2014 Critics Choice Awards: 10 Random Thoughts

Posted: January 17, 2014 in award season, just because I can, movies

The 2014 Critic’s Choice Awards were last night. It’s a much more laid back affair and Aisha Tyler is such a cornball. In general, I’m not sure some of the actors were taking the night or their wins all too seriously. I did fast forward through a lot of the night (ssshh…don’t tell anyone), but below are my 10 thoughts I came to during those moments I didn’t pass over.



10 Thoughts from the 2014 Critics Choice Awards

  • Leo is SO classy. His speech and how he thanked Jonah Hill (even though I dislike the dude)  is just classy.
  • Wow, the critics really loved The Worlds End. #terriblemovie
  • Amy Adams – “Any chance to kiss James Marsden. I’m sorry Darren, but it’s true.” #enchantedreunion
  • Whatever Marlon Wayans is saying…#awkward
  • Sandra Bullock – “I’d like to thank George Clooney for floating away and not coming back.” Best quote of the night.
  • Jared Leto imitating Matthew McConaughey…#alsoawkward, Jessica Chastain imitating MM? #adorable
  • Scarlett Johannson got a supporting actress nomination? Nice. I think it’s well deserved.
  • Love the fact that people stood up for Lupita Nyong’O’s win. She was so genuinely shocked and her dress is SO beautiful.
  • Matthew McConaughey – “This is fun!”
  • I like the neckline of Julia Roberts dress. It has some nice draping #projectrunwaylingo


Did you watch the Awards? This may be my first time watching the CCA’s and I don’t remember them being this awkward. Next time I watch I’m going to doing drinking game where everytime something awkward happens, I drink. Now that’s a good night!



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