So You Think You Can Dance Season 10: Top 20 Perform

Posted: June 30, 2013 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV


Season 10

Top 20 Perform

The show kicks off MOBBED style with the Top 20 parading throughout the studio. And I gotta say I’m digging it it! Dancing to “Puttin’ On The Ritz” by Herb Alpert feat Lani Hall, the routine is fun and creative, and honestly I’m totally impressed by the camera work. It is shot as if it was one long camera shot? Definitely worth a second and third look. Also, I love that the judges are also featured in this routine. It’s nice to see them play along and get involved. Standouts: Mariah and is it wrong to say Nigel and Mary and Christopher Scott were as well? Nappy Tabs did an outstanding job choreographing this one. My only question is: Where was Cat in all this?

Oh there she is, in her bright bright bright dress! We get a little shimmy from her, so I guess that will have to be enough! (It is.) It’s time to get the show started!


Couple #1: Mariah and Carlos
Style: Jive
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Song: “Get it Right” by Fantasia
My Thoughts: I thought the routine itself was fantastic even if the song was weird. It was well choreographed and had a lot of high energy, exciting things about it. The pair do a good job, but it’s not great, there’s something off about it. I honestly think it’s the costume. Carlos looks great, he looks really good. Mariah on the other hand looks so constricted in her yellow dress. I wish she had something cute and fringy on. It was too…conservative I guess is the word? It made the lifts look awkward and heavy, or maybe they were actually awkward and heavy. While the lifts didn’t look easy, the rest of it looked like a lot of fun.
Rating: B-
Judges: Mary thought the routine was very fast. She felt like the routine was a bit labored. She gives a lot of great technical critique, which I like because when I repeat what she says it makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about. Wayne says the routine looked frantic and that they needed to look like they are having more fun. Nigel thought the routine was hecktic and they needed more bounce and flick, but they had great energy.

Couple #2: Jasmine M and Alan
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Travis Wall (YAY)
Song: “Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live)” by Ingrid Michaelson
My Thoughts: So the piece is by Travis, I already have high hopes, but when he breaks out the blindfolds I have some concerns. Sometimes the blindfolds work, other times it’s just gimmicky. In this case, the blindfolds work. They’re not so much blindfolds as they are a meshy tool over the dancer’s eyes, but I’ll over look that for the beautiful routine. Travis really knows how to tell a story through the dance. And there really was so much to love about it. Jasmine sold the emotion through her committed moves, and while I was initially worried about Alan, I thought he did a great job his first time out. Those arms helped a lot (Is that creepy to say about a 19 year old? Probably.) Coming from ballroom, partnering helped Alan a lot. He was completely supportive and there for Jasmine and their chemistry was amazing. The “trust fall” drop was a stunner. And the way he dipped and kissed her at the end was hot. I can’t wait to see how they progress throughout the season. I’m a fan of Alan now.
Rating: A-
Judges: Wayne tries to convince us he created the term “trust drop.” He loved it. Nigel thought the choreography was beautiful, but he also needed more emotion from Alan. Mary thinks Jasmine’s quality of work is gorgeous. She loved the quick switch move.

Couple #3: Malece and Jade
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Travis Wall (again?)
Song: “Silver Screen” by Felix Da Housecat
My Thoughts: First of all, the fact that they are barefoot creeps me out, especially when they are wearing such classic outfits. Secondly, I didn’t feel like Jade had a lot to do. Malece definitely did a lot of the heavy lifting for this piece. There also wasn’t a lot of dancing. It seemed like more posing than anything. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, which is a bummer because I like these two. I really liked Malece during audition week, but her acting skills leave a lot to be desired. Jade has a great personality and my heart goes out to him after he was beaten down by another dancer during the week. But soon that won’t be enough.
Rating: C+
Judges: Nigel thought they improved so much from the crappy rehearsal. He felt Jade really supported her. Wayne thinks they both were amazing and is a big fan of Jade. He feels like he needs more extension in his work. Mary thought Jade had confidence and Malece was beautiful.

Couple #4: Jenna and Tucker
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: “That’s All” by Kevin Spacey, Beyond the Sea soundtrack
My Thoughts: I’m not really a fan of Tucker. I am, however, glad they gave him a haircut because his hair was out of control. I don’t think the routine was all that great, it was a lot of running around, but they danced it to the best of their ability. Jenna is definitely the standout. She just looks like she’s having so much fun. You get the feeling this girl can do anything when you watch her. Tucker, while the fact he danced it well, could have been any Joe off the street. Nothing stands out about him yet.
Rating: B-
Judges: Mary says some crazy things, but says the routine was fun and they look like Broadway stars. Wayne says Tucker reminds him of Donald O’Conner. He thinks Jenna is amazing and has great extension. Nigel thinks they are a power couple. That’s high praise. Let’s wait and see.

