The To Do List
Directed By: Maggie Carey
Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader, Alia Shawkat, Sarah Steele, Rachel Bilson, Gregg Clark, and Connie Britton

Premise: Set in the 1930’s, Brandy is a smart, over achieving college bound high school. While at a party she ruins her chance at getting with the boy of her dreams when she realizes she’s out of her depth in that department. Thus she does what she usually does when she finds herself in a new situation, she compiles a list, she does her homework, she does research, all leading up to the final exam: losing her virginity.


The To Do List was rude, crude, unsettling, uncomfortable, and pretty damn hilarious. Here’s my LIST of what I thought about The To Do List:

  • I liked that it was told from a female perspective. We’ve all seen 40 Year Old Virgin or stories about guys cashing in their V-Cards. But this is the first movie I’ve seen told by a female with a female as the main character as a comedy.
  • I didn’t like the ending. Maybe they thought they were being clever, maybe they thought it was a nice “twist”. But frankly, I hate cop out choices. Give me my Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Easy A, rom-com moment. But I guess that’s not the type of movie this was.
  • I loved that the lead approached sex like a school subject. It came off more as comical then after-school special.
  • I disliked the disgustingness of it all…those I guess in some of the cases it was well, realistic?
  • I liked that even though Brandy’s father was uptight, all he really wanted was to make sure his daughter was ok. Sometimes movies have a way of making parents too cool, they forget the parent part. As much as kids hate to admit it, the discipline helps.
  • I both liked and disliked that they made all the guys in this movie idiots. The one guy who had any redeeming qualities was a wimpy, sobby mess at the end of the movie. While it was nice to see a role reversal, I just wish there was a bit more substance to the characters.

Overall though this movie had it’s good points and bad points it was none the less an entertaining, funny, raunchy summer flick that will make you a little nostalgic. Plus Aubrey Plaza is a delight and Scott Porter has his shirt off a lot. One if not both of those should please you.


Rating: 3





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