SYTYCD Season 10: Meet the Top 20

Posted: June 20, 2013 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 10
Meet The Top 20

So You Think You Can Dance is back ya’ll and it’s time to see the dancers we will be spending our time with. Bring on the Top 20 Nigel. Make good choices!


Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall and Mariah Spears – Hip Hop
Thoughts: Loved who they picked. I wish Markus was included in this group, but with Emilio gone he may have a chance to come in. Fik-Shun did win me over during Vegas week, but I can already seeing him becoming a Cyrus where the judges try and make him out to be better than he really is that the audience gets turned off. Mariah on the other hand was sure to be in the Top 20. A pretty, talented, blonde female hip-hopper with swag? How could Nigel pass that up.
Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Ball” by T.I. feat Lil’ Wayne
My Thoughts: I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes off Mariah. She just has a lot of character. She may have a little too much facial expression, but she’s an incredible dancer and performer. Fik-Shun as definitely over shadowed which is unfortunately because he does have a great personality. The moves were there, but it was thinking about it too much. It’s good for a first time performance, but he will have to up his game. This show is about growing, so hopefully he gets a chance to do just that. Maybe Mia can break him down.
Judges Thoughts: The judges feel like I do. Mariah is great, but Fik-Shun is going to have to keep up. They believe in him, he just needs to believe in himself. This show is about growing, so hopefully he gets a chance to do just that.

Mackenzie Dustman, Jasmine Harper, Tucker Knox, and Nico Greenman – Contemporary
Thoughts: I remember all of these guys from the auditions. My first impression of Mackenzie was that I didn’t like her, but her audition won me over and she really is an incredible dancer. She’s also gorgeous, so this makes her a no brainer. Though I hated the fact they played on her dysfunctional relationship with a former contestant, I really like Jasmine. I want to get to know her better. Tucker is an incredible dancer, but he’s also a bit stiff and awkward because he’s so tall. He also needs a haircut. Nico is adorable, but also all over the place, I can’t wait to see what he can do.
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Goes On and On” by Sleeping at Last
My Thoughts: The stand out for me was Nico, maybe it was because he had the most tricks, maybe it was because he looked like he was having such a blast, I couldn’t take my eyes off the kid. He’s a great dancer. I’m never a big fan of group contemporary routines, unless they unfold like this, so I can’t really say much about the routine itself. It had some beautiful moments. A lot of jumping.
Judges: They all LOVED Mackenzie and can’t wait to see what the four of them can do.

Alexis Juliano, Curtis Holland, Aaron Turner – Tapper
Thoughts: First, I am so glad that Curtis made it in the Top 20. He nearly broke my heart when he cried after his contemporary performance in Vegas. Someone who can feel so much when he’s dancing deserves to be on this show. I love Alexis as well and I’m glad she made it. Aaron I don’t know much about him, but I’m glad he got his chance to be in the Top 20 after Emilio had to drop out.
Song: “You Really Did It (Live)” Jason Mraz
My Thoughts: This was a really cool routine. I love the sliding boards and the song choice. You could really hear them tapping and their rhythms. Curtis was the definite stand out, he looked like he was having a lot of fun, and he showed so much charisma and personality. Alexis always looks at ease. There was no sense of strain or stress on her face. She just makes everything look so damn easy. Aaron needs to show a bit more personality. I feel like he may be one of the first guys to go, unfortunately.
Judges: Adam says Curtis has “unbridled joy.” That is the perfect way to describe them. They all love the routine and realize how complicated it was and how well they performed it together. The judges are excited about them. Tap On.

Jade Zuberi and Dorian “BluPrint” Hector – Animation
Thoughts: I don’t know how I feel about a hip hopper, 2 tappers, and 2 animators being in the competition. These types of genre’s never fare well on this show. That being said, I am glad that Jade made it. I think he’s got great personality and his animation is sick. I’m neutral on BluPrint, I think he does need to emote more. But hopefully that will chance in the coming weeks.
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Trigger” by Kezwik feat Mel Presson
My Thoughts: It was crazy! The animation just blows my mind how someone can make their body do that. Jade was a definite standout, mainly because his of his facial expressions.
Judges: They love it. Of course they do.

