It’s the Top 6 ya’ll. I can’t believe this season of SYTYCD is almost over! Just one week away from crowning a victor. Yes, that was a Hunger Games reference.




TOP 6…Top 4 Revealed!

Cat comes out and high tens all the contestants. I miss it when she dances a little with the contestants at the top of the show, and she does too!  She announces this week’s guest judge: Jesse Tyler Ferguson! YAY!

Since we didn’t get one at the top of the hour, the show kicks off with a LIVE….

Top 6 Group Routine – Choreographed by Sean Cheesman
It’s a joyful African Jazz routine. Standouts are Aaron in a magnificently good and shirtless way, and Amy, in a bad, too bouncy and cheerleadery way. Seriously, I could count every tooth in her head. The music helped the routine a lot, but I didn’t feel like the 6 dancers were cohesive. I wanted to feel like they were dancing as one, but instead it felt like individuals or couples. (Song: “Hlonhonolfatsa” by Soweto Gospel Choir)




Paul and All-Star Kathryn McCormick
Jazz with Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
I have to say I enjoyed this routine. It was slick and jazzy at the same time. I always like music that have djembe’s. I also think this routine allowed the dancers to make some pretty great shapes. Paul was able to show off his dancing skills as a lot of the moves were very sharp and precise. I loved the beat in the middle where Paul rolled on the floor as Kathryn did the splits on top of him. And that beginning pose was a definite stunner. The judges of course love it. They think Paul can do anything and they think he’s spectacular. (Song: “Tied Up” by Yello)
Rating: B+


Amy’s Solo
I always love it when the parents give their kids words of encouragement. I think it’s one of the best things SYTYCD does. And before Amy’s solo, we are reminded just how loveable Amy’s father is. Amy’s solo is serious this time, but one thing I have to say about her is that she definitely gives it her all. She puts it all on the stage and dances to her very tipey toes. Her pirouettes were pretty awesome too. (Song: “Anna’s Theme” by The Red Violin Soundtrack)
Rating: B


Hayley and All-Star Joshua Allen
Hip Hop with Choreographers: Nappy Tabs
Nappy Tabs take a note from Katy Perry’s VMA performance of “Roar” and have a boxing theme to their routine. While Hayley is not 100% believable as a hip hop dancer, I thought she fared well in this routine. (J’adore her little curtsey she did at the very end during the applause. It was a nice juxtaposition.) I thought she was hitting it hard, or trying to hit it hard and she kept up with Joshua. The times when they had to be in sync worked the best for me. It was high energy with some intricate moves, but just not entirely believable for me. Mary calls Hayley strong and a fighter and Jesse calls her a “hard ass.” (Song: “Work Hard, Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa)
Rating: B-

Fik-Shun’s Solo
Fik-Shun’s Dad mentions how he knows him as Du’Shant, not Fik-Shun and it makes me go on the tangent that I have a nickname, and when anyone in my family calls me by it, I find it weird. Do you think Fik-Shun feels weird if/when his parents call him Fik-Shun? Okay, back to his solo. I don’t know what was cooler, listening to Busta Rhymes bustin his fast fast faster rhymes, or watching Fik-Shun use every beat and every word Busta says to his advantage. Moving just as quickly with it. It was a great solo. (Song: “Look at Me Now”, by Chris brown feat Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.)
Rating: A-


Aaron and All-Star Melanie Moore
Broadway with Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Aside from the acting at the top of the piece, and the mouth fighting throughout the piece, and Aaron accidentally losing his grip on Melanie, I really liked this piece. First of all, I always love it when the dancers start off anywhere but the floor. Also, I thought the lifts were pretty creative. Aaron’s spin jump at the beginning of the piece was so high and liberating, and his kicks are so long and elegant. I actually found myself focusing more on him rather than Melanie. Well except for when they were fake fighting, dramatic much? Yes, he made a “mistake” but I actually think the “drop” worked with the piece. I’m STILL rooting for him. I thought he did great in this piece. Nigel tells Aaron that he needs to drop his shoulders and that it’ll make him a better dancer. They harp on it and his injury, but Aaron takes it with such grace you can’t help but love him even more. He just wants it so bad. (Song: “Faith” by George Michael)
Rating: A-


Jasmine’s Solo
It’s been so long since we’ve seen a solo from Jasmine and clearly we’ve been missing out. I’ve missed those legs. Okay, I know that sounds creepy, but Jasmine dances with her legs. They are everything. I love the way she dances. You can feel all her emotion. It’s simple, no major tricks, but it’s still graceful, beautiful, and amazing. (Song: “Outro (Amazing Grace…Dedicated to Andretta Tillman) by Destiny’s Child)
Rating: A-


