I know I missed doing a review of last week’s show, so I will give you the cliff notes version by sharing my five thoughts of the episode:

1)      Eliminating Jasmine Mason was a big mistake. I, for sure, thought she was one of the front runners and she was definitely one of my favorite dancers in the competition. Her chemistry was really working with Alan and I know the judges love that sort of thing. Her elimination over Alexis was shattering. As much as I want to root for Alexis, after her notes from Nigel, she should have gone home.

2)      Losing Jade as a partner was the best thing that could have happened to Malece. Her routine with Marko was stunning. That leg elevation and jump around Marko into his arms was nothing short of beautiful. Sonya really brought something out of her and I’ve been rooting for her to have one of those moments.

3)      Mackenzie is thisclose to winning me over. Her performance was beautiful and I finally get what all the judges were talking about. I’m also looking forward to seeing more choreography from the new choreographer. It really was an overall great routine. However, despite the serious subject it wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be.

4)      Jasmine Harper is my favorite girl of the competition. I really think at this point she’s unstoppable. And seriously, her legs are out of control.

5)      So glad the elimination process was moved to the ending of the show. So glad that for once Nigel listens to his audience. Now, can you bring back Jasmine Mason please? Also, I think we can all agree it is BluPrint’s time to go…as much as you’d like him to be another Cyrus.

But…let’s forget the past and focus on this week’s…



Season 10
16 perform/2 Eliminated


I have two favorite past times while watching So You Think You Can Dance. One would be judging what Cat Deely wears each show and envying her clothes and the other would be guessing who choreographed the opening routine. Well, I have to say, I have no idea what Cat is wearing! It’s a weird patterned frock that is in serious need of a belt, or a wash, or something! Also, I totally thought the routine, danced to the song “New World” by The Irrepressibles, was choreographed by Travis Wall, but it was Stacey Tookey and new Choreographer Peter Chu. More pressing, can someone explain to me the point of Jasmine’s robe being carried off into the sky? Weird.

Moving on…the guest judge today is Carly Rae Jepson. I have to say I miss the days of dancer/choreographer judges. Or really, just Adam Shankman who gets so passionate about the routines. Last week’s judgment by Paula Abdul was just cray cray. Hopefully Carly Rae Jepson does a better job. Nigel takes a moment to pat himself and everyone else on the back for their many many Emmy nominations. Frankly it’s exciting. I’m glad shows like this get recognized. Can Cat pretty please get an Emmy this year?


Bottom Three Guys
Curtis, Alan and Blu Print

Bottom Three Girls
Jenna, Mariah, and Mackenzie (Nigel immediately saves Jenna)



Who: Mackenzie
Song: “Claire de Lune” by Laura Sullivan
Thoughts: Maybe it’s the damn song, but I thought Mackenzie did a fabulous job. Her feet point so well! The damn girl is growing on me, just in time to be in the danger zone. Why isn’t Alexis here? Can someone clue me in?

Who: Alan
Song: “Return of the King” by X-Ray Dog
Thoughts: Alan is not going home. He can’t go home. And I have to say he’s KILLING his solo. He does this cool jump thing that really impresses me. But it’s also very intense which I know the judges love. Plus those arms those arms those arms.

Who: Curtis
Song: “Used To Love U” by John Legend
Thoughts: I could watch Curtis tap forever. There’s just such joy on his face when he dances and he has this super cool swag about him when he does it. Plus he’s just adorable! I hope he stays, I really do.

Who: Mariah
Song: “Set It Off” by Kardinal Offishall
Thoughts: Mariah is so hardcore. Even though her solo is nothing to WOW over, she’s definitely an original. I wish she added a flip in there or something.

Who: Blu Print
Song: “Illusion of Choice” by Gramitik
Thoughts: His solo is super sick and a lot of fun to watch. But it’s his time to go. Sure no one else can do what he can do, but he needs more personality and he needs to go.


My Picks To Be Eliminated:
Blu Print and Mariah – I’d love for Mariah to stay and Alexis to go, but since that’s not an option, Mackenzie is the better dancer.



Alexis and Nico
They are dancing the Jive choreographed by Tony and Melody. Though they both looked like they were having a good time, I felt like their transitions were really awkward. The middle part had some great energy, but it wasn’t peppy enough. The judges basically agree, even though Nigel is always the downer and basically tells them they will be forgotten. They all feel like the technique could have been better. I really love Nico, but I feel like Alexis “The Michael Phelps of Dancing” is holding him back. (Song: “Mayhem” by Imelda May)
Rating: C+

Jenna and Tucker
Travis Wall has choreographed a contemporary piece about Jenna getting her strength back with Tucker’s help. The ropes are a really cool idea, but I also can’t help thinking how much more powerful the piece would have been without it. However, they give Jenna the opportunity to do many cool things such as the leap into Tuckers arm was as if she were floating. At the same time I think the rope also hindered the dancers. Tucker spent a lot of time trying to get Jenna into these beautiful positions and the rope well became distracting because I for one was waiting for her to do some spins and other tricks on it. The judges, of course LOVE IT. Mainly I think because it was just original. The ropes are something we haven’t seen on SYTYCD yet. Mary mentions how nurturing and gentle Tucker was in this piece and I guess I never thought about it like that. He was a great partner. At the end of the judging I find out Jenna in fact did all the hard lifting, those ropes were doing nothing. OK. NEW. RESPECT. New respect for the both of them. (Song: “Hangin’ By A Thread” by Jann Arden)
Rating: B

