So You Think You Can Dance
Season 10
2 of 20 Eliminated…and it sucks!

The opening number was intriguing. It was weird but also kind of cool. Set to the song “The Heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe” from the Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack, the piece reminded me a bit of some of the other opening numbers, the quirky, mythical, ethereal quality to the choreography. It felt like something Sonya would do but I was surprised to find out it was Tyce’s work. Sometimes he does surprise me.

Cat comes out on stage and I don’t know what to think about her outfit. I like her make up. It’s dramatic and dark, but her outfit is a bit of a mess. It looks like a grass skirt combined with a weird bathing suit. It’s also one of the more risqué outfits she’s worn. Her earrings are rocking through. I want them.


The show kicks off with Cat revealing the bottom three. What? This is new.

Bottom Girls: Mariah, Brittany, Makenzie
Bottom Boys: Carlos, Allan, Jade

My prediction for elimination is Jade and Makenzie. I guess we will find out…RIGHT NOW?!? This is kind of awful. They’re going to reveal who’s been eliminated off the show at the top of the show. And to make matters worse, that dancer is still going to have to perform with their partners. Why are they doing it this way? Why change the format? (Check out this article of Nigel defending the format, while I get it, I still hate it.)

Makenzie and Alan are safe. That means it’s between Mariah and Brittany. I’m glad Alan is safe, as he should be. He performed so well last night, but I really think Makenzie should be the one going home, she does not have a personality. I don’t relate to her as much as I do Mariah and Brittany. But there’s nothing I can do, it’s between Mariah and Brittany and I can’t decide.



Song: “Hard In Da Paint” by Waka Flocka Flame
My thoughts: I have to say it is so refreshing watching Mariah do hip hop. Why I don’t’ think she showed off too many different moves or tricks she was still original and exciting to watch.

Song: “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
My thoughts: Carlos is such a strong dancer. And he does a variety of moves. While I think he relies too much on tricks, some of the things he does are pretty cool.

Song: “Hacksaw” by Ooah
My Thoughts: I totally forgot Brittany was ballroom, that makes what she did yesterday all the more impressive. Her solo is typical ballroom, but she looks cute and that dress is fantastic!

Song: “De Bovo Adagio (Intro)” by Alicia Keys
My thoughts: This definitely isn’t has strongest solo. In my opinion, I think it is his time to go. Though I could never do what he did, I wouldn’t call what he did dancing for his life.

Based off the solos, I predict/want Carlos and Brittany will stay. As much as it hurts to see Mariah go. These two deserve to stay just a little bit more. Nigel is disappointed with the solos (ME TOO!). Alas, the judges save: NOT CARLOS AND BRITTANY? WHAT?

What the hell! Seriously! I did not predict that AT ALL! Why Carlos over Jade? I don’t understand!! I am yelling! And Brittany? These two dancers – ACK! I don’t understand. Brittany was fabulous last week. Now these two upset dancers have the awkward opportunity to dance with their partners. If Carlos and Brittany rock it this round and Mariah and Jade fail, I’ll be SO PISSED. Take it back Nigel, Take it back!

Okay, let me catch my breath. There’s some dancing to be had! Ugh this show frustrates me! And yet, I love it so, I really do.

The Routines

Couple #1: Hayley and Curtis
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Mama Knows Best” by Jesse J
My Thoughts: I have to say, even though Curtis is not believable as a bad boy, he dances this routine like a man. The routine is really sexy and Curtis apparently really loves grabbing Hayley’s butt. They have really great chemistry. Curtis’ lines are really amazing I have to say. His legs looked really long in this routine. Hayley was both tough and sexy at the same time. She snapped, crackled and popped showing off all her curves. It was a fun, hot routine. True, some of the butt grabbing was a bit awkward, but is there such a thing as not awkward butt grabbing?
Rating: B
Judges: Nigel thinks they were sensational and the routine was start. He couldn’t take his eyes off Hayley. Mary loved it. She calls Curtis a “giggle-butt” and loved how gritty he was despite it. Hayley has great technical merit. Christina forgot Curtis was a tapper and Hayley was insanely sexy. Christina felt like she wanted to feel more anticipation. More tension and build up. I agree with Christina.

