We Are The Millers
Directed By: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Starring: Jason Sudekis, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn

We Are The Millers may not have been perfect, but drug story aside, it was a really funny story. It was amusing seeing this make-shift family come together, their strange personalities somehow blending in unusual ways.

Jason Sudekis plays his usual high strung self, but it works well with the dynamics of the story. If you’re in hot water with your pot supplier and you’re planning to smuggle pounds and pounds across the US/Mexico border you have to have a certain amount of pressure on you, right? Especially when you create a family filled with strangers and take them on a bizarre roadtrip. His comedic chemistry with Jennifer Aniston’s neighbor stripper turned house mom with a heart of gold was spot on. And Emma Roberts was surprisingly convincing as a runaway, emo-teenager despite her tiny frame and mousy way about her. But by far the MVP of this film was Will Poulter. He was perfect as the clueless yet somehow loveable and goofy neighbor Kenny, stealing every scene he was in.

While I wasn’t a fan of the whole story lines and situations the characters got themselves into, I am a sucker for out of the blue laughs and a happy ending. Plus, there’s this:


Rating: 3 ½ Stars


PS: Anyone think Nick Offerman sounds a lot like Nicholas Cage?




The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones
Directed By: Harald Zwart
Starring: Lily Collins, Lena Headey, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Durand, Aidan Turner, Kevin Zegers, Robert Sheehan

Premise: Clary’s life is turned upside down when her mother kidnapped and she starts seeing shadow hunters, people who kill demons living amongs the mundanes (humans) She meets a mysterious stranger named Jace, who helps her figure out who she really is and teach her how to use her power in order to save her mother.

My Review: YA movies are a dime a dozen. When done well (see: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia) it can be really great, when not…you get Twilight. Don’t get me wrong those movies do WELL. In fact, Hollywood pumps out these movies hoping that movie will be the next Twilight. Well congrats guys, you did it. You found another Twilight. Did I mention I HATED Twilight?  Movies like Twilight and Mortal Instruments seem more concerned about making their teenaged stars seem cool or hot rather than truly focusing on character and the mythology heavy storyline. The most interesting characters were the supporting characters, Clary’s best friend, crush-weilding, nerdy Simon (Robert Sheehan), and Jace’s best friend Alec (Kevin Zegers), who has a crush on Jace. Unfortunately these characters were overlooked in lieu of a forced romance between Clary and Jace (Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bowers). Shouldn’t Clary be worried about saving her mother? Get your priorities in line woman! Also the plot was so convoluted I felt like I was missing something for most of the movie. Are shadowhunters Angels? Why do demons look like people if the shadow hunters can just be invisible? Isn’t being invisible easier then looking human? I’m betting if I had read the books I’d understand the movie better, but why adapt a book into a movie if you don’t want to appeal to audiences who don’t know the story? Plus, after seeing the movie I’m not sure if I WANT to read the books.

Basically this movie was a sloppy mess filled with dramatic over acting. It would have been a better movie if it focused on character and tightened up its complicated plot. Also, enough with the kissing in the rain! Especially when you are indoors. And kissing your brother. And named Clary. Rating: 2 Stars




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