Cat comes out on this Season 10 Finale looking absolutely fabulous. I love what she’s wearing, it’s reminiscent of armor fitting her shape really well. (Can you tell I watch a lot of Project Runway?) It looks so sleek and classy on her, and her bracelets are perfection.

The “Judges” or celebrity spectators with the best seats in the house are Twitch, Adam Shankman and Paula Abdul.


First up, we get the Top 20 Performance and it literally blows my mind twice. First when Cat says the routine is choreographed by Ivan Koumaev from Season 2. Not only did I not know he was a choreographer, but I have to say it was a pretty fantastic routine. It was so classy, done to a COVER of “Wonderwall” originally by Oasis, but covered by Paul Anka? Mind Blown again! It sent me on a Wikipedia search to see which came first even though I was pretty sure it was Oasis’ version and it was! Anyway back to the routine, I really wish that the camera had stayed mostly wide, but of course it went in for coverage which felt a little frantic to tell you the truth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tap was incorporated in it and was reminded just how much I miss Jasmine M, Curtis, and Nico. They were all pretty fabulous in this routine. All in all it was a great Top 20 Number, worthy of the finale.

As usual the judges, contestants and others pick their top routines of the season:


Paula’s Pick: “Edge Of Glory”—danced by: Mackenzie and Paul
This Mandy Moore pieces was where Makenzie really turned it around for me. She really connected with me in her performance. It felt a little less graceful this time around, but still beautiful I always love that look those two give each other near the end of the piece before they take off running. It reminds me of their electric chemistry. (Song by: Lady Gaga)

Jasmine Harper’s Pick: “Blurred Lines” — with All-Star Marko Germar
Jasmine picked this routine because she said it pushed her the hardest. It’s definitely a lot more relaxed this time around. The first time they were stiffer, but this time I feel like it was performed more the way Ray Leeper probably envisioned it. I really enjoyed it. And did Marko seriously jump like that the first time? Yowza! Fabulous! (Song by: Robin Thicke feat Pharrell)

Adam’s Pick: “Hello, Good Morning” – danced by Twitch and Fik-Shun
First of all I have to say the best way to start this piece was DEFINITELY Twitch stripping down and taking off his many many shirts to reveal those fantastic arms. Second of all, I’m so glad I got to see Luther Browns piece again. If possible it was just as crazy and hilarious as it was the first time around. I loved it and their “uncle dance.” (Remix by: Diddy Dirty Money feat Rick Rossand and Nicki Minaj)

Nigel’s Pick: The Tap Routine – with Alexis, Aaron, and Curtis
Anthony Marigerato’s tap choreography almost almost made my Top 10 performances. In fact, it probably should have because it’s really incredible. I love how happy and supportive Curtis was towards Aaron throughout the whole thing, and he stuck the landing! Great piece, it makes me so happy watching it! It was nice seeing him and Alexis back on stage just doing their thing. (Song: “You Really (Did It Live)” by Jason Mraz)


Twitch’s Pick: “Kiss of the Spiderwoman” — danced by Nico and Hayley Sean Cheesman
Fine pick Twitch, fine pick, I’m glad we get to see it again. I never thought of Sean Cheeseman as a Broadway Choreographer but if possible this piece felt more Broadway then other routines in the past few seasons. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just a great routine giving you that “feeling.” And for some reason the song reminds me of Ursula from Little Mermaid. They botched a lift but that’s all right, I’ll forgive them. It’s the finale. Crabby Nigel doesn’t give them a standing O. (Song From: Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Soundtrack)

Aaron’s Pick: “I’m Kissing You” — with All-Star Kathryn
It was a little different from the original, it lost some of its “innocence” but it was still elegant and beautiful. Stacey Tookey creates these beautiful flowy lines elevated by the arch of Kathryn’s back. She just has this fascinating grace about her and Aaron looks strong. (Song by Des’ree.)

Cat’s Pick: “Run The World (Girls)” – danced by Jasmine and All-Star Comfort
Of COURSE this is Cat’s favorite routine. She was just so enamored with it last week. Is it wrong I want to break this dance down piece by piece and figure out how I can dance it? I mean I’m sure there’s no way I’d look as good as them, but I have a flannel shirt and a bike I could rock, however mine has a basket. (Song by: Beyonce.)

