Season 10
14 Perform / 2 Eliminated

We begin the night with the opening number and not to be picky, but who edited this opening number? I hate it when camera’s cut to close-ups missing other parts of the dance. This is a dancing show, keep it on the dancers! This routine has Sonya written all over it with the scorpion legs and strange dramatic walking. I swear there were some elements of ballroom in there like the Argentine Tango. And I’m right as the routine was indeed choreographed by her and Dimitry Chaplain.  (Song: “Dimman Kryper Sakta In”, by District 78). It’s an intense routine, but unfortunately the dancers are overshadowed by sloppy camera work.

Cat emerges looking perfectly gorgeous except for one thing: that lipstick. Come on Cat, your lipstick clashes with your whole outfit. How adorable would she have looked with some baby pink glossy lipstick? Everything else about her look, including the chandelier earrings, skinny bracelet, and the slicked back hair, is perfect.

Today’s guest judge is Anna Kendrick. Yes! I’m so excited. I ALREADY know she will be a better judge than Carly Rae Jepsen. She just has an easy going, lovely personality. I totally have a girl crush on her, I won’t deny it.

Our lovely hostess gives us some bad news that Curtis’ has injured himself. I’m pretty sure this seals the deal that he is going home if he’s in the bottom three. This show is notorious for sending injured dancers home, serious or not.

Bottom Three Guys:
Jasmine, Alexis, Mackenzie

Bottom Three Girls:
Alan, Curtis, Nico


My Thoughts:
What in the world America?! Jasmine in the bottom? Are YOU crazy! Dang! Well since Curtis is injured my thoughts are that Curtis and Alexis will be the ones voted off. And injury or not, even though I love the kid to death and really wanted him to succeed, he just wasn’t growing as fast for me as I would have liked. Though Alan has been going downhill, he seems to be adapting to most styles better than Curtis and come on guys, Nico is AMAZING. As for the girls, Alexis is a no-brainer. There is no way Jasmine will go home and the judges love Mackenzie. Even I think she’s getting better and better.

Nigel doesn’t ask any of the boys to dance, saying he knows how they dance, but I really think it’s for time sake, I mean the dancers are doing their routines and also a mini-group number. Personally, I would have liked to see Nico dance. I don’t think he’s had the chance to do a proper solo. Nigel saves Mackenzie and with that I believe the nail is in Alexis’ coffin. If Jasmine is sent home I will literally get in my car, drive to CBS studios, find Nigel – because it ultimately IS his fault – and well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty. Just one of the perks of living in Los Angeles.



Who: Alexis
Song: “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
Thoughts: I love watching Alexis tap dance, and seriously her outfit is adorable. If I could pull that look off in everyday life, I would. It wouldn’t be pretty, but seriously, I would. The routine is unique and fun as tap routines are, but you can already tell she knows she’s going home. Or she thinks she knows she’s going home.

Who: Jasmine
Song: “Endangered Species” by Dianne Reeves
Thoughts: If her solo isn’t dancing for her life, I don’t know what is. Jasmine created such cool and interesting shapes with her bodies. She’s such a great dancer and it would be a SHAME to see her go home.


The Routines:

Jenna and Tucker
So I have this friend, she’s a really good dancer. She’s been in music videos and she’s just incredible. But she’s also this young, sweet-as-pie, cute, 5’4 blonde girl, and well, she thinks with all her might she can dance gritty hip-hop, but well, it just doesn’t look right on her. She does the moves well, and she blows anyone else’s dancing skills out of the water, but it just doesn’t look right on her. That’s how I feel about Jenna and Tucker’s performance to this hip hop routine by Luther Brown. They were hitting it hard, they did all the moves right, but the routine was just too…dirty/street for them. It just felt awkward and well, cringe worthy on them. Especially when Tucker took off his shirt. He’s too much of a white boy to really get this routine right. And those costumes didn’t help it. Jenna worked it, but Tucker should have been in jeans or something. Nigel hits it on the nose calling Jenna to sweet and Tucker too stiff. He says it wasn’t convincing. (Song: “Slight Work” by Wale feat. Big Sean)
Rating: C


Alexis and Nico
I wish they did not show the running part in the rehearsal because it was just a fantastic FANTASTIC part of this routine. It was so emotional and Alexis was really attacking it. I mean she really looked like she was running in place. There was a lot to love about this intense routine. I loved how Sonya book ended the piece just like it started. I loved Nico’s jumps and twists and turns. I loved the lift where he twisted her around and she had her neck and head stretched back, it was just beautiful. I thought Alexis did a great job, but there was also one part where she was “punching” him and I really wish she just did it. Like I feel like other dancers would. Nico was definitely stronger his movements showed just a wide range of emotions. The judges praise Sonya’s choreography and they loved the complexity of the routine. It was all about the small little details and the emotion they put into everything. (Song: “Ashes” by The Bengsons)
Rating: A-