Paul’s Solo
I don’t think we’ve ever seen Paul solo (yes, I’m using solo as a verb), and one thing I noticed is that he shows off his versatility very well. More than Alan ever did in his solo. He does a few tricks in there and some contemporary moves, along with the usual ballroom arm flicks and hand moves. I like it. It adds variety, changes it up! (Song: “Mamba” by Negra Huecco)
Rating B+


Fik-Shun and Witney
Fox Trot with Choreographer: Jonathan Roberts
Witney looks so amazing in her dress. See, it is possible to look sexy and still be modest at the same time! (Dig.) That dress is gorg. I have to say I didn’t think Fik-Shun would pull it off, but he did. I love that Jonathan incorporated some of the things Fik-Shun can do into this routine. It made the performance pop and added a lot of character to the piece. Something Fik-Shun is so good at. Though, I don’t think Witney quite landed that last jump over him, she did a fantastic job at making him look good. The judges thought while it wasn’t perfect, Fik-Shun managed well even if Witney was taking the lead. (Song: “Sexy Silk” by Jesse J)
Rating: B-


Hayley’s Solo
Nothing particularly stood out from this solo. It just seemed like your typical contemporary movies, but she’s a great dancer. I would have loved to see a few more dramatic beats or a WOW moment, but she’s a great dancer. (Song: “Be Mine,” by Robyn)
Rating: B


Jasmine and All Star Neil Haskell
Contemporary with Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Oh Tyce. Way to be dramatic. Way to narrate your own piece too. The narration and statistics before and after the piece made it feel…pretentious…or not genuine. I don’t know am I being to harsh? Despite this, I thought Jasmine and Neil danced it really beautifully. While some places seemed a bit over dramatic and I felt could have been subtle, I could not take my eyes off of Jasmine. There was this one bit where Neil was on the floor and took hold of Jasmine’s legs and she leaned back. It was super super elegant. There was another moment where they were both about to fall and caught each other for support just by each other’s ankles. That takes a lot of strength. I could feel the pushing and pulling themes. Just beautiful. All the judges think Jasmine is amazing. And she is! Jesse said it best that it’s easy to get behind a piece that has social relevance, but that it also takes a lot of heart to dance it the way they did. Word. (Song: “Unfaithful” by Unfaithful soundtrack)
Rating: B+


Aaron’s Solo
Aaron looks so smooth in his suit and tie with his tapping. So so so good! He has such poise and confidence about him when he taps. I love it. I wish we saw more of it during the season. Also, great great song choice. (Song: “Use Me” by Bill Withers)
Rating: A


Amy and All Star Alex Wong
Bollywood with Choreographer: Nakul
Two things: One, Alex Wong’s body is RIDICULOUS. Two, that dance made me exhausted just watching it. I mean, come on, those knee turns? So graceful and seemless! I bet they hurt. This was definitely in Amy’s wheelhouse. It was bouncy and happy and full of energy just like her. While I felt she could have been a bit more seductive, she was definitely in control in this piece. And the pieces where they danced side by side were unreal. Totally matched in pace and power. Alex had this fantastic leap where he did the splits in the air. No one can do it with such height, and grace, and power as he can. I particularly loved the move where Amy jumped from the ground right onto Alex’s strong and powerful shoulders. Sigh. Those shoulders. Those arms. And those abs. What were we talking about again? Judges love it, and are equally exhausted with it. (Song: “Muni Badnaan Hui Darling”, by Dabangg Soundtrack.)
Rating: A-


Paul and Hayley
Contemporary with Choreographer: Dee Caspry
This piece was SO beautiful. (Man, how many times do I say beautiful in this article? We should take a shot every time I do. Someone tell me how drunk you are at the end of it) And I love the beautiful cover of one of my favorite songs. I think Paul and Hayley have great chemistry together. Then again Paul could probably have chemistry with a paper bag. As always Paul is such a great partner. He takes such good care of them during his contemporary routines. Also, I seriously don’t think Hayley’s legs have looked any better than they did during this piece. They both move with such fluidity and gracefulness. I know there are still a few more pieces to go, but this may be my favorite of the night. The judges love them as a couple. They thought they had a great connection. Mary calls them out saying they should be a real life couple, embarrassing them both. So cute. (Song: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by Sleeping At Last)
Rating: A


Amy and Fik Shun
Hip Hop with Choreographer: Dave Scott
Is it bad that when I heard they were going to be a couple all I could think about was that Jasmine and Aaron were reuniting? At first I was going to say that Amy doesn’t quite wear the Hip Hop genre as well as other dance styles, but then she has these moments where, yeah, I see it. However, it wasn’t consistent and at times she felt slightly awkward. That being said, I have to say I was paying more attention to her than I was to Fik-Shun. I don’t think she was quite sexy enough, sorry to say. Though they danced it so well together, it was not one of my favorites. I did, however, love seeing them dance together again. (Song: “Lemme See” by Usher feat Rick Ross)
Rating: B-


