It’s no secret that I am NOT a Stephenie Meyer fan (and don’t even get me started on how she spells her name). Yet despite this, I was excited for The Host. The trailers made the movie look electric and I love Saoirse Ronan. Unfortunately, the success of the trailer trailer had nothing to do with the movie, and everything to do with AWOLNATION’S song, “Radioactive.” The Host was a disaster, to put it lightly.


The Host
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Chandler Canterbury, Diane Kruger, Frances Fisher, William Hurt

Premise: The concept of The Host is intriguing; an alien race has taken over Earth and consequently taken over most of the human population by entering their bodies and erasing their existence. Melanie Stryder a member of a small group of human resistors has been struggling to survive with her little brother. When she is captured by the alien seekers (the aliens who seek out surviving humans) her body is taken over by Wanderer, but her mind still lives on. Wanderer constantly finds herself battling with Melanie in her head especially when she finds herself inserted in Melanie’s former life including her family, friends, and lover (Max Irons). Melanie will do anything to protect her loved ones, but what is Wanderer willing to do to survive on her own terms?

My Review: I was expecting a movie about Melanie Stryder and how she fought her way to get to her brother and the man she loved despite her body being taken over by an alien. Instead it was a story about said alien discovering how to live as a human despite the fact that she’s not in her own body. We never got to know Melanie as Melanie except in flashbacks. We never got to root for her. Instead our protagonist was Wanderer, or Wanda and Melanie came off as, well, kind of a bitch. I wish, wish that we had seen what Melanie was like BEFORE she was captured. I would have loved to see her with her parents, or see her relationship with Jared and how it developed. I would have liked to meet Melanie as a character, but instead we met her through the eyes of another character. The Host is not about Melanie, but about Wanda. And that is the big mistake. That is the reason the movie failed. It started at the wrong point in the story, and never filled in the holes. I haven’t read the book so I can’t say if this is Meyer’s fault or director Andrew Niccol’s fault, but I have a sinking feeling (*cough* Twilight) it’s the former’s fault.

This cast was excellent, but these actors deserved a better movie, or at least a better plot, or more alien/human combat, or at least some more of Max Iron’s butt…something!


Rating: 1 ½ stars.




Other Things That Annoyed Me  & Random Thoughts
(**Minor spoiler alerts don’t read on if you plan on watching this movie…or…maybe do?**)

  1. How Melanie and Jared first met. Really? A kiss within 20 seconds of meeting her? Really?
  2. That whole speech on the couch was cheesy, eye rolling, cringe-worthy, Twilighty mess. I get the willies just thinking about it.
  3. Sure Melanie fell in love with Jared, but the audience never got that chance. Instead he came off as abrasive and well kind of a brat. Instead we fell for the other guy, Ian, who was completely sympathetic, even if that relationship didn’t make sense. I’ll get to that.
  4. We never really got to know Melanie. She came off as bitchy, which is understandable because all she wanted was her life and body back. But then she began to make stupid decisions that Wanda made up for in bigger, bolder ways. This made Melanie unlikeable.
  5. I’ve never found Jake Abel attractive until this movie. However, his initial attraction to Wanda makes no sense, Especially since she looks like Melanie, he’s never heard her speak, and he thinks she’s an alien. Isn’t he then just attracted to Melanie? Plus we only like Ian because he likes Wanda and we like Wanda, but aren’t we supposed to be rooting for Melanie?
  6. I love me some flashbacks, but they were not effective in this case.
  7. How do you have a great actress like Frances Fisher and barely use her except as a bitter old lady?
  8. *Spoiler alert* nothing happened in this movie. They didn’t defeat the aliens, they just accepted them. Nevermind the fact they overtook a lot of the humans. They just became friends. Yay? More like YAWN!
  9. Why did Melanie sound heavily SOUTHERN in some conversations she was having with Wanda? I know she’s from Louisiana, it’s just it wasn’t consistent.
  10. Who am I supposed to root for? Melanie and Jared? Wanderer and Jared? Wanderer and Ian? Ian and Melanie? Personally, I would have chosen Jared and Ian.

The Host movie companion pictures - the-host Photo

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Leave it to Stephenie Meyer to ruin another concept that used to be badass. Good review.

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