Despite the sadness I feel for the show losing Mackenzie and Nico, I’m also reminded one of my favorite dancers Allison Holker who may very well be SYTYCD’s best dancer EVER, didn’t make it to even the Top 6 of her season. She’s been back on the show as an all-star since season 7 and has KILLED it in every routine since. That just goes to show, America doesn’t always get it right, and our favorite dancers will come back even if they don’t win.

Moving on, I am super jazzed that the All-Stars will be choreographing the routines today. Plus, I can’t wait to see Travis Wall dance. I loved watching him dance on All The Right Moves, so it’s about time he takes the SYTYCD Stage again as a performer.


Top 8 / 2 Eliminated…Travis Wall is a Genius!

The opening number is weird, and creepy, and sexual, and just overall strange – in a good way. Weird is interesting. It reminds me of Wade Robeson’s work but it’s actually Mia Michaels choreography. (Song: “Move To The Ocean” by Brick and Mortar.) Unfortunately, I’m distracted by the fact that I don’t see Aaron. I HOPE Cat doesn’t say he’s injured because that would just be awful. However, she doesn’t tell us what happened, instead it is business as usual with Jenna Elfman as the guest judge this week. (Apparently this is why Aaron Turner didn’t dance on the opening routine. Glad he didn’t get penalized.)


Bottom Four Dancers
Fik-Shun, Jenna, Tucker, Hayley

Honestly? This is the right call. The dancers that walked off the stage should be in the Top 4. Well, Hayley could make it instead of Amy and I’d be okay with that.



I forgot how much I LOVE Fik-Shun’s solos. It’s just so adorable, and a lot of fun, and well, super cool. You can tell the audience is totally into it. I mean I sure was! He’s a performer, that one. (Song: “If You Crump, Stand Up,” by Edit)

All throughout Hayley’s Solo, I couldn’t help thinking of Anna Kendrick telling her if she had her body for one day she could do anything. Girl’s body is KILLER. Her dancing is so graceful too. She lands so delicately. I also can’t help thinking she’s the dancer version of Rachel Bilson. Doesn’t she look like Rachel Bilson? (Song: “Skin and Bones”, by David J. Roch)

It’s hard to judge a ballroom solo, and I keep forgetting this girl is a ballroom dancer. The solo is a lot of mouth opening and leg flicks but she looks great. I know there’s not much else she can do, solo in her own style wise. (Song: “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia.)

Still not a fan of Tucker and I don’t know why. That’s not to say he’s not a talented dancer, there’s just something about the way he dances that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s as if his movement doesn’t have purpose. I don’t know how to explain it. He performs well and does a lot of tricks, but I also wish he had some subtle moments in there as well. (Song: “Beautiful Child” by Rufus Wainwright.)

My Prediction:
Jenna and Tucker will be going home. It’s time. The audience keeps telling you, Nigel. It’s their time to go. Nigel could throw us a curveball and vote off Fik-Shun, but it would be a shame.



Aaron doing the Jive with Chelsie Hightower
Ok, no such luck Aaron getting paired up with Allison like I wanted, but I guess he can’t get Contemporary two weeks in a row. I’ll take Chelsie though. She’s probably one of the best ballroom dancers (aside from Benji) the show has ever had, and plus she brought the world this. The piece started out really well. It was high in energy and had some really incredible moments. Aaron’s split leap over Chelsie was definitely a WOW, but nearing the end I felt like the energy level wasn’t the same and that Aaron was losing confidence. There could have been more heat and chemistry between the two. Chelsie was going for it, but I wanted a bit more LUST in Aaron’s face and performance. I know they were trying to keep it 50’s but still! Dance wise I feel like he may have missed a hand connection and a lift, but overall it looked jivey to me! Mary mentions there were some bits where he failed a hand move (which I noticed) and his shoulders were high in some parts, but mostly she enjoyed it. Jenna is impressed with him and gives some great constructive criticism and Nigel thinks he’s done enough to make it into the Final Four. (Song: “Great Balls Of Fire”, by Million Dollar Quartet)
Rating: B+

