Top 4 Perform

Our Top 4 comes out in all white and they look AMAZING. I love Jasmine’s pants. Cat is in a flapper dress and I have to say for some strange reason I love it. Even if it makes her look flat-chested and gives her no shape at all, I like it. I can’t explain it. I also want her black oval pinky ring.

The dancers are performing 6 times tonight which is JUST ridiculous to me. I mean I won’t have it any other day, but it makes me feel tired for them already and the show hasn’t even started. Guest Judges today are Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas and I-don’t-know-why, Paula Abdul. Nigel, if you’re going to repeat a judge, can it be Anna Kendrick? Come on dude, THINK!




Aaron and Amy
Jazz with Choreographer Ray Leeper
First of all I have to say Amy looks pretty damn sexy in that outfit. She looks like she’s wearing nothing but black tattoos but really it’s a flesh colored suit and it’s wonderful to see another side of her. The routine is high energy and fast paced and the dancers do a really great job. It reminds me of something Sonya would do. I love Aaron’s leaps. I feel like his pointed feet have been getting better and better and Amy is looking super sharp. I’m still not a fan of her pulling face, but at least it’s something different from the constant smile. Also, I have to say I feel like when Aaron lifts he gets the girls higher than anyone else can, and not just because he’s tall. The judges like it and think the dancers are super strong. Paula calls Aaron a generous partner. (Song: “Primitive”, by Richard Visson vs Luciana). Rating: B+


Jasmine and Fik-Shun
Contemporary with Choreographer Travis Wall
What movie is this song from? I love it. I really do. Travis always has spot-on song choices. That being said this dance was so delicate. I really did feel like I was underwater, just like Travis wanted. The couple floated and moved across the stage and it reminded me of the way jellyfish move, pulsing in and out so gracefully and smooth. Jasmine is such a marvel, manipulating her legs in ways that I just can’t understand. This routine is probably the best Fik-Shun has ever performed in this style. I believed him. From the get-go he was totally immersed in this piece and that starting look on his face was so genuine. I never wanted this routine to end. It was SO gorgeous and the fact that Jasmine is taller than Fik-Shun was NOT even an ISSUE. Travis Wall how do you even EXIST right now!? Everybody loves it. Mary though Jasmine would “eat him alive” but thought he was amazing. The think Jasmine’s lines are perfect and extend beyond forever. (Song: “Spiegel Im Spiegel” by Angela Yoffe and Vadim Gluzman). Rating: A


Aaron and All-Star Melinda Sullivan (Season 7)
Tap! With Choreographer Anthony Morigerato
The dancers get to pick their own style as one of their routines and of course Aaron picks Tap. YAY! You know, I’m so used to high energy tap it was a nice change of pace to see the gentler side. And I got the storyline without it having to be explained to me. I also LOVE LOVE that the camera FINALLY stayed on that fancy footwork without going in for distracting close-ups, it was truly about the tap and the intricacies of the footwork. And having to ACT out a story while doing it, while staying on beat, I mean I can barely walk and talk, let alone remotely do what they did! It really was remarkable. Also, I LOVE Melinda’s outfit. She just looks so classy. I want it. Cat gets it right by calling it “modern” and “cool”. It was a nice change of pace having Tap when we see a lot of contemporary, etc. They think Aaron is a great storyteller, even with just a simple “tap” of his foot. (Song: “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno MarsRating: A-


Jasmine and All-Star Comfort
Hip Hop with Choreographers Nappy Tabs
Jasmine chooses to dance Hip Hop with Comfort, this should be exciting. I can’t wait to see these two super-cool dancers bust a move! OMFG! It was everything I thought it would be. How in the hell are the judges not standing up for this? These girls straight up killed it. I’ve never really been a fan of Comfort but she’s won me over this season first with that dance with Nico, then the routine with Paul, but this routine just took her to a whole other level! These girls were sexy! They were hitting it hard and they totally looked the part. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t tell you how much I love this routine, that it was an all-girls routine, and that it was choreographed to this song!   Juuusttt perfect! Love it. Killer. Also, I want Comforts gloves. Nigel gets it right when he says, she chose to dance outside her style to show us she’s great at any style. The judges love it, see her fight, and think she’s a total bad ass. (Song: “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce) Rating: A