Jasmine and Aaron
Jazz with Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Whoa, Aaron, easy on the eye liner. I love seeing these two dancing together again. It’s been my dream ever since they split up…you know 3 weeks ago. It was a crazy, cooky routine. There was this move where Aaron basically bent Jasmine in half, it was INSANE. Then she flicked her leg into a split and did a turn. That’s just crazy! How is she not broken? This routine looked so difficult and full of energy and I seriously don’t know how they pulled it off. I’m so glad they got to dance together one last time. Nigel compliments Aaron on the fact he kept his shoulders down, acknowledging how Aaron made sure to do it because if previous critiques. I love it. (Song: “Mirror Mirror” by Lord Kha Ven)
Rating: B+


And the Final Four Are:

What? WHAT? WHAT? Okay. Okay. Take a breath. Take a breath! Fik-Shun over Paul? I like Fik-Shun, I really do…but Paul deserved to be in the final four more. Paul deserved it so much MORE! I can’t believe it. Okay, I know it’s America’s Favorite Dancer, but Paul was one of mine. Paul was definitely mine over Fik-Shun as much as I love the kids’ personality. Dah! I can’t believe it! Can we get Tim Gunn in here to save PAUL? Bad choice America! Ok, not a bad choice, just the WRONG ONE! As for Hayley, even though it’s so hard to see her go, it was the right choice putting Jasmine and Amy through. I really believe last week’s performance with Travis is what put Amy through and Jasmine has been solid all throughout it would be a crime for her not to be in the final 4. And I’m glad they stopped mentioning Cyrus! But come on…Paul….*sob*

Routines In Order of Preference:

  1. Paul and Hayley – Contemporary
  2. Amy and Alex – Bollywood
  3. Aaron and Melanie – Bollywood
  4. Paul and Kathryn – Jazz tied with Jasmine and Aaron – Jazz
  5. Jasmine and Neil – Contemporary
  6. Fik-Shun and Witney – Fox Trot
  7. Amy and Fik-Shun – Hip Hop
  8. Hayley and Joshua – Hip Hop

Ranking The Dancers

  1. Aaron
  2. Jasmine
  3. Amy
  4. Fik-Shun


Jesse: “I’m always afraid of leather pants; I find them rather restricting but you proved me wrong.”

Jesse: “That was like the greatest workout video of all time. I would totally work out if I could pop that into my DVR every day.”

Cat: “Ditch your Jane Fonda.”

Cat: “I love you, I hate you, I need you, I drop you.”

Nigel to Aaron: “If I had to pick someone to drop Mary it would be you too.”

Jesse: “Good Golly Ms. Bolly-wood. I actually wrote that down so I wouldn’t forget it.”

Jesse: “My quads and hammies just hurt from watching it.”

Jesse: “I’m gonna keep this Carly Rae Jepson short. It was amazing.”

Cat: “It’s a scarf? My husband would not be happy with all that build up for a scarf.”

Nigel: “I remember taking my sisters dolls and doing that just before I yanked them out of the socket. Thank God that didn’t happen tonight.”
Mary: “You had a weird childhood”
Cat: “Can I get some therapy for Mr. Lythgoe please?”

Nigel’s Creepy Quotes:

To Hayley: You look fantastic. I’m not sure about the bottom half of you, but the top part looks fantastic.

To Jasmine: I remember taking my sisters dolls and doing that just before I yanked them out of the socket.


Random Thoughts:

  • Cat points to something in the crowd, says look at you, and the camera tries to catch it, but can’t. Wah wha….
  • Aww, did Cat really have to point out Aaron dropped her?
  • Love Alex beckoning Cat over to give her a leg massage.
  • Miley Cryus was mentioned too many times tonight (twice is too many, once is too many).
  • Jesse tells Aaron he has a crush on him and it’s so cute! He gets so red. Then Cat makes it even better by saying, “it’s the guy liner.” God someone give Cat and Jesse their own show. I’d watch it.
  • I love that the first thing Aaron did after hearing he was IN the final four, was hug Jasmine…as he was crying. Love that guy.

Final Thoughts:
My favorite dancer is definitely male dancer is definitely Aaron and female dancer Jasmine. But honestly, this season, it could be any combination of the 4. I can’t wait for next week to see some of my favorite dances. Hopefully Amy and Travis will dance again! Next week we crown a winner guys! See you then!





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