The show starts off with a lively Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. I always think Bollywood works best in large group numbers. No one really stood out for me, well Amy did, but not in a good way. She had the biggest smile on her face but it was all teeth, like she was forcing it. (Song: “Pandeyjee Seeti” Dabangg 2 Original Soundtrack)

Cat emerges wearing, what is either a 1950’s dolls wedding dress or a cute with dress with a doily draped over it. Either way I think it’s hideous and that floppy bow doesn’t help it. But if anyone can pull it off…no…no she’s not pulling it off. Sorry Cat, maybe it would look better in actual sunlight, but on stage in front of the harsh lights it looks – use Michael Kors word – dowdy.  Ms. Deely tells us that Tucker has acquired an infection in his knee which would be even sadder if I hadn’t read about it yesterday. Thus he won’t be performing today and will automatically be in the bottom three next week.

Guest judge this week is Kenny Ortega. Getting right into it, Cat announces who’s in the bottom:


Bottom Three Girls
Jenna, Malece, Amy

Bottom Three Guys
Alan, Nico, Tucker


Maybe it’s the song, maybe it’s Tucker but I feel like there is some desperation in the way he dances. It’s a bit all over the place, but he does some amazing things with his legs. I can’t help feeling a cringe when he goes to his knees knowing he probably must be in some major pain with that infection in his knee. He is a great dancer, but he hasn’t been connecting with me. (Song: “Maestro” by The Holiday – Original Soundtrack)

Honestly, I don’t know how this girl is in the bottom three. What she did in this solo was pretty damn amazing. Ignoring the fact that Lara Fabian sounds a lot like Celine Dion, Amy worked that song for all that it was worth. From her fists shaking to the first beat, to those amazing pirouettes, to spinning around longer than humanly possible while holding on to one leg, to the final throwing of her body toward the edge of the stage. Girl, that is dancing for your life. (Song: “Je Suis Malade,” by Laura Fabian)

Malece is a gorgeous girl and a beautiful dancer, but she doesn’t have that dancer spark in her. She seems really young somehow and also really sad. She’s just timid. Comparing her to Amy, she was holding back. A lot. I really want to go up to her and shake her and say come on girl! I know you have it in you. Where’s Mia Michaels when you need her? (Song: “Patient Love”,  by Passenger)

Just before he starts, Alan has this twinkle in his eye I find so endearing. It’s one of those things that makes me root for the guy. Sure the fact that he’s shirtless helps, but he just has that special quality about him. Though there’s nothing particularly spectacular about his solo (most ballroom solos can’t be) that last spin he does is pretty amazing. (Song: “Mas Que Nada,” by Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Keys)


First, are we ever going to see a solo from Jenna, or is she going to continue to get saved. Girl has been in the bottom so many times, but keeps getting saved. Not that she doesn’t deserve it…I just want to see her solo. Nico too (but I’m glad he was saved FINALLY!) My guess is that Tucker and Malece are going home. Well, okay, Tucker or Alan, I would not put it past Nigel to throw in Alan seeing as how he has been gunning for the dude the past few episodes. He has not been as bad as Nigel wants us to believe. But man, if Amy goes home…I’ll be coming for you Nigel


The Routines:

Hayley and Nico:
Broadway with Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
This routine was really incredible. I was fully engaged in the story, watching them as characters rather than as Nico and Hayley. They both really attacked it, going full force, actually punching and kicking and tossing. There was this one lift where Hayley had her leg up to her head and Nico reached behind his back for her leg and hand and threw her over his body. I mean…how the hell do you even do that? (Maybe I’ll try it with my friends later.) I even loved the subtle bit at the end where she pulls him up by his shirt. Nigel’s face after the routine could not have said it better, “WOW” indeed. Nigel calls it one of the best Broadway routines they’ve ever had on the show (In your face Tyce!). He mentions the lift where Nico pulled her over his back and I noticed in the slo-mo replay, girl had her toes pointed in the landing. That’s talent.  Mary says Nico “took her” in the performance. (Song: “Kiss of the Spider Woman” by Jeffrey Huard and Chita Rivera, Soundtrack)
Rating: A

