Fall TV 2012-2013: My Reviews

Posted: October 25, 2012 in TV
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Well, it’s been a few weeks of the Fall 2012-2013 TV and you read what I’ll be watching. Now it’s time for me to bestow my judgment upon all the shows. So here are my thoughts on the shows so far:


Best New Shows

Last Resort
Emily Owens MD
The Neighbors

Must See TV (having a fantastic season so far)

New Girl

Having A Shaky Start to the Season But Hope It Gets Better

2 Broke Girls
Big Bang Theory

In the Danger Zone (of being deleted)

Guys With Kids
Beauty and the Beast
Chicago Fire
Top Model (to be fair, it’s always in the danger zone)


Monday (* = new show)

How I Met Your Mother 8pm CBS
Of course I’m sticking with this show. I love it’s balance of sweet and funny. I really feel like the show is winding to an end, and I can’t wait to find out what how Ted meets his wife.

Bones 8pm FOX
I feel like the show needs to focus more on a dramatic arc rather than single story episodes. I feel like it’s getting stale. I loved Danielle Panabaker in the most recent episode, I know she’s in more episodes.

The Voice 8pm NBC
There are so many shows on now, I have to watch this show On Demand (I love Time Warner Cable’s new primetime shows On Demand feature by the way). I will say they found a way to make it like new (something American Idol could benefit from). I love the option to steal, it makes it that much more exciting. And so far Christina Aguilera hasn’t been irritating. There’s still time though.

Switched At Birth 8pm ABC Fam
Love this show, love that Bay is going over to the dark side. No so convinced about the Daphne and her Chef storyline, but Justin Breuning is so pretty to look at.

*Partners 8:30p CBS

In the beginning, I wasn’t sold on it. But this show is slowly growing on me. I hope they give Brandon Routh more of a personality soon, but the episodes are becoming funnier and funnier. I’ll keep watching.

2 Broke Girls 9p CBS
So far, I’m not liking the show as much as I did last season. But this half hour comedy is easy to watch so I’ll keep watching. Hopefully it gets better and focus’ more on the cupcake business.

*The Mob Doctor 9p FOX
The show isn’t horrible…but it’s off the air now. That didn’t take long….

*Revolution 10p NBC
This show is pretty good. I reminds me a lot of LOST and Jericho, and shows like that. The lead girl is compelling, though sometimes annoying. But it needs more likeable characters.*spoiler alert!* The show quickly got rid of the only character I really liked, and it’s only been four episodes. Come on J.J!!


Tuesday (* = new show)

Hart of Dixie 8p CW
This show is still good, and if anything it’s gotten funnier this season. I love the chemistry between Wade and Zoe. All they need to do is find something interesting for George Tucker (Scott Porter) to do.

*Ben and Kate 830p FOX
I’m still skeptical about this comedy. It’s on the fence. I’m giving it a couple more tries to win me over to keep watching. I have to say though, there’s something about Dakota Johnson that’s very endearing.

New Girl 9p FOX
Funny as ever. It makes me laugh and I think the cast has really jelled together.

*Emily Owens MD 9p CW
I really like this show. It’s cute. It’s quirky. And it makes me like Marmie Gummer. Now if only the other characters could get a personality…

*The New Normal 930 NBC
It has hit or miss episodes. It has Ryan Murphy’s out there humor but he needs to find that bittersweet balance we loved from the first half of the first season of Glee. Some of the situations the characters get themselves into are a little hit or miss and comes off preachy, but that also seems to be Ryan Murphy’s schtick.

*The Mindy Project 930p FOX
I really wanted to hate this show, but it think it’s adorable. What won be over was the end of episode 2 when Mindy and Danny were on the subway. Mindy was recovering from a broken nose and Danny was being mean to her. So in front of everyone Mindy pretends like it was Danny who broke her noise making everyone around them give Danny dirty looks. Danny than says, “Are you happy now?” And Mindy replies “Yes.” Okay, when you say it like that it sounds totally wrong that this ending scene made me giggle like a little school girl.


Wednesday (* = new show)

*Arrow 8p CW
I wasn’t fond of the pilot. Stephen Amell didn’t seem to have much of a personality and what he did have, I didn’t like. However, Episode 2 was miles and miles above the pilot. I will keep sticking around, for now. (Let this be a lesson to you, don’t give up after the pilot, usually they are the worst parts of a series, except for the Pushing Daisies pilot. That was pure gold!)

*Animal Practice 8p NBC
Wah wah wahhhhhh….Deleted from my fall lineup after 2 episodes. And I hear it’s cancelled so may it rest in peace.

*The Neighbors 830p ABC
Surprisingly, I like this series. The pilot was cute if a little bit too quirky and cheesy for my liking. But episode two when the neighborhood was celebrating and cheering because Larry Bird had made up with his son Reggie Jackson (and you know the alien community feels all the emotions their leader feels) gave me warm fuzzies. I’m sticking with it. It’s good brainless fun. And it makes me laugh.

*Guys With Kids 830p NBC
This series is just…okay. However, I will say, every time I decide to stop watching it, something happens that cracks me up. I’ll keep watching, until something else better comes along…Or, you know, I go back to work…

Law & Order: SVU 9p NBC
Like I said before, been watching this forever, why stop now? Plus it’s a good Saturday-afternoon-surf-the-web and watch show.