Amy and Fik-Shun
Tango with Choreographers: Miriam and Leonardo
This piece was SO WELL choreographed and the lifts were completely crazy and dramatic! A lot of twisting and turning especially on Amy’s part. It definitely wasn’t perfect as the moments they had to hit their pose they wobbled and slipped. But seriously, if I were in heels like those, I’d be “tippy tumbles all” over the place. It was hardcore and I felt like I was holding my breath in anticipation in some places. Amy was the standout. She’s like dynamite, a slow burn into a bright and loud explosion. The judges agree that while Fik-Shun was not quite strong enough, Amy was sensation and equal to Jasmine. (Song: “Hazardous/Zero Signal” by PP MusicRating: B


SOLO: Jasmine
I really love Jasmine’s solos. I always feel like she gives it her all. I’ve totally loved seeing her confidence build in this show. She still seems timid and shy like in the beginning but there’s a definite confidence inside her from where she started. I wish they didn’t have to bring up the whole Cyrus thing. But whatevs. She’s great. Nigel reveals that Jasmine wasn’t originally in the Top 20. WHAT? Is that supposed to make her feel good? Because it comes off as s**tty. I LOVE LOVE that he says that Cat put her foot down and made them put Jasmine off. That’s why we love Cat. (Song: “Ready For Love”  by India.Arie)
Rating: B+

Jasmine and Aaron
Samba with Choreographer Dimitry Chaplin
Aaron always seems to have this extra spark in him when he dances with Jasmine. I thought they did fine, but Mary doesn’t seem quite so happy. I guess give me something shiny to look at (like that dress!) and I am fooled. I loved that jump off the stairs into Aaron’s arms. Gabby and Paula try to keep it light, but of course Nigel brings it down. He says they didn’t have chemistry, but I disagree. They both had chemistry, the dancing was just ok. They’re doing 6 routines tonight at your hand Nigel, what more do you want from them!? Yes, I’m biased towards these two, so sue me! *wink*  (Song: “Can’t Touch It” by Ricki LeeRating: B-


SOLO: Fik-Shun
Even though I am SO OVER this song, his solo was funny, original and had a lot of personality. Mary says it right, “Fik-Shun, you make me happy.” He does! There’s just something about him that’s so infectious! (Song: “Gangnam Style” by PSY)
Rating: B+

Amy’s sister looks exactly like her. I swear, they could be TWINS. How long do you think Amy was holding her leg like that until the song started? Her solo is pretty damn amazing I have to say. I adore the fact that it had a beginning and an end. I mean sure the song helped it. And sure the song reminds me of this amazing routine, but still you have to admit. The girl has it. Like whatever IT is. She has IT. IT. I am obsessed with the way she just throws her ALL into everything.  All the judges ADORE her. (Song: “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers).
Rating: A

Fik-Shun and All-Star Twitch
Hip Hop with Choreographer Luther Brown
This is what dreams are made of folks. I’m pretty two these two guys were MADE to dance with each other. Fik-Shun matched up with Twitch PERFECTLY. I mean he’s like a mini-Twitch. (I wrote it before Nigel said it, I swear!) It was just so evenly matched. They are both electric, conveying this energy that makes us believe no one else could pull it off. And it’s true. Talent and personality to match. It is amazing. Fik-Shun looked like he was having the Time. Of. His. Life. It was so freakin’ cool. Is it bad though that it made me think of this…and this….and this….?(Song: “Hello Good Morning”, by Diddy Dirt Money feat Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross). Rating: A


SOLO: Aaron
I’m pretty sure the perfect way to end the solo was Cat laughing with glee off stage, “I was so mesmerized by your feet I almost missed my cue!” That leap at the ending took off to some new heights. Aaron just has style. He has this way about him that’s so appealing. Even when he doesn’t do that well, you can’t but help like the guy. While neither Fik-Shun nor Aaron were as strong as Chehon was last season, I do hope Aaron will take home the GOLD so to speak. (Song:” You And I Both” by Jason MrazRating: B+

Amy and All Star Robert
Contemporary with Stacey Tucci
While it was a beautiful routine, I felt like I was waiting for something the whole time. The crescendo, the climax, the WOW factor. I loved the bit where Amy leaned back for what felt like FOREVER until Robert rolled backward and lifted her up with his back. I also love the bit where she just about fell off the stage (on purpose) and Robert caught her and dragged her back on her tip toes. While these didn’t two connect like she did with Travis, it was still a great piece. I just felt like it was missing that moment where you gasp for breath or your heart beats just a little faster, like another piece I loved with a similar theme. I did love at the very very end when it was all over Amy ran to Robert and hugged him. It was total rom-com movie. (Note: Upon a second look, I really did like it.) The judges believe the emotion mixed with the dancing was intoxicating and Amy goes the extra distance. (Song: “Say Something”, by A Great Big WorldRating: A-


