So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9
And The Winner Is…

The finale starts with reminders of the past 8 winners. I love seeing their old reactions. I forgot that Season 3 was against Twitch and Joshua. I always thought it was against Katee and Joshua. But that’s the past, and tonight we find out the winner…sorry winners of Season 9.

We are reunited with the Top 20 and they are sort of introduced in the order they were dismissed. Awkward. But it’s nice to be reunited. It feels great and slightly uncomfortable. Everything reality reunion shows should be.

Cat comes out lookin’ freakin’ adorable (I want her whole outfit) and introduces us to our panel of 6 judges. Lil C is back, where have you been all season?  Same goes for you Debbie Allen.  We also have Adam Shankman, Tyce DiOrio and the usual Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. I think I would be more impressed if the panel of 6 judges included Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Applegate, and Rob Marshall, how cool would that be? But moving on, it’s time to hear the judges favorite dances of the season. You’ve already read mine.

But before that, we get a Top 20 reunion piece from Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh. And I like it! It has good tricks, good partnering, and it is crazy intense. Then again, any piece that involves a wind machine and a smoke machine is a winner in my book. Our Top 20 dances to the song “Torn” by Nathan Lanier and everything is working for them. Wardrobe, choreography, everything. It’s pretty cool. It’s no “Ramalama Bang Bang”, but honestly what is?


Judges Favorite Routines:

Nigel: Matthew and Audrey: Titanic Routine – a Travis Wall Routine
Thoughts: I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, first time performances are so raw. But it was nice seeing Matthew again.

Lil C: Witney and Twitch : “Swagography” a Luther Brown routine
Thoughts: I think I enjoyed it even more this time around. Witney just adds so much sass! It’s a fun routine.

Debbie Allen: Tiffany and George “Turning The Page” a Sonya Routine.
Thoughts: I forgot about this routine. But it’s rather beautiful. Tiffany has grown so much she dances the hell out of this piece and George is just an all-around beautiful, graceful dancer. I have a feeling I like this routine a lot better the second time around.

Adam Shankman: Cole and Lindsey, Paso Doble, a Jason Gilkinson routine
Thoughts: Without the pressure of the competition, I think Lindsey dances it with more intensity this time. Though the lame chest pounding in the beginning always gets me. Cole, as always, is his usual dramatic self.

Tyce: Will and Amelia, Alley Cat Routine, a Nappy Tabs routine.
Thoughts: Okay, so they call it “Lovecats” I call it Alley Cats. So there. I love this routine and it’s just as good the second time around.

Mary Murphy: Chehon and Kathryn, the dramatic Tyce choreography routine
Thoughts: That part where Kathryn stands on Chehon’s back gets me every time. Really quite exquisite, Tyce, and yes, I said that without sarcasam.

Cat’s Favorite Routine: Tiffany and Brandon, Disco by Doriana
Thoughts: Three Words: upside down splits

Contestants Favorite Routines:

Eliana : her routine with Alex Wong, “Bang Bang”
Thoughts: Not as great as it was the first time, but still lovely.

Chehon: his routnine with Anya, Argetine TAmgo
Thoughts: Liked it as much as I did the first time. Which is not so much. Too slow for my tastes. But Mary says it’s good so…I…believe….her…question mark?…?…

Tiffany: “Power of Love” routine with Ade
Thoughts: There’s a move where Tiffany grabs onto Ade’s leg that I never noticed before. I enjoyed this performance as much as the first time. You can really tell she loves this routine. And I like it when you can just see absolute joy on a dancer’s face.

Cyrus: his routine with Twitch. From…the last episode. Curious.
Thoughts: Will someone create me a wall of breakaway glass I can bust through? I’ll pay you $20. Also, I think Twitch has performed more routines in the finale than Cyrus has. I’m just sayin’….And…still love that wiggly ending.


Special Routines:

A Very Special Hip Hop Routine:

Who: Twitch, Comfort, Cyrus with Christopher Scott
Song: “Holy Ghost” Messinian
Thoughts: I find it slightly discomforting when choreographers join the contestants in their routines and I don’t quite know why. But nonetheless, this routine is pretty sweet. Christopher Scott is a genius. The tutting and isolations and creative use of suspenders is really quite mesmerizing. I kept finding my eyes drawn to Christopher because he’s just so out of place…and So. Damn. Good-looking.



Number One Audition Moment Dance

Who: The Dragon House with Brian Gaynor
Song: “Cryosleep” by Cyberoptics
Thoughts: I really admire the fact that Nigel gave the whole house a chance to perform together, even when some of the guys unceremoniously quit. With the addition of Brian Gaynor, the whole thing was sick. (Like in the way cool people say it.) My only question, why wasn’t Cyrus in there? My second question, who let Nigel think trying to do animation was a good idea?



