1 Chipotle burrito, 1 pinkberry with mochi and pomegranate, and 2 large and strong cinnamon and pineapple infused tequila margaritas later (plus a few more)…I bring you…my Sound of Music, Live! Review.

The Sound Of Music Live!
Starring: Carrie Underwood, Audra McDonald, Stephen Moyer, Laura Benanti, Christian Borle, Ariane Rinehart, MichaeCampayno, Peyton Ella, Michael Nigro, Sophia Caruso, Ella Watts-Gorman, Joe West

My Thoughts: It’s a fantastic idea. I love musicals and televised versions allow accessibility to a broader audience. Live adds a risky element that will bring highs and lows. There will definitely be weebles and wobbles but there will also be incredible moments and more than likely no one will fall down. Well unfortunately, Carrie Underwood fell down. Maybe not literally (though she did slip during her opening song), but acting wise…girl fell down, way way down.

Musicals aren’t just about the singing, they are about the acting. I would rather see a musical where the acting is better than the singing. Take Les Miserables the movie: Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman aren’t the greatest singers, but their acting in the movie was definitely fantastic. Can you imagine if it had been the other way around? Great singing and but not great acting? Okay Jean Valjean, so you have no personality, or charisma, or ability to emote, or you know say words that don’t sound like you’re reading them off of cue cards, at least you can sing…yay?


But through every dry, wooden, cardboard line reading from Carrie Underwood, there was Audra McDonald singing Climb Every Mountain. Through every missing Sound of Music Movie Moment (Liesl’s “Weeeeeeee!” after Rolf kisses her, Kurt’s “I’m incorrigible!”, Gretel missing the cue to say her name when first introduced, Maria sitting on a pine cone then covering for the kids who later burst into tears, Gretel backing up the stairs singing “The sun has gone to bed and so must I,” Why weren’t there any puppets? I could go on…and I just may later…), there was Laura Benanti’s awesome oneliners, “ I don’t know any of your names but that doesn’t matter, I’m sure I won’t get them straight for a long time.” For every moment of zero chemistry between Captain Von Trapp and Maria there were surprising transitions like the mansion doors opening up into the abbey. Seriously, that was a cool moment.

The Sound Of Music, Live! wasn’t a train wreck. The weakest link was just unfortunately the main character of the story, Maria. So how do you solve a problem like Maria? Don’t cast Carrie Underwood.

Random Thoughts:

  • The first 5 drinks happened in the first 5 minutes: A botched camera movement, Carrie looking into the camera, Carrie slipping during her opening song, Carrie’s first line, off the beat singing, and then on….
  • I counted 32 “drinks” until well, I just stopped counting.
  • Rolf is wearing a lot of blush and lipstick, and why does he look like Pinocchio?
  • Why is the lighting so dark?
  • Why are the hills so woodsy?
  • Why is Stephen Moyer doing the Zoolander face?
  • I so miss the kids jumping up and down the stairs during their “do-rei-mi” song. And their little airplane hand movements.
  • I’ve had The Lonely Goat Herder song stuck in my head FOREVER. Carrie is actually singing the heck out of it. Too bad the song is being performed without those creepy puppets and at a weird moment. “Yoh dah lay heeeeeeee!” Isn’t this where she’s supposed to be singing my favorite things?
  • Love the Baroness’s black dress. Then again I have a feeling Laura B. could rock any outfit.
  • I miss Maria’s blue dress she dances in with the Captain?
  • The shot of Maria returning to the Abbey walking down that long hall is really gorgeous.
  • Audra McDonald + Climb Every Mountain = DAYMN.
  • Carrie doesn’t look at the person she’s supposed to look at when saying some of her lines. I know this is supposed to be “play”-like, but there’s also 12 cameras setting up for various angles. Why can’t she say her lines to the person talking to her?
  • Anyone notice how surprised Carrie looked when Stephen Moyer hits that high note in “Edelweiss”?
  • The ending with “Rolf” is different than it is in the movie. Is this how it is in the play? Frankly I’m partial to the nuns removing the car parts from the soldier’s cars.
  • Carrie tells the Mother Reverand, “We can never thank you.” After she saves the family…um…there’s a word missing there.
  • Why are they called storm troopers? It makes me think of this.
  • When I wondered why Megan Hilty wasn’t cast as Maria, my friend suggested it was because she was too svelte. First of all, she’s gorgeous, second of all, I’ll take svelte over can’t act any day.
  • Favorite Kid: Gretel, with the runner up going to Kurt
  • Favorite Song Performance: Climb Every Mountain by Audra McDonald
  • Favorite Moment: The Captain realizing his children are singing and the kids crying and hugging him. (Don’t squish Gretel!)
  • The Production Design is amazing.


Final Thoughts: Time to pop in the movie. I’m coming Julie Andrews!

Also, this. You’re Welcome.






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