Suburgatory 930p ABC
There’s only been one episode since this show aired, but I’m not sure I like Tessa’s attitude toward George, however, the sweet ending made me remember why I liked this show in the first place.

*Nashville 10p ABC
Okay, so, this show is building up in my DVR, but I haven’t felt like watching it yet. That must mean something right? I’ll watch it soon…maybe…

*Chicago Fire 10p NBC
The second episode was better than the first…but I’m a bit iffy. I don’t really like most of the characters. There’s one I connect with. I think Dick Wolf needs more shock and awe, or something. More feeling. I keep coming back to Law and Order, but I don’t know if I’ll stick with this one.

The Challenge 10p MTV
I can’t stop watching this trashy show. But at least it’s not Jersey Shore. I’m proud to say I haven’t seen one episode, or more than 30 seconds of anything about it. Thank. God. The Challenge however? Just seriously someone needs to take out these rookies. They are annoying. I know, obsessed.


Thursday (* = new show)

*Last Resort 8p ABC
This show has definitely grown on me. And I really like it. That can only mean one thing…it’ll probably get cancelled. I love Andre Bauer and Autumn Reeser, actually I like most of the characters and it’s excited. I’ll keep watching as long as it exists.

Big Bang Theory 8p CBS
All I have to say is that I can’t wait until Wolowitz comes back. And I think that Sheldon needs someone who truly appreciates him. The way Penny treats him is AWFUL. But the fact that I’m this invested in the show mean’s I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Grey’s Anatomy 9p ABC
As much as I want to not like this new season. I like it. And hey, Mr. Feeny is in it. I miss Mr. Feeny! Fee-hee-hee-feeny!

Glee 9p FOX
The biggest downfall of Glee is that the New York stuff is SOOOOO MUCH better than the high school stuff. New York seems fresh while the high school feels OLD. A lot of the high school characters feel a bit stale and lost – which I guess is the point, but still.

*Beauty and the Beast 9p CW
After two viewings, I’m still not sure. I’m glad they made the Beast, beastier…if that makes sense…But I’m not all that sold and it’s a lot like Arrow. It’s very glitzy and surreal. I’ll watch one last episode just for Jay Ryan, but if they don’t do something to keep my attention I might give up on it.

*Elementary 10p CBS
I liked this show a lot more than I thought I would. And thought I have a lot of procedural’s on my line-up if I had to choose between Beauty and The Beast and Elementary, I’d pick Elementary. It’s a bit more realistic and I really love Lucy Liu and Johnny Miller’s chemistry.


Friday (* = new show)

America’s Next Top Model 8p CW
I don’t really like the girls this season and I’m seriously missing Nigel and Jay Manuel. But the added new judges are good too, so just bring back Nigel and Jay, but keep who you got. Next season they’re adding boys and all I have to say is FINALLY!

Whitney 8p NBC
When the heck is this show premiering? I think this Friday…


Sunday (* = new show)

Once Upon A Time 8p ABC
The town got their memory back and remember their past fairy tale life? Hell yeah! I can’t stop watching now!

Revenge 9p ABC
Revenge just keeps getting better and better. And this last episode totally sells me. Also, Aiden (Barry Sloane) is hot, so I’d keep watching just for him. Emily Van Camp just keeps getting better. Now if only they’ll find something better for Daniel (Joshua Bowman) to do…

Dexter 9p SHO
Already this season is better than the last two years combined and the last few minutes of the pilot…whoa. But I hope they do something creepier and better with Ray Stevenson’s characters than the other villains. I’d also like to see Deb do something wild. You know, because right now she’s a bit of a pain…Love the whole angle with LaGuerta finding the slide.

*666 Park Avenue 10p ABC
Not sure how I feel about it, the pilot was just OK. I still have a few episodes to catch up on. But I’ll keep watching.

Homeland 10p SHO
This. Show. Is. So. Freakin’. Good. I mean it’s SO good. If you’re not watching it you are crazy. Claire Danes and Damien Lewis are so phenomenal! This show has it all, so watch it. You won’t regret it.


Other Shows I’ve Added:

Covert Affairs (Tuesday, USA): It returned a couple of weeks ago and it’s still great. Will Annie and Auggie finally get together?

Project Runway All-Stars (Thursday, LIFE): This starts up this week. I’m ready…I think.

Flashpoint (Tuesday, ION): I do love this Canadian Show. Too bad it’s the last season. This show has what Chicago Fire needs. Compelling characters. Intense situations. Episodes ends in tears, whether happy or sad. It’s a great show.


What are you watching?




  1. WiseThisNews says:

    Damn you know your TV shows

  2. M says:

    Great rundown! I agree with you about the way Big Bang has started, but I feel like last week’s turn around for Penny, starting to appreciate and admire Leonard again, was great, if long overdue!

    And your comment about Nashville building up with you never feeling like you want to watch it, I know the feeling, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t. Sometimes it does, like when I gave up on Heroes in its second/third seasons, but sometimes it doesn’t, like this weekend when I watched all this season’s episodes of Revenge and got hooked on the show again.

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