Fik-Shun dancing Contemporary with Allison Holker
I thought the piece was choreographed pretty well, unfortunately I feel like Fik-Shun was pretty weak in the piece. He fumbled this essential lift that just looked painful and well, dangerous and it just didn’t flow like I wanted it to, or knew that it could. There was a really great section though, where Allison and Fik-Shun were flipping each other over and over again and that was really great. And another great moment where Allison did two pirouettes into an arabesque and Fik-Shun caught her. Unfortunately the piece could have been a lot better with a stronger dancer. The judges give high praise for Allison, her dancing and her choreography, and for Fik-Shun being a light in what he does, but there’s nothing specifically said about the dancing in this piece. I can tell the judges are just grasping for straws, but I wish they were a little more honest with him. He’s a great guy, but he can do better. (Song: “Skinny Love”, by Birdy)
Rating: B-

Tucker making Jazz hands with Courtney Galliano
I don’t know how I feel about this piece. No offense to Courtney, but I felt the choreography was a bit immature. Maybe it was the funky song choice, maybe it was the weird lifts, I don’t know, something was just off. In the beginning I thought Courtney and Tucker had great chemistry together, but once it broke off into the up tempo it felt a little forced or maybe frantic? That first lift where she jumped feet first at him was incredible. Nigel tells us the story how Courtney was diagnosed with MS and how she also went partially blind at the end of the last year, and to him be so supportive of her is really touching. She gets a standing-O and honestly I tear up. They don’t say much about the dancing; they say more about the choreography and Courtney. (Song: “Clarity” by Zedd feat Foxes)
Rating: B

Paul Hip Hopping it with Comfort
Paul’s rehearsal with Comfort? Adorable. Watching her teach him how to do the hip hop “bounce” makes me happy. I have to say, Paul really pulled it off. He so impressed me in this piece. He got down and dirty. Comfort’s choreography was pretty impressive. I really liked it and thought it was a lot of fun. Paul did this series of backflips that was unfortunately cut off as the camera operator was focused on Comfort, but that dude is just amazing. He also did a breakdancing move in there! Okay so maybe he could have been a bit lower to the ground and grittier at some parts and honestly no one believes he’s hardcore with that adorable baby face of his, but come on, he did a fantastic job. Mary calls Paul versatile saying he got down and got the double bounce. Nigel is impressed with him. So glad he didn’t find Paul’s hip hop dancing unCOMFORTable. (Song: “Dum Dum” by Tedashi Feat Lecrave)
Rating: A-

Hayley doing the sultry Rumba with Dimitry Chaplin
Oh Shirtless Dimitry, my how I have missed those abs. I have to say this is probably my favorite routine of his that he’s choreographed for the show. There was something so raw about it and still so sexy. I love how he spun Hayley around with just a flick of his hands. And Hayley was super sexy, I don’t know how this girl could have any insecurities. She’s gorgeous, and a great dancer and she had so much emotion in this routine. I really felt her anger there at the end when she threw her engagement ring at him. Nigel eats his words about saying he sometimes doesn’t like the way Dimitry choreographs and you know we always love when he eats his words. Mary praises Hayley’s technique. (Song: “Meant” by Elizaveta)
Rating: A-

Jenna being all Jazzy with Mark Kanemura
During rehearsal, Mark says he wants to bring out something new and weird and Jenna and I think that’s just what she needs. I’m ready. Bring it, Mark. The beginning feels very 80’s and very European and a little bit Bollywood and I’m digging it. The routine is weird, original, and really creative. You can definitely see Sonya and Lady Gaga’s influences in Mark’s dancing. I can’t help feeling how AMAZING this piece would be with 20 dancers dancing it on the stage. That being said, I felt like Jenna held back. Dancing next to Mark she was a lot more restrained. Nigel loved how quirky it was and he really loves Jenna. They all love how fresh and new and strange the routine really was. (Song: “I Am The Beat” by 2NE1)
Rating: B+

