7 Things I Noticed About Delivery Man

Directed By: Ken Scott
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Bobby Moynihan, Dave Patten, Britt Robertson, Jack Reynor

1 – Vince Vaughn was not as Vince Vaughny as he usually is.
There was less babbling, less annoying self-deprecating stupidness—basically most of the things you dislike about him are absent in this movie. Vaughn was a real guy. And incredibly likeable.

2 – Chris Pratt is hilarious!
I’ve liked Chris Pratt since Everwood. As Brett, he’s much more than just David’s best friend/sidekick/voice of reason/comic relief combo. He is layered and complicated as both an exasperated father of four children and a failed lawyer, not because he’s incapable but because he chose fatherhood first. Okay, so he may be a tiny bit incapable.

3 – More of Cobie Smulders is always a good thing.
I’ll admit it right now. I have a girl crush on Cobie Smulders. She’s just super cool. And while I adore her on HIMYM , I’m so glad to see her branching out into movies. I was hoping the movie wouldn’t just use her for the beginning of the story and the end of the story (I’m looking at you Safe Haven) and was glad she was incorporated into a lot of the movie. She just has this air about her that makes me think we would be best friends and we should totally hang out sometime, you know if it’s cool with her…

4 – All Of Vince Vaughn’s Kids are Super Super Good Looking.
Like SUPER good-looking, I even spotted Chris Hernandez from Season 20 America’s Next Top Model as one of his kids. That’s just not statistically possible, right? RIGHT? I’m particular to this face. Also, *spoiler alert* Britt Robertson does not make a convincing drug addict.

6 – The movie relied on humorous situations instead of fart, poop, vomit humor.
I think this comment speaks for itself. It’s easy to laugh at someone farting, we all have an inner 10 year old in us, but it’s harder to make someone laugh. Like really laugh. And I did a bunch of times in this movie.

7 – It was genuinely heartfelt movie that will leave you feeling uplifted.
Delivery Man was less of a comedy and more of a funny uplifting movie. The story was incredibly interesting and to watch a man be changed by the strange but also incredible circumstances around it was extremely compelling. I’ll admit the ending made me tear up a bit, and then laugh. And that’s a great way to end a movie.


After a fertility clinic screw up, David, a struggling meat delivery driver finds himself the father of 531 children after donating sperm 20 years ago. He becomes the center of a lawsuit when over a hundred of his children sue to reveal his identity. David must decide to take responsibility for once in his life, or hide in the shadows like always. Delivery Man isn’t exactly mind blowing, but will leave you laughing and with warm fuzzies, so check it out.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars



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