Carlos Garland, Hayley Erbert, and Malece Miller – Contemporary
Thoughts: I don’t really remember Carlos or Hayley much, but I’m happy by girl Maliese made it. There was no doubt in my mind she wasn’t going to, but it’s nice to have confirmation. There’s just something about her. I’m also super excited they are doing a Mia Michael’s piece. Mia has this way of pulling the best out of her dancers.
Choreographer: Mia Michaels
Song: “Stay” by Rihanna
My Thoughts: I thought the routine, by itself, was great. I love the way Mia choreographs to the beats and the feelings of the song. I love the stories she tells. I always get so invested in them. I felt like the dancers could have given a bit more performance wise. I felt some emotion but not all of the emotion. The piece was great, but it could have been even better.
Judges: There is room to grow and all of these dances have potential.

Brittany Cherry, Jenna Johnson, Alan Karmiran, and Paul Bersten – Ballroom
Thoughts: I knew that Jenna was going to make it. She’s such a strong dancer and she was featured a lot in the auditions. I don’t really know much about the other dancers.
Choreographer: Louie Van Amstel
Song: “Wings” by Little Mix.
My Thoughts: Is it wrong to say I’m glad that each dancer had a partner? It’s always awkward when they have a 3-way in ballroom. The routine was cool, but the girls were definitely the standouts and the guys merely accessories.
Judges: Girls were amazing, the guys need to dance stronger. The girls out danced them.
Amy Yakima and Jasmine Mason – Contemporary/Jazz
Thoughts: Is it wrong that I knew when the decision came down to Jasmine and Megan that Jasmine would be the winner? Cat ruined it when she announced the other Jasmine and gave her a last name. She didn’t do that to any of the other dancers so why would she do it to just Jasmine. See I’m smart! I love Amy. She’s just so happy and a really great dancer.
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Enjoy” by Bjork
My Thoughts: Gotta love Sonya. I think this was the perfect dance for these girls because they are such strong dancers. I can’t wait to see more from Jasmine, but Amy knocked this one out of the park. They both had a lot of power, and a lot of quirkiness that Sonya demands from her dancers. The routine itself, though, could have been better, sorry Sonya.
Judges: They loved it. Mary thought it was her favorite routine of the night. They love the two girls and can’t wait to see more from them.

Top 10 Guys
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Sand” by Nathan Lanier feat Karen Whipple
My Thoughts: Awesome. Totally amazing. The sand isn’t even a gimmick, it works and it totally adds to the piece. I love how Scott used the dancers strengths and genres within the routine. It was powerful, well-choreographed, and pretty damn cool. I wonder if the guys will later feel ripped off for finding sand in their underwear without having gone to the beach?

Top 10 Girls
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Song: “Lets Have A Kiki” by Fanny Pack and District 78
My Thoughts: I first heard this song sung by Sarah Jessica Parker on Glee, and I hated it. After hearing the real version, still hate it. It’s annoying, and I don’t get it. Seriously, someone tell me what the hell a “kiki” is.

Top 20
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Ghost of Sky” by Steed Lord
My Thoughts: I’ve seen better routines. It’s a Sonya routine too so I have high hopes, but I find it a bit lackluster and expected. It did showcase the talent though, so I guess that’s what matters.

Random Thoughts

  • I love that Mia is back. She’s hardcore and her routines are always fantastic and original.
  • Love Mia sticking up for jade saying it shouldn’t be the dancers fault if a choreographer can’t choreograph despite it. I agree. If he wants to dance let him dance.
  • Pretty much everyone who was voted off (with the exception of Marcus Shields who I’m still disappointed about) I did not recognize.


Nigel: “Those feet Mackenzie I love those feet”
Cat: “They’re actually not so pretty from up here but when she’s dancing they’re beautiful.”

“If a choreographer cannot create because of a size difference than that’s on the choreographer” – Mia

Cat: “They even animate their eyebrows it’s amazing. I can’t wait to see them do ballroom.”

Cat: “Look what you’ve done to these poor girls? They’ve become Alice Cooper.”

Cat: “I’ve got tears in my cheek”

Cat: “It’s making it very awkward in these heels but never mind.” – re: Cats heels in the sand



What do you think of the Top 20? Will you watch this season? Who did you wish made it, but didn’t? Who do you think would be paired up with who? Anyone as enamored with Curtis as I am?



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