Fik-Shun and Aaron
Broadway with Contemporary Tyce DiOrio
Okay, I’m going to say it, while I’m not that big of a fan of Tyce as a person, the use of the conveyor belt in this routine was GENIUS. GENIUS. It just added so much to the piece which was actually well choreographed and a ton of fun. While okay, these guys could have had a bit more energy and chemistry together, it’s been a long night I get it. They got to do some really cool things like leaping off the conveyor belt, Aaron spinning Fik-Shun around and then pulling him up by his feet. It was a unique, Broadway-y routine. I liked it! Seeing something fresh always makes you feel energized. (Song: “The Jitters”, by Big Bad Voo Doo DaddyRating: B+/A-


Amy and Jasmine
Jazz with Choreographer Mark Kanemura 
This song is one of those songs you BLAST in your car during stop-and-go traffic so everyone looks at you weird, but you’re just rocking out to it. It’s so freakin’ odd and I LOVE IT. That being said, the dance was strangely good, and also just strange. I kind of felt like they were dancing with those animal cones you put on dogs around their waists. I think I liked it, but I’m not sure. I love how cookey and crazy and out there it was, but I felt like they could have been more precise. Almost as if they weren’t taking it seriously. This is one of those routines you have to be uber-serious out about because it’s so outrageous. That being said, I’d love to live in Mark’s brain for just a day. I think I’d have a lot of fun. Of course the judges don’t really connect with the craziness of it all, but they thought it was fun. (Song: “The Diva Dance” by Eric SerraRating B


I agree with Nigel, I have NO IDEA who is going to win. Seriously anyone could take it and I’d be happy. They all deserve it. After Jasmine’s performance with Comfort, I was for SURE convinced I wanted Jasmine to win. But after she danced with Robert and her solo, I’m still loving Amy. I can’t decide. I can’t decide at all. I’ll be happy with whichever girl wins. I really want Aaron to win for the guys even if he didn’t WOW me a much as Fik-Shun did today. But if Fik-Shun wins I won’t be mad, maybe just slightly disappointed.

Routines In Order of Preference

  1. Jasmine and Comfort – Hip Hop
  2. Fik-Shun and Twitch – Hip Hop
  3. Jasmine and Fik-Shun – Contemporary
  4. Amy and Robert – Contemporary
  5. Aaron and Melinda – Tap
  6. Aaron and Amy – Jazz
  7. Fik-Shun and Aaron – Broadway
  8. Amy and Fik-Shun – Tango
  9. Amy and Jasmine – Jazz
  10. Jasmine and Aaron – Samba



Cat telling Mary how she has goose bumps from Travis’ routine, “I got them! They’re unattractive, slightly chickeny. Weird.”

Cat to Comfort and Jasmine on the bikes, “I just have a question, please can I be in your gang?” How much would you love to see Cat in an outfit like that on a bike?

“If these two girls ran the world, our world would be really fun.”  – Paula

Paula: “Amy, it’s hard to comment on perfection.”
Cat: “So let’s not.”
I don’t know why this made me laugh so much!

Nigel to Aaron: “Fate brought you to us for a reason.”
Cat: “Fate may have brought you here, but you worked damn hard at it.”
She always says the right thing.

Paula – “I don’t know how to say this Mark, but I finally feel I’m home.”

Mark – They need to “lip sync for their lives through their bodies”


Random Thoughts

YAY for Aaron being the first tapper into the finale.

Love Cat saying “Cheeky” after shaking her butt next to Fik-Shun’s. Get it? Cheeky? Oh those brits!

When is Cat going to finally get her Emmy? She’s so gracious with the contestants and always manages to make them look good.

Final Thoughts:
Cat had us choose between two of Travis’ dances and HELLO his routine with Amy is a NO. BRAINER. Especially because I wasn’t really a fan of Malece and Jade, or that routine really. The winner of SYTYCD is really anyone’s to lose. I’m looking forward to having the Top 10 Back. I’d LOVE to see Nico and Hayley’s routine again where he throws her over his head by her foot. Do you have a routine you’d love to see?






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