasure TV.


Chicago P.D. - Season 1


Chicago PD
I was unsure about this show as well. But I love how this show works hand in hand with Chicago Fire. They seamlessly blend their characters working them into each show which is nice and the actors are compelling. I was sure I wasn’t going to like Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe), he’s definitely the anti-hero, but this show surprised me. It works in all the right places that Chicago Fire excels at, while adding a bit of darkness to it. While some plot lines need to tighten up, the show works best when every member of the team works together. And Sophia Bush adds a freshness to it.


Hearts and Minds

The Blacklist
This show had a strong, exciting, and dramatic first half of the season, but coming back after the holiday break it’s been a bit shaky. While it’s nice to see James Spader revert back to his evil ways, I miss him working with Megan Boone. The show worked when those two were together, now it feels a bit stale. There’s almost TOO MUCH controversy.



Are You The One?
Okay, so my friend turned me on to this show and it does not disappoint. It reminds me of The Real World, the early years, when they had a purpose before it got all trashy and well, just annoying (Tangent: While I thought bringing in the exes for the RW was a good idea, turns out it just makes the show even more frustrating.) Every person in the house is living with their perfect counterpart, or so MTV producers say. If each of those people can find their true love match they will all will a million dollars. So chemistry happens, bonds form, and sometimes the people who find a connection with each other aren’t a match. Drama! I love it. It’s good drama. Not trashy drama. Well except for that guy who slept with a girl one night, then flirted/made out with another girl the next night. Men…


What new shows are you loving this year so far?





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