Mary’s Pick: “Medicine” –danced by Tucker and All-Star Robert
I like this routine so much more now than I did when I originally watched it and I think it has to do with the fact that there was no intro package. Travis Wall has always had a unique of choreographing men and a way that doesn’t need to be super hard or super macho. It was just them dancing. And guys, Robert is amazing, he’s just so fluid in the way that he moves and this was the most graceful I’ve seen Tucker, usually he’s so stiff. I LOVE the move where they jump, then leap again a second later as if on a trampoline. (Song by: Daughter)

All Stars Pick: Mark’s Weird Routine – with Jenna and All-Star Mark
This song and this routine is so weird I can’t stand it. I absolutely love it. Mark is just so committed to everything he does. It’s believable. (Song: “I Am The Best” by 2ne1)

Amy and Fik-Shun’s Pick: “After Party” — The Bell Hop Routine choreographed by Nappy Tabs
Amy has this way about her where she could be dressed trashy and dancing trashy, but she has this grace and class about it. It’s a real rare quality. This dance, and the fact that Nappy Tabs choreographed it reminds me how incredible they were this season.

America’s Pick: “Wicked Games” – danced with Amy and Travis.
Seriously, if this routine didn’t win out of the choices there was something wrong with the world. Every time I watch this piece I feel like I hold my breath. I feel like they are the only two people on the dance floor and the rest of the world has disappeared. Just beautiful. (Song by: James Vincent McMorrow)

All-Stars and Top 10 Perform
Top 10: Jasmine, Aaron, Fik-Shun, Amy, Hayley, Paul, Jenna, Tucker, Mackenzie, Nico
All Stars: Marko, Robert, Neil, Allison, Kathryn, Witney, Joshua, Melanie, Comfort, Alex
That routine was so freakin’ fun. I love the retro feel to it and the adorable costumes. They all danced well together. And it’s seriously not a finale unless we get to see Alex Wong’s Abs, one last time. This routine was so Broadway it’s unbelievable, and those girls were hitting it hard. Especially Allison and Robert. I think I spotted all the All-Stars, but let me know if I missed any of them. Ok, time to go watch the routine again. So energetic, it just made me smile! (Song: “Rock Lobster [District 78 Remix]” by B-53s.)


Overall Thoughts:
Cat lets us know that the person who got the most votes was a girl and Nigel says that this is the first year where people have said I will be happy with whoever wins about the Top 4 and you know what, he’s right. I have a preference, but I won’t be mad if my preferences don’t win. While this season has some stunning routines I do feel like there is something lacking within these dancers. Just compare the final four to Eliana and Chehon last season, there’s something missing right? I’m not saying they’re not incredible, or they don’t deserve it, there’s just…something…missing…


The Boys:
I keep going back and forth between who I think is going to win. I really think that Fik-Shun is going to win, but I would like Aaron to win, I really would.

The Winner Is: Fik-Shun


The Girls:
This is much harder. I don’t know if I have a preference. Jasmine. No Amy. No Jasmine. I don’t know who it’s going to be, or who I want to be. Aah! Just tell me who it is Cat. Surprise me!

The Winner is: Amy

Amy Yakima And Fik-Shun Are Named America's Favorite Dancers On The Season 10 Finale

Final Thoughts:
I love how overcome with emotion Fik-Shun was when he won, I admit my eyes became a little misty for a moment there. Even though I wanted Aaron to win, I’m very happy for Fik-Shun. He really did become such a presence on the show and he brought something great out in Amy. As for her, I like that she won, but I wasn’t as “happy” for her as I was for Fik-Shun, I think there really is a part of me that was pushing just a bit more for Jasmine. I’m not disappointed, no, just…couldn’t the both have won!?


Random Thoughts:

  • I’d go see Battle Of The Year, only I don’t want to support anything with Chris Brown in it, so I may just red box it later…that being said, it was nice seeing Dominic Sandoval (Season 3) dance again. Everything I see his name I remember his chair dance.
  • Nigel announces that SYTYCD has been renewed for Season 11. YAY! I love that the cameras went straight to the choreographers and they’re so excited.
  • In the Top 10 Guys piece, I noticed Jade had returned. What happened to him? Was he late? I mean that LA traffic is a bitch…
  • Um the younger footage of Nigel is amazing. He’s had the same hair all his life apparently. Also Mary was gorgeous when she was younger.
  • Mary and Nigel dancing was so awkward and cheeseball I couldn’t watch it. Sorry. Awkward.
  • Aaron walks away with the hugest bouquet of flowers EVER. And Aaron is a big dude!
  • I love that we got to see Nappy Tabs “Putting On The Ritz” again. It was such an amazing feat and really a great way to open the show. Hopefully they can do something like this next season. We all love flash mobs people.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wanna tell you, sorry if my gramma is pretty bad cuz I’m not English native speaker. But I’ve read your blog every week! I like it so much 😀

  2. Corinthia says:

    >In the Top 10 Guys piece, I noticed Jade had returned. What happened to him? Was he late? I mean that LA traffic is a bitch…

    Jade was unable to dance in the finale. The “Sand” dance in the finale was a tape of the original. Regarding the opening number, Nigel tweeted that:
    “Jade was behind the bar. The operation on his knee was successful but is still very sore.”

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