Couple #2: Jasmine H. and Aaron
Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Song: “Tears Always Win” by Alicia Keys
My Thoughts: Aaron did a good job, but I think Jasmine was hitting it just a little bit harder. Jasmine is such a great dancer. She puts her all into everything. Aaron could have been a bit smoother, but near the end he came up to par with her energy level. Overall the routine was great, though some of the couch stuff was a little bit awkward. I was however, enjoying Aaron’s white tank top.
Rating: B
Judges: Mary felt Jasmine’s frustration. She thought Aaron was hot and sexy. Christina considers Jasmine one of the best dancers in the competition. She thinks they are the couple to beat. Nigel thought they gave a great performance.

Couple #3: Malece and Jade
Style: Bollywood
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Radha”  Student of the Year (Original Soundtrack)
My Thoughts: It actually looked like a lot of fun and Jade seemed to be enjoying himself. He was all smiles despite the fact that he was also working really hard. Malece looked gorgeous, and they both had great energy, but I also think it could have been better. I wish they danced more in sync, instead in this piece they seemed to be dancing separately. It wasn’t a memorable piece and the performance overall was a bit lacking.
Rating: C
Judges: Nigel thinks Malece is great. She’s one to watch, but she needs to be perfect because all eyes are on her. Nigel is excited Jade picked it up quickly, but he didn’t get all the technical things correct. Christina doesn’t want to see Jade in the bottom again. Mary knows how hard Jade worked, and thought he looked like he was having a good time. Malece looks stunning.

Couple #4: Alexis and Nico
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Old Skin” by Olafur Arnalds
My Thoughts: I think Alexis needs to work a little bit on her personality when she performs other styles. There wasn’t enough emotion in her face. Watching Nico, I have to say he is an incredible dancer. I loved that he finally got a chance to show us his skills. He is so damn good. But I also feel like he needs to dance more like a man. He’s still dancing like a boy. Alexis though she had some great leg work, I felt like she disappeared. When she taps she has such a presence, but something was a bit absent or missing in this piece. She also needs to dance lighter, I felt like her dancing was a bit heavy for a contemporary. I love the idea of it being a sequel to Robert and Kathryn’s dance, but it also did it a disservice because I can’t help but think Robert and Kathryn would have done it better. The piece didn’t have the impact I wish it did. Nico was the stand out. He did the heavy lifting. I also think they lack chemistry.
Rating: B+
Judges: Nigel loved the music and he feels that Nico is getting better and better. He realizes that she had a tough job as a tapper to remain loose. Mary loved watching them dance. She thought Nico was fabulous and Alexis was honest. Christina thinks they were beautiful and that Alexis has “it”.

Couple #5: Brittany and BluPrint
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “It’s Oh So Quiet” by Ice Princess (Original Soundtrack)
My Thoughts: My first thought: That dress Brittany is wearing is ADORABLE. My second thought: This is one of my favorite Broadway songs. Brittany is just so expressive in her face in this piece. She shows such a cute personality, and while BluPrint kind of fades away, Brittany shines which makes it all the more sad that she’s leaving. The routine was actually a very happy, fun, energetic piece, one of the better Broadway routines I’ve seen in a while. It’s sad that Brittany is leaving. BluPrint needs to show more personality. He needs to learn how to animate more in his face.
Rating: B-
Judges: BluPrint’s lines aren’t there. He needs to come to life more. Christina is sad to see Brittany go and is glad she was there to support her partner. She feels that Broadway is the one genre where you can be goofy and have abandon and BluPrint needs to do better. Nigel says BluPrint needs to believe what he’s selling. If he can’t dance, he needs to perform. Sell the story.