Hayley and Curtis
Even though some may say she had an unfair advantage being able to dance with one of her choreographers, Leonardo, something must also be said about Curtis’ skills in that she wouldn’t have been able to do half of what she did with Curtis. I thought Hayley did a good job with Leonardo. He was so supportive as a partner and those lifts were seamless and looked super easy. She immersed fully into character even though at times I caught her looking down at the floor or at her feet. I just wished we saw a little bit more personality from her. Unfortunately a lot of the dance moves and lifts were ruined by weird camera angles. The last sequence of lifts was shot at a strange angle so you couldn’t get the full impact of just how cool it was. She’s a good dancer, and it was a great routine by Miriam and Leonardo, but I don’t know if I would vote for her. She’s forgettable. She needed to engage the audience more in the routine. The judges, of course, think she nailed it. (Song: “Este Es El Rey” by Juan D’Arienzo)
Rating: B


Mackenzie and Paul
This routine was sexy! Whew! Sonya, what was on your brain when you were choreographing this Jazz routine? I thought it started out super strong. And every time I seem to be more and more mesmerized by Mackenzie’s feet! However as the dance went on, I found myself getting distracted by the fact that Paul and Mackenzie are very similar in size. In fact, she may be a bit bigger than him. I think he struggled with some of the lifts because they didn’t look as easy as they should have looked. But overall, he did a really great job especially considering he comes from Latin ballroom. He got the intensity right; he just needs to work on the lifts. The judges are baffled by why America isn’t voting for Mackenzie, they also love what Sonya brought out in Paul. They loved his power and intensity. (Song: “You’ll Find A Way” by Santigold)
Rating: B


Jasmine and Aaron
I thought the concept of the apple was going to be a bit dangerous and a bit distracting, but I actually think it added more to the routine. I genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen. It made me invest in the story. Was Jasmine going to get it? Was Aaron going to take it from her? This piece had a lot of stuff going for it. Jasmine’s dress was beautiful and I loved how the background colors matched with it. I thought the dancing was fluid and beautiful, though there were a few shaky parts. And I love the gentle and humility these two dancers showcase every day. There was nothing W.O.W. about this Justin Giles piece but I have to say I was mesmerized and enchanted by Aaron’s work.  However, when I vote for him and Jasmine I will vote because I like them, not because of what they did in this routine. The judges love them as a couple, but never specifically said anything about the dance. (Song: “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by Birdy)
Rating: B


Amy and Fik-shun
This Chris Scott routine was made for Fik-Shun. I love that these dancers get all these routines that bring out the personality in them. That being said, sometimes I think Amy has TOO MUCH personality. I think she laid it on a little too thick in this routine, but I also felt like she did it because she was overcompensating for the fact that she fell. WHICH I never would have realized if that stupid chair didn’t give it away. In her defense there was both water and a towel on the floor, so there. That being said the routine wasn’t so much hip-hop as it was lyrical hip hop. Fik-shun sold it more, but Amy did her best under the circumstances. It was a cute routine, but not their best. It should have been sexier instead of cute. The judges love them, but Nigel feels like they have been playing similar characters lately and can’t wait to see them branch out. (Song: “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye)
Rating: B


Malece and Alan
First things first, am I the only one who doesn’t remember Jonathan Platero from season 5? Someone remind me? Who? Huh? No clue. Secondly, onto this hot salsa routine,  Malece and Alan look AMAZING. That dress looks so gorgeous on Malece and that lack of shirt looks fantastic on Alan. That being said, Alan KILLED it this routine. You know how when you go out dancing and a killer song comes on and there’s this one guy who’s a GREAT dancer, beckoning you to come dance with him? So you do, and you feel like the dork idiot who’s making all these mistakes, while the guy who can actually dance helps you along as much as he can? Well that’s how I felt Alan was in this routine. Alan looked totally at ease, just having fun and excelling in it the entire way. Malece looked more timid, and afraid to let go. I could feel how afraid she was. In the beginning it looked like she was having fun and enjoying herself, but as more and more lifts started happening I felt how timid she was. That being said this routine looked so difficult and nonstop. The judges actually praise Malece because the routine was so difficult but just give so so reviews for Alan, maybe he just sold it more for me in performance than? (Song: “Pa’ Los Rumberos,” by Tito Puente & His Orchestra)
Rating: B+


Mini Group Routines:

Malece, Alan, Mackenzie, Hayley, Nico, Jenna, Spencer Liff (replacing Curtis)
This routine was super cool. It was smooth and slick and reminding me a bit of Grease. Using the pool table and sticks were great props and allowed the dancers to do really cool things. Stand outs for me were Nico, Hayley, and of course Spencer, standing in for Curtis. Spencer is just incredible to watch. There’s something about the way he uses his body to watch that’s just so damn mesmerizing, almost as if he has no bones in his body. Next to him, Nico held up really well. Unfortunately the judges thought Nico was weak, which I call bull**** on. I think the judges just want to send Nico home. The guys were really sexy (I just must have a thing for cut off T-shirts) but I felt like the girls could have stepped it up a bit more. And I don’t like the styling of Mackenzie’s hair, that’s just awful, it makes her look to sweet and young for this piece. Overall, this was probably my favorite routine of the night. (Song:  “Come Together” by Joe Cooker – Across The Universe SoundtrackRating: A-

