Winter 2014: What New Shows I’ll Be Watching (and old)

Posted: January 5, 2014 in TV

Winter is coming. (Yes, I watch and love Game of Thrones).

And with winter comes a new round of TV shows beckons to crowd my TV viewing schedule. Here are the new shows (winter season premieres, and series premieres) I’ll be checking out (and of course the old ones I’ll be sticking with.)

( * ) = Winter Season Premiere

( + ) =  New Series




Switched At Birth* :  Last we left the Kennishs Daphne was turning herself in for blackmail, Bay was seeking comfort in Emmett after accusing Ty, who is being deployed, of cheating on her, and Toby got secretly married. (More happened obviously, but this is the cliff notes version.) Though at times SAB can be soapy, it’s a great show with snappy dialogue and strong stories. The parents have just as strong of a story as the kids and Vanessa Marano is a pleasure to watch. This is a total guilty teen pleasure.

The Fosters* : Much like this show, which is also a guilty pleasure. The biggest story the finale left us with is Callie kissing her foster brother Brandon just as his parents are about to adopt her and her brother, so she takes off abandoning her brother and the family that took her in. This show has unique plots that keep it interesting and real challenges to the family beyond clothes and boys and high school drama. It’s definitely a story I’m sticking with.

Intelligence+ : I’m not quite sure about this show. Upon first glance it seems like a typical procedural about a guy with a enhanced computer chip in his brain who helps out with government conspiracies. I’ll watch the pilot for Josh Holloway (LOST) and Meghan Ory (Once Upon A Time).

The Following* : Loved this cult show (that’s a double entendre, FYI) last season and I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2. Who survived from all the mayhem last season? What other deliciously disturbing things will this cult come up with (I still picture that girl stabbing herself in the eye)? It’s creepy, it’s traumatizing, and at times it’s downright scary. Give me more!

Teen Wolf* : This MTV show snuck up on me. I didn’t start watching until last year when I binged watched the last two seasons thanks to a friend. The acting is great, the stories are great, and there are a lot of shirtless guys running around. Recipe for greatness. The first half of the 3rd Season ended with Scott, Stiles, and Allison temporarily “sacrifice” themselves in order to find a way to save their parents. Season 3B will start with the gang dealing with those consequences. Teen Wolf never ceases to surprise me, instead of slipping into the cliché teen TV show it manages to keep twisting and turning and keep me on the edge of my seat.

Bates Motel* :  [Premieres in March] This show is best watched back to back to back. I still have a couple of episodes of last season to catch up on, but Vera Farmiga’s performance is outstanding and Freddie Highmore has been upping his game. Hopefully the stories can be creepier instead of soapier. Give me horror!

Shows I’ll Also Be Watching: How I Met Your Mother, Hart Of Dixie, 2 Broke Girls, Mom, The Blacklist




Pretty Little Liars* : This show is great! Though last season I was a little exhausted by all the dramas the girls went through (give me some happy moments too!) this season with *spoiler alert* Aly coming back into the picture will give the show a new dynamic and some extra juicy drama.

Opposite World+ : Like Big Brother, only split in (two worlds luxury and prehistoric) separated by a clear wall. I’ve never watch Big Brother, but I’d love to see how SyFy is going to pull it off. Plus, it just looks like good entertainment. Hopefully they’ll find some other cool, science fiction twists along the way.

Shows I’ll Also Be Watching: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., New Girls, Ravenswood, Face Off, Chicago Fire, Awkward



Suburgatory* : This little show just grows on you and I really adore Jane Levy. Not sure if I’ll keep up with it, but I’ll definitely check out the first few episodes.

Chicago PD+ : If it’s anything like Chicago Fire, I’ll definitely stick with it. While Chicago Fire took a few episodes to hook me I imagine Chicago PD will do the same, even though many of the characters made appearances on CF. Not sure if I like Jason Beghe’s character (I detested him on CF), but curious to see how they’ll make his character likeable.

The 100+ : [CW, March Premiere) I’m a sucker for YA stories and this one sounds intriguing. 97 years after Earth was nearly destroyed by a nuclear war, the surviving humans who have been living on a spaceship send 100 of their juvenile delinquents back to Earth to find out if it’s inhabitable. Come on, it sounds good right? Who doesn’t want to see good looking teens wander around an abandoned planet?

Shows I’ll Also Be Watching: Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Law & Order: SVU, AHS Coven, Top Chef NOLA




The Assets+ : (ABC) The Assets is based on the real life events of a mole who conned the agency in the 80’s and 90’s. It centers on a woman balancing suburban home life and working in the CIA to prevent their intelligence officers from being exposed during the Cold-War. I wasn’t too keen on this premise at first, but the show premiered last week at a time when nothing else was on and well, it hooked me. It had a sharply directed pilot with creative editing and storytelling. I will keep watching this, I mean, it’s only 8 episodes.

Shows I’ll Also Be Watching: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Reign, Project Runway All Stars, Scandal



Shows I’ll Be Watching: Bones, The Neighbors, America’s Next Top Model




Shameless* : This tragic, messed up, close-knit, family manages to be loveable, frustrating and hilarious at the same time. Emmy Rossum does some of her best work here. I’m curious to see what becomes of them when they are all separated.

True Detective+ :  Woody Haralson and Matthew McConaughey search for a serial killer. Yes please. A fantastic cast (also: Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Dunn, Alexandra Daddario, Elizabeth Reaser) and a fantastic cable network (HBO), I have high hopes for this show.

Enlisted+ : I’m really just checking this out because I love the cast (Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young). Not sure I’ll stick with it or not.

The Looking+ : HBO, it takes place in my hometown, San Francisco, and it stars Jonathan Groff. I’ll definitely check it out.

Resurrection+ : [ABC, March Premiere] It sounds like a mixture between The Returned on Sundance, and the 4400. Previously dead people begin to appear looking just young as they did before they died no matter how long. I’ll definitely be checking in.

Shows I’ll Also Be Watching: Once Upon A Time, Revenge


What new shows will you be watching this winter?


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