Couple #6: Jasmine M. and Alan
Style: Tango
Choreographer: Miriam and Leonardo
Song: “Escape from Slavery” By PP Music (UK)
My Thought: The routine was so intense. These two have crazy good chemistry together and I think oftentimes that helps elevate the dancing. They took to this style pretty well, if not more Alan than Jasmine. Sometimes Jasmine’s legs did weird things that didn’t make it look as graceful as it could. Alan on the other hand must be super strong to be able to do all those lifts back to back to back. It was really quite incredible. I loved the move where he pushed back across the stage on one foot. I also love that final lift where she twisted and turned over his shoulder into that final arabesque. It reminded me of the fantastic lift last season with Chehon and Allison, only not as great. Overall, it was a great, intense, exciting routine, and they gave in incredible performance whether or not it was the tango.
Rating: B+
Judges: Christina thinks they had a great, beautiful moment. Nigel loved the presage at the end. Okay he called it a presage, I call it an arabesque, who’s right? (Probably not me.) He doesn’t think anyone else (with the exception to Aaron) could have done this routine, and I agree. It takes a lot of strength. Mary thought they had a lot of passion. She knew how tough the routine was and the physicality of it.

Couple #7: Mackenzie and Paul
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: “Mannequin (Skeet and Tito remix)” by Trish
My Thoughts: This routine already has a gimmick. Mackenzie is a robot created by Paul. Again it reminds me of another routine, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately I can’t help thinking how much better Brittany would have done in this routine. Maybe it’s because she’s playing a “robot” but I feel like Brittany dances with a lot more light and personality than Mackenzie does. There’s still nothing about Mackenzie that stands out. She dances the routine well, but I’m not wowed by her. Paul on the other hand really upped his game. Last week it could have been anyone, this week, I feel like I’m beginning to know who he as. As a ballroom guy, he really was doing some incredible jumps and lifts and twists and turns in this piece. It was incredible complicated and he was really able to showcase his talents. Hopefully Mackenzie will have one of those standout moments for me.
Rating: B-
Judges: Nigel calls the routine naughty. He commends Paul on the lifts. He thinks it’s shocking that Mackenzie was in the bottom three and hopes America realizes she’s a star. Mary thought it was terrific and comments Mackenzie on who she is as a person, which I appreciate. I mean you can be a great dancer, but a pain in the ass in real life. Christina calls Paul, Patrick Dempsey from Can’t Buy Me Love. She wants Paul to loosen up a bit, but loved it overall.

Couple #8: Mariah and Carlos
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Dead In The Water” by Ellie Goulding
My Thoughts: As the routine started, I couldn’t help thinking that Mariah definitely is not a contemporary dancer. Again I just felt like she could have been lighter in this piece. But then something happened about 15 seconds in that just changed my thoughts on her so completely. It’s as if all the thought and heaviness switched off and she just became this dancer. I felt her pain and suffering on her face, I felt as if she had truly lost the love of her life even though he was in front of her face. Carlos, despite the fact that he was supposed to show no emotion, performed absolutely beautifully. He emoted so well with his legs and extension and lifting. This makes me all the more upset that he was voted off. There is no way America would have voted him off after seeing this routine. The two totally stepped it up. I loved the moment where it was like she was kicking him and holding him up with her feet at the same time. I also loved how he spun her around on the ground. At the end, when he realized who she was and she fell into him, my heart broke and my eyes welled up, I admit it. Such a beautiful, sad story.
Rating: A
Judges: Mary is sad to see Carlos go and thinks it’s America’s loss (it is). Mary thought Mariah went to another place. She felt her passion and thought everything was gorgeous. Christina thinks Carlos did a great job carrying Mariah. She loved their chemistry. She thought Mariah showed such grace and pain and beauty on her face. Nigel thought Mariah did a brilliant job emoting and she is growing so much.