“Brand Spanking New” Group Routine Choreographed by Nappy Tabs

Who: The Top 10 with 10 All Stars
Song: “Circle of Life” Lion King Soundtrack
Thoughts: It’s pretty cool actually. Very primal and high energy. A lot of leg work. And a different style than I am used to seeing from our new hip hop parents. (Are we ever going to see that baby?) It’s fun they included The All Stars.




Who the Hell is the Season 9 Winner Already?

We are starting with the girls and I have to say I am in love with Tiffany’s dress. I love that it’s like a mullet. Short in the front, long in the back. So white and pretty. I love they pulled up some never before seen footage from the audition period. Eliana’s face after the package makes me want to cry. And they’re like happy, hopeful tears but I still find my eyes welling up just the same. This is so crazy guys! Who’s it gonna be?

America’s Favorite Female Dancer is….Eliana!

And girl is genuinely shocked!! This is the absolute right decision. I mean Tiffany is great. She’s had a great season and hasn’t really faltered at all. But it just took so damn long to separate her from Audrey by that time it was too late. Tiffany will have no problem finding work, she’s young, and beautiful, and a fabulous dancer. I am SO STOKED Eliana won. It’s a total no brainer, but I’m glad that America made the right decision.


As for the boys, it’s anyone’s game really, but I still see Chehon as the underdog. Cyrus has such a huge fan base, but I really believe Chehon should be the winner. Cyrus has always tried really really hard, but we got to see Chehon grow physically and emotionally throughout this more. I want it more for him I guess. Does that make sense? I love hearing about Cyrus’ insecurities throughout the process, it just makes him feel much more human, and like an actual person. I don’t think we’ve had the chance to know him as well as we’ve gotten to know Chehon. Chehon has had more of an emotional time than from what we’ve seen from Cyrus. Both boys look great. I love Cyrus’ pink suit jacket. And I love the fact that’s he’s crying.

America’s Favorite Male Dancer is…Chehon!!!!!!! (wait let me add a few more) !!!!!!

And I swear, I just let out a little shriek. All the judges are so freakin’ shocked and looking at Nigel with the expression, “oh my god, are you serious?” I guess they didn’t know beforehand. Also, you can totally read Witney’s lips and she just mouthed, “I’m gonna faint! I’m gonna faint.”


Random Thoughts

  • Funny: Love Lil’ C brushing his beard.
  • Cat demonstrates” waiting for the bus” again. Amazing.
  • Who do you think is baby sitting NappyTabs baby while they are at this show?
  • Nigel tells Eliana about how Desmond Richmond wants Eliana for his company. Good form Nigel.
  • A hour and five minutes into the show and Cyrus is pretty much MIA….yeah….
  • Seeing the contestants play poker, makes me really want to play. And also crave a scotch and a cigar.
  • Things I fast forwarded: Carly Rae Jenson’s performance.
  • How was Chehon’s performance with Allison not one of the top performances.
  • During Cyrus package, anyone hear Cat’s mic that got left on? And the weird echo? Hilarious! They really are live people!
  • I know I give Cyrus a lot of “hate” but Nigel talks about his hunger to learn new styles and I do have to admit I do have respect for the dude. He hasn’t given up. He hasn’t half assed things and he always seems to have a good attitude.
  • I think Nigel just admitted he gave his support to Chehon to get more support for others for Cyrus. But in a sneaky political way.
  • Love that shot of Cyrus walking away with a huge ass bouquet of flowers.
  • Love Cat’s quite subtle, “you did it” to Chehon as everyone else is screaming around him. The way he is hugging Cat is adorbs.
  • Love Will separating Cat from the hugging and giving her a big bear hug lifting her off her feet.
  • Why does Christina Aguilera call herself “Xtina”? Oh whoops, sorry, wrong show. But I don’t recap The Voice so where else am I going to “voice”  (I’m so clever) my frustration about this fact?


The absolute right decision was made in making Eliana and Chehon the winners of this season, though I have no doubt in my mind that if there had been only one winner, it hands down would have been Eliana. Both these dancers have had some great performances on this show and have grown a lot. Well, Chehon more than Eliana, she’s always been spectacular. Do you agree with “America’s Decision?” Or do you think Tiffany and Cyrus should have won?

This season started out lackluster, but once the All Stars were brought in I believe some of the magic was brought back and there were more and more dances to get excited about. This just makes me more convinced that for Season 10 Nigel should do a Battle of the All Stars best of the best, bring back the Top 20 All Stars and make the duke it out for the Ultimate Favorite Dancer. I put it on the table Nigel, you’re move!


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