Malece and Alan
Jazz with Choreographer: Mandy Moore
I thought it was a cute routine, but it was missing a little spark and a little sizzle. It was very laid back, almost too laid back. It also felt more like Broadway rather than jazz. These two don’t have great chemistry and I feel again like Malece was holding back. Alan did a good job, but I felt like Malece was the weaker one here. And it’s so disappointing because she has so much potential. She just needs someone to break her down. The judges didn’t feel like the chemistry or style was there today. The judges give a bunch of technical remarks about the dancing and I feel like if the performance were better they wouldn’t be so technical. (Song: “Come Dance With Me” by Michael Buble)
Rating: C+

Jenna and Tucker…and Alex Wong
Paso Doble with Choreographer: Jean Marc Genereux
Jenna had three things going for her in this routine: Wonderful partner Alex Wong (Love him!), incredible dress (seriously that skirt did amazing things!), and a great dance style (Jean Marc Genereux is the king of the Paso Doble). While nothing really said “pirate” except for the dance style, I thought it was crazy intense! Jenna hit every beat just right, even if her face did get a bit much at times. She did a great job considering doing those lifts and spins all while manipulating the dress to look good is a really difficult thing to do. It was a great routine. The judges love Jenna’s passion and fire and felt like Jenna raised her game because of Alex. (Song: “He’s A Pirate: by Chris Joss and Klaus Bandlet)
Rating: B+

Mackenzie and Paul
Contemporary with Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Mandy choreographed such a beautiful and gentle routine. She wanted the routine to be about the shapes the dancers made with their body and to have it seem like we were watching this couple dance in their moment of privacy. And that’s exactly how it felt. Paul is such a great partner taking such good care of Mackenzie throughout this whole routine. I really felt their bond and their partnership and they were hitting these amazing shapes. I purposely did not watch the rehearsal so I wouldn’t see these shapes beforehand. The one lift when she jumps toward his back and he catches her to the side as her legs go up like a scorpion was just breathtaking. Also the end, when the music cut out and he does this little twisted lift with Mackenzie was absolutely perfect. Great way to end the routine. Fabulous performance. The judges love the transitions, the moments, the breaths, and the effortlessness of the routine. (Song: “Edge of Glory (Live)” by Lady Gaga)
Rating: A

Amy and Fik-Shun
Viennese Waltz with Choreographer: Jean Marc Genereux
You know what? It was really beautiful. Maybe the song and the lights and the pretty pretty dressed helped it, but I liked this routine. I was engrossed in it. Though Fik-Shun wasn’t perfect, he made up for it in performance. It felt romantic and emotional and light and that ending when he caught her and spun was really romantic and the perfect way to end the dance. Though not all the technical things were right the judges feel like there’s something special about them. The dancers were able to transport them to another place. They thought Amy was elegant and exquisite. (Song: “A Thousand Years pt 2” by Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee)
Rating: B+

Jasmine and Aaron
Hip Hop with Choreographers: Nappy Tabs (Tabitha and Napoleon)
I love love love when choreographers use every beat of the song to the dancers advantage. This routine was so creative. I loved how there were elements of step involved, I loved how it had Aaron and Jasmine do a lot of the routine in sync (and they were), I loved the campy fun aspect to it, and I love the performance. There was a point in the routine where Jasmine let out this slow teasing smile that was just so fun and Aaron really does look like the life of the party. I’d love to just have a drink with him. This was a great routine overall. The judges give Jasmine a ton of compliments but I think Aaron did an incredible job as well. (Song: “Gold Rush” by Clinton Spars feat. 2 Chainz, Macklemore, and D.A.)
Rating: A

Group Routines

The Boys – Choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon
This routine was so creative. I LOVE the idea of the rope. I love what it allowed the dancers to do. I love that each dancer (except for Alan) got their own little moment. (Why didn’t Alan get something or did the camera just not catch it?) I thought it was so powerful, and so intense and emotional. All of these guys were definitely full of emotion in the routine dancing with all their might. At the end there you could see just how drained everyone was. The judges love it and Nappy Tabs. Alan gets a critique from Nigel but I love how Kenny sticks up for him and says that Alan really threw himself into this routine. Thank you Kenny.  Upon second watch, the camera missed some PRIME Alan moments. He really did throw himself into it.  (Song: “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by Joshua Ledet)
Rating: A-

The Girls – Choreographed by Stacey Tookey
It’s a nice piece, but nothing I will really remember unfortunately. I love how they dance like waves flowing in and out. It was like a weird, soothing rhythm. Standouts for me were Jenna and Amy getting to do some cool thinks with their legs and lifts and small solo moments. I feel however that all of the girls should have been given solo moments. The other three dancers disappeared into the piece. The judges rave over the girls and tell them how professional and great they are. (Song: Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey)
Rating: B-

Overall Thoughts On The Routines:
The choreographers were on FIRE tonight. There were so many damn good routines! It’s going to be hard to choose a #1! I also think the dancers pulled out all the stops. It will be sad to see anyone go, but based on tonight’s performances it should be either Tucker or Alan, and Malece.

