The 2013 Academy Awards: My Review

Posted: February 25, 2013 in award season, movie reviews, movies
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Last nights Oscars were a blast. Long. But a blast. It may have been the many many glasses of sangria I had while watching it, but Seth McFarlane was actually a pretty decent host. I like the fact that he knew some of his jokes would bomb, but said them anyway. I liked that he was self-deprecating, and I liked that even when his jokes were inappropriate, you still just like the dude. Dude’s got charm and class.

9 Memorable Moments of the 2013 Oscars
(because I coudn’t think of 10)

9. Jaws Theme. The Oscar played musical transitions from E.T. to Indiana Jones to Star Trek to Pink Panther, but having the Jaws Theme play when winners go over time is just amazing. I know some people think it’s rude, but I think it’s hilarious, and fitting.

8. Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dancing. You already know how I get when Channing dances, but this routine was classy, and sweet, and made me say awwww….plus the rehearsal pictures are HOT. Only downside? Tatum was wearing clothes…

7. Sound of Music Intro for Christopher Plummer. Yeah it was pretty genius, and pretty hilarious. I’m glad he was a good sport about it. Even better? McFarlane ending the bit with “Kay, that’s that joke.”

6. Best Director Shocker. Since Ben Affleck couldn’t win, I was sure that either Spielberg would get it. Ang Lee was definitely the underdog but I’m happy that he won. Life of Pi was a huge and beautiful feat for anyone.

5. Flight re-enacted with Sock Puppets. I’m pretty sure I could have watched a 90 minute of movie of this. It was hilarious. “Glug, glug, glug.” And genius. And when it cut to socks in a dryer? I can’t even talk about it anymore….

4. Jennifer Hudson Singing “And I Am Telling You.” I just have one word = DAYMN. Also, she looked smokin’!

3. Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence never ceases to crack me up. And somehow that trip up the stairs makes her EVEN more likeable. She just has a great attitude, no filter, and I like those kinds of things. She’s real. She was also genuinely surprised to win even though it was a no brainer. I also find it hilarious she forgot to thank David O. Russell. If any you are on the fence, watch the clip below and then tell me what you think.

2. Seth McFarlane’s Boob Song. Genius. Pure Genius. I love it when Seth starts listing off all the movies Kate Winslet has been naked in. Also…this….

Jennifer Lawrence GIF, Oscars GIF

1. Argo wins Best Picture. I wasn’t shocked when this movie won. In fact, I cheered. Ben SO deserves this. Everyone else has been upset that he wasn’t up for best director, but he just genuinely seemed happy to be there. And he gave a speech that made tears well up in my eyes. I admit it. You go Ben!

Random Thoughts

  • Yes, the Rhianna/Chris Brown joke was totally inappropriate…but I laughed. Hard. And went “Oh!…hahaha”
  • Yay Christoph Waltz!
  • Okay, I know Ted’s not really there, but is Mark Walhberg there or is it a taped video? Nope, Mark just walked behind Ted, here’s there. Nice work Academy.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones is so lip singing.
  • Samantha’s Barks waist is still tiny.

  • Kristen Stewart has sex hair.
  • Why couldn’t make-up cover up that distracting bruise on her arm? And is she high?
  • I can’t believe Bob Richardson didn’t win for Django but I understand why Claudio won. Also, he looks a lot like Bob.
  • In Memoriam: RIP J. Michael Riva.
  • I’m pretty sure Renee Zellweger’s eyelashes are stuck together.
  • Watching that clip of Beasts of the Southern Wild makes me remember how for the first 30 minutes of the movie I was trying to figure out if Hushpuppy was a boy or a girl.
  • That is the clip they choose to play of Naomi Watts work in The Impossible?
  • Jennifer Lawrence is so flustered she forgot to thank David O. Russell! But she remembers to wish Emanuelle Riva a Happy Birthday. Love. It.
  • Clip they showed from Flight for Denzel Washington: SPOILER ALERT much?
  • Come on Joaquin Phoenix, it’s not that bad!

Oscars GIF

  • Sometimes Daniel Day-Lewis’ speeches can be uber serious. Love that he was cracking jokes and looked to be having fun.
  • Is Michelle Obama really live like they say she is? Yup I guess so.
  • I like all the musical numbers, but I wish they spent more time celebrating the 9 nominated movies.

Oscars Jennifer 26

What were some of your best moments? Did you agree with the winners? What did you think of Seth McFarlane?




  1. jonnyhavey says:

    Really great article! J-Law was awesome! Seth was a solid host and hell ya Christopher Waltz! Here’s my thoughts on the Oscars if you are interest:

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