Tucker, Fik-Shun, Amy, Paul, Alexis, Aaron, Jasmine
This routine from new choreographer Bonnie Story was about bullying, and though I admire a dance piece being about it, I just felt like the back story/rehearsal with all the kids gathering and quiet was a bit too much. I also feel like having the “bullies” in dark clothes and their victims in “white clothes” was a bit much. It all felt heavy handed, and also frankly a weird, dramatic way of ending the show. That being said, I thought Amy and Tucker were total stand outs. They danced with such emotion and vulnerability in this piece. I’m glad we got to see a gentler, serious side to Amy. The judges praise it, but Mary thought though Fik-Shun was a weak link (he was behind a lot I noticed), he made up for it in passion and emotion. Nigel, also ruined it all going into a rant about bullying and how it still exists today. Bullying will always exist. It’s sad to say but no matter how much awareness you raise, it will always exist. People will always find a reason to hate someone, good or bad. (Song: “Tears of An Angel,” by RyandanRating: B

I thought the performances on this show were just average with Alexis and Nico’s contemporary being far above the curve and Jenna and Tucker’s routine bring it down. So instead of ordering my preference of routines, I will order my preference of the performers. Some of it has to do with dance ability, a lot of it has to do with personality and likeability, some of it has to do with adapting to styles…

  1. Jasmine
  2. Aaron
  3. Paul
  4. Nico
  5. Mackenzie
  6. Alan
  7. Amy
  8. Curtis
  9. Fik Shun
  10. Jenna
  11. Hayley
  12. Malece
  13. Tucker

Nigel does it quickly. It is Alexis and Curtis who are going home. I didn’t even realize that’s two tappers down! Nico seems more upset about it than anything, of all the guys to cry I was sure it would be Curtis. Even though it was the right choice, I’m so sad to see them go! And sad Curtis didn’t get to dance today at all!

Random Thoughts:

  • Love the little “good luck” whisper Cat gave the dancers before opening the envelope to reveal who the bottom six dancers were.
  • Cat told Alexis, “You know you can do this” and winked at her before her solo. I think it’s so sweet how much she loves the dancers.
  • I was slightly distracted by Nico’s shirt during his contemporary routine. It looked so much like a girl’s shirt. Why costume department? Why?
  • I forgot Paul won the Armenian SYTYCD. Was I supposed to remember this?
  • Christopher Scott and Spencer Liff are so good looking
  • I don’t remember Jonathan from Season 5, is that bad?
  • How cute was Hayley’s dress in the mini group number? That hot pink or red dress with the yellow shoes? Adorable!
  • Is it just me or is Nico looking skinnier and skinnier? Also seeing his face at losing Alexis so SO SAD.
  • At the end Curtis lifting Hayley up into the longest hug ever  may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sonya: We’re gonna jump right in, can you take your shirt off for me?” This is the new way I’m going to greet cute guys.

Cat: “You can’t vote for them to have a baby but you can vote for them online.” (See Anna’s comments for context.)

I Love Anna Kendrick Because She Says Things Like This:
Something we all wish, to Hayley:  “Dude if I could have your body for like one day I feel like I could do anything, I could solve world hunger!”

Something so sincere to Mackenzie: “You’re so pretty but the power wasn’t coming from your beauty it was from your ability.”

Something I’d totally watch as well: “Jasmine people talk about your extension and strength but I feel like you have such grace I would be so happy to sit and watch you eat a bowl of cereal on this stage. There’s something really magical about you.”

Something I’d like to do on a daily basis, to Aaron: “And I’m going to make you give me a piggy back later. I feel like it would be really fun for the both of us and by the both of us I mean really fun for me.”

Something I usually feel when I watch exotic routines on SYTYCD: “I don’t always get ballroom on this show but that made me want to take lessons and have an affair on a tropical island or maybe just the second thing.”

Something strange, but funny: “You’re both are such solid dancers such deliberate dancers and I feel like you guys should make a baby…and the end.”

Something no one can deny: “And you Cat you’re so great you’re so tall and pretty”

Final Thoughts:
Unfortunately I think Nico, Hayley, and Malece will be in the bottom next week. The judges especially seem to be gunning for Nico even though I think he’s fantastic. Just look at his work, it’s been so great…well except for that hip hop and jive…However this also means Hayley and Nico will be paired up next week, so as long as they don’t get something like the quickstep or the Viennese waltz he could have a chance to show what he can do with a stronger partner. I guess we will just have to see! Until next week. PS: Nigel can Anna be a full time judge?




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