Here they are…My Top 10 movies. Some of these movies are based on performance, others are based on script or story telling or how the movie made me feel. And some of these movies are here because, well, I just really, really liked them.


Here are My Top 10 Movies of 2013:

ROCP Top 10

Runners Up: Prisoners, Anchorman 2, Thor: The Dark World, Frozen


10.  42
This movie was severely underrated. But I still remember it, even if it was one of the earlier releases. The story of Jackie Robinson was both compelling and emotional. It had some fine acting from Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford.



For the “Lets Go Fly a Kite” song ALONE this movie is in my Top 10. Even though it was a lot darker than I expected, Emma Thompson is fantastic in it and the movie itself is great. (Check out my full review here.)

Saving Mr Banks


8.  HER
What makes this unconventional love story so memorable were the fantastic performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannsen, topped off with strangely relatable script. The concept just felt so real, and Scarlett Johannsen felt so much like a real person it was easy to forget she was a computer…which is the whole point to the movie. (Check out my full review here.)



This movie snuck up on me. I thought it was going to be super serious and heavy. While the subject matter was serious, and the message heavy, stellar performances by Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto gave for surprising light moments where their characters bickered like an old married couple. In learning he was going to die, Woodrow learned how to live and that desire to live is reflected in the movie. (Check out the full review here.)



I’ll be honest. My love for this movie stems from my love for Sam Rockwell’s character. However, the movie is a solid, coming-age-story, that’s easy to watch and relate to. (Check out my full review here.)



Zombies, ‘nuff said. Okay, you probably need more than that. It had a little bit of everything horror, action, mystery, drama, romance, and suspense…throw in zombies and you have a keeper.



Before you get all skeptical, this film was intense. It contained some high-caliber action, complicated storylines, fantastic costumes and hair and make-up, and an outstanding performance from Jennifer Lawrence. The two and a half hours just flew by. If you’re still skeptical: this is my list. My Top 10. And a movie I would watch again and again deserves to be on this list. (Check out my full review here.)

Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire


Speaking of intense, Captain Phillips combines two of my favorite things: hostage situations and Tom Hanks. And any good movie that can make me cry is a winner. (Check out my full review here.)



Speaking of crying, this movie made me to it. Only they were sneak attack tears. The characters were so well developed you find yourself crying at their situations without even realizing it. And no one had to die to make you cry. This is also the movie that made me a fan of Brie Larson. Her performance is stellar. (Check out my full review here.)



…And My #1 Top Movie of 2013


Sandra Bullock is probably my favorite actress EVER. And she proves why she is in this powerful, out of this world (get it?) movie. I can’t stress enough that this is a movie that HAD to be seen in 3D IMAX in order to get the full impact. This was probably one of the most stressful and stunning movies I’ve seen in a long time. (Full review here.)



What were your Top or Favorite movies in 2013?



  1. Barbara says:

    Did you review “The Spectacular Now”? It was a movie that everyone loved, but I didn’t. The guy seemed like a new version of John Cusack and the girl was passive and whiny. I guess she was living in the spectacular now, but at some point, I wanted to slap her so that she could pay it forward and slap him. The guy’s drinking disturbed me and the end hearkened back to the ending of Good Will Hunting with a dash of Say Anything.

    What did you think?

    • I did review it:
      I actually liked it. After I got over the fact that it wasn’t a rom-com as advertised I found I liked it much more. I thought the acting had a nice ease to it, and this was before Miles Teller was in EVERYTHING. Now his babbling is out of hand, it is John Cusack/Vince Vaughny. Haha. I liked the fact that it was unexpected.

      • Barbara says:

        Nice review! i saw the movie before it opened at the Seattle International Film Fest. Afterwards we had a Q & A with the director. I asked him how much he had researched alcoholism. and he replied that Miles Teller’s character was not an alcoholic–he was a normal high school kid. I absolutely agree that he is not necessarily an alcoholic in that he is chemically addicted to it, but I think he drank much more than a normal kid. We were sitting in the front in an old, huge movie theater (ie uncomfortable) and maybe that the movie could not withstand my mood.

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