Mariah and BluPrint
First, let me just say I’ve missed Brian Friedman and his Jazz choreography. However, I have to tell you, I didn’t like it. I think it could have been super cool. The costumes look great, the beat is funky, but these two just don’t work for me. Mariah dances too heavy, and it often makes thinks too labored. I can tell she’s giving it her all, but it looks like WORK. And Blu Print adds nothing to the piece. He shows no personality and struggling throughout the piece. My vote is for these two to go. The judges are a little lackluster about the routine. To quote Nigel, that was “good-ish.” (Song: “Fall Into The Sky” by Zedd and Lucky Date)
Rating: C

Malece and Alan
Dress him up as “street” as you want, you cannot take the ballroom out of Alan. His hip-hop attempt was adorable, but ultimately didn’t hit it hard like you’re supposed to. He was smoother than I’m sure Dave Scott intended him to be. Malece on the other hand really brought it. She was hitting it hard, and actually stepped out of her cutesy face and got a bit gritty. It was a good try and a fun routine. I mean they were in sync and worked well together, but it was also a bit awkward. Alan should have brought some of his intenseness from his solo into the routine. The judges thought Alan was stiff and lacked confidence. It was as if he was dancing a series of steps. They thought Malece was on fire. (Song: “Bassline” by Chris Brown)
Rating: C+

Hayley and Curtis
First of all, this song was so beautiful, I’m totally downloading it! Second, the ladder concept was a brilliant concept from Dee Caspary! It was so creative and made some really great lines and allowed a lot of creative things to happen. I thought Hayley was fantastic. She danced so light and airy and damn that girl has muscles! Curtis had some issues. Some of the lifts look like they struggled a bit. I felt like they missed a few things in there…or almost missed. I think Curtis has the same problem as Mariah. He dances too low to the ground. The judges felt Curtis’ shoulders were too high and noted that he needed to dance more from his core. (Song: “Don’t Let Go Yet” by David J. Roch)
Rating: B

Amy and Fik-Shun
This jazz routine was so much fun! It was definitely one of Tyce’s better ones. And the song choice was brilliant. I love it when choreographers have their dancers use every beat of the music. This is also what I mean by dancing with personality! Fik-Shun and Amy just have so much light beaming out of them when they dance you can’t help but like them. They each bring their own personal swagger to their performances that no one else could match. They also look like they’re having a lot of fun and the dancing was great. The judges are all big fans of the routine. They think they have the perfect personalities and talent to go far in the competition. (Song: “Under The Bridge” by The Triplets of Bellville Soundtrack)
Rating: A-

Mackenzie and Paul
Dave Scott blended a bunch of different styles into his “hip hop” choreography. It was sexy, hot, and smooth, and honestly I could not take my eyes off Paul. He did what Alan couldn’t do. He was totally feeling it and definitely had the hip hop swag. He was hitting it and hitting it hard. While Mackenzie did a perfectly fine job, Paul was definitely the stand out. The judges think they are amazing partners and did not realize Paul had so much soul. (Song: “Pretty Lil’ Heart” by Robin Thicke feat Lil’ Wayne)
Rating: A-/B+

Jasmine and Aaron
The couple drew the kiss of death: the dreaded quickstep. But I have to say this is probably the best quickstep I’ve seen since Season 2 Benji. Aaron really pulled it all together in this routine. He was a fantastic partner. He had a lot of energy and there was just a ton of life and personality in his face. The way he lifted up Jasmine with such ease like she weighed no more than a pencil was nothing short of amazing. That last split scissor lift was pretty awesome. Usually I can’t take my eyes off Jasmine but she looked uncomfortable in some parts of this routine. Mary was impressed though some of the technical things they had a problem with, Aaron looked like he was having so much fun. (Song: “Pencil Full Of Lead” by Paolo Nutini)
Rating: A-


Routines In Order Of Preference:

  • Amy and Fik-Shun – Jazz
  • Paul and Mackenzie – Hip Hop
  • Jasmine and Aaron – QuickStep
  • Jenna and Tucker – Contemporary
  • Hayley and Curtis – Contemporary
  • Malece and Alan – Hip Hop
  • Alexis and Nico – Jive
  • Mariah and Blu Print – Jazz



“Our connection was good today. I connected by elbow to his face and my knee to his groin, so it was good.” – Alexis

“That was the most half-hearted softest tamale train entrance I’ve ever known.” – Cat

“I don’t like those pants to dance, it gives you little legs.” Nigel


Random Thoughts:

  • Love it when Nigel attempts to do hip hop moves.
  • Curtis is 6’1? He does not look it! Then again Malece doesn’t look 5’2 either
  • Curtis took Hayley out on a sushi date so they could work on their connection, HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? They are so cute.
  • Nigel is really beating up Curtis. I thought his solo was great. Does this mean Nigel is trying to justify him sending home? If he sends Curtis home over Blu Print I’m going to be SO. MAD.
  • Methinks Mackenzie and Paul have crushes on each other.
  • Curtis and BluPrint holding hands during elimination. So cute.
  • I’m crazy about Jasmine’s make-up and dress in her routine.


Elimination Time
Nigel finally gets it right tonight by eliminating BluPrint and Mariah. They are great dancers, they are great at what they do, but I also feel like they weren’t growing on the show. I’m so glad Nigel didn’t eliminate Curtis and I hope he can step it up next week.


Final Thoughts
Honestly the danger zone is getting harder and harder to figure out for next week. While I’d pick Alexis to go hands down. I can’t decide for the rest of the guys, they’re all so great. Hopefully next week Nico gets a stand-out moment because I can see him getting forgotten. This show also needs more stand-out performances. There hasn’t been a routine that has taken me by surprise or made me watch it over and over again yet. Maybe once the All-Stars come in it will get there. Until Next Week my friends!





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