Routines In Order Of Preference:

  1. Mackenzie and Paul
  2. Hayley and Nico
  3. Boys Group Routine
  4. Aaron and Jasmine
  5. Jenna and Alex Wong
  6. Amy and Fik-Shun
  7. Girls Group Routine
  8. Malece and Alan


Malece and Alan are voted off and seeing how devastated they both are is really upsetting. There’s something about seeing Alan cry that makes me incredibly sad for him. I really wish he had the chance to dance with an All-Star. Can you imagine him dancing with Chelsea or someone. MAN! That being said, Tucker is the stronger dancer, I am not denying that. But Alan had the personality. I wouldn’t say it’s the wrong choice; I was just rooting for Alan just a little bit more than I was Tucker.


Cat, after Alan’s solo: “Thank You Alan, from the Dimitry Chaplin School of Shirt Wearing.”

Mary about Alex, in her pirate voice: “Check out those abs, Cat!”

Kenny’s words to Paul: “You have a fire burning in your soul young man and every move that you make has something so alive underneath it.”

Cat: “Let’s hope you end up like Bella and Edward and not like Rob and Kristen.” Yes she did, and I love her for it! (Note: That song they performed to was from Twilight, if you didn’t know…I mean *ahem* I’m assuming.)

Mary’s words to Amy and Fik-Shun: “There’s something really special about you that comes out of you guys. It gets you. And I’m not exactly sure what that is because you’re able to transcend me into deeply caring about you in a short period of time and I think that is really special.”

Random Thoughts:

  • When Nigel sends Nico and Jenna into safety, Jenna immediately burst into tears. But they looked like sad tears. Almost as if she were predicting it would be Tucker going home due to his inability to perform.
  • The Top 12 do their little intro and you know what’s awkward? Cat giving her run down as to how the show is going to go why the group is in their final dance positions. Awkward! I feel bad for Tucker who’s in a crouched position with that infection in his knee, and even worse for Jenna who’s in sort of the half splits. Talk faster Cat!
  • When announcing who’s in danger all the guys were behind their girl partners except for Nico and Hayley. Hmmm….
  • Love Tucker cracking up as Jean Marc Genereux acts like a pirate. So adorable.
  • Alex Wong’s abs have never looked BETTER. I have to say. I don’t even care if they were airbrushed, they’re amazing. Hang on while I rewind and pause and stare. I don’t care if it’s creepy.
  • Love the look on Cat’s face after Nigel makes his grandpa pirate joke. (“Why are pirates pirates, Cat? Because they arrrrggggghhh!”) Oh Grandpa, it’s time for your nap.
  • Love when Cat tells Paul and Mackenzie to turn around and their look of joy and surprise at their standing ovation. “Surprise!”
  • Mackenzie looks a bit like Hillary Duff, don’t you think?
  • Love the emotion in Jean Marc Genereux’s eyes after Fik-Shun and Amy’s dance.
  • Something funny happened on stage after Jasmine and Aaron’s routine ends that had everyone laughing but we didn’t get to see it. Um, hello people! I want to see the funny!


Final Thoughts:
One of my favorite thing about the show is seeing the bonds between the dancers at the end. I just love how they support each other and get invested in each other. Even though I can’t dance, I’d just LOVE to experience that kind of close friendship. How cute is it watching Alan and Malece get lifted up on the other dancers’ shoulders? Alan is still holding back his tears. Ugh! So upsetting. I think I really am devastated to see Alan go. I’ll get over it. But now I have no freakin’ clue who should be voted off next week…Tucker and….WHO? I love all the girls. I love the rest of the guys. It’s only going to get HARDER! Who am I voting for? Nico, Paul, Aaron and Mackenzie.


Oh and one more thing…


Until next week my friends!




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