5 New Shows I’m Loving

Blacklist — I was skeptical about this show before it premiered, but I think it gave us THE strongest Pilot of the 2013-2014 season. James Spader is fantastic and I am really loving this twisted thriller. I love that the villans are formidable and I love that you never really know what is going to happen.

The Crazy Ones – This show is just funny and awkward, and I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams. It’s just a quirky, cute show with characters you want to know more of.

S.H.I.E.L.D – I am a Marvel nerd, yes, but there is no denying S.H.I.E.L.D started out rocky. However the last few episodes the show has really stepped up its game and I am absolutely loving it. Fitz-Simmons have become my favorite characters and that moment Simmons threw herself off the plane really made me gasp. I care about these characters and that’s how the show should be. The one big improvement it needs to make is on Chloe. I’m still not completely sold on her. Right now she’s just a poor man’s Eliza Dusku only with just the looks and none of the spark. Hopefully with this new storyline about her mother the show will allow her character to be fleshed out in a way that’s sympathetic to the character.

Reign – I was super super skeptical about this show from the beginning. I LOVE Game of Thrones and I knew the CW would turn this into a soapy, teenager, lovey mess of a story. Especially with the articles revealing the show was not sticking true to the time period. This show built up and up in my DVR until I had to make the tough choice DELETE or watch. So I clicked play and was IMMEDIATELY hooked. Yes, this show is indeed all the things I listed above and it’s completely engrossing. This definitely goes on my must see guilty pleasure list.

The Returned – This show is on Thursday’s on The Sundance Channel and it’s so incredibly creepy. It’s really just captivating and the acting is so GOOD I barely even notice I’m reading subtitles. The biggest story that has me hooked is when Lena’s identical twin sister returns from the dead looking just like she did the day she died, four years ago. Lena has grown, but her twin Camille has not. Can you imagine waking up every day looking at your younger face? Insane. And insanely good.


5 Shows I Still Love

How I Met Your Mother – HIMYM is winding down and they are bringing back old favorites. This show has always been very good at mixing the funny with the bittersweet and even though this final season has had its ups (The Mother) and it’s downs (Marshall’s storyline), it never fails to make me giggle at least a couple times per episode. Also, I would like a Linus of my own thank you very much. My one gripe, MORE of The Mother and MORE flashforwards. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see a scene with Ted, the Mother, and their kids from the future.

Once Upon A Time – I LOVE the direction they are going with OUAT. Yes, I miss Storybrook, but the way they’ve twisted the Pan Character and with the addition of older Michael and John, creatively it is at the top of its game. Though I’m not too thrilled with yet another love triangle, everything else about the show is extremely engaging.

Revenge – It had a rocky season last year, but Emily’s gotten back to her Revengy roots and I’m enjoying it. The show is strongest when Emily teams up with Nolan and having Jack become part of the team is a great welcome. Especially because he was getting whiny and frustrating for a while there. However, there are a few things the show needs to work on. I hate to see Emily lose, Daniel is annoying, and why did the show send Justin Hartley away? I enjoyed his romance with Nolan, so please bring back the hot shirtless man.

Big Bang Theory – This show always makes me laugh. The characters have such great chemistry and their antics are hilarious. If you want a good solid comedy you can’t go wrong with BBT.

Scandal – Okay, so maybe I only started watching Scandal about a month ago when a friend convinced me to check it out on Netflix and I binge watched the first two seasons in 3 days, but dude, this show is SO GOOD. Granted it has developed into a much darker show than it was in the beginning and the characters are getting frustratingly unlikeable, but Shonda Rhimes sure knows how to produce a twist! Also, I just love it when a show ends with you saying, “Oh S**t!”


5 Shows In The Danger Zone

Glee – I am not loving the high school aspect to Glee anymore. The NY portion has been the best. While I’m still hooked with some of the storyline after Finn’s death, nothing really seems to matter, plus I don’t know if I can handle a Glee twerking episode. I’m dreading watching it. Physically dreading it. However, the news that the next season of Glee will just stick to New York is promising enough to maybe stick around…

Nashville – Due to life catching up with me, I haven’t been able to watch the last few episodes of last season, thus this season is building up in my DVR. I just can’t compel myself to watch it. It’s dangerously close to filling up most of my DVR thus dangerously close to being cut for my line-up. It’s not that the show isn’t good, it’s just there are so many other shows out there I have to watch right away.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I liked the first few episodes, but I don’t know there’s something about it I just don’t like anymore. It’s dangerously close to getting cut as well.

Sleepy Hollow – It hasn’t hooked me like it’s hooked others. Plus I haven’t seen past the 2nd episode.

America Horror Story: Coven – I’m still sticking with it, and it’s getting better, but the only character I really like is the Emma Roberts character. Great actors aside, the past-life stuff is boring, and frankly much of the show is boring. It’s also not very scary, though the chopping-in-half of zombies is always fun. Maybe I’m just not an AHS fan, I never could get past the first 4 episodes of the first season…


5 Shows I Have Something To Say About: Good or Bad

Masters of Sex – This show is really quite good. There’s something captivating about it. Plus Allison Janney is doing some fabulous work, on this show (and on Mom). Also I so love Lizzy Caplan and I am becoming a huge fan of Caitlin Fitzgerald. This show is definitely worth the watch for its incredible acting.

Homeland –The season started out rocky but with the last 3-4 episodes it’s really beginning to up its game. The show is slowly escalating into something that, if it has the right pay off, could be really, really incredible. Plus, I really want to see how far they can take one particular storyline surrounding Carrie.

The Voice – Though I usually lose my interest when they get to the final 10, The Voice is always strong through the battle rounds. I love the new element of the steals and I love that Christina has finally chilled out with the catty. The way she treated Tony Lucca was just unbearable the previous season and sometimes I see her cattiness come out with one of my favorites James Wolpert (who is also on Team Adam). However, I love that they bring it back to the singing now. More singing, less drama is a combo I can dig.

Awkward – I like Awkward, but I really hate what the writers are doing with Jenna. Or what Jenna is doing to herself. I understand that she’s on this downward spiral, but she’s taking it to a whole new level, to the point where I feel absolutely zero sympathy for her and I don’t see how she can redeem herself. I understand breaking down your character but I feel like they are destroying Jenna to the point of no return.

Hostages – Interesting premise, but from the beginning I wondered how it could last an entire season. 6 weeks in the answer is…they can’t. It’s getting so far-fetched right now I don’t know if I can stick with it. But still, I continue to watch.


What are your favorite shows? Are there any TV shows you’ve given up on or on the verge of deleting?




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