Couple #5: Brittany and BluPrint
Style: African Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman
Song: “Drumming Circle” by Professor Trance and the Energizers
My Thoughts: I’m glad they put Brittany with BluPrint together since people seem to know and like him and I know nothing about this girl at all. Personally, I’m still on the fence about him. I don’t know if he can really pull off other styles and he seems to be lacking in the personality department. Never having partnered before, Blue Print impressed me. He was really supportive, and I admit I was looking to see if he would make a mistake. Brittany is a little spit-fire and I have the feeling she’s going to be one of these girls who adapts to all styles really well. There’s a moment in the dance where things really pick up and you can tell they are both having fun. A smile spreads across BluPrint’s face and I think that’s what wins me over. He really did do a good job in this piece. And I like it when people surprise me.
Rating: B+
Judges: Wayne thinks BluPrint proved he can do more and Brittany was really strong. Nigel makes a statement that makes everyone watching this show collectively cringe, also, he’s very proud of BluPrint. Mary puts them on the train, that is, the Hot Tamale Train. She likes how loose he was and how much he’s grown so far so quickly.

Couple #6: Alexis and Nico
Style: Hip-Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Last Time” by Labyrinth
My Thoughts: I want so much for these two to do well, even despite the fact I learned Alexis likes Bieber. However, while it looked like they had a ton of fun, the dance wasn’t that great. Christopher Scott even tried to incorporate some of their styles in the routine, but I think the mistake was trying to make them cool. He should have played off their nerdiness, like that infamous routine with Benji and Travis. Instead they struggled to stay in sync. They do get points for personality though.
Rating: C
Judges: Nigel thinks the couple failed. He didn’t feel like they got down and dirty enough and didn’t adapt to the style. It didn’t work for him. Mary thinks they are both great dancers, but she felt the tutting was wrong and not much was right about it.

Couple #7: Makenzie and Paul
Style: Viennese Waltz
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Song: “I’m With You” by Avril Lavgine
My Thoughts: Why this dance the first time out? It’s always the kiss of death on the show. Don’t the producers know that? Maybe they do, and it immediately makes me scared their future on the show. However, the dance is quite romantic. It has everything going for it: Great song, beautiful costumes, the umbrella…The dance feels light and floaty and they both dance it well. There’s not much more I can say about it, but I guess that says it all.
Rating: B-
Judges: Cat calls the routine very Roman Holiday and Nigel repeats it again later as if it were his idea and everyone reacts like it’s new information. Mary thought the routine was romantic and it was gorgeous for the first time out for the couple. She thought Paul was at ease out there. Wayne thought they had grace and that everything looked easy and fluid.

Couple #8: Jasmine H and Aaron
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae
My Thoughts: I wasn’t too sure about Aaron in the beginning. He’s a big dude and he seems a bit arrogant, and something about him rubs me the wrong way. Also he resembles Bobby Cannavale so that throws me off a bit. But I like Jasmine, even if they’re milking her failed relationship with Cyrus for all it’s worth. It makes her sympathetic, but the topic all the more cringe-worthy. That being said, 10 seconds into the routine, when the drums and percussion hit in the fabulous song, I can already tell this is going to be a great number. And when Aaron picks up Jasmine from the splits and swings her around still in split formation my mind was blown. This piece is amazing! Damn Jasmine has some legs! When he lifted her over his head as she did the splits once again only in the air I thought, ‘Man her legs go on forever!’ I literally know what that phrase means now. These two are definitely a standout couple. While Aaron was definitely a supportive and strong partner, this routine was all about Jasmine H. She rocked it. A great great routine by Sonya Tayeh.
Rating: A-
Judges: Wayne thought Aaron dances as well has his father sings, which is amazingly, and he admires the grace in which Aaron dances because he’s such a big dude. He loves Jasmines lines. Nigel loves that Aaron is here and thinks he will be around a long time. He thinks Jasmine’s legs go on and on and that she’s sensational. Mary loves her extension and her technique and intensity and tells Aaron he is more than just a tap guy, he’s a brilliant dancer.

