Directed By: Spike Jonze
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johannsen, Amy Adams, Chris Pratt


Premise: After suffering a heartbreaking divorce, a lonely, isolated man seeks the comfort of a highly evolved operating system and eventually begins a relationship with her.


My Review: Her is a strange movie, it takes place in the future yet looks like it could take place in the past. The technology is amazing, I want all of it, but at the same time if feels like something that could exist now…if only Siri weren’t such a smart ass.

The performances are what hold Her together. Despite, Phoenix sporting his best porn mustache, Amy Adams looking doughty as hell, and the fact that we don’t even see Scarlett Johannsen, Her just works. Phoenix plays Theodore a lonely writer who is struggling through a difficult breakup. He becomes reliant on a seemingly self-aware operating system (OS) finding himself relating to her in a way he could never relate to anyone else. And it would be completely sweet, if it, and well, he, weren’t a tad bit creepy. (Phoenix knows a lot about playing creepy) Luckily, he is skilled enough to play it with sweet innocence, just shy of giving you the heebie jeebies. Scarlett’s voice is sultry and sweet, just begging you to be her best friend. Honestly it may be her best performance and we never see her on screen, but the genius of it all is that she pulls off such warmth and purity you can actually picture a person in front of you, and that’s the point, right? Sometimes it’s creepy, and sometimes it’s believable. Like any relationship, really.

All in all this movie is so very Spike Jonze, much like Where The Wild Things Are, the movie is strange, but somehow works, it’s both real and not real, and it’s sweet while at the same time a little bit creepy.

Rating: 4 Stars






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