Christmas TV Movie Reviews: Part Two

Posted: December 25, 2013 in just because I can, movie reviews, movies

These next movies are a bit older, some are good. Some are not good. But, yes, I still watched them. What is wrong with me? That being said, there is something comforting about watching a Christmas movie, even with its ridiculous titles, over acting, and extreme cheesiness.

This is Part 2. And there’s more coming, believe me I’ve been binge watching and I can’t stop it. Check out these quick reviews:


Recipe For A Perfect Christmas (Lifetime, 2005)
Starring: Christine Baranski, Carly Pope, Bobby Cannavale, Monica Parker
One Line Premise: A recently promoted food critic struggles with dealing with her overbearing mother, finding love, and keeping her new job.
My Review: Love me some Carly Pope. It was worse than I thought it was going to be (especially with the whole situation with the mother), but the ending was one of the better ones for movies like this. It was kind sweet and simple. Plus, who doesn’t like a show about cooking. Guilt free food porn.
General Rating: B-, Acting: Pretty cheesy, Cheese Factor: Gouda. (Get it? Good-a?)



Comfort And Joy (Lifetime, 2003)
Starring: Nancy McKeon, Steven Eckholdt, Paul Dooley, Andrew Chalmers, Dixie Carter
One Line Premise: A single, work-a-holic businesswoman crashes her car and wakes up to find she is a stay-at-home mom married with children.
My Review: Definitely one of the older school ones, but it had a good, if not predictable premise (like they all do). It was over all just a sweet, feel-good movie, not too complicated or twisty which is nice.
General Rating: B-, Acting: Cheesy but not bad, Cheese Factor: Old school Cheesy.



On Strike For Christmas (Lifetime, 2010)
Starring: Daphne Zuniga, David Sutcliffe, Evan Willams, Julia Duffy, Chelah Horsdal
One Line Premise: After feeling under appreciated by her family for all burdens she carries for them, a Mother goes on strike tasking her family with taking over the holiday duties.
My Review: I was surprised by how much I liked this movie. Though the kids were pretty much horrible (was I like that as a teenager?) it had some nice moments in it. But the pay off was way too short. The kids were cheesy, but I thought Zuniga and Sutcliffe did a great job.
General Rating: B-, Acting: Not bad actually, Cheese Factor: The kids were really cheesy.



Christmas Dance aka Come Dance With Me (Hallmark, 2012)
Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Michelle Nolden, Stephanie Anne Mills, Jane Moffat, Danny Wells
One Line Premise: A finance man falls in love with his dance instructor when he goes to her for dance lessons to impress his girlfriend, who is also the daughter of his boss who’s trying to tear down her dance studio.
My Review: Had some kinks to work out. Wasn’t as smooth as some of the other movies felt, there was just a little something off. But the actors were pretty great and they didn’t overdo it like other movies tend to do.
General Rating: B, Acting: Nice acting, not terrible. Cheese Factor: Not too cheesy.



November Christmas (Hallmark, 2010)
Starring: Sam Elliott, John Corbett, Sarah Paulson, Emily Alyn Lind
One Line Premise: A town creates the perfect Christmas for a terminally-ill little girl in whose parents are trying to create happy memories for her by speeding up the timeline for the holidays.
Review: I have to admit, this one got me. Despite the major spoiler alert at the beginning of the movie, the acting was solid, the story was sweet, and come on Sam Elliott is a pro. I wish he was my grandfather.
General Rating: A-, Acting: Pretty solid, Cheese Factor: Macaroni and Cheesy (cheesy but good)




Come back soon for Part 3! The final part because…i’m sick of Christmas movies now! (not really)






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