The Emmys were LONG. Really really long. I did, however like Neil Patrick Harris as a host. But here are 7 Things I liked about them (in no random order):



1)  NPH’s little giggle when he said “Why do you guys have 3D glasses on?” to Amy Poehlar and Tina Fey. (NOTE: Everyone should come up to the stage like Amy Poehlar)

2) Merritt Wever’s speech: “Thank you. Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye.”

3) The Ryan Seacrest Center fine print: The Ryan Seacrest Center focuses on freeing patients from addiction to hosting award shows, charitable fundraisers and “Star Search” themed reality programming. The center makes no claims of effectiveness regarding patients who cannot resist hosting dinner parties, in-laws or parasites. Rehabilitation is catered to individual needs – NO GUARENTEE -. Each patients program will include sessions in the therapeutic Billy Chrystal Springs and/or the world famous Pat Sajak Sweat Lodge. Incoming patients will submit to a full body cavity search for any hidden mic packs, lavs, wireless headsets, canes envelopes, sequins and Bruce Vilanches. Please plan on arriving at least 3 hours before your therapy call time because the limo time is murder. Arsenio Hall is not affiliated with The Ryan Seacrest Center for Excessive Hosting. Oh, and neither is Ryan Seacrest. If you’re still reading this and believe EHD is a real addiction you might be suffering from APB or Acute Parody Blindness. If so contact the Mel Brooks Center for Humor in Catskills New York. (Yes, yes I did pause my DVR to get every word, yes.)

4) Choreography Emmy: Announcing the choreographers dancing style was definitely a plus for me being a So You Think You Can Dance Fan. But when the SYTYCD choreographers DOMINATED the category, how did Derek Hough win. Okay, granted, I haven’t seen his work, but come on peeps! That being said, my favorite vignette by far was the American Horror Story: Asylum one. And I do love that they showcased choreographers, they all seemed so genuinely excited to there.

5) Love how excited NPH was introducing his fellow presenting cast mates Cobie and Alyson.

6) I enjoyed the little random facts the announcer gave on some of the winners. For example: James Cromwell is the only actor to ever say the words “star trek” on Star Trek and Gale Mancuso is only the second woman EVER to win for Best Comedy Directing. That is just crazy.

7) Kevin Spacey. “It’s All Going According to Plan.” I’m pretty sure I need this sound byte so I can carry it with me always and play it randomly where ever I go.


Did you watch the Emmys? What did you think of Neil Patrick Harris as a host?




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