The Hunger Games: Moments That Must Be In Catching Fire

Posted: November 13, 2013 in hunger games, movie reviews, movies
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It’s almost here guys! Catching Fire is a little over a week away. And if you’re a pop-culture junkie like me, you’re obsessing over what elements of the book made it into the movie. Seriously guys, it’s getting out of hand. Last night, I stayed up late going through the book page by page writing down scenes, moments, lines that absolutely HAVE to make it into the movie. I’m pretty sure I have a problem, but we will ignore that because it makes for a very entertaining list.

This should be obvious, but SPOILERS AHEAD!!




Katniss bargaining with Haymitch over who to save, her or Peeta:
This moment in Catching Fire really shows Katniss’ true feelings for Peeta. We know she cares for him, but we also know she values her life and her need to survive and protect her family is very important. Thus, the fact that she is willing to sacrifice herself in order to protect Peeta is a true testament to her character and her feeling for him.

Katniss showing her bow and arrow skills; Everyone being in awe:
The Catching Fire trailer shows this moment, but it’s been upgraded from how I envisioned it in the book. That being said, this is one of my favorite moments in the book because it shows the other Victors just what Katniss is capable of.

Peeta and Katniss forgetting their problems on the roof:
Katniss is truly happy and carefree in this moment. In the first movie things were a bit melancholy. I think this moment in Catching Fire could be light hearted and sweet, something the movie needs more of.

Peeta almost dying, Finnick saving him –the look:
Of course this moment is going to be in the film, but will “the look”? Finnick mentions to Katniss later that this was the moment he knew Katniss truly cared for Peeta. The “look” needs to happen.

The Beast:
Face it, we all want to see the beast in the arena. Or they can at least allude to it like the book does. We need some darkness and some brutality.

When Katniss got a great view of the new arena, with an enormous, perfectly circular lagoon in the center.


Katniss comes home to find peacekeepers waiting for her:
I love this scene in the book. The tension. The way that Peeta and Haymitch show their support and care for Katniss by not supporting her and not caring. And I love the way they all leave those peacekeepers dumbfounded.

Katniss getting drunk:
“I hear the glass bottle shatter on the floor. This seems appropriate since I had obviously lost my grip on everything.” This is probably one of my favorite lines in the book, I hope this part makes it into the movie.

Haymitch’s time in the game:
I have a feeling that this element to the story will be cut from the movie. Mainstay Productions did a youtube version of this scene, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I imagine it would be with some bigger production values behind it. (Plus, why are the Asian guys always the bad guys?) But I digress, how awesome would it be if Lionsgate did a web series of other Hunger Games described in the books? Annie’s games seemed pretty exciting as well.

Katniss and Peeta’s reveal to Haymitch, Effie, and the prep team regarding what they did in their private sessions with the game makers:
I just love the nonchalant way Katniss reveals what she’s done, the reactions of Peeta and Cinna, and Haymitch’s response to the fact that they decide they don’t want allies.

Katniss’ prep team crying over her
Katniss’ prep team doesn’t play much of a role in the first movie as they did in the books. But as the books progress, so do their roles in the movie and in Katniss’ life.

Katniss and Finnick debating about whether or not to kill each other:
“I can see him [Finnick], waiting for me to make the first move. Calculating if he should block first or go directly for an attack. I can feel we’ve both about worked it out when Peeta steps deliberately between us.” Tension baby, tension. Also shows just how ruthless Katniss can be, and how selfless Peeta is.

Finnick and Katniss scare a sleeping Peeta:
This moment not only makes you care for Finnick even more (Katniss begins to really like him here, thus we do too), but it also adds another element of lightness. Besides acts of courage and bravery, acts of camaraderie also adds depth to characters.

Katniss rakes her fingers down Haymitch’s face.
This small moment at the end of the book left a big impression on me. Collins writes that out of anger Katniss scratches Haymitch and they both end up “screaming terrible terrible things at each other.” I’m sure the movie will make some PG version of this, but I want to see the brutality of this act. I want to hear those things they say to each other. This moment is important and it’s real and raw. Katniss finally just lets it all go. If pulled off right, it could be an amazing moment in the movie.

Are you a fan of the books as well as the movies? What scenes and moments do you hope and wish make it into the movie? The Hunger Games Catching Fire opens November 22, but if you didn’t know that already then something’s wrong with you. 




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