Jasmine and Stephen “Twitch” Boss dancing Hip Hop
Say no more. I know this routine will be amazing. I’m imagining a Sasha like moment. Fingers crossed. While I’m not 100% convinced about the choreography, Jasmine danced it great. There was a cool energy between the two and some of the moves were pretty cool. While the routine never quite took off for me, there is no denying Jasmine’s talent. The judges thought she held her own up against Twitch. I didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.(Song: “The Power Distict” by 78 feat Cheesa)
Rating: B-

Amy contemporizing with Travis Wall
Yeah, this piece was definitely a rewinder. Travis is so freakin’ amazing, I have to tell you. He choreographs lifts like NO OTHER and his music choice is so fantastic. Amy did an incredible job this routine it was so great to see a different expression on her face and I believe this is the best she has ever danced. Things I loved about this routine: Travis’ punch into Amy’s stomach then he lifts her up and over bending her legs, Travis spinning her up toward him, Amy’s almost dolphin like dive back out of his arms, Travis pulling her up toward him with one arm and her leaping at him off the floor with this perfect arch in her back. SO amazing. SO much abandon. So so fantastic. It was like…magic! I have a feeling this will be the most memorable routine of the season. The judges are both enamored with Amy and Travis. Nigel calls Travis a genius, which he is. Mary said it right about Amy, “I don’t think anyone has gone where you went tonight.” (Song: “Wicked Game” by James Vincent McMorrow)
Rating: A+


The Elimination
The judges are late coming back to the table because they were having a difficult time making a decision. Jenna and Tucker are voted off. And it was the right decision. They both seem at peace with this decision and honestly, I think it was a long time coming.


Routines In Order of Preference

1. Amy and Travis
2. Hayley and Dimitry tied with Paul and Comfort
4. Aaron and Chelsie
5. Jenna and Mark
6. Fik-Shun and Allison
7. Tucker and Courtney



Cat about Jenna before her solo, “Here she is and she’s brought a skirt with her.”

Chelsie coaching Aaron, “If all else fails Fred Astaire.”

Cat: “Chelsie Hightower actually taught me how to tight a knot in my mouth with a maraschino cherry.”

Cat resting her head on Aaron’s shoulder: “You’re the perfect height for this.” Aaron, accusingly, “You’re the perfect height for this!”

Cat after Nigel saying touching things to Courtney, “Mary, I challenge you to pull it together.”

Jenna to Dimitry, “You can call me Mary.”

Mark: “I’m totally not a vegetarian when it comes to dancing.”

Mary: “We love a little crazy on this show.”
Cat: “We love a little cray cray.”


Random Thoughts:

  • Anyone think Cat looks like she just got out of the shower while wearing her make-up? Her eye shadow is out of control!
  • Love the moment Aaron looked down and realized one of the buttons came undone and the look on his face when he was buttoning it up with one eyebrow raised. Love. Him. Adorbs.
  • Cat pointed out that Chelsie mentioned her dress getting caught during one of Aaron’s “mess-ups”. I like both Cat and the All Stars sticking up for the contestants.
  • Anyone notice that moment when Cat was introducing who was dancing next and Allison leaned her head against Fik-Shun? Then he became super serious and looked off in the distance and nodded his head? What was THAT about?
  • How could Bon Iver let Birdy cover their song? It’s not the same as the original. Bon Iver’s version is SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Seeing Tucker’s Dad talk about him is super sweet.
  • Those tears in Amy’s parents eyes? I can’t take it.


Total Number of Times I Teared Up?
3 (Tucker’s supportive Dad, Courtney’s MS, Amy’s parents)


Final Thoughts:
My prediction/hope is that the final 4 will be Aaron, Jasmine, Amy, and Paul and I believe with Amy’s performance this episode she will have secured her position. While I felt last week’s performances were better, Travis’ piece at the end saved the night for me. Finally it’s our decision (America’s decision) who goes home next week. Things I want to see next week: Mia Michaels choreograph a routine, Allison Holker perform with Aaron, the dancers also dance with each other (I want to see Aaron dance with Jasmine again), and JESSE TYLER FERGUSON! Yay! Until then…




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