My 10 Worst Movies of 2013

Posted: January 22, 2014 in just because I can, movie reviews, Movie Reviews 2013, movies

2013 had some great movies. But for every great movie, there is an equally BAD movie. And I feel it my duty to honor those bad movies. I saw 80 movies released in 2013, of those 80, here are My Top 10 WORST Movies…

10. THE WORLD’S END – I like Simon Pegg and I loved Shaun Of The Dead, but The World’s End was pretty stupid. And it just kept going and going and going.



9. THE HOST – With an overall intriguing concept and compelling cast, The Host was a letdown in execution. The plot was terrible which I imagine had more to do with Stephanie Meyer’s writing as opposed to the screenwriting, but the movie was a less than mediocre, messy YA bore. (Check out my full review of it here.)



8. TRANCE – This movie was just disturbing. It had a lot of promise. The concept was clever and the plot intriguing, but then it just got over zealous with the violence, and gratuitous nudity, and I just saw much more of Rosario Dawson then I’d ever needed to see.



7. MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES – Teens looking hot, crying over guys, parents keeping secrets from them, kissing boys in the rain, blah blah yawn. This movie had a lot of potential but because of a mediocre performance from Lily Collins a sloppy script this movie failed, horribly. It also severely underused fantastic actors like Lena Headly, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and Kevin Zegers. (Check out my full review of it here.)



6. A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD – The action was fine, but the plot and dialogue and acting were terrible. Bruce Willis is better than that. (Check out my full review of it here.)



5. STOKER – This movie was also disturbing. Not even the good looks of Matthew Goode could save this movie. There are things I can’t unsee in this movie and I really really want to.



4. AFTER EARTH – This movie had potential, but with strange and wonky accents and Will Smith stuck in the ship, Jayden Smith was left with the heavy lifting and he wasn’t ready for that. Unfortunately the movie was also a snooze and just when I thought things were getting interesting, the movie ended. What?



3. STRUCK BY LIGHTNING – I like Chris Colfer, I do, but sometimes he can come off a bit…arrogant. Well with this movie he was at his worst. His character wasn’t even likeable, bullying everyone to get his way. And then that ending…just ridiculous.



2. THE BIG WEDDING – Diane Keaton likes to play these crazy annoying characters and this movie was like taking the worst and shrilliest parts of her characters from Because I Said So, Family Stone, and Something’s Gotta Give and incorporating them into her character in this movie. The rest of the film wasn’t much better either, despite the great star power. They were all at their most neurotic. And can Katherine Heigl play anything else but an uptight character?



And the worst movie of the year is…


   1. GET AWAY – This movie was just terrible. Just terrible. It didn’t help that the premise was typical. It’s happened in a phone booth, on an airplane, on a boat, now in a car. Okay fine. Whatever. But the more ridiculous it turned, the more I felt like I was wasting my time. But I never knew more what wasting my time felt like until they switched to a driver POV, video-game style, kind of driving. FOR 15 MINUTES!! All you hear is gears shifting and Ethan Hawke breathing. COME ON! Worst. Movie. Ever.




What were your thoughts on these movies? Do you agree or disagree? Did a I miss a movie? Stayed tuned for My Top 10 Movies of 2013.





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