HIMYM: “How Your Mother Met Me” Insight

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How I Met Your Mother has always held a special place in my heart. Some episodes are hilarious  (Season 2, “Slap Bet”), others are devastating (Season 6, “Bad News”), some are just weird (Season 9, “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra”), while others leave you with unexpected emotions that you can relate to and that give you hope (Season 9, “Coming Back”). And then you get those episodes that just blow every other episode out of the water making up for all those…well let’s just say it, bad episodes…and for me that episode was Monday’s, “How Your Mother Met Me.”

Cristin Milioti has rounded out the cast nicely. She is the missing link. This past season 9 every time she has shown up she adds this spark, and freshness, and excitement to the show unlike anything else. But with “How Your Mother Met Me” she became a real actual character and person. She has qualities all of Ted’s friends possess as well as her own quirks. She’s been through heart ache, has fears we have, and has had a hard time letting go for fear of what’s to come. She is flawed. She is real. And we adore her.  After watching this episode, I really feel the need to protect her and frankly I hope Ted makes her really, really happy, as much as we know she will make him.


My Favorite Moments of the Episodes (*spoilers, of course*)


Kelly (Her Roommate): “It’s St. Patrick Day, the Holiday of my people”
The Mother: “You’re no Irish.”
Kelly: :Binge Drinkers.”

Outside the bathroom at the St. Patty’s Day Club, The Mother: “If there’s urine out here, what in god’s name is going on in there?”

The Mother: (Coming out with a cello) “Here it is, I haven’t played this since the popular girls locked me inside the case, it was roomier than when I played the violin.”

Mitch (aka Naked Guy): “This is my thing.”
The Mother: “It most certainly is your thing. Now cover your thing up.”

The Mother: “Is this what it’s going to be like being single in NY? Even the nice guys turn out to be total creeps?”
Mitch (who’s naked): “I have gotten pretty creepy since I moved here.”

Mitch (who’s naked): “Can I tell you an embarrassing story?”
The Mother: “Is it this one, happening right now?”

The mother laughing at Ted’s “shellfish joke.” Remember Ted said the first time she heard the joke she laughed? Nice touch.

I like her light blue petty coat jacket.

The way Rachel Bilson (as Cindy) said, “I might have some stuff to figure out.” Total Zoe Hart.
The Mother: “It’s like the first lottery ticket I ever bought was Kaboom! Jackpot! and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win again, not like that anyway, so I don’t generally buy lottery tickets again.”

Older Ted: “And that’s how your mother started dating Louis. And for a couple of years it was fine, it just wasn’t love.”

That look on her face after Louis rejects her English muffin song. We all know that look. We’ve all had that look. Heartbreaking.

The Mother is a lot like Lily yelling, “What the damn hell?” vs. Lily’s “You sonofabitch,” and her breaking the glass with one hand when she’s angry.

The Mother to Louis: “I think that I have been holding myself back from falling in love again and I think it’s because I can’t let you go, but you’re not here anymore so I have to ask this, would it be okay if I moved on?”

I am a big fan of romantic comedies and How I Met Your Mother is one long 9 years of a romantic comedy. It’s funny and utterly relatable and I really care about these characters and how they turn out. Also, I’m ready for Ted’s happy ending. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen, in the grand scheme of things….


( > > > Scary insight ahead < < < )

( < < <  Don’t read if you don’t want me to severely depress you  > > > )

I have a terrible, terrible feeling that The Mother has died, and this is why Ted is telling his kids the story of how he met her. This season my than any other there are little clues hinting at it. Like at the end of the episode when Ted said, “Kids, I must have heard your mother’s rendition of ‘La Vie En Rose’ a million times over the years, every night when she tucked you in for instance, but that performance, that first night I ever heard her sing, that will always be my favorite.” There was a finality to it, a sadness to it. If she died, after all this time….I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle it.

All I know, kids, it’s going to be a rough end of the series.



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