Couple #9: Amy and Fik-Shun
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Song: “After Party” by Dorrough Music
My Thoughts: I’m nervous if Amy can pull off hip-hop. She’s so innocent and so cutesy. This routine is great! They are gritty and low to the ground and just grooving to the beat. They also look like they’re having a lot of fun. Fik-Shun is amazing, getting to show his strengths in this piece with some animation moves. Amy surprises me. She’s hardcore and she showed more than just her smiley expression. She was totally believable as a hip hop dancer. They both showed a ton of personality and you can’t help but like them.
Rating: B+
Judges: Christina loved it and she thinks Fik-shun is special. She also thinks Fik-Shun brings her up. Nigel thinks they both light up the entire studio when they dance. Mary thinks they were a party on stage. They got down and they are totally likeable.

Couple #10: Jenna and Tucker
Style: Cha Cha
Choreographer: Dimitry Chaplin
Song: “I Like It like That” by Pete Rodriguez
My Thoughts: I am not a big fan of Dimitry’s choreography. I feel often times it’s very rudimentary. That’s okay, he’s pretty to look at. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to like Tucker. It’s not that he’s a bad dancer, there’s just something I find slightly off about him. Maybe he doesn’t seem genuine? I don’t know what it is. I feel like Jenna could flourish so much more with a better partner. Jenna is sexy and hot in this routine but Tucker doesn’t really have personality. I wish this routine was a bit more complicated and showed off more skill.
Rating: C
Judges: Mary thinks Jenna is a star. She thinks Tucker could have done more, he did a lot of guiding, but not so much technique. Nigel wishes the routine had more Cha Cha and wasn’t such a blend of other styles.


Routines In Order of Preference

  1. Mariah and Carlos – Contemporary
  2. Amy and Fik-Shun – Hip Hop
  3. Jasmine M and Alan – Tango
  4. Hayley and Curtis – Jazz
  5. Makenzie and Paul – Jazz
  6. Aaron and Jasmine – Lyrical Hip Hop
  7. Alexis and Nico – Contemporary
  8. Brittany and BluPrint – Broadway
  9. Jenna and Tucker – Cha Cha
  10. Malece and Jade – Bollywood

My Pick for Bottom Three Girls: Alexis, Makenzie, and Malece
My Pick for Bottom Three Guys: Jade, Tucker, Nico


Random Thoughts

  • I love Curtis’ laugh. His rehearsal package with Hayley is super cute.
  • Cat’s Happy Dance – Love It.
  • I really want to root for Malece, but she needs to pick it up. Come on GIRL!
  • Brittany was wearing a lot of masacara.
  • I want Jasmine’s earrings.
  • Mariah’s tears at the end of her routine were real. You could see her heartbreak for her partner Carlos. It was devastating. For both of them. Christina enjoyed it and was into the story. Nigel didn’t think the routine had enough Cha Cha and it blended too many other styles into it.
  • Nigel points out Melissa Sandvig from Season 5, who’s pregnant, in the audience. Apparently she has one week to go and immediately I’m scared she’s going to pop that baby out right in the audience with all that loud music.


“SO Tabitha and Naopleon whats going on, you make a baby and are you trying to make another one?”

Cat to the crowd: “You’re noisy, we hear you.”

“That suddenly became even more beautiful and more poignant.” Cat on Carlos and Mariah’s routine.

Mary to Mariah. “I can’t say enough about you, they won’t let me.”

“Thank you to you, for doing that for her.” Christina to Carlos about Mariah.

Napoleon: “It’s okay, we’re gonna work on your freak.”
Amy: “Okay.”

Cat: “What’s this? Room service? This is not what I ordered.”

Nigel’s Creepy/Awkward Quotes

“You scraped into this series.” – Nigel on Aaron. (That’s just rude, Nigel)

Final Thoughts
I’d like to see Tucker and Makenzie go, but I have a feeling this will not be the case. I don’t know why, but I just don’t get a sense of who these dancers are. They haven’t shown me enough personality and enough dancing technique. I need that WOW moment so I can root for them. Eliminating people at the top of the show is going to be tough, though I don’t know what the solution would be. No actually I do, an elimination show. Come on FOX, you do it for Idol, you can do it for SYTYCD.






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