Routine #9: Hayley and Curtis
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Go” by Deliah
My Thoughts: I liked this routine a lot better second time around. I still feel like something is off about the routine, maybe there was too much relying on the props and what not, but second time around I focused more on the dancing rather than the timing with the props. I really like Curtis. He’s just a good kid and he definitely had some “swag” for lack of a better term. Hayley did well, but she’s not exactly memorable. Luckily they both have good chemistry.
Rating: B-
Judges: They liked it better than the first hip hop routine with Nico and Alexis, they think Hayley is a star and they’re very proud of Curtis.

Routine #10: Amy and Fik-Shun
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Elsa” by The Valerie Project
My Thoughts: There’s been a lot of praise on Fik-Shun, and I personally really like him and hope he does well. While I felt he could have been a bit more graceful, and a bit more intense, I thought he did a really great job, especially considering where he’s come from. Amy, on the other hand, everything they say about her dancing is the truth. She is a beast. Her dancing is so intense and she moves with purpose. Her lines were beautiful and her commitment to the piece was outstanding. Fik-Shun is so genuine it’s hard not to like him. I’m definitely rooting for him. Amy, I often think she relies too much on being cutesy, but when she dances all that goes away and it’s just her.
Rating: B+
Judges: Mary thinks Fik-Shun has grown so much. She thought they were both amazing. Wayne, not knowing his background, thought this style was his style. Nigel thinks Amy is a beast and she has ridiculous control. He calls them Beauty (Fik-Shun) and the Beast (Amy).


Ranking The Routines (Best to Worst)

  1. Jasmine H and Aaron – Jazz
  2. Jasmine M and Alan – Contemporary
  3. Amy and Fik-Shun – Contemporary
  4. Brittany and BluPrint – African Jazz
  5. Hayley and Curtis – Hip Hop
  6. Makenzie and Paul – Viennese Waltz
  7. Jenna and Tucker – Broadway
  8. Malece and Jade – Jazz
  9. Alexis and Nico – Hip Hop
  10. Mariah and Carlos – Jive

Bottom Three Couples

  • Makenzie and Paul
  • Mariah and Carlos
  • Alexis and Nico

Overall Thoughts: I predict that Makenzie and Paul will be going home, only because we know the least about these two performers. While they danced well, better than 3 other couples, Alexis and Mariah have a lot of personality and promise and to send them home now would be a big mistake. As we know personality always wins the day. At this point, I’m rooting for Curtis, Jenna, and Mariah.

Random Thoughts:

  • Nigel animating – Best. Image. Ever. He was concentrating SO HARD.
  • No idea who Brittany is – love the image of her trying to put spoons on her face.
  • Wayne laughing at Cat dancing a bit of Afro-Jazz is hilarious!
  • Nigel’s comment about Blue Print and the Jungle is really just awful. How does he get away with saying these things? Oh right, Producer…
  • When the judges make harsh criticism and the audience doesn’t boo, you know that’s a bad sign.
  • Aaron’s interaction with Wayne, “You are a sexy cat,” makes me like Aaron even more. There’s that personality.


“First time dancing people, Im just gonna give a little shimmy, let’s not go crazy.” – Cat

“That’s Jade, not Pimp.” – Cat

“The thing is I do know what you mean!” Wayne

Wayne: I’m gonna say two things that make me sound like a creepy old man
Nigel: Welcome to my world
Cat: I was going to say it’s a nice change…
Wayne: Damn you birthdays…Jasmine where were you when I was twenty?…And Aaron, boy I think I know your Daddy!

“I’m normal size, I’m normal size.” – Cat standing in between Aaron and Jasmine H. Sorry Cat, but you’re still a giant. And we’re all jealous of you.

“Whenever I want people to see my serious side I take off my clothes and dance with a white woman too.” – Wayne

Nigel’s Creepy/Awkward Quotes of the Night:

“Nowadays with me when I kiss girls they put the blindfolds on.” (He said ‘girls’.)

“It’s okay people saying this is your ethnicity, your heritage and everything else, but it isn’t you didn’t grow up in a jungle.”

Who do you think will be in the bottom three? Who are your favorite dancers so far? Will Nigel every stop being creepy? Will Mary ever start making sense? What is Wayne Brady doing on the show? All important questions, let’s see if any get answered next week…until then…Is it too early to call this my favorite routine of the season?


  1. Corinthia says:

    I have seen from multiple sources that nappytabs have tweeted that it really WAS one camera shot, how cool is that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like your blog.

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