Identity Thief had a lot of issues but it was saved by the hilarious and game-for-anything Melissa McCarthy. She classed up the movie giving sparks of unpredictability in the movies very predictable situations.


Identity Thief
Directed By: Seth Gordon
Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa Rodriguez, Amanda Peet, Robert Patrick, Jon Favreau, Genesis Rodriguez,
John Cho, T.I., Eric Stonestreet

Premise: Sandy Patterson finds himself the victim of Identity Thief that threatens his new, high-paying job. Because she is not in their jurisdiction, the police can’t do anything to help track the other “Sandy” down, Sandy vows to hunt her down and bring her back to Denver to save not only his job, but his family.


My Review: There’s something awfully familiar about Identity Thief which is a buddy comedy at heart with one character a bubbly, seemingly naïve, over-the-top annoying but also funny to laugh at, and the other, a blue collared, hardworking, uptight, everyday man, just trying to get to his ultimate destination. Sound familiar? It’s called Due Date. And like Due Date, Identity Thief suffered from being underdeveloped and too contrived with characters that were cartoon-versions of people that could be interesting and layered if toned down and fleshed out. The movie settled on cliché side stories (bounty hunters, drug dealers, evil bosses) that were left open ended and unfinished. Frankly it the movie was a mess.

But I gotta tell you, despite there being a lot to dislike about this movie, there was one thing I really liked about it: And that is the bright shining light that is Melissa McCarthy. This woman is everywhere now; her days of being the funny sidekick long behind her. Now she’s a leading lady, and a very welcome one at that. Even when given corny dialogue and gross-out humor situations, she has this fresh energy about her that is extremely appealing. She manages to make Diana sympathetic and likeable in a way that other characters in similar situations (like Zach Galifianakis’ character in Due Date) fail to do. And halfway through the movie, my dislike for Diana dissipated and I found myself rooting for her. Yes Diana was a criminal, yes she was annoying and feisty and selfish, but she was also extremely lonely and lost and frankly just in need of someone to talk to and take care of her. These characteristics were sold with a look or a glance or a softening of the face that take a talented actress to pull off, especially in a comedy. I’d take McCarthy any day over a humorless, pretty, skinny chick (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber). I bought my ticket for Melissa McCarthy. She is a true star.

The best moments of the Identity Thief were the improvisation between McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Though I wish Bateman played characters that would loosen up a bit more, I love how he plays off of other actors. The few times these two actors were really allowed to let loose they were pretty funny and I had some laugh out loud moments.

Overall, I’d say if you like comedies and you like Melissa McCarthy then definitely check this movie out. Just know what you’re getting yourself into before you see it, and know that the 2nd half of the movie is better than the first. Also, there are some great one liners that will have you laughing so take a group of friends and maybe…sneak in some booze…


Rating: 2 ½-3 Stars




  1. CMrok93 says:

    I’m entirely sure if I just wasn’t in the mood for a comedy or if the movie just fell flat. To be honest, I’m going with the latter. Good review.

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